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Fisherman’s Knot Chapter 16


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Content warning for abuse. 

Many thanks to @thesnadger for betaing–always, but especially for chapters like this where I throw them at her shouting “I’m too angry at my own villain to tell if this is good! Help me!” She is the best. 

Also thanks to @marypsue for helping me work out Serinam’s motivations and the plot snarl I was stuck in so I could stop worrying and actually write this thing.

We Sang Them Up The Beach

“You’re going to a party?”

“Well, not really a party, it’s—”

“And you didn’t tell me?”

Mabel glared out from the laptop screen, hands on her hips.

“We just decided last night, pumpkin,” said Stan, his tone somewhere between soothing and defensive.

“Yeah, but do you know how much I could have done since last night? Grunkle Ford needs a makeover, and Nuala needs an advanced course in Humaning, and where were you planning to get an outfit for her, hmm?”

Stan looked across the table at Ford and gave him a one-shouldered shrug. “At . . . a store?”

Mabel rolled her eyes. “You two are hopeless at fashion. No offense, but I think it’s time to bring out the big guns.”

She pulled out her phone, dialed, and stood there tapping her foot while it rang.

“Yes, hello. Pacifica? We’ve got an emergency!”

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Based on Anon Prompt: “Can you write a reader insert where the reader has a large scar on her body (from an accident or maybe someone caused it) and she is insecure about it. And the park goes on a summer beach vacation and she tries to cover it up but Owen see’s it and he tells her its “beautiful in its own way” and tells her not worry because no one will judge her and give a small kiss on the scar? Fluff fluff please “

A/n: I know this isn’t exactly what you asked for, but my stories take over the reins themselves and I basically have no say in the matter. Hope you like it, nonetheless!


“It’s not a big deal, Y/n.” She says, watching you stare at yourself in the mirror. “You wore a bikini to the water park last year!”

You turn to your side, running your finger over the long dark scar that reaches from the middle of your back to your stomach. Biting your lip, you turn away from the mirror and grab a sheer swim shirt out of your top drawer.

“That’s different” You finally reply. “I didn’t know anyone at the water park; no one there was going to stop me and ask about it.”

She sighs loudly as she watches you pull the tight shirt over your chest. “Fine, I can’t tell you what to do with your body.” She gives you a frown and continues, “But you shouldn’t be embarrassed about it. Ariana’s kidneys were failing; it’s just a reminder that you saved her life.”

You know she’s right. You don’t want to be embarrassed about it, but you also don’t want to have to explain it to everyone who sees you.

“Let’s get going,” You say, pulling your jean shorts up over the bikini bottoms. “The party is supposed to start in 20 minutes.”

As your roommate Anna drives you through the island, you can’t help thinking about the party. Owen Grady was going to be there and, frankly, it’s the only reason you agreed to go. A party down by the lake isn’t exactly your idea of fun, but you will take any excuse to hang out with him. You frown when you realize the real motive behind hiding your scar is because you don’t want Owen to see it and think it’s ugly.

When you get to the lake, you’re shocked to see how many people are actually there. There’s a table full of drinks against the back wall of the rackety old storage shack and a huge bonfire down closer to the water. You take a seat beside Anna on a log and reach your hands out to the fire, relishing in the warmth it brings.

“Careful now, you’re not a marshmallow. We don’t want those dainty little hands to get burnt.” You smile up at Owen who comes to take a seat beside you. Your heart flutters just by being in his presence and you’re glad you’re friends with him. You might not get to kiss him and fall asleep next to him, but at least you get to be around him and joke like this.

“I’m not that dainty. I fought off a dinosaur with my bare hands last week, I’ll have you know,” You say, giving him a smirk and he lets out a loud laugh.

“You shoved away a baby triceratops that bit your ankle. Working at the petting zoo isn’t exactly a dangerous occupation.” He gives you a smile and looks towards your hands, still reaching towards the fire. His face scrunches up in concern and he reaches out, pulling your arms back.

“Okay, but you’re seriously close to the flames.” You smile and shake your head.

“Well then, Mr. Alpha, if you really want to look out for me, why don’t you go get me a drink?”

“One margarita coming right up for the lady.” He gives you a wink, knowing you don’t drink alcohol and stands up to walk towards the drinks table. When he leaves, Anna turns towards you.

“Girl, when is all this flirting going to come to something? I need to know what he’s like in bed!” She grabs your arm and exaggerates her words, sounding extremely desperate.

“Shut up,” You give her a smile and nudge her off your shoulder. “You know we’re just playing around.”

