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Are you guys interested to see how I do sketches??

I’m a lil curious if ya’ll would watch me stream the sketching process cuz I usually stream the color process with the sketch already done. Anyway, just tell me your thoughts abt it!!

I was going to put lyrics to words fail here, but the whole song is literal gold. Anyway, it’s not my usual style of drawing, but I drew Thomas from his snap story when he sang Words fail from deh. It was amazing! Also, this was going to be watercolored but, quick tip, never rush watercolors before swimming because it won’t turn out well. Luckily I take progress shots of my work!! Anyway, be kind to yourselves!!
I’ll tag, @thatsthat24 and wish him a restful day after Vidcon ((and no more spiders)). I’ll also tag @pattonpending @prinanalogicality @vortexart @pansexualroman @velocifoxy


“Vas a flipar con el sistema de frenos de emergencia de Volvo, ya verás, ponte ahí delante y tranquilo que no pasa nada”

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for some reason it is bothering me more than ever that the non-endgame ships got canonically accurate kisses in the movies (Harry and Cho after the DA meeting, Ron and Lavender after the Quidditch match) and the endgame ships had their moments botched beyond all recognition

but I suppose that doing so would have meant keeping Ron and Ginny in character and that, evidently, was an insurmountable obstacle for our screenwriters

A Breakfast Mess {Ereri}

Just a little ‘drabble’ I wrote one day to break through writer’s block where Eren tries to surprise Levi with breakfast but fails miserably, and it’s adorable~

Eren peeled his eyes open to the warm light of his bedroom. Morning sunlight shone through the curtains covering the window just above the headboard. A light smile on his lips, he immediately stretched his limbs out, welcoming consciousness easily.

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