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Long story short, I'm forced to sit by kids who keep saying how there's only 2 genders and I'm happily agender. After coming out publicly, they've now started trying to 'talk some sense into me' which actually means 'tell them they're a girl and need to stop this ''special snowflake'' crap and say they'll never find someone who cares if they don't be a girl' What should I do?

I would tell them to mind their own business and they don’t know anything about transgender people if they did they would know that isn’t how gender works. Ask your teacher after class to talk and instruct her you want to be moved. Tell her what’s going on.

If she/he doesn’t listen

In the middle of them doing this raise your had and tell your teacher exactly what they are doing, they keep doing this and you want to be moved away from them and if they can’t happen you want to talk to the principal immediately.

You have rights as a student and if someone is making you uncomfortable and bullying you then you have every right to be moved away from them.


Guilt (Lucifer x Reader)

Request:Lucifer x reader: Lucifer is in love with its vessel, the reader, and doesn’t want to be alone. The reader feels guilty and now Lucifer wants the best for them (like ruling the world and erasing humans). The reader doesn’t want to talk with Lucifer after what he did but it’s not easy to share her mind with the devil.

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  • V: Luciel, I think there's someone suspicious outside my house..
  • Seven: What?! What are they doing??
  • V: I am not sure. I can only see something yellow-ish..
  • Seven: ???
  • Yoosung: [outside V's house banging pots and pans with a huge signboard - 'V SUCKS AND I HATE HIM!']

Poly relationship with Namjoon, Jin and J-hope.

i’m falling for you more and more every single day i think about you, and trust me, i can’t get you off of my mind. i never knew i could get as many butterflies in my stomach as i feel when i’m with you and i had no idea that anyone else could understand exactly what i’m thinking. i used to have the idea that love is nothing but pain, but with you i want to make sure you feel loved every second of the day. there’s so much i want to say to you, yet when we’re together i’d rather listen to you talk forever because i love the sound of your voice. i’ve had trust issues since i can remember yet i trust you with my entire life. they say people are never perfect but anyone who could make me feel like you do is obviously flawless. all i can do is hope that you feel the same and i’m not left swimming without a lifejacket in the middle of the ocean.
—  i’m taking a big leap and i just hope you’re there to catch me.

James Flint + that probably shouldn’t be attractive and yet.. 

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“Don’t touch me!” you giggled. But Harry didn’t listen as he continued to reach for you, narrowly avoiding the bicycle kicks you were sending his way.

“Oh, come off it, m’hands aren’t that cold,” he said with an eye roll as he finally got you to settle beneath him. His hands rested on your sides, and while your flesh was protected from his chilly fingers by the thick fabric of your sweater, you could feel the coldness hovering above.

“They are freezing, Harry.” You looked around best you could with Harry keeping you still, trying to find some way to escape. But you were trapped in the middle of the bed like a raft out to sea with no sight of shore.

“Fine, fine. Won’t touch you.” His shoulders slumped in dejection, bottom lip protruding pathetically. You looked for signs of movement; you’d been in this relationship long enough to know Harry never gave up without a fight. “But yeh know, love, cold hands mean ‘ve got a warm heart.”

Your eyebrows raised, mouth in a hard line. “That is the biggest load—”

The words hardly left your mouth before Harry’s hands infiltrated your warm sweater. He roamed the expanse of your warm body, squeezing and tickling all the spots that made you squeal. Maybe it wasn’t his cold hands, but the sound of your laugh echoing throughout his bedroom did make Harry swell with warmth.

“Harry…Harry, please,” you pleaded through heavy breaths, tears leaking from the corners of your eyes. “My tummy hurts…think you’ve given me a cramp.”

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Theory about Taryon Darrington

I can never hope to know what is running through Sam Riegel’s mind, but I will continue to try.

After all was said in done, I had a basic list of adjectives/descriptors:
full of themself
oblivious to others

In addition to applying to Vox Machina, it also applies to Terry.

