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how can i make the most out of my first therapy appointment?

(this is funny I’m literally outside my therapist’s office rn)

- ask them what kind of approach they take in therapy
- ask what they expect of you
- tell them exactly why you’re there, what you want to get out of it
- yeah

Don’t settle, don’t lower your standards. Wait for the guy who truly loves you.
Well, it’s engagement season. Recently I had a friend tell me in conversation, “What if I never find the perfect guy? I probably just need to lower my standards to get that ‘ring by spring’ like everyone else.”

I’ll be honest, I once thought the same thing… Will I ever find a guy with my, what seem to be, impossibly high, standards? I realized, though, yeah I should probably let go of the physical standards I have but there should be some things, us as girls should never settle on. We should wait it out, because even if it takes longer than expected, God has that perfect guy in store for you.

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The Naruto next gen kids have switched bodies with their parents!

Requested by danceofthebloodypetals!

What would happen if then next gen kids somehow switched bodies with their parents?

1. Boruto switches with Naruto

Boruto: “Heck yeah! I’m the Hokage now!”

Naruto: “No no no don’t do anything stupi-”


Kurama: “HA!”


2. Himawari switches with Hinata

Himawari: “……mama?”

Hinata: “This is REALLY inconvenient. Don’t worry sweetie everything will be fine!”

Himawari: *starts bawling her eyes out*

Hinata: “Oh no, honey, people are watching! This is embarrassing…..darling don’t cry!”

3. Shikadai switches with Shikamaru

Shikadai: “….Honestly this is pretty much exactly what I was expecting.”

Shikamaru: “Ugh. Great. Can we just sleep this off? I really can’t be bothered dealing with this.”

Shikadai: “Sounds good to me. But how do you sleep with such long legs?? It’s annoying.”

Shikamaru: “It’s called being an adult. It sucks.”

4.  Chōchō switches with Chouji

Chōchō: “No no no! I don’t want this body!”

Chouji: “What’s wrong with-”

Chōchō: “It’s too BIG. You said you’d teach me this Calorie Control thing so hurry and teach me!”

Chouji: “Chōchō stop you’re frightening me. How about we go eat instead and talk about this??”

Chōchō: “UGHHH.”

5. Inojn switches with Sai

Inojin: “Oh….well this is different.”

Sai: “Do not worry my son we will figure something out!”

Inojin: “Dad please don’t draw while you’re in my body.”

Sai: “…..why?”

Inojin: “Because your art is so old and embarrassing and if people see ME drawing it my reputation will be in shambles.”

Sai: “How…how cruel!”

6. Mitsuki switches with Orochimaru

Mitsuki: “Ugh. Stuck in this gross body.”

Orochimaru: ‘It is not ‘gross’!! It is a perfect body! Do not throw harsh words around if you don’t mean them!”

Mitsuki: “…’s gross and I hate it.”


7. Sarada switches with Sakura

Sarada: “I….I have such strong arms now!”

Sakura: “Eheh yes you do….don’t go doing anything drastic!”


Sakura: “Sarada NO.”

8. Metal Lee switches with Rock Lee

Metal Lee: “Oh boy! Now I can train even HARDER.”

Rock Lee: “And I too, in this puny body, will train even MORE HARDER!”

Naruto: “Please stop.”

12x05 Coda

Castiel’s phone buzzed almost the minute he sat down. He was tired - no new leads, and Crowley was only just bearable. He hoped it was Dean. 

Sure enough, Dean’s icon was the one at the top of his screen. He took the call and raised the phone to his ear. 

“Hey Cas.”

“Hello Dean.”

“Guess what?”

Castiel rolled his eyes fondly, preparing himself for the inevitable. “What?”

“I killed Hitler.” That was not the answer he was expecting, but it wasn’t exactly the strangest thing Dean would have done in his long career. He decided to play along. After all, Dean’s obvious excitement was already turning his mouth up around the edges. 

“You killed Hitler?”

“Yeah…I killed Hitler. Talk about employee of the month.”

“You’re not employed anywhere, Dean.”

“I still deserve a raise.” Castiel chuckled into the mouthpiece, amused at Dean’s persistence. 

“Well, good job on killing Hitler.”

“Thanks Cas. How’re you doin’?”

“Nothing new, unfortunately.”

“Ah, okay. Well, make sure you come home soon. I’ve got some news you’ll be excited to hear.”

“Can’t you tell me now?”

“Oh, okay.” Dean paused for a moment. “Castiel, angel of the not-so lordly lord, I have some very important news for you.”