She shakes her head at you. “Maybe you are,” She says, glancing up at an approaching Owen. “But I don’t think he is.” She gives you a wink before standing up and heading towards the water as Owen sits back down next to you. He opens the beer in his hand as he passes you a soda.

“What was that about?” He says nodding to Anna before taking a swig. You shrug your shoulders in response.

“Oh, she was just asking me if I wanted to go for a swim.” You lie easily with a smile. Surely Owen doesn’t mean anything more than just teasing with his flirting. It’s always been like that with you two, ever since you met. You know you’re crazy about him, but you never really stopped to think if he actually might like you. You stare off towards the water thinking about it when Owen breaks you out of your thoughts.

“Well do you?”

You look at him confused with wide eyes, not sure what he’s talking about.

“Do I what?” You ask blankly.

He laughs and shakes his head, knowing that you zoned out for a second. “Do you wanna go for a swim?” He stands up and starts to unbutton his shirt and you try not to bite your lip as you watch. You direct your eyes towards his and away from his abs when he looks down at you.

“Um, I think I’m going to sit it out. I don’t really feel like it.” He smirks down at you and you know he’s not going to take no for an answer. However, you don’t give in right away, hoping he will try to convince you.

He doesn’t disappoint when he shrugs and turns around before turning back and throwing you over his shoulder.

“Owen!” You shout, laughing. “Put me down!” You pound on his back and feel a blush start to creep up on your face when you realize how close his hand is to your ass.

You try not to let it affect you but he laughs,“Do you want to take off your dry clothes and get in, or do you want me to throw you in like this?” You can hear the teasing note in his voice, but you know he really would do it. You let out a sigh of defeat and tell him to put you down.

You pull down your shorts, feeling extremely nervous as he doesn’t avert his eyes. Sure, you’re wearing a bathing suit underneath, but does he have to stare at you like that? You give him a smile and head towards the water, but he grabs your arm.

“You’re going in in that?” He asks, looking amused. You swallow the lump in your throat and nod.

“Yeah, got a problem with that?” You try to make it a joke, but he hears the slight anxiety in your voice and his face becomes concerned.

“What’s going on?” He asks, suddenly serious. You look away from his intense eyes and don’t understand why he has to see everything.

“It’s nothing Owen; I just don’t wanna go swimming in such a skimpy bathing suit.” You give him a reassuring smile but he shakes his head.

“You know you’re a terrible liar, Y/n. I let you off the hook about what Anna said, but there’s something you’re not telling me.”

Stupid Owen with his stupid sensitive side and stupid amazing perception always caring about his stupid friends. You know he’s not going to let it go, so you decide to tell him as nonchalantly as possible, hoping he won’t make a big deal out of it.

“I just have a scar that I don’t exactly like showing off, okay?” You raise your eyebrows at him and look towards the water, “Can we go now?” You ask with a forced smile.

“A scar from what?” He asks plainly and you sigh. Of course it wouldn’t be that easy.

“When I was 14 my sister’s kidneys were failing and she needed a transplant.” You shrug your shoulders as if it’s no big deal. “She got a kidney, and I got a nasty scar.” You look at the ground as you tell him, feeling extremely self-conscious and you’re glad to notice that everyone is either far out in the water or sitting by the bonfire. You don’t exactly want a crowd for this confession.

“Well, that doesn’t sound like something to be ashamed of; I’d be pretty proud of it actually.” Of course he is on Anna’s side, because you know she was right. He looks down at you with his eyebrows raised. “Can I see it?”

You roll your eyes, knowing that once someone hears about it, they won’t let you go without getting a peek. You look away as you reach across your body with your right arm and pull your shirt up, showing him the scar. He reaches out a hand to touch it which you’re used to, but people normally ask first. You shiver when his fingers touch your skin and pretend that it’s from the cold air and not the fact that he seems to think he can just touch you wherever he wants without asking. He runs his fingertips across it like you did earlier in the night and he gets a small smile on his face.

“That’s definitely not something to hide.” You look away from his eyes, telling yourself not to get emotional. He just saw your biggest physical flaw, the one that you hate, and acted like it’s no big deal. It’s one thing to hear it from Anna, but another thing to hear it from him. “It actually adds to your beauty; one more thing to make you so unique.”

You look to see his huge grin and realize his hand is still on your waist. You let go of your shirt, letting the fabric fall, but he doesn’t move his hand; he rubs his thumb gently over the scar as he pulls you towards him.

