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Mary Jane Watson variant for Spider-Gwen #21 is out now!

Here’s a quick little roundup of all the sketches I did for the cover.  Initially we went much more fashiony for the idea.  We still wanted to be inspired by Spider-Gwen’s AWESOME costume, but I gave them everything from street wear to haute couture.  Eventually they reined me in and we decided to do a reimagining of Gwen’s look.  I’m really happy with where we landed (but bottom left is my fav of all the iterations :P).

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Victuuri Must Reads
  • Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by @kazliin - Rivals AU in which Yuuri hates Victor and becomes his biggest rival - even my grandma by now has probably read this fic, and that’s because it’s got everything: angst, smut, angst, amazing characterization, great plot, angst and romance. A+ (Soon with a companion fic with Victor’s POV)
  • Nerve Endings (WIP) by @rageofthenerd - After the GPF, Yuuri moves to St Petersburg with Victor - the characters are written beautifully, and their relationship is explored on every possible level: fluffy, smutty and angsty, a perfect fic! 
  • Winter Song (WIP) by @borntomake - A canon compliant fill in the gaps fic - it follows Victor and Yuuri’s growing relationship as we see it in the show and does it beautifully! I take everything that happens in this fic as canon
  • all the world’s a stage by @actualyuuri - Hollywood AU in which Victor is an actor who has to learn how to skate for a movie and Yuuri, his fan and a GPF silver medal, is his coach - so fluffy and funny and a little angsty as well. (I love everything by braveten fyi)
  • Kings in Couture (WIP) by @forovnix - Devil wears Prada AU in which VICTOR IS MIRANDA AND YUURI IS ANDY. NEED I SAY MORE.
  • Centripetal Force by @actualyuuri - College AU in which Victor is a linguistics major failing physics and Yuuri is a physics genius taking French - this is so funny and sweet, well written and just an amazing read. Like I said, I love love love braveten’s writing. 
  • married rivals series by @pageleaf - A beautiful series of canon compliant one shots! They are written extremely well and cover a variety of emotions!
  • Teaching Viktor Nikiforov to Skate by @hufflebucky - Where 5-times-world-champion Victor pretends he doesn’t know how to skate so that he can hold Yuuri’s hand, basically - This. Is. SO. FUNNY. I laughed out loud.
  • How the mighty fall (in love) (WIP) by @actualyuuri - Authors AU in which Victor is a famous writer and his biggest competitor is the mysterious KY - It’s braveten. Enough said.
  • lie to make me like you by cityboys - AU in which Victor is a retired actor who goes out with the first person who will ask at the beginning of the month - this is so cute and fluffy and funny and romantic. I especially love Phichit in this fic. 
  • like your french girls by @ebenroot - AU where Victor is a painter an Yuuri becomes his muse - Really well written and really fluffy and romantic with a touch of angst. Victor is especially adorable in this fic and so is his mom!
  • Florist & Wedding Planner AU series by @ingthing - AU where Victor is a famous Wedding planner and Yuuri a florist - You guys, this is so so so sweet and adorable and funny as well! 

Note: these are just a few of the amazing fics I have discovered in the past few months. This fandom is full of incredible writers. I’m not even exaggerating when I say this is some of the best writing I’ve read in a long time- I honestly can’t wait to read more!

Note: I know I haven’t included two of the fandom’s most popular fics, Unwritten and You Can’t Plan for Everything. I’ve read Unwritten and I think it’s really really nice, but it just didn’t have the same effect on me as the ones above. I have not read YCPFE because I really, really don’t like ABO. That’s just my personal preference :)

I hope you enjoy all these fics! If you do, make sure to let me know, but more than anything make sure to tell these awesome writers!

Q. ok but which is the good anaander and which is the bad one

A. hahahahaaaaaaaaa! no

I haven’t drawn digital in a month but I saw one of Yurio’s outfits for chapter 3 of KiC and ngl I couldn’t actually resist. He’s like, yah I’m fashion but also gotta be extra w the prints at the same time 

chessala  asked:

Prompt: how about a yuuri that crushes on a Viktor he drew and then ends up meeting him ...ohohoho

wellwellwell you know that @forovnix, @exile-wrath, and i have been plotting out an au where yuuri writes kings in couture, so i’m going to tweak this a bit

Yuuri is beyond confused. 

