not for a necklace just a keychain


just got my beautiful package from @ladystardvst !!!! I’m dying over the amazing Neptune spell jar 😍💕 the alien keychain is so darling and the mermaid necklace is to die for!!! my Pisces self is very pleased! she threw in some small extra amethyst pieces and I got my angel aura amethyst point as well! everything was packaged with love and stardust and arrived safely and quickly! I love this shop!

Witch Tips for City Witches

City Witch Tips for all of my fellow witches stuck in apartments, dorms or other city areas.

  • If you can’t burn incense you can make your own sprayable incense by mixing alcohol (usually vodka or rubbing) with essential oils and a bit of oil, spray in the air to act like incense
  • If you are unable to go outside for whatever reason to get rain water (in my case just no where to collect it safely), fill a jar or glass with regular water and keep it near a cracked window to charge it with the wind, sound and scent of the rain outside. Same goes for storm water
  • Trapped in city and unable to get ocean water? Sea salt mixed with rain/storm water can be an excellent substitute
  • To continue on with water substitutes, if you can’t collect snow crushed ice from your fridge will suffice
  • Low key warding/protection you can use: spray moon water, salt water or sprayable incense about your apartment or dorm, place sigils under doormats, furniture, inside cupboards, etc; place crystals about hidden or out in the open, sweep and dust out the door or towards windows
  • If you need melted wax to seal a jar or for any other magical purpose, but can’t burn candles, by a wax melter and melt that wax and imagine the light from the burner acting like a flame (plus they are rather cheap, I got mine for 25 bucks)
  • Need stars in your craft but too much light pollution? Glow in the dark stars on your ceiling or wall can work just as well for visualization. Print out pictures of your favorite constellations or planets and place them up on your walls or on your altar. Live video feed of the night sky can also be easily found on the internet
  • Bath magic is amazing for low-key ‘in the woods’ witches. Use teas, milk, oils, herbs, bath bombs, bubble baths, salts, etc that relate to your intent. It is also a good place to meditate if you have roommates or family around that would disturb you otherwise
  • If you do for whatever reason need to burn a candle, birthday candles are small, melt fast, and don’t create a lot of smoke or smokey scent
  • Sigils are another great low-key form of magic. To boost them up, use color magic related to the color you draw them in, write them using quills made of feathers related to your intent, use colored paper, rub a drop of essential oil on them, charge them with crystals or in your windowsill
  • You don’t have to burn sigils to activate them, which is hardly an option when you are in a dorm or apartment. Other options are: Shredding them, erasing them, soaking them in a bath or shower, using body heat or your own pulse, etc
  • Miss having the outdoors and plants around? Windowsill gardens can really help. Small plants you can consider keeping in your windowsill or counter-tops: succulents, cacti, bamboo, lemongrass, basic, rosemary, mint, rosemary, mosses, aloe, snake plant, pothos (and other vines), carrots, beets, shallots, lettuce, spinach, garlic, chives, parsley, oregano, thyme, and marigold
  • Open your window to let the wind and air from outside to help energize you and clear out negative energies inside
  • Fun places to put sigils: under furniture, carved into soap, onto shampoo/conditioner bottles, on your make up, inside phone cases, in shoes, under bandages, sewn into pillow cases and blankets, behind pictures in frames, underside of nail polish, carved into wax squares for your wax melter, keys and keychains, behind mirrors or in medicine cabinets, on bookmarks, on or in binders and pencil cases, on medicine bottles, and water bottles/travel mugs
  • Easy to make and dispose of poppets: carrot sticks (one of my personal favorites), apples or other fruit, clothe, paper, popsicle sticks, paper towels/napkins, toilet paper rolls, eggs, celery stocks, and cotton balls
  • The internet is an amazing thing. Need some sounds to help you focus or meditate? Easily look up the sounds of rain, storms, wind, ocean waves, jungles, forests, etc
  • Christmas lights are fun and great way to use discrete witchcraft. Select ones in the colors you wish for them to bring ie green for growth, yellow for inspiration, white for protection, purple for psychic abilities, etc. 
  • Some everyday things you can use for discrete witchcraft that don’t cost much at all or that you most likely already have: water, table salt, black pepper, paper, crayons/pencils/pens/markers, vinegar, milk, tea, highlighters, make up and beauty supplies, shampoo and conditioner, rubber bands, paperclips, thumbtacks, computer/phone/tablet, music/music player, playing cards, dice, air freshener, perfumes, toothpaste, rice, flour, sugar, honey, and all kitchen herbs and seasonings.
