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“I want to be a stand up comic. The hardest thing is to find material that’s not just funny—but also true. Funny can just be a surprise. But good comedy articulates truth in a certain way. And I don’t think I’ve experienced enough to know what’s true for other people. I’ve had a bit of a charmed life. Nothing too traumatic has happened to me. I have a lot of creative energy but I’m not sure that I have the arsenal to back it up. Recently I was at an open mic upstate, and there was an older guy performing who used to be a heroin addict. There was just this sense that you should be paying attention to every word he says, and not just the punch line. I’m not there yet.”


I just wanted to write something really quick, because I went through my ask box and there were a lot of beginner artists, who are telling me they love my art and it inspires them to draw and I just want to thank you all for it! I feel so flattered <3 Nothing feels better then being told you inspire someone to be creative themself! Art is something so beautiful and it can be such a wonderful hobby and even work at some point!

So please… don’t say your art is trash. It’s not, no matter what you are drawing. It may not look like you want it to be, because you aren’t experienced enough, but Trash is worthless, and your Art is NOT! Even if you think it’s so bad that you don’t want to show it to anyone, it still had a purpose. The more you create, the better you’ll be at drawing or sculpturing or any other craft. Those pictures you look at and think that they aren’t good enough, they are the steps to the picture you want to create. That you will create some day. 

Please don’t be so hard on yourself. Everyone is growing at their own pace. Just keep doing what you enjoy.

Perhaps grief is like battle: After experiencing enough of it, your body’s instincts take over. When you see it closing in, you harden your insides. You prepare for the agony of a shredded heart. And when it hits, it hurts, but not as badly, because you have locked away your weakness, and all that’s left is anger and strength.
—  Sabaa Tahir, A Torch Against the Night
  • me, to the associate dean of faculty: yes, i love attending in the advanced ocular disease clinic, but i'm also acutely aware of my own inexperience compared to other faculty here and know others would be better
  • me, to the clinical coursemaster: yes, i love attending in the advanced ocular disease clinic, but i'm also acutely aware of my own inexperience compared to other faculty here and know others would be better
  • me, to literally everyone who has asked: yes, i love attending in the advanced ocular disease clinic, but i'm also acutely aware of my own inexperience compared to other faculty here and know others would be better
  • ocular disease clinic director: she is doing fine but i would prefer another faculty member with more experience in disease clinic
  • me: D:
  • me: but

If a chef is a rookie and undercooks food, giving someone E. Coli, they’re fired and might deal with repercussions. If a valet driver is a rookie and gets into an accident, they’re immediately fired and have to report it to their insurance.

But we’re supposed to feel sympathy for a “rookie cop” like Peter Liang because his grievance resulted in the brutal death of another person? Even after he did nothing to salvage Akai Gurley’s life? Was that a rookie mistake too?

This is exactly why cops walk around with an unhinged god complex. We’re cementing this idea that they can actually, literally murder civilians and all is forgiven (or should be) because they weren’t experienced enough with deadly weapons.

hey guys, if you see an artist underselling themselves, pay them what you think they deserve. tip them. anything. a lot of young, inexperienced artists undersell themselves because they’re not confident or experienced enough to know how pricing really works. or sometimes, they just can’t get enough business and have to cut their losses.

don’t take advantage of them! pay your artist what they deserve!

Sending love to my ace followers. Don’t let anyone else decide whether or not you’ve experienced enough hardship to be ‘allowed’ in the community, whether you’re ‘queer enough’, or if you’re allowed to even use the word queer to describe yourself. 

The Tide

Here’s my latest fic! It’s very long but screw it, might as well post it here too.

Cross-posted from AO3.

Summary: Lance doesn’t know whether or not he can trust Keith to have his back. But now that he’s stuck under a tree, with broken bones, and on the verge of drowning, it seems he might not have a choice.

4k+ under the cut!

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Remember Me

PAIRING: reader x Bucky Barnes 



Request from Anon- Hellooo, I want to ask for a Bucky/reader in which Bucky has his mind under the control of HYDRA and reader tries to calm him down and have sex with him to making him recognize her, and Bucky hurt her and then he came to reality and regret what he did.. Thanks really! kisses

This took me so long to write, ugh i don’t know why but this was a tough one. I may have changed things slightly from the prompt! But hopefully it’s ok! Enjoy x 


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You watched him; your eye’s trained on him like a hawk. You should have seen the warning signs; you had experienced them enough to know when the triggers had started. It was a side effect of the treatment, trying to pull out century’s worth of code inside a persons brain could leave them scrambled and disoriented. You stood at the entrance of Bucky’s room Steve blocked your body away from his, trying to protect you from his friend.

“Bucky” Steve voice was hard; you glanced at the back of his head for a second before your eyes snapped back to your boyfriends. His stance was neutral but hard; his chest was squared up to Steve’s. If you didn’t to anything now they would tear the whole placed down.

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  • the tony fandom™: it's pretty shitty that there's this argument that tony hasn't experienced enough trauma. we're not saying that what he does when triggered is right or okay, we're merely trying to get people to understand why we are defensive of him when this ableist argument is brought up.
  • y'all: omg i can't believe the tony fandom™ is excusing tony stark's behavior!!

