not face tattoos though

When El finally realises how manipulative Kali actually was and decides to let go, she burns the black bandana she’s wearing on her wrist, that she kept before as something that reminded her of Kali. When she does though, she is facing the ‘011’ tattoo again.

Lucas notices, and next week El is presented with a brand new, navy blue bandana he picked himself, with names of everyone in her family sewn onto it. Mike’s and Nancy’s sewing skills turn out to be suprisingly good, courtesy of Karen’s teaching (Mike’s name featuring a tiny heart instead of a dot over 'i’), Will’s name has tiny stars around it, him being artistic as always, Hopper’s name is sewn very messy, Steve’s is sewn in bright red ('so you remember who’s the cool one among those losers, Ellie!’ he says and winks at her), Joyce’s almost as messy as Hopper’s, slightly less askew, Dustin’s bright yellow ('so Harrington doesn’t think he’s so special!’), Max’s in little green letters, with a small lighting bolt, Lucas’ in sharp letters, Jonathan’s in cursive… Every one of them unique.

There isn’t a day when she doesn’t wear it after that.

So @momnar and I made a god today.

His name is Crux, and you could describe him as a god of decisiveness, change, and tension.  He’s the patron of protestors and all movements and so on and so forth.

The smoke coming off him right now is the release of tension when people jump into action.

The Meet Cute

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Warnings: Swear words, angst, Soulmate!AU

Word count: 2.3k

A/N: Prompt by @yourtropegirl and @bkwrm523:  Imagine Tony goes on an Epic Bender, maybe loses a whole weekend.  Huge chunk of time.  He wakes up, finally sober.  It takes him a little while, because hangover, but he eventually notices HOLY SHIT HE MET HIS SOULMATE LAST WEEKEND.  New tattoo.  And he remembers NOTHING.  Naturally, he’s/she’s staying away because he’s/she’s shy, or whatever.  Imagine the lengths Tony’s going to to find out who tf he/she is. 

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Tony groaned as his alarm went off - the shrill sound echoing through the quiet room. His head felt like it was about to explode, as he slowly reached his arm out to shut the damn thing off. However, he didn’t manage and instead just ripped the whole thing out of the wall. As he pushed his face further into the pillows, his own A.I. interrupted the silence.

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Demon in Your Bed

Notes: I suck at titles so deal with this. I’ve never written Hanzo before and I want to write more of him because I like him. So here’s a Demon!Hanzo fic. Hope you all enjoy :D

Hanzo hated himself. He hated himself as he kissed your lips and touched your body. He hated himself that he was drawn to you and wanted to devour you every night. He hated that your face and eyes brightened up when you saw him, and he hated that he found himself falling for you every time he looked in your eyes. He hated that he found your body attractive, a demon found a human physically attractive. What a thought.

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Dark Poplitealqueen, show me the forbidden ObiRex headcanons (pls?)

Well, if you say so I say as I gyrate my hips in such a way that a portal to the Forbidden Dimension is opened within the Tomb of Fufukachu and the moon turns to blood and Sun becomes a bowl of yellow gummy bears.

*90% of Obi-Wan’s “lost” cloaks are actually underneath Rex’s barrack on Anakin’s flagship. He always forgets them whenever they have a night in, and Rex keeps them around because the smell reminds him of Obi-Wan.

*Rex grows a beard in Rebels because he misses Obi-Wan and the feel of a beard against his face. It isn’t the same, though.

*Rex has Obi-Wan’s name tattooed somewhere on his body. Obi-Wan has Rex’s somewhere on his. (Hint, it’s probably the arm somewhere in both cases, although I wouldn’t be surprised if Rex had it over his heart because he’s shmoopy like that)

*They immediately made out once they saw each other after Umbara.

*Onderon was kind of like a vacation getaway for them. It was Anakin’s idea.

*Rex thought Obi-Wan’s short hair was hot after the Rako Hardeen stuff. He missed the beard, though.

*Rex really likes to be called ‘sir’ in bed, like… all Obi-Wan has to do is lick the shell of Rex’s ear and whisper 'Yes, sir’ and Rex is gone. He ain’t coming back. They didn’t put this into his coding on Kamino. He’s forgotten his name, his designation number, he couldn’t even execute Order 66 in this state. He’s gone until that orgasm subsides, man.

*Obi-Wan likes when Rex kisses his chest and combs a hand through his hair. He also doesn’t mind Rex calling him 'Ben’.

*Satine Kryze ships it hard. She’s offered to marry them in the Mandalorian fashion because they are just PERFECT TOGETHER.

*Anakin would be Obi-Wan’s best man at the wedding, if Mandalorians even have best men at their wedding. Cody would be Rex’s.

*Zygerria fucked them up. Umbara fucked Rex up, Maul fucked Obi-Wan up, but Zygerria fucked them both up. After the fact, all they did was snuggle together in bed before they had to go back to fighting. No sex, no kissing, just being near and touching one another.

*Obi-Wan’s ghost totally visits Rex and Rex is pretty pissed. Like, first his cloaks, then his lightsaber, then his life?? How many things can Obi-Wan fucking lose????

*Rex can’t feel it, but there’s a powerful Force bond between him and Obi-Wan. I’m talking soulmate level stuff. No matter how far apart they may end up, they’ll always return to one another. Always.

“Room service!”

The final piece in the Luggage Swap AU

There’s an awful lot of mystery surrounding Whitebeard Incorporated. No one is really quite sure where they started out, how they got going, or even what they really do.