  • Can’t afford gemstones or crystals on college budget? Crackle and dyed quartz you can find super cheap at craftstores and online. I bought a whole bag for 4 bucks. Use them based on their colors and shapes. Can’t afford that but still want to use rocks in your craft? Find some rocks you like outside, again use their colors and shapes to determine their correspondences. Want to use them for a specific purpose? Paint sigils on them in the color that corresponds with what you want! Charge them in your windowsill or with your own energy and intent. There you go!
  • Pocket mirrors are cheap, easy to carry around and great for glamours and on the go magic. 
  • Seriously though, glamour spells are going to be a good option for you. use your make up, skin products, hair care products, brushes/combs, perfume, mirrors, toothbrush/toothepaste and intent. Good to do while you are getting ready for your day
  • Dream magic is another friend of the city witch! Use crystals, sigils, herbs, etc near your bed before you go to sleep, drink some chamomile, get yourself a dream journal (mine is literally a notebook with construction paper on it), keep it and a pen near you. In the morning write down your dreams, your thoughts, how you feel (tired, refreshed, groggy, etc), and interpret them. 
  • Can’t afford tarot cards? Print out some, you can usually find them online and they won’t last as long as a real deck but it is a good temporary solution. Want a Ouija board but can’t keep one or need it to be easily hidden? Print one out, draw on one on paper or cardboard, fold it up and store it once you are done. Want a pendulum but can’t afford one? Use your favorite necklace, bracelet or keychain!
  • Tea and coffee magic is great, make your own tea blends with the herbs you like. Or just buy simple green or black tea and add sugar, milk, etc depending on your intentions
  • As I said before, crock pot magic. The Modern Cauldron: brew and cook all day with it, fill your apartment with the scent of the herbs and food to fill it with the energies they correspond with and you get a delicious meal to come home to! Most dorms allow them. Rice cookers also work well.
  • Can’t afford fresh food? Have to survive on ramen, canned soup, and microwaved meals? That is okay! They even correspond with things! Tomato soup for love, beauty and passion. Beef ramen noodles for strength, courage and longevity. Microwave mac n cheese for beauty and feminity. Look at their ingredients and what they correspond with. Sure its not as glamorous as a making a huge made by scratch traditional meal but its kitchen magic none the less. Stir it with your intent while you cook. It isn’t fancy but it works just as well!
  • Use a notebook or binder for a nice grimoire, decorate it as much as you want on the inside. Print out pictures of nature, animals, planets, stars, places, crystals, etc that you cant’ access/afford and use them in your craft. Spell books and grimoires are powerful tools
  • Don’t have a wand? Use a wooden spoon. Tie a colored string or ribbon to it to correspond with what energy you want it to have and move and flick it as you would a wand. 
  • Knitting, crocheting, and knot magic is very apartment friendly. As well as sewing and embroidering plus it is super calming.
  • Glitter, sequins, and beads are great in witchcraft! Use their colors to determine their correspondences. Put them in spell jars, sachets, bottles, etc. Glitter tip: if you spill any don’t fret, get some packing tape, wrap it around your hand with the sticky part outwards and dab at that glitter spill. You will literally pick up all of the glitter in seconds!
  • Enchant and charge your pots, pans, skillets, and other cookware to make every meal magical
  • Make moonwater in your windowsills. Use it for cleansing, beauty, divination, clarity, protection and purification
  • Take walks. Even if it is a city there is still nature about. Pigeons flying about, potted flowers outside of stores, grass growing in front lawns, etc. Enjoy yourself, even if it is not some wild, vast forest you can still connect with your local nature.
  • Pick up litter or garbage you see outside, being in the city we all see it. The natural world around you will appreciate you helping out. Bring a bag with you when you take your walks or travel and fill it with wrappers you see on the ground.

I hope this was helpful to all of my fellow city and dorm witches!

Rainy’s Electric Charge Spell ⚡

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A jar spell to be performed during a thunder/lightning storm to increase one’s energy, motivation, and focus! This can be used for energy at work, school, during magick, or just in general. 

⚡ Written by Rainy-Day-Witchcraft 


  • Jar/Bottle
  • Carnelian and/or Quartz
  • Bay leaf
  • Sunflower
  • Cayenne (either pepper or spice is fine)

Setting up ⚡

   During a thunder/lightning storm, collect all of your materials together and plan to head outside. In addition to your magickal ‘ingredients’, also be sure to dress in rain gear or bring a poncho! 

   A jar/bottle to contain your materials and the spell; this may also be a smaller jar, such as the ones that people use for necklaces or keychains, so that you may carry it with you whenever you need a little energy. Carnelian/Quartz, Bay leaf(s), Sunflower (dried seeds or petals), and Cayenne pepper will be the items you are putting into this jar ~ 

   Once outside with your items: choose a spot that you will be able to see the lightning or hear the thunder, feel the strong winds, and be open to rainfall. The best option is most likely a backyard, but DO NOT work underneath a tree or near a large portion of water, such as a spa or pool, as a safety procaution against the lightning! 

Performing the Spell ⚡

  • Before continuing, take some time to sit in that spot and feel your surroundings. Listen to the rain and the deep rumble of thunder, and feel the electricity in the air. Channel your magickal energies down from the power of the storm and allow them to fill your body, creating a visualized glow or static effect around your aura. When you feel ready, go on to the beginning of the spell:
  • Placing each ingredient individually into the jar, chant aloud:

“Carnelian/Quartz (whichever you’ve used) for motivation, energy, and success in my endeavors, and to constantly charge the magickal contents of this jar - 

Bay leaf for focus, and to grant me what I wish for - 

Sunflower, to give me the energy I call for - 

and Cayenne, to manifest my magickal intent speedily and enhance it’s effects with a kick!” 

Of course, you may also improvise or write your own words for this, if you’d like to personalize the chant.

  • Transfer a bit of energy into the jar. This may be done through mediation/visualization or physically, such as breathing into it, before quickly sealing the cork or lid. When I had performed this spell, I visualized small sparks of lightning coming from my fingertips to charge the entirety of the jar before I sealed the lid ~ so you can definitely get creative!
  • Now, magickally seal the jar. This may be done with a kiss, with a few final words (such as: “it is done” or “so mote it be!”) and if you feel content with the physical sealing of the jar, that’s fine too ~

And you are done! With the rhythm of the thunder and the storm, shake the jar; mix up those ingredients, enhance their power, and urge them to begin working your magick! You can dance around in the rain while doing this, stomp around on the wet earth, or perhaps sing a bit ~ This would also serve as a grounding exercise, so I do recommend something along these lines! 

Now whenever you need a little boost of energy, motivation, or focus, shake up your jar and let the spell once again enhance these things. Littler jars may be held with you and shaking throughout the day, and bigger jars should be shaken in the morning and left in your room or windowsill for the day’s effects ~ With my smaller jar, I find it useful to visualize sparks forming inside while I shake it

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about the spell here, and I hope you enjoy and find it useful!

➺ Rainy

Cresco Amor: Chapter 2

Author: @hips-bef0re-hands
Timeline: Season 6
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Summary: How I think the ‘ship came to be
You can read part one here

December 25th 1998

“Maybe I did want to be out there with you

“I know we said we weren’t going to exchange gifts…but uh, I got you a little something”


“Merry Christmas”

“Well I got you a little something too”

The two agents rushed excitedly to Mulder’s couch and began to open their gifts. Mulder tore the wrapping off his with the enthusiasm of a child, letting scraps of the paper fall to the floor. Scully was more careful, using her thumbnail to break the seal of tape with surgical precision.

Mulder arrived at his gift first, a small, leather bound notebook. Inside the front page, in Scully’s perfect scrawl was a message.


I can’t wait to read the first book by The Fox Mulder; there is nobody I would rather find all the answers with.


- S

He looked up from the message at his partner.

“For when you decide to get out of the car”, she said. He remembered their conversation only weeks before.

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Imagine she decides she needs to buy something with plausible deniability JUST IN CASE HER GOOEY CENTER MIGHT BE REVEALED TO CASUAL PASSERSBY, and so her options get even more ridiculous, but these she thinks, THESE ONES NO ONE WILL KNOW EXCEPT THEM

Or maybe she gets something classy like a wave for her keychain and a feather for Michiru’s necklace. 