He’d done nothing but pull back the shower curtain, and, well.

This is not the Detroit Skating Club locker rooms. 

Yuuri steps out into the darkened room, shivering as the cold air conditioning hits his shower-heated skin. He’s a little thankful that he’d at least put on a towel, though it’s the only thing he has on him and now his hair is dripping in his eyes. His bag of clothes is nowhere to be seen, which is unfortunate considering his glasses are in there. 

The room is a dark blur, so it comes as no surprise to Yuuri when he finds himself bumping into a rack full of clothing. As he gropes blindly around him, trying to reorient himself, Yuuri discovers that this rack isn’t the only one.

The entire room is full of them. 

After some careful stepping and feeling, Yuuri manages to find the wall. And then the light switch. And having some light in the room only makes things a tiny bit better by letting him at least see the blurred shapes of the gleaming silver racks and the clothing arranged by style, size, and colour hanging on them.

With some intense squinting and internal cursing at himself for not being able to focus precisely, Yuuri makes his way around the room to pick out an outfit. Some of these clothes look and feel like they’d cost him all of his sponsorship money to purchase, which sends a shiver down his spine. The pair of jeans he’d tossed on, for example, had tags that said they were from Calvin Klein. Whoever was in charge of this closet had expensive tastes, and was also apparently Yuuri’s size.

There’s a sudden sound from the door. Yuuri scrambles to hide himself, buttoning up the shirt he’d ‘borrowed’ and grabbing his towel as he dives behind one of the racks along the back wall. The door into the room swings open, and someone steps in.

There’s a pause. Yuuri’s heart pounds in his chest, echoes in his ears. He strains to listen, hearing the smart click of expensive-sounding shoes – probably Italian leather loafers – against the cold linoleum. He closes his eyes, trying to quiet his breathing, slow his heart. The footsteps stop. 

Yuuri’s vaguely aware of the fact that he’s holding his breath. He looks up at the clothes he’s hiding behind, feels their softness on his cheeks. The other person in the room heaves a sigh. 

“Is someone in here?” they ask. Yuuri feels a chill run down his spine. That voice is too familiar – light, with a faint Russian accent. Pleasant. Charming. He’d listened to all its interviews and talk shows. Fallen asleep at night to its pleasant hum, imagining its speaker’s breath tickling at his ears.

That’s Viktor Nikiforov’s voice.

Yuuri’s heart seizes tightly in his chest.

“I know someone has to be in here. The light’s usually off.” Viktor’s voice seems to be getting louder. There’s no way that voice belongs to Viktor Nikiforov, though. Because Viktor Nikiforov is in Saint Petersburg, not Detroit, or wherever this closet is. “You don’t need to hide yourself, you know. The interns borrow date clothes from this closet all the time.”

Yuuri says nothing. Maybe Viktor will just assume an intern forgot to turn off the light on their way out, and leave. Whoever those interns are. Are there rink interns in Russia?

The footsteps begin again, getting louder and louder. Yuuri bites down on his tongue, tries to hold his breath further. But the shoes are now too close. They’re right in front of him. They’re definitely patent Italian leather.

A hand reaches out, and the next thing Yuuri realises, he’s being pulled out into the light once more, blinking brightness out of his eyes in time to see the very puzzled expression of Viktor Nikiforov.

Yuuri gapes. 

“Viktor?” he asks. “What are you doing here?”

Viktor’s eyebrows furrow. “I could ask the same of you, Mr –”


“Yes.” Viktor’s tone is clipped, polite. “How did you gain access to this office?”

“A-Access?” echoes Yuuri. “I just came out – I stepped – where are we?”

Viktor stares at him like he’s sprouted a second head. “You’re in the offices of of History Maker Couture. Now, do I need to call security?”

The room spins, suddenly. History Maker Couture. Oh no.

And that’s the last thing Yuuri thinks about before everything goes dark.

Lauren de Graaf by Alexandra Sophie - Viktor & Rolf Couture s/s 2016

Kendra Kouture: Dangerous Curves

Kendra Kouture is one of those women you will never forget, she has exotic look that’ll make any man fall to his knees. Not only she is beautiful, she is intelligent and very business oriented. From appearing on varies online websites to her own vines videos. Recently, the playful model squeeze me into her tight schedule to talk about both her personal life and career. 

