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fortgalahad  asked:

alright, what does fiora think of vaporwave. after she becomes a mechon does she suddenly have an uncontrollable interest in vaporwave.

Ok first off i i got this ask in class and couldn’t stop laughing for like ten minutes. 

Fiora wasn’t that big of a fan at first, but Meyneth listened to it so much that she doesn’t  mind anymore. It’s not Fiora, but Meyneth that’s a big fan of it and since they see and hear and feel the same thing, meyneth’s happiness when listening to it pretty much seeped into Fiora. 

A Comprehensive Masterlist

Yes folks. It’s time to finally admit all the blogs across all fandoms. Leggo.

League of Legends:

     Ahri { @charmfaire }, Evelynn { @nightsveil }, Lux { @stardust-spark }, Janna { @stardust-winds } Lulu { @stardust-sorceress }, Jinx { @stardust-rockets }, Syndra { @darkscvereign }, Ezreal { @arcaneshifts }, Sona { @grandcrescendoZyra { @wildthcrn } and Xayah { @rebelfeather }

Multimuse @league-of-muses containing the following muses:

     Nidalee, Sarah Fortune, Riven, Vayne, Leona, Taliyah, Quinn, Katarina, Nami, Soraka, Diana, Caitlyn,  Shyvana, Vi, Orianna, Jayce, Sivir, Akali, Tristana, Elise, Fiora, Karma, Yasuo

Fire Emblem:


    Camilla { @rcsesthcrns }, Caeldori { @perfectionfaire }, Takumi { @jadedpriince }, and Lilliana (f!corrin) { @draco-regina }

Multimuse @fatefaire containing the following muses:

    Azura, Rhajat, Selkie, Ophelia, Soleil, Forrest, Ignatius, Orochi, Charlotte, Elise, Sakura, Felicia, and Flora.


    Lucina { @aetherfaire }, Inigo/Laslow { @fancyfootwcrk }, Nowi { @innocentmanakete } and Olivia { @gracefulillusion }

Radiant Dawn:

@dawnofradiance muses listed are:

    Ike, Titania, Lethe, Lyre, Micaiah, Leanne, Heather, Aimee, Nailah, Rafiel, Lucia, Mia, and Haar.

Sacred Stones:

     Eirika @rapierfaire


     D.Va { @apmrising }, Pharah { @rainingjustiice }, Sombra { @unseenhacks }, and Tracer { @rewindandblink }

Love Live:

Kotori { @vestis-architecta } Maki { @scarlet-melodiam } and Ruby { @timidgemstone }

Legend of Zelda:

@royaltysworn containing Link, Midna, Impa, and Paya


     Yang { @bringtheyang }  and Weiss { @snowflakeglyphs }


Holo from Spice and Wolf { @flaxen-wolf }

Satsuki from Kill La Kill { @tsuyoi-kisaki }

Tohru and Kanna from Dragon Maid { @twotailsahead }

Usagi from Sailor Moon { @luna-regina }

Shantae from Half Genie Hero { @genieshimmy }

Harley Quinn { @impulsivewxldcard }

Rem and Ram from RE:Zero { @demcnism }

Lord of Magna Maiden Heaven blog for all the sisters { @heavenlymaidens }

Multimuse blog for all my OCs { @whimisicaldelights }

Cereza from Bayonetta: { @umbrakiss }

Cyan from Show By Rock!! { @starryeyedneko }

Miku from Vocaloid { @digital-blue }

Luna from Vanguard { @pinkcrescent }

Acerola from Pokemon Sun and Moon { @royalghosties }

Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy { @mcthercfthestars }