not everyone likes glitter

I don’t hate Emma Watson. Tumblr loves hating on her, but I think the following should be made clear

-She has done work outside of Harry Potter, in numerous productions as well as modelling for the likes of Burberry.

-She is under no obligation to be okay with Belle’s corset. None. Beauty & The Beast is a fairytale moreso than a period drama. The notion that a woman has to wear anything makes me wholly uncomfortable. Lots of actors refuse to wear things or do particular things. They are people first, not puppets

-It is not Emma Watson’s fault the way Hermione Granger was written in the films

-After her famous feminism speech for the United Nations, threats were made against her by people claiming to be in possession of ‘nudes’. Her ‘white feminism’ did not protect her there

You can whine and whinge about being a ‘fashion designer’ but that is no excuse for old fashioned misogyny against women. You’re not cool when you bash Emma, you’re not groundbreaking or edgy. You sound bitter and awfully unpleasant. I don’t care if you are a film student / fashion student, don’t be a hateful jerk.

So I was just watching one of Kim & Brianna’s panels and it suddenly hit me as to why them as a duo and Wayward Daughters as a concept is so utterly phenomenal:

Here we have two incredibly strong women (both as characters and actors) but strong in different ways.

Kim/Jody is someone you look at and go “She’s a fucking badass.” She has no time for gender norms, she has sick tattoos, you’d believe she could kill you with her pinky finger. Yet she is the kindest, most generous person and so in touch with her emotions and isn’t afraid to show them. How many times have we seen Kim cry during a panel? A lot, and always for the right reasons. Physically, she is lean and muscular with “boy-cut” hair and generally wears not-particularly-feminine jeans and shirts and always looks hot as hell.

Then we have Brianna/Donna. Someone who is the dictionary definition of sunshine and glitter. Her smile could melt Antarctica. She gets excited about something and bounces like Tigger while showering everyone around her in glitter and chocolate. But you know if she believes in something there’s no force on this earth that can stop her achieving whatever she wants. Physically, she is curvy with long blonde hair and looks the part of the sweet, small-town girl-next door, yet she completely owns her sexuality. I will never forget her bending over and wiggling her butt seductively at the camera in front of thousands of people. You go, Bri!!! :)

The most wonderful thing about this duo though, is the absolute equality between them. These are two very different women, but the bond they share and their love for the SPNFamily makes them two halves of a whole. There is absolutely no thought of “I’m the right kind of feminist because I’m…” they both go “You are you and I am me and that’s fantastic. Let’s change the world together!”

And to me THAT is the essence of what Wayward Daughters is. Accepting all women and saying “We are worth it. We’re going to stand up and make the world a better place, because we can.”

Edit: I added a little more into the Kim paragraph because it’s been bugging me ever since I made this post that I felt like I didn’t compliment the awesomeness that is Kim Rhodes enough. 


i have no idea how they met but id like to imagine it went something like this

a summary of eurovision

- everyone is on drugs

- so much glitter

- songs are shit 

- like every year

- france needs to up their crazy game

- graham norton should be hired to commentate everything

- there’s usually something insane on the stage

- one year there was a sexy butter-churner 

- everyone hates everyone

- but everyone really hates britain especially

- this is the bitchiest karaoke contest in the world