Only that they’ve got a hand in everything, that when the upper-level employees put their mind to it, there’s little they cannot do.

As such, Law really shouldn’t be surprised that, upon returning to the hotel room from a date with Luffy, they find someone sat in the living room. 

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Allies' thoughts about tattoos and piercings on somebody?

America: Not too many of either and not all over, tattoos have meanings and piercings can be removed.
Alfred wouldn’t care too much since he sees it as self-expression and art. Though he, personally, isn’t a big fan of huge gauges or anything really excessive on their face. So he is okay with small nose piercings, but not a lot of tattoos on their face or piercings everywhere. Though he is okay with tattoos as long as they have meaning.

England: Nothing major showing on their body.

Arthur has his share of tattoos and also had a few piercings during his punk phase. That being said, he can’t say much about his s/o having either of them. Though Arthur would prefer most of that tattoos being able to be covered, for them to have meaning, and for their piercings to be small or just tasteful.

France: A few isn’t too bad.
Francis wouldn’t care if his s/o had a tattoo or two, and the same goes for them having piercings. He wouldn’t really have a problem with them, but he would hope that the tattoos had a meaning behind them, or had good taste.

Canada: A few, as long as they’re small.
Matthew isn’t the biggest fan of tattoos. He wouldn’t really care if they had piercing, or where they’re pierced, but he wouldn’t like if they had many big tattoos everywhere. A small one or two would be cute, but nothing that’s huge, like the entire back or chest.

Russia: Doesn’t really care.
Ivan wouldn’t really care whether is s/o had no tattoos, two tattoos, five tattoos. The same goes for piercings. He would just want the tattoos to be well done, and thought over, not done in a rush or just picked because they wanted a tattoo, not caring what it is.

China: Not too many preferably, or at least covered
Yao wouldn’t be a big fan of either, but they are his s/o’s way of expressing themselves, so he wouldn’t say much. He would want them to at least have meaning or look good, but at times he would want them to cover them up.

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tattoos, messy bun, and old books <3

How do you feel about tattoos and piercings? explain:

To each their own. I don’t like tattoos on people’s faces, though, and I’d never get a tattoo that I couldn’t cover up if I wanted to. I don’t mind piercings much. I don’t like gauges though and I could never get them ckckfkfkfkkslslslsk I just don’t like thinking of. Skin being stretched out aghdhhjfjd it’s making me shiver right now as I type

The world is listening, pick one sentence to tell them:

Donald Trump should not be a president and Sherlock Holmes is gay

What’s one thing you don’t want your parents to know?: How stupid and outdated I find their political stances (I’m not one for confrontation, plus it wouldn’t go over well).

"Aww, did I hurt your feelings, fleabag? Well, just try not to let the doggy door pinch your tail on the way out."

my first attempt at putting a face to my VTMB character. Though I’m already looking at those tattoos and realizing I have made a huge mistake

Her name was originally Ash, but then it turned out there’s a character with that name in the game already >:I So I think I’ll change it to Ivory. 


Brooklyn Nine-Nine, S04E01:

“Look at her calf. It’s a tattoo of Jesus punching Bin-laden in the nuts.”
“Hmm…maybe a local tattoo artist will recognize it. It can’t be that common.”
[Later, at the tattoo parlor]
“Okay, that’s the most common tattoo we give.”
“So, these photos tell us nothing?”
“Actually, you know what, that’s a high school graduation ring. Dan Marino High, class of 2003.”


30 Day Role Playing Challenge

for my Inquisitor Tamlen Lavellan

Day 02: Physical Features

What are your character’s most prominent physical features?

The first thing most people probably see is Tamlen’s vallaslin. After all it covers about half of his face. As probably most Dalish are, he is very proud of wearing it.
The story behind how he got it is a little unusual though. He was comparatively old, 19, almost 20 when the elders of his clan finally thought that he was ready. In the night before the actual ceremony, which is to be used by the young elves to meditate, he still was uncertain about which deity to dedicate his vallaslin to. He considered Ghilan’nain, in honor of his mother’s family, but also Dirthamen, like his father did, or Andruil, because after all he would finally be an adult hunter of his clan, so why not honor the goddess associated with that role. Near the end of the long night though, half-asleep and tired, Tamlen dreamt of a huge tree spreading its branches across the whole clan, protecting it from all peril, its roots reaching deep down into the earth, unwavering and strong. Tamlen wasn’t sure what to make of this dream, if he should take it as a serious vision or just wave it aside. He decided to tell the keeper the next morning when she asked him for his decision about which deity to dedicate his vallaslin to. The keeper encouraged him to take the dream seriously, as a sign the Creators themselves might have sent to him. She explained that the imagery he had described were symbols of Mythal, the great protector. Tamlen liked the idea of that and chose Mythal inspired by this strange dream (he doesn’t like calling it a vision actually, although the keeper still keeps referring to it like that).
Bonus: if Solas had ever told him about the original meaning of the vallaslin and offered to remove it Tamlen would have declined his offer. He would have been shocked to hear what purpose the tattoos originally served, but that’s not what he connects them with. The vallaslin for him is a sign of being part of a loving family and community, of staying true to one’s values and taking responsibility. It’s a sign of coming-of-age, of a new chapter in one’s life, and a way to honor the Dalish way of life – the Dalish, not the Elvhenan.