not feel bad

2ne1 deserved far better.

Minzy deserved better, not to be locked away.

Bom deserved better, not to be blamed by yg and attacked by netizens.

CL deserved better, not to be called a snake and attention whore.

Dara deserved better, not to be called talentless and worthless.

2ne1 did not deserve any of this…

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Do Blake and Faolan ever cuddle each other?

I thought today is an excellent day to share a massive onslaught of cute cat pictures for… reasons. So to answer your question, let me present you:


I love you all, I truly do, but...

Can you please at least try typing your question into Google before you ask me? For the sake of my sanity?

I don’t want to put my foot down, or refuse to answer some questions, but the opportunity you have in me is to ask me about my own personal experience, as a lawyer, and to give you the benefit of my training in legal research. Those are the kinds of things that you just can’t get from a google search.

The point is not to use me as a literal replacement for Google, when honestly there are thousands upon thousands of people PAID to maintain highly detailed websites that give lay people huge amounts of information about things like, the procedure for applying for probate, or the sentencing laws for specific crimes. Literally if you google you can find so much information.

Please try it, before I start breaking out the “Google It” gifs.

I’m not really supposed to be on here but I need to get this out before I forget. Earlier I saw that some people were feeling upset/ashamed that BBC Sherlock is the show that made them realize their identities. Well don’t be. What the creators did is horrible, but that does not take away that Sherlock and John are in love. We have seen that and we know that. It wasn’t just in the BBC version, we know they were in canon too and other adaptions. Their story is the greatest love story never told, and one day it will hopefully be given justice. John and Sherlock are independent of Moffat and Gatiss. You saw their love and realized who you love too. Don’t be ashamed of that. And besides it wasn’t technically the show that made you realize either, it was really the community on here, the fandom, that did. Be proud of that. To be with a community of extraordinary people. And know you are not abnormal, you are not crazy, you are not wrong. You are perfect and beautiful. Don’t let those idiots take that away from you.

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We need some saizo fluff to help us through this rough time of politics

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

Saizo was used to waking up long before you did. It was part of his daily routine; get up, get dressed, leave a wildflower on the bed beside you, and then go.

But he wasn’t even able to get past part one.

He froze when his arms wrapped around his waist, holding you tight and pressing your forehead against his back. Saizo looked back at you, quirking an eyebrow.

“Corrin? What are you doing up…?” He asked quietly, to which you hummed in response. You nuzzled against him, squeezing him tighter and in turn making his face burn bright red.

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I may redo these ones since I’m not 100% happy with her overall something-or-other. Might be the hairstyle since she usually just has her hair down and I love that look for her, but adventuring Masuyo needs it up.
I think I will doodle her and change her look up until I’m happy with her shapes, maybe work on Arty’s sheet instead since I have him down better.

just my opinion but i have no idea why people willingly listen to the Front Bottoms music, like…. as if the lead singer doesnt have one of the most unpleasant voices imaginable


I LIVE !! \(*^*\) hello my loves. I hope everyone is okay !! Well, let me tell you that I have been extremely exhausted with work! I now have three BUSY accounts that I am onboarding for! ( Onboarding is like…hiring, doing HR paperwork and stuffs ). AND LET ME TELL YOU 8 hours a day is not enough to work— ROLLS AROUND-

ahh so that is why I’ve been absent!! I hope I can muster some starters out today ! I do want to let you guys know that I always want to give my 100% best starters out because you’re all lovely and I want to do things properly. so that means that I may get burnt out after like…2 starters… WOW. I’M A WEAK WRITER *CRIES* OTL

I love you guys and if you want to talk, I’ll be here <3 -HUGS YOU ALL AND GIVES YOU A LOVELY CHEEK KISS-