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“I have no qualms about a female Doctor. I just want to get her pregnant, get a show with her son up and running, then kill her off and focus on her much more powerful male replacement. But just to be clear, no qualms at all.”

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So I’ve been here little over a month now and honestly you’ve all made me feel so at home in this fandom again, I’m not sure why I ever decided to leave but either way I’m glad I came back. Everyone is so creative, so passionate about their muses and thus far every interaction I’ve had has been an absolute joy!! 

Now, here are all the people I think are really neat! It doesn’t matter whether we’ve interacted before nor whether you’re a new follower, this is just a list of all the lovelies who catch my interest! Sorry if I forget anyone, I really tried not to but I am only human!

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What are class 1-A's favorite ice cream flavors?

((can u tell I was hungry when I wrote this))

Midoriya likes the fruit flavored ones. Not necessarily strawberry, but stuff like banana, kiwi, mango are appealing to him. Iida, a butter pecan man in his own right, applauds the vain attempt at being healthy through ice cream. He only has it sometimes since his favorite flavor is so fatty.

Bakugou is more for the simple stuff. He always bites into his chocolate ice cream and it terrifies everyone to this day. Kirishima, despite being well-equipped to bite ice cream, is a normal fucking person and eats ice cream like a human being. There was an ice cream shop near his house when he was a kid and they had the best rocky road ice cream, so that’s his favorite. Kaminari is up there with Deku, he likes the more natural flavors. Catch Kaminari at 2 AM eating out of a quart of pistachio ice cream because he CAN.

Todoroki, to the surprise of many, is a peanut butter dude. When he was little his dad controlled his diet very strictly, and now that he’s out of the house he can eat what he wants. Turns out he wants peanut butter.

I stand by my headcanon that Uraraka likes mint chocolate chip ice cream and Tsuyu likes strawberry ice cream and whenever they get ice cream together they match. That’s not why, but it just turns out that way.

Momo, true to her aesthetic, likes stuff like cheesecake ice cream. It’s simple, it’s nice, and it tastes amazing. And yes, she likes peach ice cream too. Jirou will ask for a scoop, the cashier is like “of what,” she says to surprise her. Momo’s astonished. The guy could come out with the most cavity-inducing, sugary mess and Jirou would absolutely try it.

Mina likes sugary, cotton candy/bubblegum ice cream and it’s a wonder she still has teeth. Tooru, on the opposite end of the spectrum, likes flavors like sweet cream. She is a simple girl with simple needs, and one of those simple needs is all of her teeth.

Shouji and Tokoyami both like vanilla ice cream. Tokoyami worries a little that it might ruin his image, until he realized no one gives a shit what kind of ice cream he likes goddamn stop worrying. Dark Shadow likes coffee ice cream tho

Sero prefers frozen yogurt. He gets the tart flavors and a shit ton of the little boba things. It’s ridiculous. Looks like a fuckin… bowl of orange caviar.

Satou usually gets the cotton candy type of stuff Mina gets, but he prefers, like, cookies n’ cream. Kouda will usually end up switching with him.

Mineta’s favorite popsicle flavor is dick

Ojiro doesn’t really have a favorite flavor, he just doesn’t like stuff with caramel in it. Aoyama, on the other hand, will eat anything with caramel in it.

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Heya, anon with the homophobe sibling here. You were right, I'm gay. I live in a religious house, so I'm not out. I agree that tv didn't make me gay, but shows like Spn showed me that my doubts and differences aren't evil, that family can be found. And fandom people who are all so different and united and compassionate help with my isolation. And, sorry if this is wierd, but people like you are my heroes.


Well not all heroes wear capes :p

Originally posted by holy-spn

I’m sorry you feel that you can’t be out and I understand the pressures. I have a close friend who was in the closet until he went to college due to his family being hugely religious (a Mormon family where 8 of the 11 children were missionaries), he then was for a while ostracised by his family but eventually after a few months they started to come around and after a few years they then became understanding and got back on track. In the meantime he discovered a whole world of found family and friends and is very happy with both now.

My point is that all families are different, all situations are different but even when you sometimes think they will never understand sometimes they can and often their love for you is greater than their fear of the unknown or religious or cultural influences and if, as occasionally is not the case, if you are a good person there is no way you will not find found family and friends who will be your family :)

I hope you are ok and I hope you feel proud, you should, you are valid and loved!

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Hi sorry I just realized I don't know what pronouns you use? Do you have preferred pronouns?

THIS IS A GOOD QUESTION and a blessed one most ppl just use they/them but i’m literally cool with any pronouns!!! gender and i had a fistfight in a back alley once and it ended in a tie and we parted ways and never crossed paths again and honestly; that’s the way i like it


Mchanzo week Day 5 - Traditional/Unorthodox

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No one can resist a bomb ass chicken nugget from McDonalds

I took this prompt verrrrrry loosely, but I’d think that Hanzo was never allowed to go near fast food, so his move to America was full of complaints to Mccree’s food choice until he discovered the wonders of msg’s

Now you can catch Hanzo tearing into a crunch wrap at 2am