not ever tbh

hey, if anyone needs any psych/disability/science/culture/humanities essays/articles that they can’t access themselves or find free online, you can totally send me a message and i’ll do my damnednest to see if i can get it for ya’ll, my uni has access to a load of papers/journals/websites that can’t be accessed unless you’re with an institution so just hit me up and i’ll try my best to help

this also goes for anyone who needs resources for essays/papers/etc and can’t really find anything for whatever topic you’re working on. i am a master of the art of ‘shit lets search for everything related to this and see what works’ 

me: idk why i’m so obsessed with this show haha

also me: you hyperfixate on fiction because it’s a medium through which you can project your emotional trauma and use it as a means of catharsis, especially through characters or relationships that you identify strongly with. also, it provides fodder for maladaptive daydreaming during dissociative episodes–

me: okay bitch i get it


hey so uhhhh i’m super late but i made a bnha ‘’oc’’


Occasional sparring partners scribbles - cause sometimes they like to have an acceptable reason to fight each other as hard as they can 👍