Who am I kidding. 

She comes home with this: 


Reposting because Tumblr somehow fucked up the link the first time, thanks bunches Tumblr I dunno why I’m surprised, so half the reblogs going around just have a link to Etsy instead of to my actual listing, THANKS TUMBLR (I mean it’s also my fault for not putting a link in the body of the post but Tumblr gets at least half the blame here)

ANYWAY. My Pride Cap necklaces (also added a keychain option) are up on Etsy, which if nothing else is probably a productive way of dealing with my feelings on current comics stuff. Currently this is what I have available, but I can make others in pretty much any variety of Pride colors, and I plan to donate most of the proceeds to a relevant organization, like the Trevor Project or Rainbow Railroad. So…if you think this is cool and/or you have followers who might be interested, please reblog!

Hellenic Polytheism 101: Shrines, Altars, and Alternatives

Shrines, altars, and acceptable alternatives are a big topic in polytheistic circles. The good news, there are LOTS of options. The bad news, there are looooooots of options, so it can be hard to find out what’s right for you. This post is to try and tackle some of the options available to you, and help you decide what’s right for you.

I’m also going to link you to a post on How I Establish a Sacred Space to give you an idea of how to define your space as sacred once you’ve decided what you want.

Under a read more for length and space-gobbling pictures

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I’m cleaning out the bag I brought on the trip and so far I have found:

- 2 lipsticks
- a necklace
- an eyebrow pencil
- allergy eye drops
- my wallet
- misc. tiny pins and keychains that I bought
- gum
- tissues
- 1 (one) hard candy
- like 3 secret pockets that are just full of pads
- a birthday card from 6(!) years ago


I bought these from @gorlassar‘s etsy a little while ago and they arrived last friday (I’ve been disgustingly busy lately) and I adore them so much I mean omg look at them, they’re gorgeous <3 looking forward to taking them to cons

they’re smaller than the other keychains and hopefully a bit more durable (Cas was smooshed by a fellow excited fan who was wearing armour a bit tougher than Cas’ poor face xD that’s what I get for having him on a necklace)

they fit right in with my slightly obsessive Supernatural collection ^^”

You Are My Clown (The Joker x Reader)

Chapter 1 - The First Meeting 

Warning(s): talk of killing and sexual acts (No Smut)

Originally posted by i-lost-my-puddin

You walk down the long hallway to your office with a yawns and you reach into your pocket for your key to your office. When you walked to your door the odd sound of silence starts to make you have a eerie feeling as you opening the door to your office you throwing your bag on your deck as you grab your lab coat. You never really cared for the dress code at Arkham Asylum, Wear all black with a lab coat and your key card around your neck with a keychain necklace, It wasn’t a hard thing to do everyday and it was somewhat your style so you had no complaints. But it just didn’t seem so lively for something so grim as an asylum. Lately even in your life that was ‘exciting’ with planning a wedding. It all just seems very gray and lifeless still.

You started at Arkham about two month ago and in those two mouths you hadn’t had any personal therapy sessions with any patients yet. You have assisted in a couple of the old-timers as a trainee and as of this week you’re starting to personal sessions with a patient. You just don’t know who yet. You waited, impatiently, in your site for your boss, Jeremiah Arkham, to give you the case file of your first patient. As you wait for your boss you pull out your phone to see what is up with the news in Gotham. Gotham has always been active with crime and will never not be.

“The Joker Robs Gotham Bank & Trust and Kills 37 People!”

“What?” You thought and you click it to read more. 

The Joker robs Gotham bank & Trust  and takes over $500,000 dollars. The Joker is said to have done this to get the attention of the batman and to just mock batman he kill 13 people in front of him with a machine guns. The cult that follows him haven’t been caught yet and the Joker is in G.P.D custody. Which Commissioner Gordon said to have put “The Joker is in Arkham Asylum for the Safest thing that we can do right now.”.

“Holy shit!” You said under your breath as Mr. Arkham walking into frame.

“Please God!!” You thought as you stood up in respect as Mr. Arkham giving you the files of a patient as he ghost smiles at you as you put your phone in your pocket.

