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hey so….. i just left a very abusive household after i came out to my parents as a trans person. my friends rushed me out as soon as possible (since they were intending on sleeping over) and now i’m staying with my friend until spring break is over. i dont think i want to go back to my home because im frightened for my own safety. but right now im in kind of a dilemma.

my parents paid monthly payments of $750 for my college tuition. it is likely they will stop paying them, and i’m already 2 months behind. i’m in desperate need of financial assistance, and my part-time job is not enough to cover myself. i’m already owing in $300 worth of credit card bills as it is.

i don’t… want to make a thing begging for help but i have no choice. please help me. i don’t want to just ask for donations. i’ll be willing to do fic commissions or art commissions. feel free to check my #fenfics tag or #fenart tag for examples, and we can discuss prices.

or if you dont want that and just want to donate, my paypal is please help me

i cant stop shaking

even if you cant donate please share this please please please

Guitar battle!! \m/

*Through the Fire and Flames by DragonForce playing in the background*

(I liked the idea in these tags and I felt like drawing Ibuki too!)


Hey guys. Things are kind of tight and I need to earn some money, if anyone is interested in a sketch or more, please shoot me an ask! We can talk about prices once i hear the complexity of what you’re looking for. Comms are now open. I will be doing them as quickly as possible and payments would be through paypal. Even if you just want a super simple doodle that would really only be worth a few dollars I’m down! really really looking to earn some money. 

Art blog is @pilotdraws , feel free to scroll through it. Art tags are also #my art and #tlp draws. 



Slot 1- open

Slot 2- open

Slot 3- open

Slots are now open!

luminosityblue  asked:

If someone wanted to write fic based on your art, would you be okay with that? Asking for a friend...

I would LOVE that - seriously. I’m gonna make this a reply to everyone - I hope you don’t mind! 

I LOVE when people write fic. I absolutely do. Thank you friend.

I do prefer when people make a separate post because I don’t like reblogging my own art. I really don’t like looking at it after the initial 24 hr and I also feel like you guys don’t want me posting something a bunch of times.

I also NEED you to link it to me. I’m not being a dick, but I work full time, do crap a few evenings a week and like to draw when I get home. So my tumblr time isn’t huge.

And this isn’t even a days worth of notes. If you don’t send me an ask or tag me I’ll accidentally miss it. I don’t mean to. 

That missed alarm is a lie. It says that so I feel guilty about snoozing it so many times. I know I need to check my snapchat….

TLDR; I LOVE fic. Please make a new post because I don’t love my own art. And please please link me so I can reblog!

“I don’t even ship it” I say as I scroll through the tag at 2am.

“They’re a brotp, purely platonic” I say as I read a 100,000 word slow burn in complete darkness rejecting all responsibilities

“THEY AREN’T EVEN CUTE” I yell at my computer as I reblog every edit and fan art in existence.

“THIS ENTIRE SHIP MAKES NO SENSE ITS FUCKING STUPID” I scream through tears while watching 3 hours worth of fan videos before collapsing onto the floor.

i know i messaged you saying it was too late for me to draw anything bc i’m getting up early bUT SLEEP CAN WAIT

happy!!! birthday!!! @myrobotlandlord !!!

i would write something moving and super sweet but my brain isn’t working bc it’s 2am and it’s starting to hurt haha- – SO.

YOU ARE A GOOD. V GOOD. veryyy talented and sweet and fun to hang out with-  and i know that even if it takes a while bc being in australia sucks for getting into the animation industry and life in general is Rough™   yoU. YOU WILL GO PLACES <3333 !!!!!! 

you’re rlly cool, ok. rlly cool <3

i hope that you’ve had a good birthday at the very least

You got through finals!!

You’re so proud you don’t even know what to do with yourself!