“You are beautiful, you know that?” His eyes are shining as he looks down at you and you can’t help sucking in your lower lip to wet it with your tongue. His eyes follow the movement and he leans in, tilting his head slightly before capturing your lips with his.

The kiss is soft and slow at first, as you relish in the sensation of finally kissing him, but after a moment, you let his tongue slip past your lips and he tastes even better than you imagined. He keeps one hand at your hip and moves the other to the back of your head, tangling his fingers in your hair. You pull away for a quick breath before delving back into the warmth of his mouth, tongues moving together when you hear a voice behind you. You pull away from him at the sound and glare at Anna as she looks to the guy on her left.

“See?” She says, glancing your way, “I win. You owe me twenty bucks.”

She gives you a sly smile as they walk away and you feel the heat rising in your cheeks before looking up at Owen. He licks his lips as he stares down at you, seemingly unperturbed by the sudden distraction.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a while.” He says, giving you a smirk and this gets a laugh out of you.

You lean away, feeling too close for just conversing, “Well it sure took you long enough.” You poke your tongue out at him teasingly and he licks his lips again, sending a shiver down your spine.

“I do believe you promised me a swim,” He says, getting a wicked glint in his eyes and you try to put your hands up to stop him, but he throws you over his shoulder once more and runs towards the dock. You scream for him not to throw you and are slightly shocked when he actually does stop, right at the end of the dock.

“You really want me to put you down?” He asks, and you tell him yes, although you already hear the smirk in his voice. “Too bad.” He says, slapping your ass before tossing you into the water. He follows after you and pulls you to him as he reaches the surface, giving you a wet kiss.

“Don’t hide that scar anymore.” He says, smiling as he looks into your eyes. “It’s beautiful.” 

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Luke imagine based off of Spaces by 1D. This is part of the Four Series, a series of imagines based off of songs off the album Four by 1D. ENJOY!

I sighed and placed my guitar down. Yet another fight. It became a daily thing now. It wasn’t always her starting it, sometimes it was me, and sometimes it was nothing. Sometimes there was a sudden dark energy in the air, causing both of our pulses to raise and angry words to be spewed between one another. “I don’t understand why you can’t just help me out around the house, Luke?” she stood in front of me, her arms moving with her words, and her hipped popped out in annoyance. “I know you’re away on tour a lot and you come back exhausted and you want to relax and be normal, but guess what? This is normal. Normal people wash their own laundry and cook their own meals and wash their own dishes!”

“I know, baby, I wanted to relax a little.”

“You have done nothing but relax the past two weeks. I work too! I come home and clean and take care of the house. Hell, I do it while you’re away as well! It’d be nice if you could help me out when you come home!”

“I do! I’m exhausted, okay? I need time to relax.”

“And you don’t think I need time to relax?”

“It’s different your job isn’t as hard.” Her face hardened with my words that I immediately regretted once they fell from my lips. “Baby, I-“She shook her head and walked away. I got up and walked after her, calling her name as she quickened her pace. Suddenly, she stopped turning in her tracks and placed a hand on my chest to keep me away.

“Save it, Luke. If you want somebody to take care of you go back and live with your mum!” Her voice was cold and her eyes empty. I sighed as I heard the door slam. I tried to think back to when this all had started and what had triggered it, but I couldn’t. We had fought every day since I came back from tour. I wanted to spend time with her and be happy, be us, but it was nearly impossible with the constant screaming. If I was being honest, it scared the shit out of me because I didn’t know how this would end, but I had a bad feeling it would end with one of us saying goodbye.

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you are the sea, upon which i float (cs one-shot)

summary: emma passes by killian every morning on her daily run. she’s never spoken to him all that much, but of course she goofs up and accidentally runs into him. literally.

wc: 2.2k or so.

a/n: yeah no i haven’t written in forever, forgive me as i need to get back into the groove of things. (also on ao3)

Her mornings are the same rinse and repeat process. While she dreads getting up early, she does it anyway, and if anything, it’s merely to fit in the morning run she takes across the beach and to the docks before taking a turn home to shower and get ready for the rest of her day as Sheriff of Storybrooke.

But to be honest, there’s nothing ever to really be worried about in this small town.

And no, she totally doesn’t sacrifice sleeping in for the hot guy — Killian Jones — she passes every time during her hot run. No, she doesn’t notice the way his short sleeve shirt clings to his skin or the way sweat droplets roll down his skin. Emma doesn’t care about the way his hair is plastered to his forehead slightly and the way his lips are just parted as he exhales.