“Ms. (L/n),” he sighs and looks up “I know you are a newcomer but I know I can give this case to you without a problem. You had a 4.00 GPA in all of college for Psychology and you show no signs of being weak willed. So please don’t make a fool of me and this Asylum. Break a leg.” He said and then lift before you could say anything. You nervously say back loudly “Thank you, sir.”

You sighed and look at your files and then opened them. You knew who you got.“(Name unknown) John Doe.” you said in nervousness because you know that the Joker does not really have a name besides, well, the Joker.

Your heart stops and you groan in displeasure as you see the picture of the patient.“Fuck you Gotham.” You said under your breath as you look at the deranged smiling face looking back at you.

You sigh and thought back on what that article said “Maybe this wouldn’t be that bad after all. I would be a medical wizard if I can make him sane. I wonder what Guy would this of this.” You thought and looked at the ring on your finger as you started to read the case files. 

You started dating Guy about two years ago and the relationship was really just a thing because you didn’t want to be alone. Guy was in love with the idea of being in love and you were scared of being alone so a “Perfect couple”. You and him got engaged the simple fact that both of you were comfortable not because you were in love well at least for you it was. But there was one thing that we both decided to do. You and him will have sex after you got married not while you were still boyfriend and girlfriend because you wanted it to be special and with someone you were “In love with”…

You sighed after reading the reports on the “John Doe” and you just take your ring off as you were about to meet him. You weren’t allowed to bring your ring into anywhere besides the office area of the Asylum, because it would be a safety concern, you weren’t really concerned of this regulation. Sadly I kinda like not having a ring on…

You grab a notebook, a pen and the case files as you walk out into the male criminal ward area to meet this joker. 

You walk into the the therapy room. The therapy room was of a table and two metal chairs on either side. In every room there is a closet that can be opened by a key card and in those closets will props to make the patients feel better but mainly used for having recorder and a video camera to record sessions of the patients to study them further. Also some other files in the corner.You sit on the chair furthest away from the door like you were instructed to do with all patients.

You grab the key card around your neck and unlock the closet grabbing an recorder, cassette and a video camera. You set the camera so it would be looking at the patient and you set the cassette in the recorder in only a push of a button would be stopping you. 

The loud metal door frightens you, making you jump back a little, who slammed open by two security guards with a man in Gotham jumpsuit on with a bag over his head and handcuffs on wrists.“Oh hello boys, um, please sit him in the chair. Then please leave.” You said with a nervous voice and you put on your glasses that you kept in your lab coat pocket because you wanted to reread his file again.

“Aw a lady!~” the man said under the bag.

“Also please remove that bag. It is unnecessary for our practices and I don’t need you guys to be in here. Being outside the door will be good enough.” You said rereading his file.

“Yeah, boys! Give me and the doc some alone time.” He said mocking them and haves a gravelly voice like he is trying to be a flirt. The two men took off the bag and then cuffed him onto the table. 

As they did this you see the face of the Joker in real life for the first time. He had really white skin that looked like paper you were writing on. He had no eyebrows which made him look more intimidating and had a J on his cheek, a star on his left eyebrow area and two scars on his eye area. His lips were red even though he had red lipstick on earlier, you could tell, there was lipstick smudged on his cheek, chin and upper lip with a happy smile on his face. He had light blue looking straight at you and he had a green strand of hair on his forehead.

You nervously look back to your papers and you start to write his apprentice and what it might mean. You smile at him and he looks at you with a big unnerving smile. You start the recorder and the camera and he looks into the camera instead of looking at you like he liked the feeling of being in the spotlight.

“Hello Mr. Doe how are you today?” You said with a gentle voice and you look at him.

“Please don’t call me that, Princess. Call me Mistah J, not that bitch ass name. John Doe, huh, sounds like a Harlequin romance novel character.” He said with a slow eye roll and you quickly write now what he said.

“Well Mister J, um, I have to state your name and our reasoning at the Asylum. Would you please tell me your name?” You asked nicely looking at him. 

He slammed his cuffed hands on the table and glared at you with so much hatred.“FUCK! You give a person a Chance and they will take advantage of you. You could have bought me dinner first and fucked me like I matter before just jumping the gun like that. Jesus people these days.” He said and look to the camera like it was a person that would agree to him, you gulped like you did something wrong and wrote down he didn’t want to say his name.

