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anyway. idk how to eloquently explain this but. i love the fact that gilbert is so positive about anne’s quirks. everyone’s laughing at her because of the way she reads? he enjoys it. she can read well and she’s invested. anne thinks she’s ugly and skinny? he calls her cute to all his friends. anne’s weird because she’s an orphan and nobody should interact with her? he doesn’t care where she’s from, and he doesn’t see why he can’t walk with her. anne wants to be acknowledged for her intelligence, wants to be known as smart but is never given enough credit by most people (”he’s my brightest student” “we need a guy to show her she’s not so smart”)? he tells billy that she’s smart and he’s just gonna have to deal with it. he tells her if she’s gonna beat him in class, he wants it to be fair and square. because he knows she can, and he knows she wouldn’t have it any other way. and this isn’t even said to..idk win her over with compliments or smth like that. he says it while she’s not listening, mostly to other people who make fun of her. like yeah, he’ll tease her sometimes, but he never tries to make her feel like she’s not enough. he never tries to make her feel like she doesn’t belong. he talks to her when she’s outside alone, tries to give her an apple, always interferes when billy is bullying her. like at most, he’s a cheeky little shit, but he acknowledges these things about anne and isn’t afraid to say she’s smart or cute or invested or good

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i was reading your tags on a reblog and i 100% agree w bringing back the benji/cunningham hair. i love Curly Ben

Curly Ben is a blessing to us all and just? I feel like I have been waiting for this ask my whole life tbh. J u s t…


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Bring it back.

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Free the Benji/Cunningham hair.

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Set it free.

ok but every time robert and aaron have a conversation about roberts bisexuality ten years are added to my life AND when robert jacob sugden is comfortable with that conversation and can talk freely and sensibly about his own sexuality (like tonight) i literally ascend to a higher place of existence

Voltron Powers Headcanon [Part 5]

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Shiro was a tired person.

He was tired of fighting off nightmares, tired of dealing with Zarkon and his army, tired in general, even though his robotic arm never seemed to wear out, and tired of having to separate Keith and Lance whenever their spats got to be too much.

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You're seriously one of the only armys I actually like. I'm so sick of armys being arrogant, hating on other members, hating on other groups, pretending like bts are the only talented people in the world...but I never heard something like this from you. You seem to accept other groups, you love all the members, you're never being arrogant about bts popularity (at least not here xd) and I love you for that <3 it's nice to have you in a fandom that suffered under the popularity :(

this is so nice :’( thank you ♡ i feel this too, i stan a lot of groups so i can’t stand this type of behaviour in any fandom LMAO i’m just here to enjoy the group and the music, not to get involved in all of these pointless wars and negativity

guys..this is so crazy but like this finale really fucked my head up. I have legit not stopped thinking about it since it aired…

I watched a bunch of fanvids and literally like really cried. I’ve read multiple fanfics and I teared up a few times. 

Like wow they really fucked me up this time. Like in a different way then usual. Maybe it’s cuz I feel like time jump is gonna make the characters different people and I’m feeling like I’m losing my favorite characters?? But I know they won’t be THAT different. 

like wow yea they got me good this time

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Are you going to ship Asriel with Chara and Sans with Frisk? I thought Sans is will Toriel... Did she got back with Asgore or something??? Sorry I am quite curious.

Yeah, the main pairings are fr/ans and cha/sriel here!

And well, Sans and Toriel are very close friends in this story, but they’re not together; Toriel and Asgore aren’t a couple either, because we felt like their relationship would need a lot of development for them to solve their issues and get back together…so we decided it’d probably be more natural if they were not a couple in ST.

Still, their relationship is an absolutely pacific one!

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Okay I'll say it. Even. But I really, really hope I'm wrong cause it would destroy that character a lot. He's very impulsive and act first and think later. It would fit with that he's the one who hurt Yousef, and why the gutta boys got so angry and why Yousef got upset and stayed inside and why Even and Isak was not in the fight. The boy squad assumed it was the ballon squad because they saw them during the song. It would make sense why the lyrics "that bitch is crazy". I hope I'm wrong but idk.