not expensive anymore

also: here’s a lil cautionary tale

I took POOR CARE of my cintiq and had to stop drawing while I waited for a screen protector to arrive

basically, I never changed my stylus nib (it seemed okay to me!!) when you’re supposed to change them monthly

and I didn’t wipe down my screen often enough (weekly)

the stylus can pick up little dust particles and SCRATCH THE SCREEN

which is what happened to me. I got all scratched. don’t be like me friends… take care…

Because I don’t want to clog up a nice post about nice women with my ramblings…

I just watched some Uncharted gameplay and honestly? The running and jumping reminds me of playing HP2 a bit. But really, it looks great, and like a game I’d like (also like a game I would die in a lot because I really don’t play a lot of shooting games).

One thing I want to know though… are there actual zombies in this game series? Because this guy I watched playing saw dead corpses and started talking about them and I wanna know if that was because he’d played Uncharted 2 and 3 before this one and there were zombies in those, or if it was just a generic ‘zombies are in everything so maybe they’re in this game’.

Question is open for everyone but kinda aimed at @beltsquid since they went into my tags on my post and started telling me about the awesome women in the series

These two ruined me faster than any other pair I can think of. I didn’t go into Zestiria asking for this, but here I am.

midokoma button i made for myself >>

((if u want one u should say smth cause ill prob only get 5 unless more than like 4 people want one then ill just get 25))

Experience you

Days passed and all I craved for was experience. The numbing of the drugs wasn’t working anymore. The expense and trouble you  had to tolerate just to eat good food and live like a rat was not pleasing so I continually tried to escape. I wanted to live fully with less. I had moments of licking a plastic bag to have help to help me. I didn’t want lights and lasers, clothes, cars, pharmaceutical goodies to help me cope, I just wanted to live and feel. I wanted to feel just because it was my birthright to be happy. The mundane, daily, holiday, meaningless celebrations had become a bore. I wasn’t even sad or mad about it. Not to mention the world was on fire and I shouldn’t just stand in a line waiting to pay for bullshit let alone pay for 500 channels to watch other people pretend to be alive. I wasn’t going to pretend nothing was going on inside. There was.  I was bored with this struggle because the prize was freedom and pardon from a death sentence far too late to enjoy it. I had waited for a partner in crime, my excuse for lack of courage.  Those words on replay “I will go with you!” “Lets do this!”, never even planted a seed.  They were just words said to make conversation. I did try. That’s my excuse for going for the butterfly free hippie chics that led to great sex and wet adventures showering my lust but not my true desires. They all seemed like ticking time bombs or in the end weak and not having enough to take on the adventure of actually living. I admit that I was a ticking time bomb only difference was that I was ready to blow. I liked the numbness so that I, personally could not hear the bomb ticking in every one of my cells. I was there. At the edge. I had to leap. One side of the mountain or the other. Maybe my brain was on fire after so much acid, alcohol,porn, web cams, anal sex trying to awaken serpents, while mine was already out and playing in the garden of life waiting for my physical self to have a drop of courage. Maybe I just had to be myself when I took that leap and not jump into the known. Maybe I just had to leap in a whole other direction. I don’t want the things anyone can have. I was a rooster, an Aries, I pave the way. I want more. That is far too much for many to understand. I didn’t expect them to and had grown tiered of waiting. Perhaps it was stupid inadequacy to fit in. Although I do find confinement being made better with just a hint of liberating crimes, lustful nights and selfish self induced harm in order to tolerate this, am finally understanding am lacking interest in growing any weaker. I knew that although I was fucking harder and numbing more but I knew that my darkness was growing.  I knew that my only choice was to leap. I had to rage my way. Exist and Live. in the words of the great Hunter S Thompson; I was the drug. And I wanted to be a junkie of myself. I wanted to live.

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i know it might seem really tempting to clear out your lair but let them work and buy dragons they really want! dragons aren’t that all expensive anymore they don’t need us giving them ones~

Things that are helpful are:

+Food - to feeed the dragons

+ a little bit of tr - to expand or buy the dragons

+ apparel - to dress the dragon

+familiars - to bond with

+ battle stones - for the coli

the last thing they honestly need is dragons there’s so much thats a lot better! If you are gonna give them dragons, give them exalting dragons and teach them the good way of exalting stuff.

EDIT: Just to clarify i mean don’t pawn off your dragons on newbies, if they see a dragon they love in your lair thats for grabs and you want to give it to them great! but dont make a thread with all your exalt fodder to fling at the newbs

I did it Taylor. I’m done with high school. And its all because of you. You helped me through 4 years of hell. You helped me to never give up. You helped me walk across that stage. You helped me get the diploma I have in my hands. Even though you weren’t able to be there tonight, I know you were there in spirit. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. I wouldn’t be part of the class of 2015 without your love and support. And now, I’m heading off to college. Unfortunately, I’m not able to go to the college I want to at the moment because we just moved and I didn’t want to add anymore expenses. But next year, I’ll be going to Monmouth University in New Jersey for music management. Because of you, I picked up a guitar and started songwriting again. Because of you, I realized music is my passion. Because of you, I’m a kinder and wiser person. Because of you, I am who I am today. You’ll never know how much you mean to me. Having you in my life has been such a blessing. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for you. This is all for you. I hope I made you as proud as you make me every day. I love you so much. Here’s to the college years 🎓💕 taylorswift


Alright, I really hate doing this because it feels like it’s all I do on here anymore. Unexpected expenses have come up and I need to move stock to make ends meet. If you can’t buy, please reblog. All of my chainmaille earrings are $7.50 and they’re made to order based on color (see center photo.)

Shipping within the U.S. is $3 for a single item and $1 each for multiple items. International by negotiation because that can be more money than it’s worth.

None of these are listed on etsy yet, once you approach me about buying a pair, I will make a listing for them and link you to it.

Please, I am begging you for help. Earrings aren’t all I have, keep an eye on this blog for other posts with other items.