“You mentioned. Now, what is it?”

“I killed Hitler.”

Yep, exactly what I was thinking.

Man, is this going to work? I didn’t expect this would happen so soon

I’m so excited oh my god.



Yeah I couldn’t resist that either.

“I lost a battle of will.”

I think I have a new favorite Garnet line.




Awwww Amethyst remembered!

I have a suspicion I’m gonna have a lot of feelings today.

Trick or Treat

Daryl Dixon Imagine

You’re asking Daryl to bring some candy with him for Halloween since Glenn plans to go trick or treating with Maggie and their son. 

word count: 1542

approximated reading time: 8 minutes

“Daryl!”, I yelled as I heard Daryl walking down the stairs. I tried to get up looking like a beetle on her back, not exactly graceful or sexy, but it did the job and what would you expect!? That belly was stopping me from almost everything.
“What!?” Daryl peaked around the corner. “Ya don’t have to get up, ya know?!” He said with his eyebrows raised as he watched me struggling.
“Yeah!? Well, you know…”, I said panting as I fought the couch that was definitely trying to swallow me whole. “Maybe I wanna kiss my husband goodbye!?”
“Really?” Daryl grinned. “Where is he!?”
“Oh you!” With my last ounce of strength I pushed myself to my feet. “Don’t forget to bring chocolate or whatever candy you can find.”
“Why?!” Daryl looked me up and down as I waddled over to him.
“It’s Halloween”, I sighed sinking into his open arms. Welcomed by a soft kiss on my hair I forgot about my hurting back and swollen feet for a second. I was sure this was all going to be worth it, but damn, being pregnant was so exhausting.
“Ya think anyone’s gonna come trick or treatin’!? Judy’s out with Carl, Rick and Michonne, she ain’t gonna go trick or treatin’ this year…”
“I know… Jesus invited them over to Hilltop, right!?”
Daryl nodded. “They ain’t gonna be back too soon.”
“I know, but…”
“But what!?” I couldn’t see his face but I knew he had his eyebrows raised so high he should have been afraid of them becoming one with his hairline. I chuckled slightly.

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Imagine Rowan growing up constantly hearing Mab question “What is wrong with you?”, either when he’s successfully managed to upset her and she’s screaming at him, or he has merely failed to perform to her expectations and she delivers the question with a derisive roll of her eyes and a despairing sigh. 

He tries not to let it bother him, and at first it doesn’t. But as the years go by and the question continues to come up, he finds himself getting more and more irked by it. 

“I don’t know what the hell she expects me to say when she asks,” he snipes one day to Sage while the two are out on horseback, “There’s nothing wrong with me! I do exactly what she asks, when she asks. Sometimes she doesn’t even have to ask! But apparently she thinks there’s something wrong with me!”

“There is,” says Sage, pausing to let his horse drink at a brook.

“Oh, yeah?” Rowan sneers at him. “And what would that be?”

“You were born.” Sage looks at him, his expression almost bored. “Same as me. Same as Ash. What’s wrong with us is that we were born, and she hates us for it.”

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I don't care if Bonkai doesn't interact at all during Kai's episodes (which is highly likely). All I'm asking for at the very least is a mention of Bonnie or some Bonnie reference or whatever in Kai's presence (whether he says it or not) and for the resulting look on his face to be some variation of sex eyes, because we'll all know he's still thinking about fucking her xP

Well that’s because we are expecting exactly zilch on the bonkai front. So yeah any kind of positive mention of Bonnie from Kai would be 🙌. 

However, I do care if they interact, not because I care about what will happen in canon(I’ve long given up on that) but because Kat and Chris have such amazing chemistry, and look aesthetically pleasing together no matter what situation they are in. Plus think of how much easier and better it would be for bonkai au edits if they were at least in the same scene. 

