not exactly wearing much clothes

Arin nearly chokes on his drink when Dan shows up to the party wearing Arin’s shirt. They’re supposed to be keeping whatever’s between them hush hush for now, not exactly a secret but not exactly a non-secret, either. But that shirt obviously doesn’t belong to Dan. It’s long enough to nearly cover his ass and the sleeves come down over his knuckles. He’s left the top three buttons undone. The fabric slides indecently off his shoulders. And Dan knows exactly how much Arin likes it when he wears Arin’s clothes. The saucy wink he sends in Arin’s direction gives him away.

Arin rationalizes that there’s no way people could know, just by looking, that the shirt belongs to Arin. Just the possibility makes Arin a little hot under the collar, though. It’s like Dan is saying, publicly, I belong to Arin.

To Arin’s credit, he manages to wait nearly an hour before he drags Dan away from the party, to the nearest empty bedroom. “Take it off,” he says, pointing accusingly.

Dan sits primly on the edge of the bed, smirks up at Arin. “Sorry, what was that?” he asks, teasing.

“You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

Dan twirls a curl around his finger. He squints up at Arin with pursed lips. “I have a better idea,” he counters. “Why don’t you come over here and make me?”

Arin doesn’t need to be told twice. He practically growls as he closes the distance between them. Dan starts to giggle and lets himself be pushed backwards onto the bed. “Come on, big cat,” he says, hands sliding over Arin’s back, his hips. It’s all the encouragement Arin needs.

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OH, HERE'S A THOUGHT: bev/eleven from stranger things

om g….. omg ok i don’t think i’m good enough to write this for real so i’m gonna. do this thing instead:

  • my poor trauma babies ??? wtf who lets these things happen to kiddos idek but
  • eleven is the new kid, because she will always be the new kid, no matter where she goes, and bev takes her under her wing because that’s just the kinda person she is, like writing in ben’s yearbook, like helping the other losers steal medical supplies
  • and el is older now but still really… lost, still really confused by so many things, still figuring out her stuff, and bev is super gentle with her, can v easily recognise someone hurt so bad it’s hard to get comfortable. there are less kids in derry like that now, but there are traces still.
  • and bev likes eleven because she’s straight forward but in a different way than the boys are. the boys talk shit all the goddamn time but eleven gives compliments easily and you don’t have to drag it outta them like you do from richie or stan and every single time el is like “oh, you look nice today” to any one of them, they’re so unprepared they blush for literal years and bev thinks it’s hilarious (“come on el, tell ben he’s pretty he’ll probably pass out omg no wait tell eddie you like his fanny pack richie will flip his shit”)
  • el is also really good at making bev notice things she might not otherwise, like how pretty something is, something weird like the way a metal letter curves on a sign, or how satisfying the knots in trees are
  • and gosh, bev would make so many pretty things for el? like dresses obviously cos bev is some kinda magic w a sewing machine and well. eleven knows what she likes and what she likes is lace pls just put a bunch of lace on that shit ty it’s perfect babe and it’s not just dresses it’s like… lace on her jeans, lace on her jackets, the collars of her shirts, lil lace frills added to her socks that poke up over the tops of her fuck-off boots
  • an honestly bev is a little wary of what ‘pretty’ means, because of the way her dad made her feel about being a girl, but she still helps eleven figure out makeup and clothing, things like that.
  • it’s sillyness first, just brushing a makeup brush down el’s nose or poofing her w a powder puff to make her laugh, but they get into these long intense cosmetic sessions like. sat at bev’s vanity, making themselves look as weird as possible, or as beautiful as possible, or both at the same time. jagged contours and vicious eyebrows and lashes w heart-shaped glitter in them.
  • and the losers sometimes watch them do this because it’s lowkey fascinating like, stan is mesmerised an richie is 100% convinced he could do better but he stabs himself in the eye w a false eyelash and he breaks bev’s fave lipstick and then he gives up (she still teaches him how to do cute braids tho, imagine richie w like a milkmaid braid crown, a good concept imo)
  • and yeah, they sort of fall in love, i guess, clumsy because they’re young and because of what happened to them when they were even younger. and bev is so completely terrified, but eleven isn’t. she knows exactly how much she likes bev, exactly how much she wants to kiss her, exactly how much she wants to wear her clothes, whisper in her ear, sleep next to her, and she is as gentle w bev as bev was with her when she first moved there, and none of the boys can stomach how goddamn cute it is (except maybe mike an stan who are similarly cute. richie an eddie aren’t cute at all, they’re a nightmare).
  • (and el can feel something in derry that is familiar, like the upside down, like the edges of evil, but it’s fading, only there as a scar, she thinks, and if it comes back she has even more friends now, she’s probably pretty much invincible w all these friends, she’ll kick it back down to whatever place it crawls out of)


As many of you likely know, LordKnightmon is male in the original version but was recast as female in the English dub. And from my perspective as one of THOSE people who notices these things and comments about them, it’s kind of a catch-22.