“Well then I have to do the Asylums policy of reading the reasoning of the patient.” You said in an asking manner to him.

“Sure thing, Princess.” He said to you with a dreamy smile. You smile back and look down at the files of him and stated the facts.“Video and Audio recordings of patient #44261 is of the property of Doctor (Y/n) (L/n) and of Arkham Asylum.-”.

“Oh~ So I am your property? I would rather this be the opposite~” he purred and you ignored him as you were still stating his reason for being here.

“The patient has been here for 23 hours and was brought here from authorities,-” you were saying as he butted in.

“You mean the Batman?” He said mockingly and still sore from the loss.

“Who says he was robbing the Gotham Bank & trust. In the heist, you have killed over 37 people and injured over 20.” You said and took a pause from talking to realize that this guy was really dangerous which made you a little overwhelmed.

“Does that turn you on, baby?~ don’t worry I’ll do more if you get all tingly in your little pu-” he said and got cut off from you saying the last things which pissed him off.

“Mr. Doe is here for-”

“I told you not to call me that!”

“Psychiatric Rehabilitation for an hour every Thursday and Monday until the D.A’s find him faking insanity or will continue if found insane-”

“Don’t call me Insane-”

“He is thought of having Psychotic depression,-”

“Everyone gets depressed-”

“Anti-social personality and behavior disorder,-”

“What’s wrong with doing your job-“

"And a high case of psychosis with sociopathic tendencies.”

“Well I just hate people.” He said with an annoyed face and looked at you with intense stare.“You like it when Daddy is mad? Well you bad girl I will punish you for this.” He said and smiled. 

You getting nervous decided to change the topic with a bright red blush on your cheeks. “Well Mister J, why did you rob the bank? Why kill peopl-”

“I wanted money and killing is enjoyable. Next question, (Y/n).” He said bluntly.

“Please call me Dr. (L/n). I want this to be completely professional.” You said with a firm voice.

“Well then I guess I have to finger fuck you under the table then and not on top of the table with the camera on, huh, Doctor (L/n)~” He said like a purr as he put his hands under his chin and leaned his head on them.

 You blush in the thought of you two doing anything like that and you feel a spread of heat in between your legs. You look at your papers, trying to not let yourself go.“That is unnecessary. You say you like killing people? It’s fun?” You ask as you write into your notebook.

“Yes. It amuses me and there is only two things I love more then killing. It’s my Empire and fucking. But yes it’s fun.” He said, smiling at you with a girly crush look to it.

“Well, Sorry, Mr. J our hour is done for today-”

“Oh so you didn’t like our first date?”

“Date? Do you mean session?”

He stares at you with a distant stare and an unfazed look on his face. Then he smirks and he leans forward, towards you, looking at you with the lust of a demon.

“I like you. I hope to see you again.” He says to you as the grands come into the room taking him away from the table, which he was still staring at you as the bag was placed over his face, then walked out of the room. you turned off the recorder and the camera putting them back but as you do so you start thinking about patient #44261.

“I didn’t really get to know him or get any information from him. I wish I knew more about him…” You thought. You start walking back to your office as you start fondling with your ring. 

You couldn’t get the joker out of your head…

You couldn’t get that red cocky smile out of your thoughts…

Oh my god I finally wrote a story about my man joker!! I hope you guys like it please tell me if I did anything wrong and if you want more!!

Chapter 2

pen pal letters! (ideas + pictures)

Hey, so it’s Amy, the new girl in town and I wanted to share with you some pics and advice on writing letters to your pen pal. I would share with you great ways to get pen pals but tbh, I don’t really know because I just started writing letters to my cousin. She’s a lot younger than me so I have to make my letters a bit more entertaining. I also write letters to my Nan but there aren’t any photos of those 

So this is a picture of the first letter I sent her, there aren’t any individual shots though, just this other photo

Then she sent me back the cutest letter 

along with some little drawings and a handmade bracelet.Firstly I’m going to share with you some ideas of what to write; 