@yurihands I am so proud of you making it through this year, it’s been a long one for you!! This isn’t super spectacular, but it’s worth it for you if I get a smile on your face from our college idiot sons


“You are the one bright light on the surface,” Anders murmured, and then his lips were meeting Hawke’s, and Maker, Hawke might be going to that ‘special hell’ Carver had mentioned the last few times he’d caught Hawke at the railings watching Anders swim, but it was fucking worth it. His lips were dry and warm, and he tasted like saltwater, and he was perfect. Hawke grinned despite himself, and Anders’s lips curved upward, matching him; he felt the merman’s hand come to land on his left shoulder, elegant fingers bunching into sodden cloth.

“Hibidai/Hibichi is a rarepair.”

“There’s like 5 fics and only about 0.5 of them are readable.”

“There’s art but every artist that used to be into it has moved on.”

“Try to find even one person that ships them as an OTP instead of a side-pair, you’ll be looking until all you can see is disappointment.”

“On top of that, tags update about once every 2 years.”

Take my advice.

If you think Hibiki and Daichi are cute together, stop thinking about it.

It’s not worth it.

Somewhere in My Dreams-3


This is the final part to my @pjohoobigbang fic! I hope you guys have enjoyed it, and again, I want to thank everyone who organized and participated in the big bang this year! 

So, you can find the other two parts to this fic in this tag. Also, be sure to check out the art that @grimreapercy created for it. If you have any questions/comments about the AU, just send me an ask! I’d love to hear what you think about it. 


Percy doesn’t get any sleep that night. Between the stress and the dreams, it’s not even worth laying in his bed.

The dreams are worse. It hasn’t even been one full day, and they have tripled in vividness. Now, instead of featuring only the gray wolf, it’s all Annabeth. It’s Annabeth in human form. It’s her body, her face, her voice. She’s everywhere. Percy can’t stop seeing her.

By the time he wakes up from the third dream of the night, he gives up on sleep and heads downstairs to his office. He has paperwork to do anyway.

It’s been hours by the time someone knocks on his door. Percy’s eyes are already tired from reading, and it’s barely eight in the morning.

“Yeah?” he calls.

Piper opens the door and leans inside. She’s still dressed in her pajamas, hair messy and eyes sleepy. She frowns when she sees him. “You know it’s too early for you to look this stressed, right?”

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The Ultimate BATB tag


- Always include the rules.

- Answer the questions as truthfully as you can.

- Tag at least 3 people at the end of the tag.

- You don’t have to be tagged to paticipate, you can do the tag even without       being tagged.

- Tag the post “#BATB Tag” so we can keep up with the tags.

- That’s literally all there is to it! Have fun!

You can use this as reference:

When did you start your blog, and why? I started right before I saw the movie because I knew I’d be obsessed and wanted an area away from my  main multi-fandom blog where I could freely fangirl and shitpost and whatnot. Also, my “likes” on Tumblr were filled with four years worth of BATB meta, fan art and fanfics, and I wanted to clean my likes out so they would actually be a specific place for bookmarking. I had 14,00 likes before I made the blog, and now that I’ve almost completely cleaned it out I have about 900. Still not great, but it’s getting there.

Where did you get the idea for your url? Obviously the growl at the end. I decided I wanted daysinthesuns for my main blog, and I’d had danstevensgrowl saved for a little while. For daysinthesuns, I saved it when the titles for the new songs were announced, I think that was in late summer.

Where did you get the idea for your icon? I didn’t make my icon, I just got it from an icons post by someone on Tumblr. I like the color pink and I love 1991 Belle, so I went with it. 

What was your first choice of url? dayinsthesuns was the first one I had for this blog, then I switched to danstevensgrowl. If you mean what my ultimate choice would be, I’d really like to have daysinthesun or princeadam. On my main blog, my first URL was weareteenageheartsforeveryoung and it stayed like that for 3 years or so.

What was your first icon, or the oldest you can remember? And if you can, post it. This is the one I’ve always had, but on my main blog I had a picture of Miley Cyrus from the movie LOL once, a picture of Elvis once, and my freshman year of high school I had my favorite fan art of Adam hugging Belle from behind with his chin on her shoulder while she’s reading. 

