not farm

old mcdonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O

and on that farm he

slaughtered, raped, confined, mutilated, tortured and exploited innocent beings because 99% of animals come from factory farms with little to no rules for “animal welfare” and there is no such thing as humane slaughter anyway - also it’s not a mutually beneficial relationship if one party is killed to serve the other for profit

and he was one of the main contributors to green house gas emissions, rainforest deforestation, fresh water usage, grain usage, water pollution, species extinction, ocean dead zones and waste production


Lavender Sunrise by Antony Spencer

Ok, but like… doesn’t this sound like something out of Animal Farm?

“What are you talking about comrades!” Napoleon roared, “My speech drew a crowd of thousands from farms up to 200km away!”

But Clover, Muriel and Benjamin hadn’t been there. And Boxer, who had been passing the farmhouse on his way to the paddock at the time of the speech had reported that there was merely a small crowd of the pigs from the farm - the same pigs that always seemed to be surrounding Napoleon.


Valor Farm’s 2017 stud lineup

Too Much Bling - Stonesider
Grasshopper - Early Flyer
Crossbow - Congaree

My Golden Song is off this season with a foot injury, and they’ve just pulled Bradester from the track, so he hasn’t had the wind-down time to be able to come out for the open house. Looks to be a sweet and well put together horse though!