not fair

Lance: it’s not fair
Keith: what’s not fair
Lance: I want to be the little cute one
Keith: what?
Lance: short cute people get to be sweet or tough and everyone loves them for it. But when your tall like me no one ever calls you cute when your angry or wearing your partners clothes.
Keith: *internally screaming after picturing Lance wearing his clothes*

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Let’s show the AC fandom (and, of course, Ubisoft) that Desmond is loved too!

(‘Cause seriously, guys, I’m tired of the way both the AC fans and Ubisoft seem to ignore Desmond, who was the true main protagonist of the series). 

Persona 5 is such a tease.

Yusuke: “I will be on standby at the hideout tomorrow. Truth be told, I found something interesting. It’s a DVD that talks about paintings from around the world. Although I bought it, I don’t have a device to play it on. And even if I did have one, the cicadas are noisy at my dormitory. As such, id like to borrow your room. ”

Me: “Did he just… essentially ask me to "Netflix and chill”???

Think about the people who will only start watching GoT after all the seasons are out. Like they’ll watch season 3,4,5 and 6 and they’ll be like “omg I ship Jaime and Brienne so much, wonder if anything will happen between them” and all they have to do is click on next episode hell they can even binge watch the whole slow-burn in almost a week whereas I’ll have consumed three therapists to help me get through the hiatuses and the misleading twincest and B/T hype