Would you die for the person on your icon? I mean, I consider myself to be Belle, so that’s a bit weird. But if my icon was Adam, yes, in a heartbeat.

Which url of your mutuals are you most jealous of? Hmm. I don’t know, I honestly like my URL. However, if we’re talking about @gastt‘s mutuals…you know who.

Which icon of your mutuals are you most jealous of? I love @ohstaythisway‘s icon, I would use it if she wasn’t already.

Do you have any sideblogs? And if you do, what are they about? And if you don’t, what would your sideblog be about? I have a ton that I made while cleaning out my likes to get meta and fanfic out of there, I have an Anakin Skywalker one and a Pride and Prejudice one. I also run the Tally Hoes Archive, and I have a professional blog to showcase my articles and other things I’ve written.

Are you satisfied with your blog currently? If not, what would you change? I guess, I mean, it’s a trash blog so I don’t aim for the content to be high quality. 

If you weren’t in the BATB fandom, what would you post about? Star Wars, Doctor Who, basically everything I post about on my main blog.

What fandom(s) did you belong to before BATB? BATB was actually my first fandom, but after that, Divergent, Once Upon a Time, Doctor Who and finally Star Wars. 

Which blogs do you regularly check up on? @je-suis-em-jee and @theteaisaddictive because they’re my favorite fic writers.

What would you say is your most common tag? “Prince Adam” because I reblog gifs of him a lot.

How many people are you following, and how many people follow you? I think I follow around 300, my main blog has 1,700 followers and this blog has a little over 200.

Who are your current top three fans on Tumblr (for this month)? For this blog, it’s @trippsykes, @lee-lee-ed and @snipandsnail. Thank you guys :)

What is your top post (for this month)? It actually won’t show for some weird reason, but I’m guessing it’s my Ultimate Fic Rec post. 

Which post are you most proud of? Probably my meta about the enchanted object’s part in The Mob Song.

Which post are you most embarassed by? The Meme Queen Adam fic and every time I’ve self-promoted (which is a lot of times.)

Weirdest message someone ever sent you? When I posted my selfie for the Introduce Your Self(ie) challenge, I immediately got a DM from some girl with a weird URL saying I was hot. I assumed it was a porn blog so I marked it as spam and blocked them, but then I looked at their blog and it was kind of normal? So I hope that wasn’t one of you guys lol. 

Weirdest message you ever sent someone? God I don’t even want to know

Have you ever received anon hate? And if so, for what? When I was 13 I got a ton but I honestly deserved it. I had this ongoing joke where I acted like I was really self-absorbed and snobby ironically, because I actually hated myself and had been struggling with an eating disorder. But either way, I took it too far and I was really obnoxious and people called me out on it, some less gracefully than others.

Do you have any blogs blocked, and if so, which? I’m sure I have a lot blocked for spam and stuff. 

Have you ever thought about quitting Tumblr? If so, why? Not really, because I’m kind of terrified of ever deleting anything. I hate the idea of erasing any part of my life, even if it’s a part I’m embarrassed by or don’t want to think about.

What device do you use Tumblr the most? (e.g. Laptop, Tablet, Phone, etc.) Probably my iPhone, since I’m always in class and stuff.

What was the last thing you searched on Google? Meme Queen Adam bc I was too lazy to go on my profile on Archive of our Own and click on my fic, I just wanted to get the link the quick way lol.

What time is it currently as you make this post? 11:45, I really should go to sleep after this.

What are you wearing currently? Star Wars pajama pants and a black camisole. 

If you had to legally change your name (in real life) permanently, what would it be and why? Belle, because I’m a dork.

What kind of characters and/or pairings do you tend to turn to? Is there a recurring theme to it? I feel like in terms of male characters I always love the brooding, angsty, damaged guys with tragic backstories, like Prince Adam or Anakin Skywalker. For female characters, I always like strong, witty, outspoken women, like Belle and Elizabeth Bennet.