(Perhaps she’s a tad insane.)

It’s not like she talks to him, though. They nod and smile at each other, perhaps change a silent hello as they both have motivational music blasting into their ears, but never once have they really spoken. And yet, it feels like she knows him plenty already just from observing him. Not just while he runs, but the occasional times of noticing him at work on his ship or seeing him at Granny’s. Sometimes she might just be eyeing him from afar, taking notice of the stubble that runs along his jaw, accentuating the sharpness.

And god forbid her from speaking about his voice. Gentle and smooth.

(She’s in over her head, for Christ’s sake.)

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Chrianna Short: At Peace

Albums released

World been toured

Movies premiered

Clothing and Shoe lines launched

You name it; she had accomplished it in a very short period of time. Now coming up on her 29th birthday she finally had a chance to take a break from the hectic life she very much enjoyed. Nothing could ever compare to being on a stage but she also valued her freedom away from the lights and gawking eyes of an audience. She loved being Rihanna but nothing could compare to just being able to be Robyn.  Sometimes she wanted to just give up everything if it meant she could just be Robyn for the rest of her life but soon dismissed it knowing that she loved being an entertainer almost just as much, as long as it was on her terms. She wouldn’t be Rihanna if she didn’t have complete say in every aspect of her life. But now was not the time to dwell on her career or even think of her next business venture. Right now all she wanted, needed to do was enjoy her freedom and just be Robyn.

Laying out on a private beach resort located in Fiji, Robyn gazed out into the vast ocean as she allowed the island breeze to blow through her hair. She had only been on the island for a couple days but had discovered this was the first time she felt at peace in a long time. There were no cameras, no voices screaming her name, no one begging for an interview, it was just her, a beautiful beach, and her closest family and friends enjoying the spoils of her riches. For the first time in her life she truly had no plans. She decided that she was going to take this break seriously and do nothing but relax. Her work phones had been shut off until further notice and only a hand full of people knew how to get in touch with her but only if it was extremely important. Other than that everyone she wanted to talk to or be around had joined her on this vacation. She was thankful that everyone she asked agreed to join her because she really didn’t give them any type of time schedule for when the trip would end. She figured it would be over when she was ready to go back until then everyone should just enjoy themselves. She dug her toes into the sand allowing the natural warmth to sooth her skin. She absolutely loved the beach, the sand being one her favorite parts. She pushed her hands into the white granules and drug them up around her body leaving an outline of her bottom. Who knew something so simple could bring such joy to the singer as a wide smile covered her face. She focused her attention back out onto the beautiful clear greenish blue hue of the water with her mind wandering.

So much had changed for the Barbadian beauty over the last three years. She had gained so much career wise but had great loses when it came to her personal life. The Rihanna side of her life had been perfect from hit movies to record breaking album sales. The anticipation for R8 had everyone on edge when she pulled a Beyonce, secretly releasing it without even a single, causing it to shoot immediately to number one on the Billboard charts and stay there. The tour she ensued on after the release was like no other and was still being talked about even after a year and a half. She worked her ass off and made sure no one could deny the great business woman and professional she had become. Deals were flowing in by the boatload and she was making more money in one year than she had made over years of her career. She was very thankful and always remained humble throughout all her blessings. She had so many things going on career wise that she almost forgot about herself. Her real self.  Where Rihanna shined, Robyn suffered. Being so busy left little to none of a real social life outside of her celebrity. Sometimes she wanted to do things without the threat of paparazzi following her or making up some story about who she was around or why she was there. Then there was one major thing that suffered as her time became more limited. Chris.

