not feltson

Yes. Yes, he did that again.

My babies have reconciled. They’re getting in touch. They’re making me g i d d y.

It’s last year, all over again for me. *them feltson feels* Watch as I go back to Feltson VMs on YouTube.

Watch as I die in peace…

anonymous asked:

Hi! About the Emma/Tom thing, I think it's absurd fans getting mad over them each time Tom starts to follow her, but I am wondering : why this time people s reaction seems to be different? I mean, Tom follows Emma and nobody notices? That's great ! But why now ? Because of the premiere where he went? It was that easy to calm down the fans? What do you think?

Because he does it for the third time. Noone cares. Well, ok, some people still care, they probably missed the first 2 times. The fact that he went to the premiere and then somehow showed what he thinks about the fact that people ship them together (liking those comments about feltson) put an end to years of theories about them. Maybe not to everyone but for many people. I actually think that this follow will stick this time. Because there’s no significance to it now. 

  • My ship: *is literal perfection and best thing ever*
  • Author: *blows holes in to ship, sails into a typhoon, unleashes the kraken*

In this scene of Prisoner of Azkaban you can clearly see Hermione’s time turner. This is the scene where Draco was attacked by Buckbeak and call me a Dramione fan but there has to be a reason why Hermione’s necklace is shown. I want to believe that she went back in time and tried to save Draco. If this is not a Dramione based scene, then I know nothing.

Hermione: [out for a stroll in her parents’ neighborhood]

Hermione: [sees Malfoy across the street]

Hermione: Do my eyes deceive me? Draco Malfoy disguising as a muggle, walking around a muggle town? Huh. Never thought I’d live to see the day.

Draco: [catches up to her, scowling]

Draco: Granger, funny meeting you here. [smirks awkwardly]

Hermione: Funny? Really? Would you like to meet my friend named a Mirror, Malfoy? I mean look at you! A muggle vice? You’re in a muggle town! And it’s FUNNY meeting ME here?

Draco: I’m only saying ‘what a coincidence’ Granger. Great Merlin, you’re as insufferable as I remember. Probably a lot more.

Hermione: [squints eyes] Hmm, okay. I don’t think I want to know the reason you’re here and looking like that. I hope I don’t see you around, Malfoy.

Hermione: [turns to leave]

Draco: Wait I–


Draco: Actually I– I came to see you, Hermione.