Tell us a favorite of yours and why? (Literally any favorite, something that touches you and you’re passionate about.) I guess Beauty and the Beast in general, honestly. There’s so much to love about it, but it really changed my life when I fell in love with it all over again the summer before my freshman year of high school. I was doing a Disney movie marathon alone, because I really didn’t have any friends at the time, and I actually skipped Beauty and the Beast because I figured I remembered it well enough from my childhood that I didn’t need to waste time re-watching it. However, I still had some time to kill before school started, so I watched it again, and not only was I struck by the Beast’s character and how deeply and unconditionally he loved Belle, the message of Beauty and the Beast really got to me. After I recovered from my eating disorder and dealt with (deserved) backlash on Tumblr for my crappy sense of humor and coping skills, I’d become really tough and rigid and pessimistic as a default. Suffering from such an awful illness really kind of stripped me of the usual kindness and warmth I held. Belle kind of helped me get it back, helped me find myself again, and the movie in general helped me to believe that maybe it was okay that I was fat or my voice is weird or that I’m short because I’m eloquent and I’m kind and true beauty is found within. Maybe my words and my heart is enough. I still struggle with believing that today, but I would’ve given up on believing it and given up on myself a long time ago if it wasn’t for Beauty and the Beast. When I started at a new high school after becoming obsessed with Beauty and the Beast, I was both a new person and my old self at once, and the optimism and kindness and open-mindedness I’d regained helped me to finally let people in a bit, and I made a ton of friends. My love for the musical also inspired me to join theatre, which I never would’ve given a thought if I hadn’t loved the musical.

Tag 3 or more blogs to do this tag, and also add what you associate them with and tell them what you truly think about them. 

I can’t tag @gastt because they already did it and literally made the tag, but gatt, you are such a loyal and supportive person. I don’t even know your name or your face or anything like that, but I don’t have to to know that you an amazing person and all us Tally Hoes are so lucky to know you. 

I tag @mmedegarderobe, my sin sister and fellow Mass Communications major, my other fellow mass communications major @thestanfoubrew, the mother of the Heelys meme @uncledisney, and my two favorite fic writers - one I’ve loved since I first fell in love with BATB, the other more recently, @theteaisaddictive and @je-suis-em-jee. You both are so talented and wonderful and portray the characters that are so close to my heart perfectly. 

anonymous asked:

his main tags used for his shitty gundam blog are debate, lel, 4chan, and rant. i dont think its worth your time. keep on rocking your great art!

Lol that doesn’t sound like a pleasant person no. Even considering that gundam is pretty rad and doesn’t deserve such a one minded person to follow on it.  Thanks though anon! I’ll keep improving my best!

anonymous asked:

I think you shouldn't doubt how good your art is. If you get compliments, it's because you're good at what you do. Personally, I really love your art. It's colorful, it's got its own recognizable style, it's interesting and catches my attention when I'm scrolling. But basically, even if you don't think it's GREAT, you should still give credit where it is due!! It is worth calling artwork. Especially if you had to put in effort.

Goshdarn just so you know, I wasn’t fishing for compliments but I really do appreciate your words.

I know what you’re saying, when I get nice comments I often get a little blast of ‘hey maybe I’m not as bad as I thought!’ and such. But then I see people posting 20 minute doodles that blew me out of the water I can’t help but think that this is the only thing I’m remotely good at, and even so I’m not as good as people doing it for fun. Tbh I’m sometimes even afraid of compliments giving me a false sense of security when I’m just, not that great.

tldr;; Compliments are certainly nice but I’m not seeking for validation, I just want to be good at what I’m suppose to be good at

Some nose-related doodles. I can draw a realistic nose just fine, but drawing different looking noses in my generic anime style is hard for me. I’m bad at art. At the very least I’d like to be able to 1.) draw different looking faces in my generic anime style and 2.) have a generic anime style that people won’t confuse as someone else’s art.

People have told me that they like the way I draw Ghirahim and Fi, so that’s something at least. Fun fact, I draw Fi with visible eyelashes because I had difficulty drawing her eyes. I kept drawing them cause I just think she looks nice with them.