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could i know how you put categories like "artwork and doodles" in the sky blue beside your "submit" and "ask"? :0

Not sure exactly what you meant Anon, but I assume you’re talking about the subheadings on my blog? I used one of the default themes because athyra isn’t tech savvy should really ask for help with the css XD;;; But basically, I always tag my posts so for example #athyra doodles for my artworks. So while editing the theme, there’s an area you add subheadings and I just put /tagged/athyra-doodles, so all my posts with that tag would show up under that heading.

Hope this helps? XD;;;

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do you ever think about how even though Nico was able to find a home and love and acceptance at the end of BoO,Nico still has so much pain from the experience in Tartarus. And do you ever wonder if the thought of BIanca not being alive ever comes back to Nico's mind.

I definitely think Nico is able to find happiness.

It won’t happen immediately, though. BoO rushed Nico’s recovery for the sake of ending the book, but I think within the next couple years is when Nico’s healing process will fully take place. Nico isn’t just going to get over Percy, then get immediately better. Tartarus scarred him deeper than that.

As for Bianca, she is always going to be in the back of Nico’s mind. But it was made clear by the end of BotL that Nico has forgiven Percy, and let Bianca’s spirit be free. Nico will always miss Bianca, and she will always be in his heart, but it doesn’t make him resent Percy for it anymore. He’s gotten over that.

I think Jason’s role in Nico’s timeline and healing process is letting Nico know that he always had a home and love and acceptance. He’s always been there for Nico through the Cupid scene, the talks they exchanged after that, etc. he’s always there to tell Nico that he wouldn’t be outcasted, and he does have friends who love and accept him. I think that Jason and Nico hugging at the end of BoO, and that little chat they had, could be Rick’s way of saying that Nico finally knows and understands that.

So yes, I think Nico will heal in time for sure. It’s implied by the end of BoO that he is going to find happiness. Not immediately, but very soon. Will being a doctor I think also implies that he’s going to be a huge part of Nico’s healing process. Rick made it obvious that Will is going to be Nico’s new love interest, and I think that a fresh start like that is exactly what Nico needs.

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What exactly does V want to do? Back in chapter 125, they talked about Aogiri destroying the equilibrium that V has been maintaining. Maybe it's an obvious question, but what is the equilibrium? When you talked about Aogiri's motives, you said that you had a hunch that they're after V. Can you explain why? (And not related, your tag page is pretty funny.)

Oh lol thanks XD I need to update the tag page soon though. Got new characters and descriptions to add in :)

This is a long post btw, but it’s certainly worth discussing.

I’m not sure about V. Nothing’s really known about them, so it’s hard to guess what their organization is about. The only thing I know is that Yoshimura used to be a “cleaner”, or a hitman, for them, taking out any human, ghoul, or organization that stood in the way of V. V definitely isn’t a friendly ghoul organization.

However, it’s pretty clear that Aogiri and V are opposing groups with their ideologies. V, as you stated, wants this equilibrium, or the status quo, to remain.

I’m not entirely sure what this equilibrium refers to, but in context with Aogiri, it might be the balance between humans and ghouls.

On the other hand, Aogiri seems to be the opposite. Instead of keeping this equilibrium, they’re rapidly shifting it to the ghouls’ side. But why? Kanou, who later joins Aogiri, words it in this way, when he explains why he does his half-ghoul experiments:

So who made the birdcage? This panel back from chapter 125 seems to hint at something:

The birdcage is mentioned again, when Yoshimura refuses to agree with V’s demands to kill Eto. This seems to imply that V is one of the organizations who made this metaphorical birdcage.

Also, I don’t know if I’m just imagining it, but there are two darker tendrils that connect the two locks together, in the shape of a V (you can look above to compare). But you never know, especially with Ishida and his habit for doing stuff like this.

(As a side note, the tarot card for V (or Roman numeral 5) is the Hierophant, which is associated with status quo, higher body of office, tradition, power, deception, etc. Seems pretty relevant to what we know of V.)

An important thing to mention is that there are two locks. That means that both need to be unlocked for this birdcage to fall apart. But what do they represent? The top lock seems to represent V, thanks to the V-shaped tendril.

Meanwhile, note that the cage extends to the city and below as well, with the lock right at the buildings where humans dwell. Personally, I think this symbolizes that humans are part of this reason why the birdcage exists. But not just any humans. Specifically, the CCG.

The CCG as it is now is hindering the progress of unifying humans and ghouls. According to them, all ghouls are bad, and discovering the existence of one will allow them to either be locked up, or killed and turned into a quinque, depending on how the ghoul reacts. It doesn’t seem fair when the ghoul did nothing wrong, right? Especially those like Arata Kirishima who feeds his family by collecting corpses, people who have died long ago.

In addition, the CCG has been shown to be sketchy at times, despite their overall good intent to protect humans. An important instance of this is in chapter 115 when Eto (as Takatsuki Sen) goes to the CCG to talk to Amon about the truth of Kanou’s lab and how Kanou had such a facility available to him.

Pretty suspicious, right? The CCG are being supplied with RC solution by Sphinx, whose president is the one and only father of Kurona and Nashiro (the twins). Where is Sphinx getting the RC solution from, if it’s not from the CCG? My guess is that Sphinx is getting it from V. V certainly has the means to do so, as a powerful ghoul organization with cleaners like Yoshimura/Kuzen who could easily provide enough ghouls to turn them into RC solution.

Additionally, although the mansion was owned by the president, the underground lab facility was owned by the CCG.

The CCG has been doing experiments on turning humans into ghouls. So why would the CCG do this? Indeed, if the public found out about, then they would be in major trouble. Also, if the CCG was doing experiments on this, then why did Kanou leave the CCG? I think it has something more to do with destroying the “birdcage” and less to do with the ethical issues that arise from human experimentation. But again, this is speculation.

Another question to consider is why Eto and Aogiri are so interested in this research. One of Aogiri’s goals is “ghoul supremacy”, to bring ghouls up higher in status. But there is another, more vague reason that Tatara gives:

Who is the liar? Is it V? Perhaps. It could certainly be the CCG, since they’re being hypocritical by doing their human experimentation. V and CCG might have created the birdcage, while Aogiri attempts to destroy it. Or maybe it’s none of the above. Either way, V, Aogiri and the CCG seem to be connected, and hopefully we’ll find out how and why.