But I especially agree with the last part. 😜

Things Joel said during Windows Destruction Starter Meme

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, I got to put in a password for this?”
“Yeah, thanks for ripping me off.”
“I think I’m slowly beginning to realize exactly what this is.”
“What year is this? It’s year ZERO.”
“Is this Chinese Bonzi Buddy?”
“Why in sweet nuclear Christ is this in my disk?”
“That’s…..that’s a purebred camel man….it’s great….”
“Camel Joe, is that you?”
“Wise up. You’re an adult now, you gotta pay taxes.”
“Somebody spat on the motherboard.”
“Memory test. And there’s like a snake on it.”
“Not only is it saying “ow”, as in “please stop, this hurts”, but it’s also doing faces at me!”
“We made a Windows 98 shittify itself into a portable Gameboy version!”
“It’s not that long until this thing starts making noises at me, it’s like hissing at me like an angry fucking cat.”
“The power of nuclear Christ compels you!”
“As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.”
“It’s a little old, 2002.”
“When Mario stopped using mushrooms he went for meth instead.”
“The trick is to, just spam it, right?”
“Yes, we’re really getting to that authentic 2002 experience!”
“I can’t tell if it’s a slayer solo or my computer screaming in agony.”
“It’s in. The shit is in, yes.”
“What is my name? How about EXPAND DONG?”
“How bout you go in here, you monkey fuck?”
“Mmm, absolutely, give me that too!”
“Alright, now that we got that, it’s time to add some wacky effects!
“We’re making a monster here, alright?”
“I’ve had the worst fucking day of my life.”
“The jam….jamm…..jammnest…”
“Who’s been drawing dicks?”
“It’s like a nuke about to blow off and we’re sitting here at the safe distance.”
“When I was 5 or 6 years old, I asked my dad, “Dad, what is technology?” and my dad says, “It’s magic.”
“Ahahahaha, this doesn’t look fishy at all!”
“What is this beast on my floor?!?”
“Oh my god, yes, YES! I want the gun!!”
“Please, give me Jesoos!”
“The Pope! THE POPE!!”
“Are you sure you want to can…..cancell?”
“Nobody sent any! They had to close it down!”
“It pains me to do this……and it’ll be the only one ever…..”
“This is the worst idea since I drank a martini with my eye.”
“I thought everything was fine. But no. No no no.”
“This is a sign of confused bewilderment.”
“Look at it! It’s the worst thing ever!”
“I blame you! You did this! YOU DID THIS!”
“THIRTY? Wait, one is not enough??”
“It sounds like farting in a bathtub.”
“*Laughing* This is the worst image!”
“It’s like a whole Twinkie!”
“Will this look good? Or will it look…….bad.”
“Cut to the chase, and do what we should have done.”
“I don’t want to watch the weather, I want to fucking download MIDI’s!”
“Enter location? HELL. In, I guess, Michigan.”
“It’s a screaming fucking cat!”
“That cat spooked the shit out of me, what the fuck?!?”
“There’s no fucking way this is Comic Sans.”
“It’s working! It’s working!!”
“Can you see me? I can’t see you!”
“I put spinning spaghetti….in…….”
“And God was dead.”
“I’m going to snort some MP3 files…”
“What is this shit? Grand Dad?”
“I sexually identify as an attack helicopter.”
“Whatever’s going on here, I don’t like it. I don’t like it, I don’t like it one bit!”

Me: Harry Potter is so fun and yeah there’s plot holes but the books were so incredibly significant in my childhood I don’t think anything could shake my love of them :)

Me after getting some bullshit as my patronus: okay first of all let’s discuss the problems with world building alone; if you’ll open your book I’m going to start with chapter 1 page 1 where a man we’re expected to see as a hero and leader willingly places a baby into an abusive household; we’ll move on to what exactly makes wands and certain creatures magical and where physics plays a role after a discussion of the utter failure of the school system to provide basic arithmetic and literacy skills; as well as the lack of secondary education or vocational schooling in a nonexistent job market and

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Honestly, I first also though this hit of Raph was bad. Cause the gift who had leaked two months befor made seem much more brutal but in the episode itself it was pretty much harmless ôo Like, really. This was nothing, Raph is stronger like, Mikey had gotten much worse during spare for sure. The only reason he landed on the ground was cause he lost focus and wasn´t expecting the hit. Otherwise, he might not have fallen down as well so yeah. Besides thinking in what situation Raph was in that mom


Considering Raph was coming to the reality of losing ANOTHER baby of his, it was not the moment of Mikey’s antics that he wanted to just tolerate

We really gotta remember that Chompy wasnt the only pet he lost, Spike anyone? So at that moment… Raph was panicing in his own way, dispair, stressed, and preparing himself for the moment that he would loose another friend.

So if this was any other mission, like in the episode of TCRI, I will garantee you, he would of probably joined in. I feel like this fandom, not all but some of its fans, just baby Mikey way to much, making the older brothers out to be the bad guy. As much as I love Mikey, that punch was a little needed. Mikey had good intentions, but bad timing. His older brother was already pressured, he just didnt want to be cheered up, or wanted Mikey to get focused instead of goofing off, as he usually does.

