not face tattoos though


Brooklyn Nine-Nine, S04E01:

“Look at her calf. It’s a tattoo of Jesus punching Bin-laden in the nuts.”
“Hmm…maybe a local tattoo artist will recognize it. It can’t be that common.”
[Later, at the tattoo parlor]
“Okay, that’s the most common tattoo we give.”
“So, these photos tell us nothing?”
“Actually, you know what, that’s a high school graduation ring. Dan Marino High, class of 2003.”


30 Day Role Playing Challenge

for my Inquisitor Tamlen Lavellan

Day 02: Physical Features

What are your character’s most prominent physical features?

The first thing most people probably see is Tamlen’s vallaslin. After all it covers about half of his face. As probably most Dalish are, he is very proud of wearing it.
The story behind how he got it is a little unusual though. He was comparatively old, 19, almost 20 when the elders of his clan finally thought that he was ready. In the night before the actual ceremony, which is to be used by the young elves to meditate, he still was uncertain about which deity to dedicate his vallaslin to. He considered Ghilan’nain, in honor of his mother’s family, but also Dirthamen, like his father did, or Andruil, because after all he would finally be an adult hunter of his clan, so why not honor the goddess associated with that role. Near the end of the long night though, half-asleep and tired, Tamlen dreamt of a huge tree spreading its branches across the whole clan, protecting it from all peril, its roots reaching deep down into the earth, unwavering and strong. Tamlen wasn’t sure what to make of this dream, if he should take it as a serious vision or just wave it aside. He decided to tell the keeper the next morning when she asked him for his decision about which deity to dedicate his vallaslin to. The keeper encouraged him to take the dream seriously, as a sign the Creators themselves might have sent to him. She explained that the imagery he had described were symbols of Mythal, the great protector. Tamlen liked the idea of that and chose Mythal inspired by this strange dream (he doesn’t like calling it a vision actually, although the keeper still keeps referring to it like that).
Bonus: if Solas had ever told him about the original meaning of the vallaslin and offered to remove it Tamlen would have declined his offer. He would have been shocked to hear what purpose the tattoos originally served, but that’s not what he connects them with. The vallaslin for him is a sign of being part of a loving family and community, of staying true to one’s values and taking responsibility. It’s a sign of coming-of-age, of a new chapter in one’s life, and a way to honor the Dalish way of life – the Dalish, not the Elvhenan.


“I’m the kind to sit up in his room.
Heart sick an’ eyes filled up with blue”.

I work at a very mom-like store, and I am definitely not the type to shop there (or work there I guess??) and one night, right before closing, my manager had to take her lunch and since I was the only one there qualified enough to be a manager, I became the sales and service leader. One of the associates was having a hard time with a customer and the associates aren’t really supposed to deal with that so she called me over. I asked the lady what happened and she rudly asked if i was the manager. I said as of right now, yes I am and smilies and she just looked disgusted and continued to tell me I dont represent old navy well (I have 2 piercings in my face and tattoos and half shaved hair) even though she was being rude for no reason, I ignored her and asked what the issue was. She told me the shirt she had in her hand was on a manican and the manican said 12$ so she should get it for 12$. Our system doesn’t work like that?? We dont price point our manicans?? But i gave her the benefit of the doubt and went to look anyway. Not only was that shirt not on a manican but there was no 12$ price point in the area. Normally I’m pretty lienant bc sometimes our signs confuse me but she had already pushed my buttons and what she saw was dumn so I definitely wasn’t going to help her out. I walked back to the register, looked her dead in the eye and said, “either you pay full price or i cant give it to you” She said no I dont want any of it or anything from this store. I said “it’s too bad we dont have 3 other stores to bring in money” and then shut the doors and left. Do customers know they become a joke in the break room bc we talked about her for months…..