Deciding to keep things platonic between the two until both of them were in a space where they could truly work on being together, timing wasn’t much of a factor seeing as though they spent most of it on the phone and not in person. But once Chris was finally off probation and the American leg of his tour had ended he wanted to spend his month and half break with Robyn. Unfortunately her schedule wouldn’t permit such a distraction and that’s exactly what he was when around her. There was something about being in his presence that made her never want to leave.  She couldn’t think unless it involved him and to be honest she really didn’t want to. He penetrated her mind, body and soul when he was around in the physical and honestly with everything she had going on she really couldn’t risk such temptation. Of course Chris felt some type of way. Once again he felt like she was putting her career before him, before their love, knowing that if the shoe was on the other foot he wouldn’t hesitate to pick her. This made things very difficult for the two and before she could try to make him understand he walked away from the situation all together. He made the choice for her and decided if he couldn’t have all of her then he didn’t want any of it. She tried for weeks, months, but to no avail. He wouldn’t return her phone calls, emails and denied all of her request on social media. He had had his friends and family basically blacklist her from their lives. She still spoke to his mother frequently. That was one thing he would never be able to take away from her because he knew how important that relationship was for them. She would try to sneak in little questions or turn the conversation in a way that would get Joyce to let her know how he was doing but Mama J never faltered respecting her son’s wishes. For the very first time since she had known him, he had really walked away from her. He had finally decided he was done. She didn’t take his actions lightly either because to know Christopher, you know he could never stay mad at her for too long and no matter how upset he was with her he always came back but this time he wasn’t showing any signs of returning and it broke her in a way never imaginable. She dove head first into her work and became a mystery outside of it. Her interactions outside of her career became less and less. Once everything was said and done she vowed that she’d never allow her work to come in between another personal relationship. Hearing her name being called down the beach she blinked away the tears that had fallen, quickly wiping at her face going to join the festivities taken place with her people.

Chris and a few of his closest cousins sat at the bar located right outside his vacation villa. After riding the high of his super successful Between the Sheets tour, followed by Fan of a Fan album and tour he had damn well earned himself this vacation. It was great being in a place with just his family in tow celebrating all his success after years of being held back due to his legal issues. Chris was no longer allowing his past to keep him down so he made the conscious decision once his tour ended to get rid of everything and anyone that did not impact his life in a positive way. First change he made was move the hell out of LA. He still had the house out in Malibu for when he’d be in California on business but he had moved most of his cars and belongings back to VA. He normally traveled back and forth between Virginia and New York, seeing as though he bought out an old brownstone and renovated it into his own personal sanctuary. The beautiful home consisted of four floors, 5 bedrooms, 6 and ½ baths, theater room and a basement in which he had turned into a studio/personal gym. The second major change he made was getting rid of the unneeded baggage in his life. The LA crew that spent so much time supporting his lifestyle that was headed in the wrong direction had slowly started to pick themselves off one at a time. Kid Red and Wackstar pretty much showed their true colors while out on tour with Chris when he wouldn’t put up with their blatant disrespect of some of his fans and personal staff. Last time he checked he was the only superstar here so for Red and Wack to be on diva status with the demands they were making during the tour he knew he had to send them packing. Karrueche and her minions were next to get X’d off the list. He had tried to make it work with her, he really did but the more time he spent with her the harder it became to ignore her true motives. She was no longer in the relationship because of love or anything like that but honestly neither was he. Instead she was steady looking for a come up and he was tired of her using his name for fame. She first acted as if she could survive without him and went on a mini “Chris Brown broke my heart tour.” Going on every radio show and blog she could in order to tell her side of the story but this time the public wasn’t buying her act because they truly did see the change in Chris and her words had no affect because his actions showed different. After unsuccessfully trying to soil his name in order to up hers she soon came to her senses and knew no one was checking for her without him or another celebrity by her side. Even Christina Millian’s attempts to keep her in the spotlight failed and now she was back to begging Chris to take her back. Too bad for her, he was all out of patience for anything that involved her and cut all ties from the girl. Lastly he tried to make things right with Robyn but things didn’t go as planned and instead of chasing her like he normally does he decided maybe it was time that he set her free, so that’s what he did.

Now in the good company of his family he watched as the resort venue filled with people dressed like ancient Greeks for the Greek costume party being held for the night. Chris was dressed as no other than Zeus, the God of all Gods. He wore a white toga with gold accessories that went down to his mid-thigh and draped over his shoulder showing off his impeccable body. His hair had grown out into wavy curls shaped up to perfection and facial hair groomed just as well. He wore a gold laurel wreath around his head that looked great with his curls. His ears sparkled with canary stones almost as bright as his smile. Not straying too far from himself he decided instead of wearing a traditional sandal that he’d opt out for a pair of Air Jordan IV “Gold Medal” White and gold as his footwear. His family members laughed at him being the only one there in a pair of sneakers but he wouldn’t be Christopher he wasn’t different from everyone else. After taking back a couple of shots with the boys he decided to hit the dance floor and show out. He was having the time of his life dancing with family and the people frequenting the party until his eyes landed on a real life goddess. There was no other way to describe her. Even though he couldn’t see her face, he knew that she had to beautiful just based off the energy she gave off. He felt her before his eyes landed on her. She had a caramel complexion which seemed to shine like gold the way the lights bounced of her skin. Her hair was jet black and flowed down her back in loose almost wavy curls. Her costume left little to the imagination as she wore a simple white thinly strapped cropped top with gold body jewelry. She had gold cuffs around her biceps and wrists. The tiny white toga like skirt stopped just below the curve of her ass and her legs, damn, those long beautiful legs had his mouth watering. She finished it off with a pair of Tom Ford white and gold single strapped heels. Biting his bottom lip he smoothly made his way over to the beauty until she turned around facing him and stopping him dead in his tracks.

