not exactly finished


OP Tattoo & Piercing Squad

Usopp - Tattooist
Ace - Tattoist
Law - Modifications/Scarifications
Nami - Piercer
Bell-mere - Shop Owner

Sooo.. I finished (well not exactly finished, as I have some characters still on my mind) tattoo shop au-ish stuff. I have tattooing and piercing kink and I really love it, so it was just a matter of time I would connect it with OP. I just realised I love painting dark toned skin, it looks soo cool! 

Hope you like it, don’t hesitate to write if you have any questions :)

@ashley.horner : Whatever you guys do, just believe in yourself. Even if no one else does it they laugh at the things you want to achieve. I would have never guess I would be where I am today 3 years ago. In fact I’ve had more doors close for me than open… So what did I do..? I built my own doorway -
Grew me some gills today and swam 1.7 miles. (Not to be confused with 17 miles😂) Furthest I’ve swam this year- felt really good actually. Finished in exactly and hour with over 1,400 strokes. 💪🏾 still hitting my heavy lifts- SNATCHES tomorrow #AshleyHorner #TryingToSwimLikeMyHusband #becomingextraordinary #olympiclifting #beautyinstrength - -

Work has been feeling like a slump lately… I’m sure it will bounce back sooner or later.

Life is finally starting to settle down a bit after the string of unfortunate events that recently plagued is.

I’ve got too many projects around here that need finishing, and exactly 0 motivation.

My beard smells like corn and butter, and I don’t like it.

We picked up the anvil while up at the deer land this week… One step closer to getting the forge up and running. Still need a leather apron and gloves, and a propane tank.

Need to get hardboard for the wall behind the projector.

Started using YNAB (you need a budget) again. Looks like we are doing pretty well. Over a month ahead on bills and important things.

Need to get a shipment off to Amazon… They keep selling all my inventory!… Bleh.

Have to get up at 330 tomorrow. Not excited.

But I get to sleep in until 5 on Sunday!

Hello everyone! I’m still here!


The male didn’t exactly get to finish his whole manipulation scheme whilst Destiny was around, or did he get to actually get to see if the girl had any threatening injuries - not that he’d ever admit that he gave a damn about that. So, with the girl’s welfare and his own in mind, Xander took for the Gellar’s residence and with ease he managed to force open the window to the girl’s room with ease, slipping inside to situate himself in the armchair close by as he awaited the girl to exit the bathroom. “You’re welcome,” he voiced from the shadows when the girl became visible. “Spare me the whole how the hell did you get in here, what are you doing here, who let you in interrogation - you didn’t really expect me to wait out there and throw bricks at your window, did you?” He scoffed, maneuvering his way around her room toward the hamster cage without even any permission granted. “Adorable. What’s their name?”

I took the most gorgeous bike ride today at sunset by the beach under the trees with my mom. The bikes were so pretty, and not to mention the sunset. It was three miles we rode, maybe more, and we got lost. My mom was pretty miserable and tired, and though I was tired, I never felt so overjoyed then in that moment. It was like I was getting a taste of something that I would love to do everyday. Of happiness and joy. Of being free. Being in the place in which is my goal in life to be. Its pretty funny, because there’s actually two houses for sale here that my mom’s interested in