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Love @ first sight headcanons for Tsuna Enma and Xanxus?? Like them seeing someone and going 'yeah they're the one time to work my magic'


~These… seemed so much better in my head…~

admin adelheid


  • He will definitely take advantage of his good looks. He had been alive and experienced enough to know that appearances are everything.
  • He will start with the typical gifts such as flowers and candy. Just to keep you interested.
  • Next, those gifts will turn into something more expensive and classy. Like tickets to that play you wanted to see or that ball you wanted an invite to. Of course, he’ll be your date for each and every one.
  • Gradually though, those gifts will confuse you when they come in flat, brown packets.
  • Opening them will probably shock you since each of them contains papers to property. Like cars or real estate.
  • About to be late for work? Can’t get a ride home? Forgot your lunch? Well since he has you on twenty-four hour surveillance, sending a limo, a helicopter or a meal from your favorite restaurant was as simple as a flick of his fingers.
  • It won’t be all flashy showmanship, though. He’ll sometimes pop out right from out of the blue and surprise you when he sits down at your table while you’re chilling at your favorite café, charming you with his conversation and charming smile.
  • It’s hard not to adore him when he acts like a laid back boy when he was with you and not the solemn faced Mafia don that he usually was in front of others.
  • He would sometimes playfully kidnap you himself and sets up a nice picnic by a lake, his bodyguards all out of sight and at least half a mile from your current location.
  • Tsuna does not deal well with rivals. He will not hesitate to destroy and discredit each and every one of them until he could make you his.


  • Enma will stalk you. No question about it.
  • He will plant himself near you at all times, willing to take on the mantle of a dependable co-worker who spent too much attention on you and create a double life for himself just to be close to you.
  • Enma might not look it and it may seem out of character for a Boss like him but he will not hesitate to use trickery to make you fall in love with him.
  • He will not hesitate to create opportunities where he could use the ‘Suspension Bridge Effect’ in full force.
  • Creating scenarios where you will fall and he would gallantly catch you making you incidentally look into his eyes will be a thing whenever Enma is in the vicinity.
  • He’ll make sure to brush his skin against yours with seductive subtlety every once in a while and pretend that he was too busy with whatever he was working on to notice whether or not he had flustered you with the contact.
  • He’ll be your convenient ‘Hero’ for anything and everything. It’s a move he had learned from Julie a long time ago.
  • Cat lost? He’ll go find it. Mandatory overtime? He’ll take half your work. By force if necessary. Late night out? He’ll walk you home. He will be a regular knight in shining armor for you while wearing the sheep’s clothing of a meek guy who leaks out enough dark mystery to keep your curiosity peaked even though you can’t understand why.
  • If you’re the kind who spooks too easy whenever a guy shows you any interest he will sneakily ask you to sit around outside a cafe or hang out in a park. Just places where it wouldn’t feel too romantic but will still allow you guys to bond. An opportunity to make you see the sides of him that were not meek and clumsy.
  • And when he knows you’re ready, he’ll kiss you on your front porch next time he takes you home.


  • He’s in love with you so he won’t just grab you by the hair like a Neanderthal and fuck you in a cave.
  • He will do his research on you first. Xanxus may be reckless but he can be a thorough man when he needs to be.
  • After finding out everything about you he will make sure his entrance in your life will be loud, flashy and absolutely unforgettable. Like, say, barging in on your workplace just to tell you you were now going to be going out with him from now on.
  • Surprisingly his gifts might be simple things you like but they will be presented in a dramatic fashion. Lussuria mostly acts as his messenger boy. So better get used to the sight of the Varia Sun Guardian sashaying through your office and dropping off that double layer cheesecake you keep missing from the cafeteria.
  • He’ll have you kidnapped just to have dinner with him at your favorite restaurant among other things.
  • If he feels like having you near him, he will have your boss threatened to give you vacation time and you brought to him so he could treat you to something nice. Like a trip to the Bahamas, for example.
  • You might think a gentleman was the ideal kind of man but Xanxus will make you realize that just because a man’s polite does not mean he’s any less of a pig.
  • His interactions with you will make you see that rough and gruff men like him knew how to treat their women right despite the cussing and glaring.
  • He will not care if you see but he will warn (shoot) all competition away.
  • And if that doesn’t make you understand just how serious he is about you and you try to protest his violent behavior, then he’ll kiss you deeply and thoroughly until he melts all your objections away.

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I can stomach wonky animation but I feel like BW's problems lie deeper and I'm worried about their future. they escaped the niche of traditional rpg games and now they want to join Bethesda and Ubisoft with their open world, craft-your-heart-out, explore-and-conquer-every-copypasted-dungeon goodness. I feel like they've lost their touch after DA2, it was pretty obvious in ME3 and DA:I. they're not experienced enough and didn't know where to pour their resources. and it shows.

Nothing to add but: yeah, me too. :’ (

This whole ‘large concepts, poor execution’ thing is quickly becoming their staple. They cant keep touting the power of their superior in-house engine and spinning themselves as the pinnacle of engaging, progressive storytelling while staying on This Bullshit™.

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Now, I am a HUGE conspiracy theorist. I love anything that gets my brain working on the backstory and I had a few questions... You said you were a figment, correct? Does that mean you were created out of Mark's repressed desires? Or is it more complex than that...?


Dark nodded in affirmation, but there were also unspoken truths hanging from his tongue, waiting to be spoken.

“We are created from the emotions that begin to become more affirmed and noticeable during the stages of human puberty. His Figment of joy was the first ever created when he was very young, because that’s just about the most rampant feeling he expressed. Such a figment took care of him when he felt sadness, and he had his mother and father for that same purpose as well. I came into being when he was about 14 years old. He had experienced enough Dark emotions for me to be useful. I claimed said emotions, and store them away when he does not need them. Repressed desires is one of the many. So, you could say that yes, I perhaps was created because the final straw were a few repressed desires and impure thoughts. His mind needed someone to control and maintain said feelings, and so I was produced.”