not for plebs

This site is ruining kids lives because lonely 14 year olds are going to school thinking “This popular 22 year old maoist satire blogger who got a shoutout from dril once said my weird communist text post was funny, that means im funny” and suddenly they cant connect with anyone their age because pleb humor is below them and theyre brainstorming USSR puns during math class and now they cant do basic algebra

She was something else, she always had been. She was the kind of star that you couldn’t see with the naked eye in the night sky. She was bold and quiet at the same time, she was unique and she was destined for greatness.
Nothing we did was common. She liked theatre, wine and finer things in life and I was a pleb who liked video games, computers and cheap beer.
I always knew that she would go on to be more than what this town could offer, but what I didn’t anticipate was just how quick and deep I would fall for her.
And god I knew. I always knew she was not the type to choose love. She aspired for great things and love just never was a priority, neither was I. She aimed for the stars and goddamnit I knew, I knew all about her ambitions.
I don’t resent her, not anymore anyway. She had her priorities and I had mine. She chose fame; while I was the type to choose love.
—  excerpts from a book i’ll never write #23 // a.b
Observation of King Regis

So on my second play through I’m paying closer attention to details in FFXV and something struck out that I missed the first time around.  When King Regis received the prophecy that his son was the Chosen it is stated in the load screen that King Regis spent the next 15 years raising a son rather than a king.  That’s a profound statement.  Knowing that his son’s life would end young and not to actually rule over a kingdom, he opted to raise Noctis as normal as he possibly could, giving him opportunities to experience life.  This really makes more sense when you consider the decision to send a prince to a traditional public school with the “plebs” (as Prompto would have said).  This realization really pulled on my heartstrings.


when you want money from monster girl fetishists but can’t contain your vanilla normie ways

One Piece ワンピース [Water 07 Saga] : Shichibukai Marshall D. “Blackbeard” Teach vs Portgas D. “Fire Fist” Ace

“Ace!! Why don’t you become my nakama!? Conquer the world with me! I’ve already planned how to do it. Whitebeard’s Era is over! I will become the Pirate King!! Look…this is something completely different from the rest of the Logia..!! Ace! Your body is ‘Fire’ right?! ZEHAHAHA!! I am…’DARKNESS’!!”

Oda has written a beautiful archvillain. I remember I was disappointed when Blackbeard first appeared noting that he looked nothing like his fearsome real-world counterpart. I could not accept the fact that this chubby cherry pie eating pleb was supposed to be the most notorious pirate to roam the seven seas. But of course, Oda delivered, for Teach definitely grew to be the appropriate final boss of One Piece. I still can’t believe he stole WB’s devil fruit I mean what in the asdflkj;… I really want to see a flashback of how he gave Shanks his scar. Even more so than Blackbeard however, I am heavily invested in his crew, especially “Shiryū of the Rain”. Catarina “Crescent Moon Hunter” Devon, Avalo “Corrupt King” Pizarro, and Vasco “Heavy Drinker” Shot are so damn HYPE. Every time they come out my jaw drops, I can’t wait to see them in action!! Also on a side note; Chapter 441, one of the best, Ace my boyy! “Dai Enkai! Entei. I will make Whitebeard…The King.” :’) Glorious. The notorious Scourge of the Seas; Blackbeard!


Everyone in yoi: waaaaaah Victor pls come back to skating Yuuri is a pleb and ur wasting ur time and life away all we care about is ur career!!!!!

Me: listen up here, fuckers, ur gonna let my husband do whatever he needs to do in order to be freaking happy

Whenever people say The Beatles are overrated when I proclaim my love for them, all I can do is sigh because their arrogance is too much for me.

If it isn’t their type of music, why do they have to be rude about it? Can’t they just say “The Beatles aren’t really my type”. End of Story.

You don’t have to be a dick about it.

I usually don’t respond directly to these people, rather I just stay silent and change the subject or I’ll make them feel bad in the nicest way by saying:

“Maybe they are overrated but all I know is that music was created to make people happy and The Beatles make me happy. I’m sorry you felt the need to insult them right after I just said I loved their music. Again, all I know is that they make me feel happy and that’s good enough for me”.

The Best Anime Ever

I firmly believe everyone should watch the masterpiece that is Nyan Neko Sugar Girls. The animation is top notch and frankly some of the best I’ve ever seen. The plot and characters were insanely well thought out and unique. And I cannot stress enough how well the voice acting and dialogue was handled. In addition to all of this the creator gave us extra audio of my personal favorite character, Hitoshi, singing Hips Don’t Lie and I Want it That Way.  Go search it up on YouTube nyaa, rawr.