Hate to tell those who are crying about that punch, but it is in Raphael’s nature, and character, hes always done that in the moments where his baby brother needs to focus, ever noticed that Raph, and sometimes Leo always scolds him when he is unfocused, or goofing off? Its because they want their brother to know, shit is serious, and its coming, he needs to be prepared, and sometimes, people dont wanna be cheered up, or distracted, I know I am exactly the same way when Im pressured, or stressed.

I dont justify anyones actions, Raph could of handled it better yes, but again, stress, pressure, sadness, pain, screws your mind up, making you do immature things. I am 23, and I still have anger issues, I relate to that situation. And people are acting like this is just a new thing, and Im over here like, wtf? I dunno, maybe Im to sensitive about this crap, but I dont care, that needed to be addressed, Im tired of Mikey being babied, Im tired of the big brothers getting turned into the bad guys. Older siblings do what they need to, just as parents do. AND I AM SURE THAT IF SPLINTER WOULD OF SEEN THAT, HE WOULD OF SCOLDED RAPHAEL OR PULLED HIM ASIDE. but he wasnt. So that just left Raph to do what he needed.

These brothers are not the enemy of Mikey, They parent, they take their older brother roles very seriously. Especially Raphael and Leo, because they are the higher ups of the two. 


Okay, Im sorry I rambled. Im done, somewhat!


ok listen up listen up y’all

i get it. you’re disappointed. everyone has their own opinions and everyone had their own idea of what the album would be like. i, for one, don’t mind at all that it’s a repackage, but i get why people are upset that it is. we all know bighit is notorious for their less than appealing marketing strategy. yeah it sucks that you preordered the album without knowing what was going to be on it, especially when you expected more new songs. and that’s fine. i get it. be mad at bighit. aren’t we always. 

now i don’t know what exactly happened but i do know that when it was first announced bts would be having a comeback it was announced that it would be a wings extended version. idk if people thought that was a rumor, i don’t know if bighit came out and said anything, i don’t know if it threw people off when it was called you never walk alone. but i mean, it wasn’t called hyyh repackage it was called young forever so it’s not that weird that this album has a different name as well. i don’t know what happened with all that but the truth remains that it was referred to as an extended album at the very beginning of the comeback, so everyone should have had some sort of thought at the back of their mind that this won’t be a whole new album. again, bighit could have done better with promoting it as such so you are totally allowed to be upset at bighit

however i have a problem with how people are reacting to the tracklist. immediately and i mean immediately people started complaining about the tracklist. not everyone who was disappointed was, mind you, but i did see some pretty harsh complaining. some people who were disappointed were pretty respectful with their opinion and chill about it. that’s fine. however, i don’t care what you think about bighit’s marketing strategy, i don’t care what you thought you signed up for, i don’t care what you think of the tracklist. to immediately start talking about your disappointment and in general making negative statements about how you wanted more on a platform where bts can see (twitter) makes me so upset. yeah, it’s a small chance bts will see it but the fact is they could. especially since the tracklist just dropped. what if they had been anticipating the reactions of the fans only to see the majority sad about the lack of new songs or just the complaining about bighit not giving proper information.

all i’m saying is it’s fine to be disappointed in the way bighit went about promoting this album but i think the better approach is to keep the disappointment to yourself and instead hype up the new songs we’re getting and be positive bc that’s going to help bangtan more than complaining. they’d much rather see people looking forward to their new songs (which they are so excited for) than see people sad about the lack of new songs. so it’s fine to be disappointed but please, please, be respectful and be more positive about the new songs for bangtan especially on a place where they can see. 

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Once again, the P4 proved to lack any common sense. I do not buy into Violet's "oh I do not report Bravat's mass murder cult because I do not want my friends to be sad" excuse at all. Just when will they learn that it is NOT OK to murder random people, no matter what their silly little ideologies are? -_- This might be cruel but I kinda expect to see them being put in prison to learn a lesson.

Mmm, yeah it seems like an illogical excuse indeed, but in Violet’s defense, we don’t really know how much and what exactly he knew about Blavat and his crimes^^;

(( Okay, this is my non-salty answer. You can read my honest, very salty answer under the cut. ))

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  • Brain: You screwed up. You screwed up your first recital.
  • Me: Uhm. No? I made some mistakes, but I didn't screw it up.
  • Me: Uh, no? I was a little airy, granted, and my voice almost caught, but why would that mess up my first recital?
  • Me: Well yeah, that's to be expected? I'm not going to sound just as good as I do in the practice room as I do on the stage. Not yet anyway.
  • Me: OI, at least my voice didn't catch and I kept going. At least I had moderately good support and I was able to be heard. That was, quite honestly, my best performance on a stage, and it can only get better from there.
  • Brain: BUT-
  • Me: That's enough negativity.
  • Brain: ... *incoherent muttering about how bad I was*-
  • Me: Shh.