  •  Lists! This is such an easy thing to do. Write a list of your favourite things at the moment, your favourite movies, stuff to do on the holiday, send your bucket list if you really run out of ideas
  • What you’ve been up to. I promise you that talking about your school clubs or your trip to the city really isn’t that boring, talk about what you’ve been doing, I like to look at my calendar when I’m trying to think about what to write. 
  • Questions - so. important. Questions keeps the overseas (or state) conversation flowing ask things like how has your (club/activity) been or what do you like doing in the summer? or if you’re really stuck you can even ask about the weather so what’s the weather like over there? 
  • Poems, stories, lyrics. These can be really beautiful, they don’t have to be original works. Share a quote that’s stuck with you lately, share a paragraph of a story you love 

ideas of things to send; 

  • Your favourite teabag
  • A playlist/mix CD
  • Photos (polaroids preferable) 
  • A drawing with a message on the back 

  • Stickers! Packets of stickers is always amazing to receive, no matter what the age 
  • Candy from your country (if in same country who cares? it’s candy)
  • A survey so I usually do a ‘fill in the blanks’ or 'this or that’ and then get them to send it back to you!
  • Mini bunting or paper garlands 
  • Freebie art postcards or just free stuff with writing on the back

  • Flower seeds. A great thing to send if you can find it is seed paper, where you can bury the paper and watch it grow
  • Little figurines 
  • Pressed flowers/pretty leaves 
  • Your artwork (yesyesyes) 
  • Jewellery or other little bits. I sent her a bracelet last time, now I’m sending her a keychain and a ring. You could even send little earrings, badges and necklaces if you like 

ideas for decorating; 

  • Stickers, all over the place. Yes
  • Print out pretty photos and stick them down in a collage, or just cut up old magazines
  • Make a border with cool materials like watercolours and markers
  • Use pretty wash tape and put it everywhere
  • Doodle all over the page, make it really pretty
  • Use stamps if you have any 
  • Lots of people say 'glitter!’ but idk, I’d be pretty pissed having glitter all over me so instead I send confetti and sequins 

Don’t forget to decorate the envelope as well! use cool fonts when you write the address down and also pretty tapes all over the pace. I cut out a dog’s head and did the information in a speech bubble, be creative and cool or do something silly like that. 

Well I hope this hasn’t been too long and boring and I’ve given you some ideas on cool things to include in your pen pal letter

I’m sending this little cutie out tomorrow 

Amy xx


I would like to thank all of my followers for being so great and treat you guys with a few gifts 🎁🎁🎁

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-must be 18+
- U.S only (unless you want to help pay for shipping) sorry!
- Winner has 48 hours to respond otherwise a new winner will be picked
-do not tag as giveaway
- my beautiful blue bong Gypsy
- RAW rolling papers
- a bic lighter
- an incense holder
- ten incense things in a variety of smells
- a nifty backscratcher
- a cotton on tote bag
- a smoke buddy keychain
- a glow in the dark necklace
- a turtle necklace

GIVEAWAY WILL END WHEN I REACH 2K or Feb 27th whichever comes first.
winner will be picked by a generator on . remember winner has 48 hours to respond.

any questions just ask!! 😘

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I can relate about anxiety and toxic people, just try avoiding people who make you sad, talk the less possible with them. About anxiety, drinking a lot of water, orange juice and chamomile tea helps to calm down. I have a lucky charm with me, it's a necklace, makes me feel safe maybe you can try wearing one if you believe this could help you. Hope something in this ask would be useful. Don't worry, everything's gonna be alright soon.

I have a grounding object as well, a lego frisk keychain that I carry around when I’m stressed. I need to bring him out again.

I might leave for a few days, just a heads up if I don’t reply to stuff


Arriving at Lui’s cottage singing telegram-style, Kai delivers a giant cookie cake, as well as a gift – a hook necklace and a ship-in-a-bottle keychain that Kai has the match to. A card also accompanies the present and reads: 

Brah! You’re in your twenties now! How weird is that? I just got you a little somethin somethin to celebrate, no big deal. The necklace cause obviously it reminds me of your dad but I guess I think you’d like to be reminded of him sometimes too! And have something to show that you’ve got a little bit of his power in you, too, in a way. The ship in a bottle is something I’ve always liked cause it represents staying grounded in your travels, and that’s something you’ve helped me do since I’ve been back, so thanks! I know some people are waiting for you to get all mature and stuff, but I hope that now that you’re twenty you can figure out how to stay the same. You wouldn’t be you without all that inner kid stuff. =P Alright, enough of the mushy junk. Happy birthday dude! Much love. 

