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Need some help with next animation!


Hey everyone! I’ve made a post about it before, but it seems I have lost that post.

Me and @blinddetermination have been working a long time (like, over half a year long time) on this next animation, because it is really something special made for @undertalepositivityproject. I have also been streaming the progress of the animation at , but that is not what I am here to announce. I am here to ask for help on this next bit.

We wanted it to be perfect, but one of the aspects I really wanted to add was you guys’ creations, or fan art, to help show love and support for undertalepositivityproject and the community around you.

To do this, I am accepting Fan art pieces directed towards undertaleposivityproject, or just positivity in general.

You do NOT have to be undertale themed, all I ask is to keep it sfw.

TO SUBMIT ART JUST DM ME YOUR  ART PIECE AND CONTEXT OF WHAT ITS FOR (like just say its for this animation) ((also if you got any questions feel free to ask))


Here are some examples of art I have received for this project:

(ARTIST IS @kakashisempaii)

(ARTIST IS @maria-artz​)


Here’s another redraw! The one on the left was the first art I ever posted online, uploaded to my dA account on May 25th 2014. Back then, I didn’t have any consistent “style,” and I didn’t even have an actual drawing program, just a broken edition of GIMP. But I really wanted to draw Valkyrie from Skulduggery Pleasant, so I spent hours (mostly on the fire) until I thought it looked good enough. It’s interesting to see now how much my style has changed.

(I still don’t really understand clothing wrinkles, though)

Please, out of respect. Do not share pictures from the Jeju trip that are already posted. Baekhyun stated he didn’t want fans take pictures now that they’re on vacation!! He even said “I know your love for us but can you wait a little bit? I’m asking as a favour” LISTEN HE’S SO SWEET even when he doesn’t have to be, but yeah seeing as he doesnt want fans to take pictures, he probably doesnt want the pictures that are up to spread around, so please listen and respect his wish ok!!! :(