not everyone has individual pics :(

/Joins the “draw the skelebros in a drop pop candy version” bandwagon late

Anyway, I just had to draw something for this super cute song that probably everyone has listened already ^q^)/ (and if not, you should!) 

Individual pics under the cut just because—-

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A Shawol Christmas: A Time for Sharing [ Writers’ Invitation]

This is an open invitation to all writers in the SHINee fandom to spread a little Christmas cheer in the form of writing fanfiction.

Earlier this month, I had the idea to challenge myself to write at least one (1) fic for every pairing and then thought hey - why not pose something like this to all the writers in our fandom? (Note: Writing for every single pairing is my personal goal - one that I admittedly may not reach - but for the purposes of this challenge, you can write for just one or a few of your choice if that’s what you feel inspired to do.)

For two weeks in December, we will be celebrating one pairing a day, beginning Monday, December 7th, 2015.  The call for writers is simply to write a fiction for a given pairing to be shared on designated dates.  Our hope is that over those two weeks, we’ll have enough submissions that we’ll have a nice pile of fics to keep us warm through the holidays. :)  It’s also just a great chance for writers to share their talents with the fandom.

Click below for more details about this event!

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to the anon who asked if I could post more pics of my notes—here you go! these are just the first couple pages, hope you don’t mind! 

I think it’s important for any kind of study blog to point out that everyone takes notes differently. Everyone has their own individual learning style, and thus a multitude of studying techniques can be tried and tried until the right one is discovered. Do not be discouraged if you haven’t found what works for you! It’s a great idea to look through studyblr or studyspo tags for inspiration, but always remember that there is no right or wrong way to study or take notes. You do what works best for you, what gives you the results you want. Study tips are exactly what they are stated to be: tips. They aren’t rules, they’re suggestions! Have fun with it! 

Party hard, study harder, friends!

star-crowned-prince  asked:

I know cd japan is selling an ao no exorcist calendar but idk of it's the same one

well, it should say the year of the calendar, because there’s been like, 3 released so far. The one i just got was the 2016 calendar, but I HIGHLY recommend getting the 2014 calendar if you can!!! the 2014 calendar is BEAUTIFUL, and unlike the spiral bound 2016 calendar, the 2014 calendar is formatted like large, individual prints!! i framed all of them and put them on my wall = w=!!

even the packaging is beautiful!!

it’s a matte image, except for the characters, who are printed glossy. I’ve been meaning to find a way to frame this too

it also has a little extra thing inside (it’s a sketch version of the green pic, except everyone is napping. you can’t really make it out, but rin is in fact sleeping with his eyes open, as he tends to do)

so yeah!! even if it’s not the 2016 calendar, if it’s the 2014 one i’d say it’s WAY WORTH IT!! BUY IT!