On the one hand, blatant queer-coding of villains has always been kind of a troublesome staple in anime. On the other hand, recasting him as a her because American audiences would balk at the idea of a man choosing to wear pink clothing that accentuates his hips isn’t exactly much better.

I don’t really wanna Discourse it up so I won’t really get into this much further, but…I just wish different choices were made at just about every level here.


they only really wear each others clothes when theyre home/sleeping bc of how much their shirts do Not fit each other. dave is the first one to switch their wardrobe and john laughs at how much dave swims in his t shirts. since daves a literal string bean his shirts hug johns beefy chest p tight and hes caught off guard the first time he finds john wearing his shirt. daves shirts get progressively baggier which he doesnt exactly appreciate but likes it too much when john wears his clothes so he doesnt complain…..much

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I don't think fans of K or even the other characters realize how handsome and attractive Yata is with his reddish brown hair lightly tanned skin and his big eyes. I don't even think Yata himself sees it.

I do think the fandom accepts it, but I guess Misaki doesn’t get as much love for being attractive as some of the more stereotypically “bishie” guys who are tall and pretty and skinny- Misaki is more rugged, and the clothes he wears doesn’t exactly accentuate much (a prayer for Yata Misaki’s fashion sense) but he’s hot af tbh. I love that he’s ginger (tho I’m prob biased bc I am also ginger) and he has rly pretty hazel eyes and he’s so tan and he’s totally ripped like damn son. Also ppl take issue with his height but I’m only 5′1″ so he’s still almost half a foot taller than me so idc short boys are cute. It’s easy to overlook how attractive Misaki is when he’s surrounded by guys like Mikoto and Reisi and Saruhiko (i.e. the aforementioned tall pretty skinny bishie boys) but u know what, Misaki is damn hot son. I’m not even that into cis boys but I Would In A Heartbeat. 

Also I like that he’s in touch with his emotions and he doesn’t let his desire to be masculine evolve into a kind of toxic masculinity don’t-let-soft-emotions-show kinda thing. I like that he lets himself blush and cry and get flustered and laugh and get upset in front of people I find that sort of thing rly attractive in a guy. 

Misaki almost definitely does not know he’s hot- I’ve always seen him as the kind of person with a lot of insecurities, especially considering how nervous he gets around girls, and being surrounded by people like Mikoto who is like an 11/10 is bound to give you a bit of a knock. I think it’d take him a lot of affirmation from a romantic partner before he finally started to realise hey people actually do find me attractive after all.  

Quick Safety Tip Re: Tattoos

Okay so a bit of background: 

A sugar friend of mine has a beautiful watercolor tattoo on her forearm. It’s gorgeous and unique and expressive, just like her. 

Everyone that sees it compliments it because it is literally just that beautiful


She went out with a POT one time after fully screening him and emailing with him a few weeks in advance. He was super gentlemanly over the phone and over email, so she figured she would have a great time with him. When she met with him in person for dinner he was absolutely disgusting. He spent the whole time making lewd comments about her body and the clothes she was wearing, asked her exactly how much she wanted for that night (she’s not an escort, but power to all you escort ladies out there), and what her allowance would get him in terms of sexual favors. When she went to leave the date early, he started making a scene in the restaurant, threw a glass at a waiter, tried to pull her towards the elevators to go to his room so hard that she had bruises on the harms and shoulders, and proceeded to throw a temper tantrum so bad that the lobby manager threatened to call the police as he hurled threats of VIOLENCE, SEXUAL ASSAULT, AND EVEN DEATH towards her. He was true scum. 

Fast forward to a few weeks later when she is at home and who shoes up but this piece of actual shit human being. He literally called every single tattoo shop in town and described the beautiful tattoo she has on her forearm until he figured out which one she got it at and then posed as her father so they would give him her updated address/phone number. 

My friend had to file a restraining order against this man and still feels threatened by him. 


Yes, they are absolutely beautiful and unique and lovely and I even have some myself. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be careful about how identifying they may be. There are a few AMAZING tutorials out there about covering tattoos and birthmarks. Before you really know a POT consider hiding them or concealing them in order to protect yourself. I know its a long shot to be identified this way, but if it even helps one single girl (or boy) out there, I will be more than happy. 

Stay safe, sugars! (And escorts, strippers, other SWs!)

wrapped in a bow

word count: 1675
warnings: smut
this is for @anarchyaustralia‘s and @lukebug‘s holiday!5sos blurb night

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You giggle as you look at your appearance in the standing mirror by your dresser. You were wearing a bright red bra that had a huge satin bow in the middle and underwear to match. The stitching in the bra was a bright green to match the festive look of the outfit. You also had a matching red garter belt that attached to white stockings.

Needless to say, you felt extremely sexy. A very festive look to surprise a certain someone when he came home today from a long tour in America. You had been planning this for a while, figuring it would be a great present since he’s been away so long.

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