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“The finest knight I ever saw was Ser Arthur Dayne, who fought with a blade called Dawn, forged from the heart of a fallen star.”

“…though compared to Ashara Dayne, the Dornish princess was a kitchen drab.”

Official Roadhog face reveal

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what if Lotor’s eyes/dick hair didn’t do the anime thing

@ravenclawdefensenet creation event: Ravenclaw Females 

It’s easy to say that Luna Lovegood would’ve fit in well with the Hufflepuffs due to her kindness, belief in justice, and unmoving loyalty. What makes her a Ravenclaw is perhaps a little harder to see. She isn’t bookish or studious, like everyone thinks Ravenclaws ought to be. She isn’t always the most logical and she’s often very aloof and imaginative, and everyone who has ever known her thinks she’s either crazy or just a complete sweetheart. She hardly seems to fit the Ravenclaw “scholar” trope, and all that she has going for her in Ravenclaw is her imagination.  

But the thing is, Ravenclaw house values more than just a person’s ability to think through riddles or invent new spells. Ravenclaw demands a level of ethical discipline and wisdom as well. For as lofty as she may seem, Luna has demonstrated objectivity, even at her own expense. One of her strongest moments was when she told Harry that she believed him that Voldemort was returning, because despite what everyone else said, Luna refused to believe in the propaganda and the lies that many of her peers had fallen for, and instead sought only the truth. To everyone else, that was just another “Loony” Lovegood thing that’s too crazy to listen to, but she exercises thoughtfulness and critical thinking in everything she does because to her the most important thing isn’t exactly kindness or friendship, but the truth. She honors the truth before she worries about making friends or protecting her image. Even in the face of bullying, Luna is always able to reason through her problems and she provides wisdom to others because of her profound understanding of how the world operates: why do people bully her the way they do, how to react in the face of bullying, why people don’t listen to Harry, how to navigate personal issues, how to achieve social justice and understanding, etc.. 

Luna is remarkably wise beyond her years and she deserves to be fully regarded as a true Ravenclaw. She was placed there for a reason.  


a proposition of alternative, more harmonious alexandrite. as good as they get on their own…

here’s my idea of how pearl/garnet fusion would look like, reasoning behind it is explained in the first image of this post here - because of how positioned the gems are on alex’s face, i think the first face is very similar to pearl/garnet fusion

You know what really really fucks me right up about UA and event organizers pandering to tinhats (when they’re not outright tinhats themselves)? It’s that they’ve decided, very calmly and consciously, that their own popularity and sense of importance is worth more than the well-being of the people they’re supposed to be fans of.

How can you claim you want to support the boys when you want notes so badly you’ll gladly welcome people who stalk, harass, belittle, sometimes even threaten them and their families, just so you can brag and say you’re popular? How can you fucking look at yourself in a mirror?

We all crave notes and reblogs. But personally I’m not ready to sell my soul out for it.

Gunnery Sergeant, you do not fucking come up on a discussion between the Captain and myself and speak unless you are spoken to. And nobody fucking spoke to you.


I am not leaving you.