– Kai 

It is not until after everything is done do they realize that the cookie says “Lucy” and not “Lui”. 

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The Only Explanation

Part 3 of A+ Secrets

Summary: Star Wars movie night. Meesa think yousa gonna wanna read this one :)

Word Count: 2139

Warnings: Implied Smut

A/N: I wrote most of this series over Christmas break just before I started this blog. The new Star Wars movie had just come out, so my family and I marathoned the first 6 before we went to see it on Christmas Eve (It’s kinda a tradition to see a movie on Christmas Eve ever since the Hobbit started coming out around Christmas).

A+ Secrets Series Masterlist

“Take off, kid,” Bobby said gruffly. “You’re more distracted than my godkid was, and she’s only three.”

“Are you sure?” You asked, glancing at the clock. “There’re still two hours ‘til closing.”

Bobby nodded. “It’s slow and you aren’t doing much good tonight anyway.”

“Sorry, Bobby. It’s been a hectic week.” And there were certain green eyes that kept invading your concentration.

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Decided that i’d contribute my copious D.Gray-man collection to the cause of attempting to summon an end to the hiatus or something idk i haven’t been keeping up really, just been trying to catch up in buying the manga (which as you can see i did) Just wanted an excuse to post my collection and paint a star on my desk hahah

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‪'Why Elena and Caroline left keychain and necklace on Stefan grave . I get Elena because she no longer love him or in love with him but Caroline wa his wife and was in love with him' i cannot believe this sc anon is at it AGAIN, your POV regarding SE could not be more clear, you always do detailed posts in replies and yet they are always on your blog still trying to make these underhanded disses about SE somehow thinking you're not going to notice and just agree ? so weird ‬

It’s extremely strange that anons do that because like, lol, I’m not going to just agree simply because they think they can sneak one in there.

His ideal birthday party and gift
  • Eren: A small, quiet day with the person/people special to him would suffice. He wouldn't do anything extravagant, and will treat his birthday as if it were any other day because at least he's with the people he loves. He would like to receive something he could carry around all the time to remind him of the person who gave it to him, like a keychain, necklace, or bracelet.
  • Armin: He would love to have a quiet afternoon with friends and family in an open space, something like a picnic or a a garden lunch. He'll just savor the warm atmosphere and chit-chat that he'll have. He would love love love receiving books, no matter what genre.
  • Reiner: He would be a sucker for surprise parties. He'd get a grip of what's about to happen, he'd still be surprised and have the time of his life. He'd be up to receiving anything at all, as long as it comes from the heart.
  • Bertholdt: He would rather be by himself and pamper himself on his special day. He would spend the whole day watching his favorite movies/TV shows, or he'd go out and get some Bertl time. Still, he would appreciate small things his friends will get him, especially if it's clothes that fit him well.
  • Jean: On his special day, he would want everyone to share his happiness, so he'd opt for a big house party. He would be a gracious host, and might even forget to eat from entertaining everyone. If he were to receive anything that's trendy, he'd be super thankful.
  • Marco: He would invite his family and a few friends over to enjoy a meal made by him. Even if it's his birthday, he thinks that it shouldn't be an excuse to be spoiled. He would love receiving sweets, since it would be sweet of the person giving it to him.
  • Connie: A big pajama party with all his friends would be the ideal for him. He'll go all out and bring out the chips, drinks/booze, movies, and games. Basically, it'd be his chance to jump around like the hyper kid-at-heart he is because he know he'll get away with it. Receiving something fun would be something he'd like, like action figures or video games.
  • Levi: Instead of having everyone fussing over him, he would much rather spend a day with family. He would just want a simple, quiet meal with some conversation, then immediately have some alone time after it. He would appreciate it if someone gave him cleaning equipment or fashionable clothes for his birthday.
  • Erwin: As cheesy as it sounds, he would want a karaoke party or a huge, formal dinner. He would spend the night singing or dancing away even if it's not his forte. It's his birthday after all, so why not go all out? Expensive-ish gifts would catch his attention more, like watches or cuff links.
  • Mike: He would just want a simple, dinner at home kind of birthday party with the company of the people he loves. It may not be a big party, but all that matters to him is the food, atmosphere, and valuable time spent with his loved ones. He would love to receive something memorable but useful, like a shirt or even underwear.