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Dark times are coming, dear friends, acquaintances, followers, little bees. Yes, we know that. We saw the trailer, we heard them talking and saying “dark” every minute. Perhaps they intended to pursue with the plan which involves us crying because everything is sooo dark and will end terribly bad and them laughing while eating honey. However, tumblr’s best friend, our dearest guest, all of you, say hi to Benedict Cumberbatch, did the favor of screwing up their evil plan. 

He said one little sentence, he thought “harmless nobody will mind.” 

Love conquers all.

And when I saw that video I thought that he was kidding with me, because that was utterly romantic, like in a fairy-tale. Couldn’t he be so obvious, could he? Oh yes, Bennie could. And he deserves hugs, kisses and many gifts for saying three words. Oh, and Steven’s + Mark’s + Sue’s faces were fabulous, so kiss the guy again, he deserves. They were like “You didn’t do that, we wanted to play with the fans and you go and become this flag of hope”. We should put the gif of their reaction on a frame. 

The casuals don’t know this is a romance, a slow-burn one, to be more specific. After seeing the cold Sherlock Holmes (wasn’t he a sociopath?) saying “I love you”, they are probably freaking out in the bad way. Or just not caring. They usually don’t analyse every single second of every single material that is released. But that was huge, and nobody expected something like that. But I’m not here to discuss theories, anyway.

The storm has already taken it’s place, right on our heads. And dark waters are coming. Deep waters. Really deep. We’ll cry, and suffer and want to punch Moftiss faces and kiss them. But be calm. First because Sherlock’s trailers are usually more darker than the own show and don’t reveal much from the real central-plot. Second, because he said, and I’m going to repeat so you all can calm down and sleep well so tomorrow there will be amazing metas around and people that are over the “December 10th generalized freak out”. 



Now let’s tag someone who inspired me to do this: @badsnowfo, I’m with you <3 

let Slytherins be Slytherins 2017

Disclaimer: The following is 100% a matter of personal taste and no one has any obligation whatsoever to agree with it. I don’t think this is how things should be, I’d just love to see it now and then.

Sometimes a certain aspect of a fic will make you reaslise you desperately want something you hadn’t previously reaslied you wanted. @danascullys pointed out that the latest Erised fic includes antagonism between Draco and Blaise and… yes. This is what I want. Not specifically between Draco and Blaise but just normal human tension, rivalry, jealousy, resentment, miscommunication etc between the golden age Slytherins.

I know a lot of people really want Slytherin “fraternity” to mean loyalty and perfect supportive friendship, but yawn. I mean come on. I want Slytherins who scheme behind each other’s backs while smiling. I want jealousies and resentments that stem back from first year. I want pettiness and bitterness and characters forming factions. I want to see the kind of Slytherin ruthlessness and ambition that makes people climb over their friends to get to the top.

There’s nothing wrong with Pansy, Blaise, Theo, Daphne, Millicent etc etc being great, close friends. (Although everyone seems to willingly ignore the fact that Goyle was top of the class in Cruciatus during seventh year at Hogwarts.) It just starts to feel like biting on tin foil when I see it over and over and over again in fics. Let the Slytherins be human. Let them have flaws that aren’t just charming snark and bitchiness. Let Pansy be actually mean. Let Millicent be aggressive. Let Blaise take after his mother. Let Theo be a snob. Let Draco still be a bit racist. (I love when a writer is brave enough to confront Draco’s racism.) Let some of them be completely unrepentant about what they and their parents did during the war. Let some of them hate each other.

I think people sometimes bend over backwards to make the golden age Slytherins nicer than they were in canon, imagining that they’re righting some wrong, overcoming a prejudice that doesn’t really exist in the books. But conflict and tension make for great storytelling and bad Slytherins can be super fun Slytherins.

Can you please like/reblog this if you’re a hp rp blog (canon or oc) who doesn’t mind roleplaying with hp ocs? Or maybe specifically my oc? I’d love to find more people to follow and interact with but I’m honestly nervous af when it comes to approaching people so … yeah XD Give this a like/reblog pls <3

I’m laughing at everyone entering that fursuit contest on furvilla like

I won the beta key art contest
I got my account like promised
But when it opened for secondary beta / public, they deleted my account without any warning or compensation. When I sent an email they basically told me they wouldn’t do anything about it / didn’t care
HERE’S YOUR WINNING REWARD, but we’re going to take it away when you’re not looking, okay?

Stay away from furvilla contests bros

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rip the illaks update; it was a nice thought, wasn't it?

there was a reason i said i wasn’t promising anything lmao but HOLD UR SALTINESS FRIEND I’VE LITERALLY JUST FINISHED THIS CHAPTER. LIKE RIGHT NOW. 


This had been on my mind for way too long.

Imagine Izetta wearing Aladins full costume. And flying up to Fine’s balcony as she looks out at the night sky.
Taken by surprise Fine just stares at a blushing Izetta who refuses to make eye contact. A few minutes pass with no word exchange, the red head clears her throat, and finally speaks.

“P…princess” she managed to get out with a few stutters, the latter in response arched her eyebrows in question.

“Do you trust me?”

“……Come again?”

Taking a deep breathe she repeated her question.
“Do you trust me?” This time stretching her hand out, for the princess to take.

Fine searched Izettas face and couldn’t help but smile. Her eyes filled with determination, body tense waiting for that one reply.

“Yes” she said effortlessly, taking the red heads hand.

Izetta successfully pulls Fine onto her lap. Placing an arm around her waist, making sure she was secure, before taking off into the night sky.

“Que the song”

Work Out Playlist!

Hey! Since lately I was working out a lot (a lot more than I used to haha) I wanted to share with you my playlist! Today I’ll work in A Fine Day in the Neighbourhood (I have finally all the plot for this chapter) and maybe tomorrow you’ll have a scenario and a reaction! I hope you enjoy this playlist, even if you don’t work out, all the song are made to lift up your mood with the beat!

  1. Boombayah - BLACKPINK
  2. LIFTED - CL
  4. Hello Bitches - CL
  5. Up&Down - EXID
  7. HIT ME - MOBB
  8. Russian Roulette - Red Velvet
  9. Do You Love Me - 2NE1
  10. Can’t Nobody - 2NE1
  11. CRUSH - 2NE1
  12. I’m The Best - 2NE1
  13. FIRE - 2NE1
  14. Crazy - 4Minute
  15. Free Somebody - LUNA
  16. Why Not - BULL-DOK
  17. Catch Me If You Can - SNSD
  18. Gee - SNSD
  20. Catallena - Orange Caramel
  21. Secret - Yuri, Seohyun
  22. Ssenunni - Jessi
  23. Roll Deep - Hyuna
  24. Red - Hyuna
  25. DOOM DADA - T.O.P

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