Basically, I’m curious if Terry is meant to be all of Vox Machina’s bad qualities rolled into one incredibly annoying but handsome man. Scanlan left because he feels the members of VM are so focused on themselves that they didn’t care about him. So what if Terry is exactly that, but now turned against them.

Also, it wouldn’t surprise me if he goes full jenga at all times. Maybe even manages to kill an old person. His death will be via a door.

[edit] supplemental theory: found here

Shania showed the entire music industry that there were new options for where you could take your career in country music, how widely you could expand it.

She incorporated so many elements into what she represented — she created fashion moments, she was sexy, you got the impression she would tell you exactly what was on her mind, she was a writer, storyteller and dynamic performer on the grandest scale. She was tough and she was sensitive. She had been through extreme struggle and pain in her life and persevered. She was elegant, edgy and bold. Shania became everyone’s favorite woman because she represented how versatile a woman can be.

I learned to think outside genre boxes and the status quo by watching her reinvent herself, and I’ll always be grateful for the chances and risks she took.

—  Taylor Swift on Shania Twain (Billboard)

blue night radio ♡ 161129
translation: thatcoolcatmeow

a listener sent in a message asking whether jonghyun is okay after falling over during inkigayo (on sunday).

jonghyun: to describe exactly (what happened): i fell over while going up the stairs to the stage. i fall over easily because my mind is always somewhere else. (laughs) it was painful, but i felt more embarrassed. it was hyorin (on stage) just before our turn, and i had no acquaintance with her dancers at all. i must have fallen over really big because the dancers came down to take care of me. they asked me: “are you okay?!”, and i said: “i’m okay, please keep going.” (laughs) there was some pain yesterday, but now i’m fine. i’m okay now.

 Title: Tutor (Daughter of Tony! Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: The reader gets reccommended a tutor; that tutor being Peter Parker. The same Peter that has a crush on her.

Word Count: 1433

A/n: I LOVED THIS! Omg it’s so cute. Well, I think it is ;). I hope you enjoy it!!



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“Seriously? They travel thousands of miles and find their home away from home on instinct?”

Like them . Louis supposes he could be a Blue Monarch, after all, with all of his royal titles and blue eyes. And they did meet here, in a home away from home.

Read Where Your Heart Is by @tvshows-addict and @anhcor


I was watching episode 10 (again) when a thought hit me.

All this time, I’d been thinking the idea of the ring only appeared in Yuri’s mind when he spotted the store. But now I’m wondering if he had been thinking about it for some time before that. Maybe not exactly about the ring, but I think Yuri was at least already thinking about getting something for Victor.

I mean, do you remember how sad Yuri seemed when he asked Victor what would he like for his gift and Victor told him that in Russia they don’t celebrate before the actual birthday? And not only that, but they neither celebrate Christmas on December 25th (basically, taking away from Yuri the opportunity to give him a gift anyway)?

But Yuri wanted to give Victor something anyway. So that’s why he was “searching for an answer”: looking for a way of getting something for Victor, even if he couldn’t give it as a birthday or Christmas gift.

Also, this could give a new meaning to the scene of Yuri explaining to himself why he was buying the ring (besides all the other meanings, because I truly believe this scene could  be interpreted in a lot of different ways, without any of them being wrong). I mean, a ring is not a simple gift; it’s a major symbol of compromise, of connection, of love. And Yuri definitely has those feelings towards Victor, but maybe he just couldn’t cope with the hugeness of it right then (he’s just hours away from the GPF after all), so he had to make some extra explanations, both for the reason of the gift and for the said gift being a ring.

Extra: maybe Yuri was already thinking about getting something for Victor even before asking what would he like for his gift. Before Victor dragged Yuri to buy him a suit, Yuri looked like he was searching for something, looking around him. I thought he was just nervous, but maybe he was looking what could he get for Victor?

And right before, when Victor asked Yuri if he wanted something, Yuri rapidly denied. Again, I thought he was just nervous, but what if Yuri didn’t want anything because he only wanted to get something for Victor, so he couldn’t have Victor buying his own gift?


I don’t know if I wrote this in the right order, but there you have. If someone figured this out before and I’m the last one here, please let me know.