Robyn was enjoying a night out with Melissa, Sonita, Leandra, and a few of her cousins at a party at the private beach resort she was staying at. All of her girls were at the bar ordering more shots while she decided to go to the dance floor. Something in the night air was calling her to the floor and she couldn’t deny it as her feet moved her in that direction. Swaying her body back and forth and whining her hips to the music with her eyes closed, she suddenly felt a presence around her that she hadn’t in a very long time. Making a half turn and opening her eyes she came face to face with the force that must have been calling her body to the dance floor. They stood almost four feet away from each other but she could swear she could hear his heartbeat as if it were right under her ear. Unconsciously her body started to guide her to him as if she was floating through the air. In a blink of an eye she was standing directly in front of him staring into his deep maple brown orbs. He went to open his mouth to speak but nothing came out. Lowering his head in frustration he was caught off guard when he felt her hands grab his face and smash her lips to his. The shock finally wearing off, he gripped her waist firmly and pulled her into his body deepening the kiss as she opened her mouth to allow his tongue access. It had been so long since she had been kissed like that and it had been just as long since he kissed someone with so much passion. Wanting, no needing to be closer he wrapped his strong arms up and around her body until his hand grabbed the back of her neck forcing his tongue deeper in her mouth. She moaned out into his throat feeling her knees go weak from the intensity of their kiss. Both of them seemed to be on fire desperately touching and groping every inch of flesh they could as if they had a time limit on how long they could be in this positon.

Feeling the need for air, Chris pulled back first releasing her bottom lip with a pop. Robyn kept her eyes closed as she leaned her forehead against his and took in shallow breaths. She didn’t want to open them for fear that he would be gone when she did. She had dreamed and wished for this moment so many sleepless nights and now that it was here she wasn’t sure she trusted herself enough to believe that is was real. She felt his hands slide down her until they rested on the small of her back. She felt him exhale against her lips and then lean forward gently, almost barely peck her lips. The world seemed to have stopped in the moment they laid eyes on each other and now after the kiss it felt as if they were the only two people on earth. There was no party, no music, and no people, just Robyn and Christopher and the sounds of their hearts beating in sync with each other. Finally letting her eyes flutter open slowly she smiled at the sight before her. It seems as though Chris must have been feeling the same way as her because his eyes were still clenched shut and his mouth was slightly parted breathing deeply.

“I missed you. I miss you, even right now with you standing in front of me, I still miss you.” Her smile grew as she watched his mouth move waiting for his eyes to open to meet her gaze.

“I…I don’t know what to do with myself right now cus I’m afraid if I open my eyes this won’t be real, you won’t be here.” He breathed out harshly frustrated by the possibility of this being a fantasy.

“Open your eyes baby.” Robyn said kissing his nose. Chris slowly complied as his eyes popped open staring into hers.

”Hi.” She smiled.

“Hey” He smiled back.

Not feeling the need for anymore conversation she grabbed his face kissing him gently before taking his hand in hers and leading him away from the party. Once out of earshot and sight of other party goers, Robyn released his hand running down the dimly lit beach removing her clothes until she was nude and the waves of the ocean crashed against her small frame. It didn’t take Chris long to snap out of his wonderment and follow her lead joining her naked in the ocean. He scooped her up in his arms wrapping her body around him and kissed her like it was last thing he would ever do.  She couldn’t contain the overwhelming feeling of peace as his mouth attached to hers in a dreamy passionate kiss. Pulling away just for a moment she looked down into his eyes seeing her love reflected back at her and softly kissed his lips while saying “I love you”. He returned the gesture right before he slipped himself inside of her and made love to the only woman to ever truly have his heart right then and there in the ocean.

The sun had just rose as it began to peak through the curtains of Chris’s villa. Normally he would have been upset by being awoken by such bright light in the morning but he really didn’t mind due to the way the rays bounced off the body covering his. He looked down into the sleeping face of his Bajan beauty kissing her forehead. For the first time since being off probation Chris finally felt at peace and vowed never to let this feeling go which meant never letting Robyn go.