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in which kageyama tries very hard to say nice things and hinata wants some love, too.

spoiler: hinata gets the love he deserves

i hope tyler knows how important he is. his art and what he’s doing for so many people. what he started in his basement when he was seventeen in an attempt to save himself has saved so many people—it’s really incredible what him and josh are bringing into the world through their music. it blows my mind when people think that art is trivial, or unimportant, or just about being able to make things that look or sound nice. because what they’re doing with their music and their band is real art. the people they’re saving and giving hope to through nothing but a few words and melodies strung together, that’s art. they’re proving to the hopeless that they aren’t alone in their struggles, and that they genuinely understand what they’re going through. they’re connecting to the people who need connections the most with their music. and i just hope that when tyler questions whether or not the songs he’s writing are good enough or worthwhile, that he knows how important he and his art is to so many people. 


Six feet under, damn what a bummer
All because, of, their skin, what was the color? x2

In America, is this even a surprise
When being black alone is enough to cost me my life
People like me get called thugs, or look scary and suspicious
But when we tell the media to listen it’s suddenly not their business
I was pulled over by a cop
I questioned why I was stopped
Then I was murdered in a cell block

Don’t worry, there’s no explosives under my hijab
9/11 was tragic but let’s be clear, my religion was not the cause
People like me get called terrorist and get escorted out of airports
2996 are not forgotten but those million Iraqis were never cared for
My neighbor got all hot
Over a parking spot
And in my car I was shot

Did you forget that we exist
Remember when white men came to America, well we’ve been oppressed ever since
People like me get told to get a haircut and not to speak our native tongue
And now we’re fighting for our water as if you haven’t taken enough
A man had beef with Indians
Saw me walking with some friends
And ended my life with hands

No, not a pigment but please listen
How is it that “no” works for everyone else except women
People like me get dismissed,lower wages, and cat-called
But when we want justice for assault and rape it turns into our fault
Some guy I didn’t even know
Opened fire in my home
Out of fear I’d say no

Does it even matter if I was born here or not?
Because no matter what I’m always blamed for stealing someone’s job
People like me get called illegals, to go back, rapist, etcetera
Funny how white people still think this land was there’s when truth is it never was
These drunks hit me with some slurs
So I threw my fist in return
But they outnumbered me, so that was my last night here on earth

Alright you got me, that’s no pigment
But when it comes to who I am the color of my skin made no difference
People like me get disowned and kicked out as children
And are thrown into lethal therapies that’s supported by religion
I was in the club one night
Having the time of my life
Until I became 1 of 49

Six feet under, damn what a bummer
All because, of, my skin, what was the color?
Six feet under, damn what a shame
Because even after all this blood
There’s no change

—  kdr

Two, four, six, eight. Who did we annihilate? -  Badass female antagonists of Leverage

He’ll wait and find that special space station for both of you~

I’m working on series of MM posters, trying to imitate an Alphonse Mucha’s style, and here’s the first one, with your boy Seven! ;з

And they’re huge, like, it will be printed in A2 size. Σ(・ิ¬・ิ) Not sure when exactly I’ll finish, but I plan to in the end of march, and of course I will let everyone know, hahah. Also will update this post with speedpaint later, but it’s terrible ;;;;;

Upd. And here it is! ;;; (Video must work, if you open my original post)

That wonderful and hilarious moment when you and one of your best friends make each other exactly the same Christmas present - an emergency spoons case!


I’ve been studying immunity all day and feeling kind of sick of it to be honest…heh what a pun

Had this pose from some variant official art stuck in my head for weeks and finally just sat down to try to make something.

Don’t exactly know what brought it on. I’ve been over on the other blog and Pokémon Go. XD

a day in december: christmas lights

on ao3

my friend buff asked for djwifi so here i am!!! really though this ship deserves more love, i love them so much

i finished at exactly midnight. why am i like this. also i start school again tomorrow so we’re going to see how this goes yikes

(unfortunately, nino is no longer considering the coconut)


Nino checks up and down the street, checking to make sure there’s no raging akuma headed his way before he crosses quickly and ducks inside the small café. He closes the door quickly before the icy air can blow inside and tugs his beanie down over his ears. He spots Alya sitting alone in the corner.

“Hey,” he says as he drops down into the seat across from her.

She looks up from her phone with a smile. “Hey! You found me.”

Nino snorts. “Wasn’t hard. This is your favorite post-attack hangout, after all.”

“You know me so well,” she teases. “It’s almost like you’re dating me. But it’s not post-attack for once.”

“Get sick of the cold?” Nino asks. He steals her drink and takes a sip, making a face at how bitter her coffee is. “Ew.”

Alya rolls her eyes. “Sorry I don’t like hot sugary milk. But yeah. The fight is long and cold and it’s getting too dark for it to actually be worth filming.” She sighs and rests her chin in her hand. “No point in videotaping mostly darkness.”

“Man, I’m sorry, Al.” He pushes her drink back toward her. “I’m sure whatever footage you got is great though. And if it makes you feel better, I can buy you a pastry.”

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i decided while drawing this that his hair whispies are like…. overgrown sideburns, cus otherwise i can’t make any sense of them quite frankly

this is the most clothed i’ve drawn him yet and he’s STILL flashing both his tits lmao

ladyvehk  asked:

Prompt: Ellana and Solas during Inquisition, taking a happy moment to dance goofily with each other :) or any other instance of them just being silly and enjoying each other's company.

The ball at the Winter Palace approaches, and there isn’t a soul in the keep who feels it as keenly the Inquisitor – it’s clear to Solas from the nervous wringing of her hands, and how she can’t seem to focus on the conversation in front of her, her answers brief and her attention fleeting.At first he thinks it’s the impending assassination that’s got her so consumed – the thought of Corypheus’ ever-tightening grip around the South, and the future their failure will herald.

But then – “It’s the dancing,” Ellana admits, slender fingers interlaced and knuckles pressed to the small of her back, a familiar gesture of nervousness, and her expression is endearingly woeful. “I might be a little…rusty. Josie was joking about arranging for a tutor.” But then she pauses, expression contorting with something akin to horror. “On second thought, I think she might have been serious.”

The idea is impulsive, lightly teasing, but he’s damned by the sight of her – the nervous purse of her lips, and the way she keeps shifting her weight, as though digging through her memories for old steps and older songs – and, “There is no need for that,” Solas hears himself saying, hearing tunes older still, and a hundred steps to a hundred different dances sitting like an itch in his legs.

He’s offering his hand before he’s had time to question the desire, and for a split second he’s afraid she’ll see all the years implied in the gesture – the slight bend of his shoulders and the question that sits in the very tips of his fingers, his palm open and held before her.

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Passing Out

Requested: can u do an imagine where Shawn passes out on stage?? Thx



Shawn had mentioned that he didn’t feel very well before he got onstage tonight, but everyone just assumed he’d be fine. Even you were convinced that he’d pull off the show without a hitch like he always does. Even when he has to perform sick, he does fine because he just rides on the adrenaline high and the crowds energy. When he gets off stage after the concert, he’s usually wiped out, but that’s to be expected.

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