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I don't know how much of it is the dev talking too much on Twitter, but Blizzard has always had a problem with continuity, and the continuity being messed up by small errors that catch on too fast to be corrected (e.g. Mercy's age, Genji and Overwatch, et cetera). Why are people complaining about you complaining about a valid thing? This isn't even about politics, which seems to be what they're jumping to.

Yeah I just? Was talking about how alll the “it’s not Reyes” things are piling up and it’s just upsetting Bc they’re starting to erase his backstory but this is Tumblr I should of expected FuckTrucks that think I’m legit going to break into Chu’s house and murder him Bc in their words, I “can’t handle there being more poc in overwatch” like ok bitch sorry I pointed out that the bitch looks exactly like gabe and was shown while someone was talking about gabes history so it’s only natural to assume its gabe Bc the GAME HAS A GOOD DIVERSITY OF DESIGNS THAT ARENT EASY TO MISTAKE FOR OTHER CHARACTERS smh

(What am I even doing)

    Cole had never expected the night the end by making out with one of his buddies. Especially not one he once suspected to not have any type of feelings for him in this way, but here he was, sitting in the lap of one of his best friends. It was a bit awkward though, neither having much experience in the art of kissing, but what exactly did he expect? Zane was trying though, being both gentle and relaxed as Cole was very obviously nervous. 
     "Are you alright?" Zane questioned once they split apart, Cole nodded breathlessly. 
    "Yeah in fine, think I can't handle a little tongue action?" Cole remarked jokingly, Zane chuckled softly and ran his metallic fingers along his companions shoulder. 
    "Would it be alright if I were to kiss your neck?" Cole jumped a bit at the question, before nodding his head. Zane cupped his jaw and pressed smaller kisses against Cole's skin. He closed his eyes as it happened, gripping that chair they were in and forcing himself to relax. Being his lip, Cole rubbed his hands along Zane's back awkwardly.

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I saw Adam's thing, too. Everyone was freaking out but he said "We plan on having them both sing, yes." The way he worded it was his sneaky way of being about to say, "I never promised a duet." It's why I didn't get my hopes up.

Yeah lol. Exactly. It was deliberately worded that way and I’ve learned to read between the lines of what he’s saying.  

A prime example were his tweets regarding Hook in the WishVerse. “I promise the Killian you know and love” blah blah blah. 

The basic rule I follow now is trust nothing, lower expectations, protect your heart because they will kill the things you love. 

Last photo op story!
Ok so me and my friend Joe (who happens to look a little like Jared) met Jared last year and he was super nice, high fived us, hugged us etc etc. Well this year me and Joe were totally unprepared, lots of people were saying we weren’t allowed to pose etc etc, I actually got changed for the op in the Que. We weren’t even expecting our picture to be taken so soon. We literally got to the front and Joe had this idea where I’d stand in the middle and push the two of them apart whilst they were ‘fighting’ so yeah we’re ready for someone to be like Noooo you can’t, however Jared remembered us from last year! He said hello, Joe explained what we wanted to do and Jared was like Yes! Amazing, got straight into character and got super close to me, I wasn’t exactly prepared to suddenly be feeling Jared’s chest, so the expression on my face is a cross of me 'acting’ like 'omg guise stop fighting’ and 'omg Jared is so firm, don’t react’. After it was taken I was like 'oh my god I’m so sorry for touching your chest,’ (It genuinely wasn’t intentional, I didn’t realise he’d get so damn close), but he just laughed and said its cool we’re friends now and gave me a huge Jared hug. After collecting the picture I was obviously thrilled, it’s fucking amazing! It looks like a stupid sitcom or something which I love!

When I went to go for the auto, I got him to sign a quiz book me and my mum and sister had written and produced, I explained that to him and said I was thinking of maybe selling it with his autograph (and permission) for charity, maybe the AKF campaign and he smiled and just simply said, 'what I’d like you to do, when you get home is, look up some local mental health charities, if you sell it, donate the money to one of them.’ I was like, 'yes that’s an amazing idea thank you,’ he smiled and gave me a high five. So now I’ve got to think of a way of auctioning this book for charity, if anyone has any ideas, let me know! (: