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Dark Hours

~** mooberg requested this!

I also asked her to do one, and I can’t wait to read it.

It’s not very long, and I don’t have an excuse as to why it is, it just is.

Snund; SFW

Words: 1178

Prompt:     “It’s the middle of the night and I’m walking home alone in the dark and there’s this guy following me and he’s starting to gain on me and I found this phone booth with a lock on the door and I tried to call my best friend but my hands were shaking so badly I accidentally dialed the wrong number and I don’t even know you but help me”


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Teen Dad AU: Meeting Jinki

Kibum doesn’t look up from his math book when the new kid sits down next to him during lunch. The kid’s been staring at him since the beginning of the school year, and while Kibum thought it was cute at first, now it’s just creepy. He seems to be friends with Jonghyun, though, so he can’t be all that bad. Kibum does look over, however, to see if Minho’s coming back from the soccer meeting yet. The season doesn’t even start for another month or so, and they’re already having meetings; Kibum thinks it’s annoying.

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After spending the day at a family BBQ today… in the outdoors… full of allergy meds, I really didn’t want to do anything tonight.

But I also had the voice in the back of my head telling me to draw at least something today.

So I dragged my ass to the drawing table and doodled a few poses in my sketchbook.

One thing led to another and I actually felt I had to flesh out one of the poses I doodled.

Not exactly a finished drawing but it felt damned good to work on it.

Even made me for forget about my allergies for an hour or so.

Night everyone!

Monet Lucki

How Michael Zalehoski Activates the Everyday

Michael Zelehoski isn’t exactly finished with “The Allegory of the Cave.” The Massachusetts-born artist, whose first solo show at Mike Weiss Gallery, “New Order,” just opened, first delved into Plato’s infamous thought experiment when he used it as a subject for his early admissions essay for Bard College at Simon’s Rock at the unruly age of 16. 

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Can you finish the prompt where Clarke has to bring Bellamy home as her fake boyfriend in order to stop her mom setting her up with someone? I absolutely love it!

It’s not exactly finished yet, but here’s another installment. Full story can be read from the top HERE.

Sitting in the passenger seat of Bellamy’s car, Clarke’s really starting to regret saying yes. Between Octavia and Raven’s constant stream of chatter and teasing, and Bellamy’s need to argue for the sake of having something to say, Clarke’s beginning to wonder if she should have just went by herself.

She could have easily lied to her mom and said her boyfriend couldn’t get off work and that the girls couldn’t come. Sure, her mom might have been a little suspicious, but it wouldn’t have been all bad. She could have dealt with that. This, on the other hand, might be getting out of control.

“We really should get our story straight,” Bellamy says as he turns off of the freeway. “How long have we been ‘dating’ now?” Clarke glances over at him and sees the light smirk on his face, and wants to punch him.

“I told Mom the relationship was pretty new, so two weeks, maybe?” Clarke suggests.

Octavia breaks from her conversation with Raven in the backseat. “Yeah, you two finally got to talking at that party at Jasper’s that you dragged me out of, Bell.”

So focused on driving, Bellamy starts to respond, “That never happ—” before realizing that Octavia was inventing their backstory. Then he nods. “I wasn’t in the mood to party, because I had that Greek culture paper due the next day, and was venting,” he adds, recalling why he was so pissed that night.

Clarke smiles. “And I distracted you so O could sneak off with Lincoln for a little while,” she says. Bellamy takes his eyes off the road long enough to glare at her, probably wondering what part of that is true and what part of that is fiction. “So we talked about Greek culture and Greek architecture…until Sterling ran into you and spilled his beer all over your shirt.”

Clarke smirks as she watches his hands tighten around the steering wheel as he recalls that part of the night.

“It was a full fucking cup, too,” he rants. “I was soaked in the stuff.”

Raven laughs. “At which point I found Octavia and dragged her to you before you found her—because that totally would have made everything worse—and we all went back to your place and spent the night.”

Bellamy nods, but glances quickly to Clarke. “And then, what? I remembered our conversation, so I asked you out the next day?”

Clarke shrugs. “Something like that.”

“Oh!” Octavia exclaims, pushing herself closer to them, so her head is between the two front seats. “You asked her to that architecture exhibit at that gallery on Sixth St. Remember, Clarke? You talked about that for three days straight.”

Clarke turns to face Octavia. “There were some really fascinating things at that exhibit,” she responds before turning back to her fake boyfriend. “You would have liked it, Bellamy.”

Bellamy smiles the first genuine smile she’s seen during the entire two hour drive. “Yeah, the stuff they had on Athena was excellent,” he remarks.

Clarke stares at him, open mouthed. “You were there?”

He nods. “Went the day it opened, Princess.”

Raven barks out a laugh as she pulls out a piece of gum and shoves it in her mouth. “You two are practically made for each other.“

This Is Letting Go, Chapter 10

This is the second to last chapter, feel free to shout at me. Things did not go how I expected. Chapter 9 here.

Contrary to what Rin had been expecting, Ai’s father walked into the dining room without bluster. He was built like Akihiko; all height with long limbs and likely slender muscle under his tailored suit, Rin would guess he was no older than Sasabe. He lacked the warmth Ai seemed to carry with him and both his eyes and hair were dark in contrast to both sons. His smile was cool and hard at the edges like it wasn’t used to being a part of his face and Rin did his best to return it. He looked at Rin with a quirked eyebrow, something flitting across his face too quickly to really be interpreted. Rin was almost shocked when he bowed his head just slightly and stopped to extend a hand in greeting.

“Masahiro Nitori. From the sound of thing you’ve met both of my sons already,” Rin shook his head as firmly as he dared, trying not to cock his head when Masahiro allowed their wrists to rub together for a brief moment before letting go. It was a gesture of respect between alpha’s though Rin had only seen it extended between captains at swim meets. The other alpha’s eyes swept over him once more before he turned to take his seat at the head of the table, the same cool smile on his face.

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Look guys! I ran 8.10 miles this morning in somewhat gross conditions. It was in the 50s with a sometimes mist and a strong wind. I didn’t realize the wind at first, but after the turn it was brutal. I met up with my old run group for the first half and tagged along- they have spring training that I chose not to participate in. I kind of did it for the water station as much as the company, but they didn’t have a stop before I hit 4. Running along the south lake path is one of my favorites, but it is kind of lonely with no music and no company- stupidly I didn’t bring anything for the 4 miles back by myself, the group was doing 11 today.

Alas, I survived wind and boredom and finished exactly when I thought I would. So that’s my Saturday.

Happy weekend!

Open to Coulson’s

“Sir, I know the night-night gun isn’t exactly… finished, but at the moment, it’s the best we’ve got. If you wanted a guarantee, you should have had me build a toaster.”