not for adoption

You can get them for any price between $15-$45 and if you buy one for $45 you will also get a reference sheet for them!
(Reference sheets include a back view, side view, weapon and a regeneration outfit)

Stoic - (Closed) - belongs to @RedDiamondVespa
Mauve - (Open)
Plump - (Closed) - belongs to @zigzaggin-goon 
Sclera - (Closed) - belongs to @gabriellightz
Lithe - (Closed) - belongs to @Seopai

Michael Mell x Reader + Baby

- the whole squad is there and the nurse is like “whoa dudes family only” and Mike’s just like “I AM FAMILY! THAT’S MY KID, BRO!”
- he’s freaking out almost as much as you are
- but then the doctor gives you an epidural and it calms down a bit
- Michael cries when he sees your daughter
- “She’s so beautiful.”
- naming her Christina Hera Mell
- Michael s p o i l s her
- her first word is meme
- “Yeah! Go Chrissy!”
- Christina can’t quite pronounce Uncle Jeremy’s name yet, so she calls him “Jerm” (much to Jeremy’s delight because it’s fucking adorable)
- “You’re changing her diaper.”
“I gave birth to her.”
- Hot Dad™ Michael
- consider the following: stubbly Michael in sunglasses, holding Christina and kissing you on the cheek
- he’s the kind of guy who carries his kid around everywhere he goes
- he also refers to himself as “Daddy”
- she tries to take his glasses
- “No, Chrissy. Those are Daddy’s. Give them back.”
- Player One and Player Two shirts


I’ve got you, brother 🌳

Oh brother, we go deeper than the ink beneath the skin of our tattoos
No, we don’t share the same blood,
You’re my brother and I love you that’s the truth.
We’re living different lives, heaven only knows
If we’ll make it back with all our fingers and our toes
Five years, twenty years come back, we’ll always be the same.


Apparently I have a lot to say today.  DS has had the best day since he started summer break in late May.  Why?  Is it because I forgot to give him his ADHD medication today?  Is it because of what he ate today?  Is it because he slept in my bed last night?  Is it because our house is so much quieter with only three of us here instead of seven? 

I just can’t account for it.  He puked his guts out yesterday afternoon and evening due to a migraine.  However, headaches are also a side effect of detoxing from the abilify.  Pharmacists will tell you it takes 14 days to exit your system.  It has been nine days since his last dose.  It’s such a mystery and I struggle with not being able to know more so I can better help him.

I think Ms. 6 is also on my mind more than usual because of her birthday weekend.  Makes me think back to her first birthday and how we celebrated it together because she was placed with me then.  What if I am a total idiot to think that we can make this work?  What if it makes DS even worse (almost guaranteed)? What if it makes my three youngest kids grow up in complete dysfunction all the while believing their home is “normal?”  

The desire to adopt Ms. 6 is strong, but so is the fear.  This is particularly true given how difficult DS is.  And what if Baby turns out to be equally difficult in his tween and teen years?  This are huge, life-changing decisions for everyone involved.  How do you make them both with your head and your heart?

And while I was on an empty lot in the middle of nowhere, might as well tick another townie/NPC-related thing off my to-do list: Getting my custom pets to spawn! (As you can see, a couple of them did already, but not nearly enough!) 

Uh-oh, looks like Widget is wise to my plan! 

RIP Widget…and all the other tired old strays. >.> 

Don’t worry–I built them a really nice little pet graveyard…hidden under a skyscraper. :P


We finally have another set of Legend of Mana adopts! Like the last set, these are $15 each.

Here’s the playlist with all of the songs these were inspired by.

Adopt rules:

- Notify me of any change in ownership
- Please don’t sell them, especially not for more than you bought them for
- Symbol, gender, backstory, and any changes in design are up to you
- PM me or send an ask off anon to purchase
- Adopts can be reserved for up to one month
- When purchased you get a transparent image without the watermark

[Instagram Post]

I spent $40 on Dutchess’ fur and feathers today. I was going to settle for the normal stuff I usually use, but decided against it due to her size (the string would have been far too short– I expect this bust will be no less than 25″ tall!). [Plus, she deserves quality cosmetics :,3] I’m excited to build the bust! I just need some duct tape to begin shaping her ~♡