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Max and the Geek get into a huge fight on her wedding day (as if lol) because Max you aren’t allowed to wear a white dress too oh my fucking god.

He can’t help it if he’s got good legs and she doesn’t. Some people are just born with the gift of a well-defined calf

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you think phil is "prettier than dan"???? how the fuck?

look man everyone has their preferences,, i personally like phil’s looks and find him more attractive, i recognize that dan is also very pretty and good-looking but i personally just think phil is more attractive!! nothing against dan again it’s just a preference!! i like phil’s eyes and his facial structure and his hair and his shoulders and hands,,, like i’m just in love with phil lester

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Are you okay? Don't let it get to you too much, some people just aren't worth it.

yeah i mean im honestly fine. im actually not easily shaken up, i just get really pissed off when people act like this. 

and i can see patronizing comments from people who say “oh kids on ao3 these days can’t take criticism, let’s see them hack it on LJ or” (which, honey, bye, i literally grew up on LJ, cool it with being a prick). or seeing frankly rude and entitled comments like “you owe it to your readers to put out perfect work.”


people really, and i mean really, misunderstand fanfic as a medium. we don’t have to be writing this stuff! this is not professional writing! this is writing we do for fun, writing we don’t get paid to do, writing we can’t get paid to do, and writing that we’re willing to share with you all bc we want you all to share in our joys and in our fandoms. fanfic is a gift to fandom, and writers put so much damn heart and soul into these stories. we spent literally hours on fics, you’ve got some people out here writing fucking novels……and you’re going to come onto people’s fics and give them a laundry list of typos and demand they accept your critiques in return?

we don’t owe you shit. 

we don’t owe you updates. we don’t owe you perfect writing. we don’t owe you the plots you want to see. we don’t owe you thanks when you give us critiques we didn’t ask for.

to expect any of that from us, to demand any of that from us, is entitlement pure and simple. and i don’t stand for that. 

im sorry but being kind, being courteous, and being respectful is not fucking difficult. 

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Doc you've indicated that you accept parts of a character's canon that you like and ignore parts you don't like. How does that square with telling people it's wrong to write/draw characters the way they would prefer to, as long as the issue is deemed "important" enough?

I’m trying not to lose heart here, but come on. This ask is so disingenuous, and you know it. 

You know there’s a difference between saying something like “resurrection without consequence isn’t a thing/she made choices of her own volition/this character’s age is screwed up” and removing someone’s disability. You know that. You are not stupid, and I am not going to treat you like you are. 

I am not here to police you. I am here to encourage you to think critically about what you’re doing. Why is it so important to defend the right to remove someone’s canon disability? How does that serve the character or the canon? Why is ableism on that gets “important” when you might not feel that way about racism or homophobia? Please think about these questions critically and fairly. 

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Fuck everything. So I was recently promoted. Great, right? Wrong. I was given the position unofficially on March 13th. Figured I would sign my contract the next day. No dice. Turns out I have to have a proper interview (instead of them just giving me the job). Fine. Do interview. Good? Nope. Have to do full interview, fill out all 14 pages. Okay so we do that. STILL HAVE NOT SIGNED. IT IS APRIL 14TH. I'VE BEEN DOING THE JOB FOR A MONTH FOR THE SAME SHITTY PAY. I should get backpay but STILL smh.


(left in celsius, right in fahrenheit)
you know, i get that everyone loves the spring time. sure! spring in its concept is a lovely idea, when everything is green and dandy, a fresh new start! its april, its still meant to be all fine and dandy, right?
not in the u.a.FUCKING.e!!! spring doesnt fucking exist!!!!! waw mashallah habibi its 14'C or 20'C for you GOOD FOR YOU!!! 👏🏼 GOOD 👏🏼 FOR 👏🏼 YOU 👏🏼 LOOK AT YOU GO, REST OF THE WORLD! YOU HAVE PROPER FUNCTIONING SEASONS WHERE AS WE HAVE TWO, ONLY TWO!! DOS!!! ٢!!!!!!! U WANNA KNO WHAT THEY ARE ??? SUMMER AND SLIGHTLY COLD SUMMER WITH 1% CHANCE OF RAIN

People - Jack and Ashi is terrible! Why does Genndy have to put in a romance?

Me - Well, a consistent theme of the show is Jack’s isolation and loneliness, isn’t it? Hell, we just had several episodes about how useless he feels in the grand scheme of things. Him meeting someone that isn’t Aku in disguise and actually forging a relationship seems like a logical end to his character arc.

People - But she’s underage!!!111

Me - Really?! If she was underage do you think they would have lovingly animated Ashi’s naked ass cleaning the charcoal off her body and then swimming nude in a lake?

People - But father/daughter!

Me - Why would he take on an adult and treat her as a child? A platonic master/student relationship is fine even if the last episode seemed to drop all pretense of them viewing each other that way, but father/daughter? That dynamic makes no sense.

People - But Ashi is a lesbian and she should end up with Flora who she’s never seen and Jack is gay and you’re a homophobe if you disagree and…

Me - Shut up Meg, erm, Tumblr.

While shooting Crisis, Richard Brooks found Grant a loyal friend. He recalls: “We were using a crane that must have weighed tons. The crane’s trucklike tires ran on two-by-twelve wooden tracks. As we were dollying in to Grant and José Ferrer, I (walking alongside the camera) stopped walking. The camera kept going. It ran over my foot. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to spoil the scene. When the shot was over, I asked, ‘Okay for camera?’ The operator said, ‘Not for me. There was some kind of a bump.’ Cary was already running toward the camera. He saw what happened. Cary said, 'Get him to the hospital.’

“I said everything was fine. He said, 'You’re not fine; there’s blood all over your foot.’ I took him aside and said, 'If I go to the hospital, there’ll be another director here in fifteen minutes. I’ll be out.’ Cary said, 'If they get a new director, they’re going to have to get a new actor. Now, go to the hospital.’”

Nancy Nelson, Evenings with Cary Grant

Photo: Cary examines the bandaged foot of (director) Richard Brooks on the set of Crisis (1950)

Apparently, I really am watching SH for Alec Lightwood only ‘cause after three S2B teasers, all I can think of is, “Fine, I’ve been patient, now give me the good stuff.” 3 teasers and there’s only new material enough for 3 we-have-to-slow-it-down-to-a-crawl-or-you-will-blink-and-miss-it gifs. Eh. Since I’m not interested in love triangles, I’m going back to writing fics. Let me know when something actually interesting happens.