Here is my interview with Kendra Kouture. 

Where were you born, and how was life growing up for you? 

I was born in Muskegon,MI. In a suburban area with my sister and my Mom and Dad. I went to a predominately white high school and mainly shook system.

Tell us, how did you come up with your stage name, “Kendra Kouture”?

(LOL) Well, the name Kendra Kouture derived from my first entertainment name “Miss Kenge” and that came from me and my best friend Lindsey, she was Linds and i was Kenge! (LOL) Better name, after traveling to LA and meeting with Sean Cummings, CEO of SHOW Magazine. He basically said, “That the name Miss Kenge had to go!” So, on the way home in the car we kicked around some names and I love Juicy Couture. Plus, I love everything Couture and it basically defines who i am! Hence the name Kendra Kouture. 

How did you get started in urban modeling, and how long you’ve been doing it for?

I got started about 5 years ago, i started off as a promoter and everyone around me just kept telling me that i should be in front of the camera instead of behind it! I did a couple local guys videos and mix tape covers, then i met Mr. 1204, my manager. And we just hit it off and been rocking ever since!

Can you describe your personality? 

I’m very goofy type of female, i love to laugh and have fun!

What would the average person say about you? 

The average person would obviously notice my loving and caring nature! That’s who i am, i love everyone! I want to see everyone happy!

What would you consider to be your strongest attribute?

I would consider my strongest attribute to be my eyes and smile. Of course, everyone else would say my ass! (LOL)

Before modeling, what were you doing previously? 

After college, i dabbled in the dental field. Then i ended up in retail. 

In a recent interview, you stated that you graduated from college and have a degree in dental assisting. Do you plan on going into the dental field when you retire from modeling? 

Oh no, i have no plans on going back to to the dental field. Believe it or not, it’s a lot of politics involved. 

What do you like best about being a model? 

What i like the most about being a model is the attention. I love to dress up and take pretty pictures. 

What are the perks and benefits of being a model?

The perks are you get to be the center of attention, free clothing, makeup, and can’t forget the parties. They are the best! (LOL) 

What has been the most memorable experience you had working as a model? 

Winning the the Urban Model Award is the highlights of my career. But being featured in SHOW Magazine is also a highlight of my career as well. 

Do you see yourself venturing into other fields, such as acting, music, etc?

Oh yes, I love acting and that’s one of my goals to be a well known actress! I plan on being a mogul in the entertainment field and take over the game. 

I imagine you have a huge fan following, do you most of your fans recognize you in public or are you very low-key when you are out?

I get a lot recognition now! But i try to keep them calm and just speak, and hope they don’t cause a scene.  (LOL)

Where do you see your career going in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years, i plan on gracing the covers of the most predominant magazines in the game. I also hope to have a lead in a few movies, music videos, and as well starting my own clothing line and show line. 

On a personal level - What keeps you motivated?

I just try to keep myself motivated by always striving for perfection and going harder than i went before. 

How important is to have support from family and friends?

I have come to grips with the fact that everyone will not support or understand my line of work. As long as my daughter is being taken care of and she’s happy, it really doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. Don’t get me wrong, of course in a perfect world it would be great, but unfortunately it doesn’t always happen like that. 

Do you have any secret weaknesses or guilty pleasures?

I love PIZZA!!! That’s my guilty pleasure!

When you’re not working, what do you like to do for fun?

I love being a Mom to my daughter, i spend much time as i can and just be there for her. 

Favorite place to go on vacation?

I would have to say, Miami, South Beach. 

Favorite movie?

I love the Green Mile, i also love I am Sam, I loved Belle, and All Dogs go to Heaven. 

Burning question: Are you single?

Yes, I am single!!

What do you look for in a man?

I want a gentlemen who smells good with a basketball build! He has to have waves and a great smile!

You recently won the Urban Model Award for Best Ass-ets, how did you feel when you won? 

I felt like i finally made it happen when i won the Urban Model Award! I felt accomplished. 

Was the competition tough for you in that category? 

Yes, i honestly feel like it was the hardest category. Of course, i’m being biased. 

What is next for Kendra Kouture? 

The world is what’s next for Kendra Kouture!

Will you be making a stop to South Florida area in the near future? 


How does someone get in touch with you? 

Anyone of my #KRAZIES can contact me on


and for booking contact: