not even when nogitsune was threatened he did anything like that

Lucky Number 24 - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 5008

Warnings: Smut

Notes: Lacrosse Week Special for my favorite bby, Stiles. I can’t believe I just wrote this. I never intended for it to actually turn into that but I got to the point I wanted to, and kinda couldn’t stop from there.

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Do you know any fics where Stiles is lonely. Like he's not friends with any of the pack, and just going through life by himself. Or fics where Stiles is just plan lonely? Thanks for trying if you can't find anything.?

Yup! - Anastasia

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I Take The Day Hour By Hour by destimushi

(1/1 I 959 I General I No Pairing)

It’s another typical Saturday for Stiles: cold pizza, lots of documentaries, and disappointment.

Lonely by isthatbloodonhisshirt (wasterella)

(1/1 I 1,541 I General I Sterek)

He let Derek know about the pack, who was dating who, what was going on, if any drastic changes had occurred.

Texting Derek made him feel less alone. It made him feel like Derek was just away for a brief moment on pack duty, and he’d be back any day now—probably falling through his window mortally wounded and bleeding all over his floor. Stiles was positive that one patch of hardwood was just permanently ruined, by this point.

But, to date, no Derek. And so, Stiles texted.

Why’d You Bring A Shotgun? by Tigerion

(1/1 I 1,752 I Teen I No Pairing)

Being in his wolf mode has benefits, like providing people with something they can open up to and Derek uses it to keep a lonely Stiles company on the full moon. Which is something Stiles really appreciates, because no interruptions while talking. All is fine and dandy until the Sheriff comes home to find a very naked Derek Hale in his son’s bed.

memories & scars by Lonelyirises

(5/5 I 2,352 I Mature I Sterek)

Little did Stiles know…

of ignoring problems until they go away by JaneDoe33

(3/? I 2,818 I Mature I No Pairing)

Scott is a good friend.He is.So Stiles has no right to feel abandoned by him.He does his best.Stiles is just being needy.Not that Scott knows.Not that Scott will ever know because if Scott finds out how pathetic he is he may not want to be friends anymore.So Stiles can’t tell anyone.Anyone at all.

Don’t Leave Me by Mr_Carrot

(7/? I 4,496 I Mature I Sterek i Rape)

The Stilinskis’ were on an airplane to Beacon Hills to visit Stiles’ grandparents on his 8th birthday, but he was the only person out of the entire plane who made it. He was taken in by his grandparents, but they died when he was 10. That was six years ago. He is now sixteen years old, adopted by the “not so kind” Theo Raeken. When he finally escapes, he finds his knight in shining armour.

NOT A BEAUTY QUEEN by RougueShadowWolf

(4/? I 6,355 I Not Rated I No Pairing)

It had always been a struggle not to feel like something useless, unwanted or ugly. Stiles couldn’t point out when exactly she’d learned she wasn’t beautiful, it just felt like she’d always been on the ugly-side of things so much so that even her own mother had sighed sorrowfully while saying, `I wish you could be as cute and pretty as Lydia and Heather.´
Not every girl is born to be beautiful, Stiles if anyone knew it.

I thought Ohana meant family by Beck2Beckk

(5/5 I 6,773 I Not Rated I Sterek)

After everything with the nogitsune, Stiles has been left behind in the dust. He has a hard time dealing and with everything that has been building up, coming to its peak, will someone lessen the blow, or will Stiles just blow up completely?

uoy evol I by danthezijn

(5/? I 19,921 I Mature I Stackson)

[06/15, 0:42am] LC: I can say things backwards without thinking about it

[06/15, 0:42am] RRH: you’ll have to prove that 2 me one day

[06/15, 0:43am] LC: maybe I will


Or the one where Jackson is lonely, searches for a friend online, and falls in love. Oh yeah, and he’s good at talking backwards.

Stiles the Strange Pet by TriscuitsandSoup

(23/23 I 62,205 I Mature I Steter)

Peter welcomes a strange new house guest.

A Life for a Life, Makes the Whole World Bound by augopher

(26/26 I 90,697 I Mature I Sterek)

Stiles was lonely; there was no other way of putting it. The Nogitsune had left the pack a wary of him, not that they thought it had been his fault. No, they worried it would happen again. Once bitten, twice shy.
The morning after his 18th birthday, his torso was covered in mysterious green tattoos. He hadn’t been that drunk. He’d definitely remember that. Great. Something else to make him feel like a freak. Insomnia led him to his mother’s diary and a tale of how she helped an odd man once who gave her the warning, “Be careful of your wishes three.“ Everything clicked into place.
So…he was a djinni. He subtly changed things about himself. More muscle? Done. Better hair? Done and done. End his crippling insecurity? Done, done, done. He hid his new gift until he found himself bound to Derek.
With Deaton’s help, they translated meanings in his tattoos, but they were incomplete. A passage of his ‘Rules and Regulations’ was missing. Everything was fine dandy until Stiles’ new powers and penchant for mischief and karmic retribution threatened to destroy him, fracture his mind, and turn him into something which couldn’t be contained.
Could the pack save him in time, and at what price?

Sterek Angst Rec

Honestly, includes some mpreg*

Mindless Trinket

The kingdom of Beacon is separated into the three Circles; The First Circle is the stronghold of the Court; the Second holds the key to trade and business among the majority of its people; the Third holds the dredges of humanity, barely able to live on the rationing during the war against the Argent armies. Stiles does what he must to survive and protect his loved ones, which begs the question: How much could the life of a whore be worth?

A Promise Kept

In that familiar soulmate trope, where everyone sees in black and white until they meet their soulmate, and they see in color until the soulmate dies, Derek and Stiles have been together for over a decade.
One day, one ordinary day…the colors disappear.

You’ll Be Mine and I’ll Be Yours

“Oh my god!” Stiles hissed, his back colliding with the door. “Oh my god! I slept with my boss, oh my god. I’m a walking cliché!”
It was supposed to be a one night stand. No complications, no feelings, no baggage. But then a missed doctor’s appointment in his childhood comes back to haunt him and Stiles is left with a lot more than one very good night.

Are We Related? (series)

When The Stars Align

Slight etchings of a mark started appearing on his arm at the age of ten. The first words his soul mate would ever say to him.
“You’re really fucking beautiful.”
“I know.”

To Fall As Bodies Fall, For Dead

Fortune favors the prepared, or at least that’s what Stiles always believed. Never did he think the emergency supplies he’d accumulated in the event of a major disaster would ever be used. The world goes to hell thanks to a catastrophic outbreak and their small group of survivors has to make it halfway across the country where Gerard Argent apparently built an apocalypse-proof homestead (Leave it to that horrible man to be paranoid enough before his death for it to benefit them after it).
The road won’t be easy, especially because there are almost a thousand miles separating him from college and Beacon Hills. He had no intentions of letting that stop him. He was nothing if not determined.
Can everyone make it to Iowa alive, and what will it cost them along the way?

We Drove All Night

It’s just Stiles’ luck that when he desperately needs to go home to Beacon Hills for the weekend his Jeep is out of commission and the busses and trains have already stopped running for the night. Being more or less stranded Stiles is grateful when his dad arranges for him to hitch a ride with some local truck driver on his way home.
Still, Stiles would have appreciated being given a heads up on just how gorgeous said truck driver is before he agreed to spend an eight hour drive in an enclosed space with the man. Stiles might want to kiss Derek senseless, but it doesn’t seem like a very good idea considering the circumstances and the man’s unwillingness to talk. And his suprisingly intimidating countenance.
So, once again: Just Stiles’ luck.

Then Us*

In a primal age, a pack of werewolves threatens Chief Stilinski’s tribe. Desperate for help, he calls upon an old ally pack, the Hales. The Alpha, Derek Hale, is willing to help protect the Stilinski tribe in exchange for integrating pack and tribe. Chief Stilinski concedes, but at a high cost - his only son and heir.

It Might Be A Little More Than Hate (series)

It’s not all hate between Derek and Stiles but it takes a little longer than it probably should to realise that. Mostly due to them being emotionally constipated.

There Is No Harm In Daydreaming*

It all started when Stiles first saw Derek Hale and fell hard for him only to get his heart broken. He also gets dumped by his best friend Scott and things go upside down in Stiles’ life except few hours of messages with someone unknown.

Just One Yesterday

Derek never thought he’d be confronted with how he felt about Stiles. Because why would he feel anything about Stiles? It took the Nogitsune to show Derek that he didn’t want to give up what he had. He didn’t want to give up Stiles. In the end, Derek realizes that he would trade every tomorrow for just one yesterday with Stiles. One last day for the chance to tell him the truth.

Show Me the Light

Derek chewed his food and then just said it. “We’re mates, Stiles.”“Mates,” chuckled Stiles, breathlessly. “What makes you think we’re mates?”

Sober Decisions

Stiles’ life has been a little weird ever since he met Derek when he crawled through Stiles’ window one night drunk.

I Don’t Need Any Help To Be Breakable

“He tried to kiss me.”
“We know”, Scott says, placatingly, and Stiles rounds on him, fists clenched and eyes blazing.
“No. No, you don’t”, he spits, “You have no idea.”In which Derek has an accident and doesn’t remember anyone except Stiles.

Sinking Like A Stone

Derek Hale is convinced he can protect his pack from anything. Kanimas, other packs, even the supernatural that remain myths (like demons and the such), but an event hits him like a punch to the gut to remind him that the things he can’t protect his pack from are the everyday horrors in which life makes us her bitch. [Blind!Stiles]

Posessive (Void!Stiles x reader)

I just couldn’t resist this, there are pretty many of these, more imagines than fics, but with the idea of void being obsessed/protective over you and the pack trying to get you two separated.

You were pulling your hair. You scratched the back of your neck, tangling your fingers with the strands of your hair and tugging on them while you paced around Scott’s room. You walked the space between an armchair and Scott’s bed, never fixing your eyes to new objects. You kept your eyes fixed on either to your toes or the window. Every time you gazed the window you walked over to it, taking a long gaze at the surrounding of the house.

You were worried. Not sure what you were waiting for, but it was not good. That you were sure of. It would more likely be Void to be the first one to show up. He could teleport unlike any werewolf or others like them. No one you knew could do the same.

You felt like you had doomed your friends to death. You had told them what the nogitsune wanted. You had told them everything that was enough to build up a nice death scene. Maybe that was why you did it? Or maybe that is why Void told these to you? What he wanted and needed and for why. And of course you had fallen for it, told them, unwillingly though, and now everyone, even you, were in danger.

You had told the pack what you suspected was going on, why had the nogitsune come after you, why was he so offensive towards them. Of course they wanted to know, you then trying to back away from the subject, thinking it was nothing. You didn’t want to look like an attention seeking teenage girl, but Scott didn’t leave it there. He pressured you to tell him. And you did.

You thought the nogitsune was after you, though you didn’t know why, but it still bothered you. You pointed out how he had never made a move on you, a threatening one. He had always circled you, walking pass you, sometimes making eye contact with you while smirking.

Scott didn’t know wether it was point that should be taken seriously, but he did give it a thought. He even thought about testing the fact that were your suspicious true. That was it now. This was the test.

You started to bite your lower lip, your nails. Still moving nervously around in the already so unwell lighted room. If it wasn’t already enough to make you worry and nervous it had to be getting dark sooner than before just today.

You didn’t even know what you were worried for. That Void would kill Scott and the pack, or that Scott would kill Void? Or that you even cared if they would kill the nogitsune!

You knew Scott had a plan that wouldn’t set anyone in danger if it was even worth a try. Still, you were nervous as hell.

Scott had sent you to his house, where you were right now, and he was with the pack at the school waiting for Stiles to show up.

-at the school-

Scott, Isaac and Allison were inside the school building, Lydia was with Aiden and Ethan at the front doors. They knew he would be there at any second.

Scott had his phone close, keeping a track on you. Making sure you were fine and inside, safe. He kept sending you texts where he asked were you alone and were you ok. Of course you were. But you started to get lonely and a bit anxious.

The front door flew open, Aiden and Ethan’s mixed werewolf body flying across the air in front of Scott and others. Stiles had Lydia with him, he had his hand tangled in her hair while he dragged her with him, then he pushed her on the floor, gazing at Scott.

“You think your little banshee and a mutant freak can stop me?” He yelled, the voice echoing in the hallway. “You’re little seven numbered pack is just getting one number smaller.” He smirked.

Scott got ready to attack, he arched his back, his face changing more animal like, his eyes a mixture of red and yellow.

“It already has!” Scott announced.

Stiles looked a second worried, surprised, off guard. He went over the pack letting his eyes wonder on everyone he saw. Yes. There was only six teens present. He gritted his teeth and hissed: “Where is she?”

It was Scott’s turn to smirk. He shrugged and said: “Not here.”

The nogitsune glared warningly at Scott, then the onis appeared from thin air. Everything happened so fast. Suddenly Stiles was all over Scott, he had his hands on the collar of his shirt, he pushed his body against a wall while the onis made sure no one could break the two apart.

“Where is she?” He hissed once again. Scott only gave him a smile and shook his head. Stiles pulled Scott away from the wall, then trowing him back with enough force to break his bones and yelled “WHERE IS (Y/N)?”

-pack at McCall residence-

You had walked round the room for hundreds of times and now started to get dizzy. You felt sick, annoyed, worried and all, not sure could you take it anymore.

Scott had stopped answering to your texts an hour ago, not even picking up on your calls. You had thrown your phone to the end of the room due frustration.

“Knock knock.” You heard from behind. The volume quiet, the voice raspy and dark but delighted. Somehow even thrilled.

You turned to look. The figure now leaning against the doorframe and smiling. The darkness under his eyes so clear to be seen it looked inhuman. And inhuman was the whole situation.

His knuckles were bloody, bruised, you looked at them worriedly, hoping it wasn’t any of the pack members.

It took you off guard how you reacted. You were about to say something, just being able to open your mouth, but not to make anything out. You were not sure even now what you wanted, waited and hoped for. It was so bizarre.

“A fox caught your tongue?” He asked and smirked. It made your blood boil, even though you were not scared to see him there. “A good try from Scott to try to hide you from me, I have to give him that,” he circled closer to you, his hands behind his back, like he was hunting a prey, which was you. “but I can’t say I enjoyed it. That he takes something that belongs to me away from me.”

You felt slightly angered when he preferred you to belong to him. You could feel the heat raising to your face, your hands clutching to fists.

His tone was starting to sound threatening, not purposely for you, but to anyone in the matter. You took an unsteady step back, only because you were being sure not to get too close. You were not sure of what mood he was on.

The second you stepped back, nogitsune stopped. He tilted his head, sensing your unsure body language. He of course did not mean to scare you, but you were never so sure of what went through his head. A trickster he was.

“Don’t be scared, little dove.” He taunted. “I am not that mad at you.” He walked slowly closer to you. “You do understand that I am just starting to get fed up with games. The pack can’t hold you down. They can’t keep you away from me. I will have you. And you know it too.”

“Why are you so interested in me?” You dared to ask. You knew you didn’t feel like you were in control of the situation but you still knew how to talk back.

Nogitsune walked around, not letting you out of his sight, his cold stare on your (e/c) eyes.

“You are more than you appear.” He said, it didn’t mean anything to you so you waited for an explanation.

“There is something in you that calls for me. I feel the undying need to collect you. To own you.” He chuckled when he saw your disgusted and confused expression. “You are like a wild animal that I feel the need to tame. A price, worth of fight. And even the pack fighting for you,” he clicked his tongue. “makes me want you even more.”

“So this is a game to you?” You couldn’t help but mock. “I’m just a symbol of power. A mark of victory?”

Now he was close enough to touch you, he had made you back up so much you were now against a wall, your back pressed firmly in place where you could not escape. Though you didn’t even want to. You wanted to hear him out.

“You shouldn’t underestimate yourself, (Y/n).” He purred. “You are not just a pawn in my game, you have so much more value to me, you can’t even imagine how important you are. This feeling I have for you is more human than a magical bond, though humans do prefer it to be magical, so either way the feeling is strong.”

You swallowed. You hoped you were wrong for what he meant. He couldn’t possibly be..?

“You’re lying…” You mumbled. You could feel the aura around you darken, getting heavy and making the air hard to breathe. You saw Stiles’ body tensing and his teeth gritting.

“I have watched you sleep, I have watched you dream and I have held you due nightmares without you knowing my present. I have made sure no one hurts you, I have made sure you won’t have to face your fears and I have been there for you!” He was now shouting, hitting his fists close to both sides of your head, then softly caressing your cheek and whispering, almost lovingly to your ear: “And I will always be the one to be there for you. No matter what.” He had calmed down, but still felt the need to say the next line.

“So don’t underestimate my love for you, darling.” He smiled.

He then kissed your cheek. Your tense body not relaxing, but all the air that had been caught in your lungs rushing out through your nostrils.

“I’m confused.” You finally got to say. “I didn’t know why any of this was happening and I didn’t think and now, I put everyone in danger so I could know why. I didn’t know-” Void, in the skin of Stiles’ cut you out.

“It’s okay, little dove.” He said softly, no sign of anger in his voice while he talked to you, his lips now tickling your ear while he whispered: “You know now. You don’t have to be confused, they will never try to separate us anymore.” You could feel his lips curve into a smile, then he kissed near your ear.

“And I don’t ever have to be scared of losing you, ever again.” He purred and embraced you.

Outbreak Part Four

Author: mystic-biscuit
Series Rating: NSFW 18+


Hi! Look here’s part four, sorry it took so long. As I’ve mentioned I’ve been going through a bit of a time in my personal life, but things are starting to even out. Thanks for being so patient. I hope you like it, I only like half edited it ‘cause I wanted to get something out because I’ve had a lot of you guys asking :) Sorry it’s shorter than the rest of the parts, there was a whole other chunk I was gonna put on, but I figured this was a good place to end it. Yenno, cliff-hangers and shit. Love you

Part One Part Two Part Three  

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The Other - Part 3 - Smut

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stuart Stilinski/Reader/Void!Stuart
Words: 3,151
AN: Okay so here is Part 3. There will be one more part. Thanks to @toppunks for reading and fixing my half asleep mistakes for me.

Part 1
Part 2

You watched slack jawed as Void got dressed. He chuckled, amused by your speechlessness. “You honestly can’t say you didn’t see this coming.”

You hadn’t. “I don’t understand.”

“Stiles thought he had this all planned out, but he was wrong.” He pulled Stuart’s beanie over his head. “He wanted to get rid of Stuart and I was going to let him, but when I saw all those things in Stuart’s head about you, I had to see for myself what the big deal was.”

You frowned, your arms instinctively crossing over your naked chest.

He walked closer, leaning forward so he was right in front of you. “I wasn’t disappointed.”

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I know this isn't necessarily Sterek, but are there any cute stories about Cora and Derek just being cute siblings?

What a good idea. I love anything to do with the Hale siblings! I couldn’t find much that only focused on them so here’s lists where they are still cute but not the focus. - Anastasia

Originally posted by dobedit

Daddy’s Little Archer by dementorsatemysoup

(1/1 I 2,458 I General I Sterek)

One of Allison’s phases is more than Derek bargained for…

no need to say goodbye by scepticallyopenminded

(1/1 I 2,496 I Not Rated I No Pairing)

He clenches his fist as he thinks this, as his eyes flash. He’s annoyed, has never had this much trouble with controlling anything, not even his mouth or his anxiety, and it sucks, makes him feel a bit like he’s backed up a few years, no control of his own body again. He hates this feeling of no control, it reminds him too much of being possessed by something. 

lift you to your higher ground by verity

(1/1 I 4,842 I Explicit I Sterek)

Derek takes a deep breath before he looks up. “I was going to Jungle to pick up a guy.”

“Huh.” Stiles taps his fingers against his bottom lip. They come away red; there’s already lipstick on his teeth. “You know, there’s an app for that. Grindr. You're—I bet you could just get guys to come over, like pizza delivery.”

“I don’t like pizza,” Derek says.

I’m gonna write another traveling song by MemeKon

(1/1 I 5,731 I Teen I Sterek)

They are in Santa Rosa when he gets the first text.

‘im sorry’

Derek stares at it for what feels like a minute but is probably twenty seconds.

Still excessive.

The phone beeps again.

'for the Kate thing i mean. i’m sorry for bringing it up and rubbing your face in it’

who’s gonna run this town tonight by callunavulgari

(1/1 I 6,880 I Mature I Sterek)

“So,” Derek says, after they break free of the preserve. They’re maybe ten minutes away from the station. “Who is it? The John Doe?”

“Should you really be asking me that, Deputy Hale?” Stiles mutters into his knees, voice strangely weak for someone who spent the last thirty minutes mouthing off to the people arresting him. “I’m not afraid of you,” Derek says before he can stop himself, glancing quickly at the road before returning the majority of his attention to the rear-view.

“Maybe you should be,” Stiles whispers, and Derek jolts like he’s been hit. He returns his attention to the road, ignoring Stiles slumping back into his seat, so he almost misses the quiet voice from behind him. “Scott McCall. Someone killed my brother and I mean to find out who the fuck did it. Nobody’s going to stop me, not even you.”

Inertia by apocryphal

(1/1 I 21,608 I Mature I Sterek)

The last thing Derek and Cora are expecting to find outside their motel room is a gaunt Stiles Stilinski, lacrosse bag on one shoulder and the weight of the world on the other.

You Can Floor Me Now by MissLouisa

(34/34 I 59,114 I Explicit I Cora/Lydia)

Cora is1 going to win Gold at the summer Olympics for diving this year. Maybe even twice.

If she doesn’t get too distracted by a certain redhead on her brother’s gymnastics team.

She’s pretty convinced they’re all going to medal, though.

Spellbound by WitticasterCole

(12/12 I 61,923 I Mature I Sterek)

This is the story of how Cora Hale came home, and why it took her seven years to do so, featuring werewolves, ghosts, minotaurs, wandering magicians, talking birds, gryphons, wolpertingers, assassins, and one particularly stubborn federal investigator.

It’s also a story about magic, and how it works, and–more importantly–why.

A Life for a Life, Makes the Whole World Bound by augopher

(26/26 I 90,697 I Mature I Sterek)

Stiles was lonely; there was no other way of putting it. The Nogitsune had left the pack a wary of him, not that they thought it had been his fault. No, they worried it would happen again. Once bitten, twice shy.
The morning after his 18th birthday, his torso was covered in mysterious green tattoos. He hadn’t been that drunk. He’d definitely remember that. Great. Something else to make him feel like a freak. Insomnia led him to his mother’s diary and a tale of how she helped an odd man once who gave her the warning, “Be careful of your wishes three.“ Everything clicked into place.
So…he was a djinni. He subtly changed things about himself. More muscle? Done. Better hair? Done and done. End his crippling insecurity? Done, done, done. He hid his new gift until he found himself bound to Derek.
With Deaton’s help, they translated meanings in his tattoos, but they were incomplete. A passage of his 'Rules and Regulations’ was missing. Everything was fine dandy until Stiles’ new powers and penchant for mischief and karmic retribution threatened to destroy him, fracture his mind, and turn him into something which couldn’t be contained.
Could the pack save him in time, and at what price?

thelootqueen  asked:

I know a lot of fans obsess over the idea of Stiles "finally" getting a good night's sleep, on dereks chest, drooling all over the place, and derek being super smug and fond about it. BUT what about derek? he barely slept at all through 1st and 2nd season. What about Derek finally feeling SAFE enough to sleep, probably in stiles bed, and the sheriff can't even be mad like. "Stiles. I swear to god, wake him up and I will ground you for life" And stiles being offended bc why would he even do that?

Okay, so yes to both of these boys getting sleep. But also, Derek is in a place now where he can get sleep. Hopefully on a beach somewhere. He can start being happier, can start letting himself heal and live as best as he can, whereas Stiles is in hell right now and needs all the blankets and cuddles on offer. 

So, let me go back to that infamous summer between seasons 2 and 3 where Stiles was totally helping Derek track Erica and Boyd and poor baby Derek really wasn’t getting any sleep whatsoever, not without horrible nightmares at least.

Think about this for a second. Think about the fact Stiles starts to clock Derek always offers to drive through the nights if they are searching long distance. Think about how he sees how tired Derek’s eyes are, but says nothing because he likes his throat thank you very much- he plans for many people, yes girls and boys, to kiss and suck on it at some point- so he does not want to give himself over to throat maiming threats again.  Not that he thinks Derek will actually follow through on those threats but he is very tired and cranky so Stiles decides to annoy him about other things instead of his bedtime habits. 

But the thing is, you know, you just know, at some point Stiles is going to wake up to find Derek asleep. Probably in the Jeep. And he looks so peaceful and happy. Until he doesn’t. Until he starts to whimper and say thinks like “please, I love them” and “Kate” and “why” and Stiles’ heart just breaks because he read his dad’s case files, but this is pretty much the moment he clocks who Kate was to Derek. Derek never expressly says it but Stiles can tell. He just knows and it makes him sick.

And so Stiles gently wakes him up. He expects Derek to threaten him or snap, but the dude just looks so damn sad and Stiles scoots closer, offers Derek his shoulder. Derek looks at it like it’s going to bite him and Stiles wonders for a moment if this is a good idea, but two seconds later he finds himself rolling his eyes and saying, “my mom always said shoulders were good pillows when you couldn’t sleep”. And okay, so maybe his mom hadn’t said that, but Stiles did used to fall asleep on her shoulder quite a lot, so same difference really. 

And it takes a moment, but suddenly Derek is nodding and letting his head rest on Stiles’ shoulder, falls back to sleep, and sleeps so soundly and peacefully that when he wakes up he actually smiles in surprise. Stiles can’t help but feel a little bit smug (because oh yeah, who’s the man), but mostly he just feels happy Derek looks better. (And isn’t that something. He cares. About Derek. Huh. He’s going to put that in a box and think about it never.)

They never talk about it, but every time after that when Derek needs some sleep he shyly seeks out Stiles’ shoulder and Stiles always just smiles or says “what’s mine is yours” with a wink. They never make a big deal out of it, it’s always casual, but Stiles notices the way Derek just…relaxes, like a tuckered out puppy (look, he can’t help it with the dog jokes, okay?) as soon as his head is on Stiles.

Sometimes, after that summer, Stiles catches Derek looking at his shoulders. Sometimes Derek crawls through his bedroom window and Stiles lets him use him, like before. Sometimes Stiles goes over to the loft, offers himself up. It’s never a big deal, just like before, but it becomes more as the weeks go by. They begin to talk, sometimes they sleep lying down.  And when Boyd dies and Stiles puts a hand on Derek’s shoulder, yeah, it’s how his dad used to comfort him, but it’s also their thing. That comfort, that promise of, I’m here for you. 

And when the Nogitsune happens, Derek realises two things. One, he can’t sleep without Stiles. Two, even if he could sleep, it wouldn’t mean anything without Stiles next to him. 

Derek- Only For You

Request-  Could you write a Derek x Werewolf!Reader where him and the reader are fighting side by side and she gets injured and passes out from blood loss and Derek stays with her while she’s recovering and is very worried? Thanks Wolfling! 🐺❄️ /  Can you do a fluffy Derek imagine where he finds the refer alone in the woods injured and nurse here to health? Maby add a kiss or something?

A/N- So I combined these two, but the second one is more of a flashback type thing. Enjoy! 

You snarled as you slashed at the oni you were fighting, trying to cover the twins as they made fought an oni at the school. You shot a glance towards Derek, but just like you, he was too busy fighting for his life to notice. You kicked your own oni backwards, sending the spirit crashing into the wall of the high school tunnel.
You turned towards Derek, but he caught sight of you and shook his head.
“Help them!” he yelled as he nodded towards the twins.
You swallowed and froze where you stood, fighting the instinct to protect your alpha and boyfriend. You had been only a year younger than Derek when he took you into his pack, but you had still been an omega running for your life. A group of hunters had been trailing you across the west coast and wanted your head on a spike, but Derek didn’t care.
When he had been younger and his whole family had been alive, it was like an extension of yours. You had grown up with Derek until your father decided to pick up and move out of Beacon Hills, trying to avoid the danger of the condemned town. Soon after the Hale House burned to the ground, killing most of Derek’s family. You and the rest of your family had been devastated but relieved you had left, although that didn’t last very long.
A group of hunters local to Portland had taken a cue from Kate Argent and decided that burning your family alive would be a good way to go. You and a few others had made it out alive, but after running for months, you were the only one left standing. You had made it to Beacon Hills, stumbling through the preserve and bleeding from a wolfsbane bullet in your side.
You had been looking for the old Hale house, but you figured there wouldn’t be anyone there. Most of them had died and everyone except Laura had disappeared from Beacon Hills, and even though you knew she wouldn’t be there, you wanted to die where you had grown up. Before you could even make it you had collapsed into a thicket of bushes, leaving the hunters hurriedly searching to find you.
“Find her,” Derek heard one of them snarl as he crouched behind a tree. “She couldn’t have gone far.”
Derek had suppressed a growl as he hid behind a thick oak and it took everything he had in him not to rip the hunters apart. He had been grabbing some things from the hollowed out shell of his old house and immediately recognized your scent in the woods. He had come to find you, knowing he had to protect you. You were as good as family and even though he hadn’t seen you in years, he couldn’t lose someone he had cared about so much.
It took him seconds to sneak up behind the three hunters and knock them out cold, but it took him even less time to find you after. You were bleeding and unconscious as he scooped you into his arms and took you to an emissary named Deaton, never realizing a thing until you had woken up on a cold metal table. You were a little shocked when you opened your eyes and saw Derek leaning over you, but you were incredibly grateful.
When Deaton said you would be okay but needed rest, Derek was more than happy to take you back to his loft. He stayed with you the whole time as you slowly got your strength back. From then on, you had been a part of Derek’s pack and you wouldn’t have had it any other way.
Maybe that was why now as you stood there, torn between helping Derek or the twins. Derek had saved your life and took you in, all while falling in love with you. You felt the exact same way, but as you stood there, he called out to you.
“Y/n, go!” he repeated, causing you to break out of your stupor and head towards the twins.
Argent shot an arrow toward Derek’s oni, sending it flying into his chest. Next he shot one towards the one the twins were fighting, but the oni quickly sliced it out of the air.
“Get the arrow!” Argent shouted. “It’s the last one!”
You nodded once and turned towards the twins, just in time to see Aiden snatched the last of the arrows from the ground. You skidded on the concrete as you raced towards him, but as you watched him raise the arrow, you saw the oni raise its sword as well.
“No!” you yelled as you darted forward.
You snatched the oni’s arm just before its sword could go through Aiden, but it wasn’t an easy thing to do. It took all your strength to tightly grip its arm, holding it up in the air as you strained to keep your grip.
“A little help?” you said through gritted teeth, just before Aiden plunged the arrow into the oni’s stomach.
You let a sharp gasp as your strength gave way and the sword came down. You felt a sharp pain shoot through your side and in seconds you were blinded by a bright flash of light. You stumbled back as the Oni disappeared in a puff of black dust, leaving you barely standing on your feet.
“Y/n?” Aiden asked as he looked down at you.
“I…” you started.
You lifted a hand to your side, feeling where you shirt had been sliced away by the oni’s sword. When you picked your hand up, it came away sticky with blood and you saw that it was turning black. You felt yourself getting dizzy, and you realized that you could barely stand. You took a wobbly step, back, only to pitch backwards onto the ground.
Fuck, was all you could think as you fell back. Luckily Derek was there to swoop in and catch you like he always was. You fought the urge to laugh wildly at this, because of course Derek would always be the one to save you.
“Y/n,” Derek breathed as he looked down at you in horror.
You sucked in a sharp breath as a wave of pain wracked your body, knowing that you wouldn’t be able to stay conscious for long.
“You know,” you whispered as Derek gripped your hand and tried to suck the pain away. “I never thought I’d die like this.”
“You’re not going to die,” Derek insisted gruffly, fighting the tears threatening to spill.
“I thought I’d die in the fire,” you continued hoarsely. “I thought the hunters would wipe me out. I thought they’d kill me. And then you found me.”
“Y/n-” Derek started.
You cut him off with a bitter laugh, feeling blood begin to well behind your lips. “You’re always finding me. You’re always saving me. God when we were kids I was so in love with you. I knew you didn’t like me cause Talia always stuck us together, but I didn’t even care.”
“That’s not true,” Derek said. “Y/n, that’s not-”
You sucked in a sharp breath as another wave of pain wracked through your body, and you felt your eyes flutter. Derek was frantically pleading for you to keep your eyes open, but you couldn’t. You barely heard him whispering to you about all the reasons you needed to stay awake before everything went black.

Your eyes fluttered open in the dim light, leaving you wondering where the hell you were. The last thing you remembered was dying in Derek’s arms, but as you opened your eyes you realized you hadn’t died at all. You were lying on your back, staring up at the ceiling as a warm hand rested on yours.
There was a loose piece of hair resting against your cheek, and you reached up to push it away, but before you could someone else did it for you. You finally realized you were in the loft, your back pressed against the sheets of Derek’s bed.
“Hey there,” Derek told you, reaching out to feel your forehead.
“What happened?” you croaked.
“Well you passed out in my arms,” Derek told you stiffly. “And then your breathing started to get shallow and your heart beat started to slow and then…then you were fine.”
“I healed?” you wondered weakly.
Derek nodded. “Scott and the others took out the nogitsune. Whatever that cut did to you, it stopped when they killed him.”
You started to sit up and Derek reached out to place his hand on your back, all the while staring at you with those concerned green eyes.
“You caught me,” you stated with a small laugh. “You’re always doing that.”
“And I always will,” he swore. “I swear, Y/n, I’d die before I let anything happen to you.”
He leaned forward, suddenly pressing his lips against yours in the heat of the moment. He normally wouldn’t have kissed you this passionately, but you had almost died in his arms. You leaned into him, feeling no pain at all as you melted against him.
Your fingers ran through his dark hair until he finally pulled away, leaning his forehead against yours.
“I love you,” he whispered. “God, I love you so much. You scared the hell out of me.”
“Sorry,” you murmured. “I didn’t exactly mean to.”
“Hey,” he said suddenly. “Do you remember what you were saying before you passed out?”
“Something about when we were kids?” you guessed.
“You said that I didn’t like you,” he reminded you. “But that’s not true.”
“But you were always annoyed when we had to hang out,” you reminded him.
“Well yeah,” Derek told you. “My mom was trying to get me to admit that I was crushing on you. She was a good alpha but she had this really bad habit of playing matchmaker.”
You laughed softly. “I never minded.”
“Well I didn’t either,” Derek told you. “At least not when we were alone. Besides, whenever Peter was there he would always try to mess with me. You remember how much he would flirt with you?”
“He was only trying to get a reaction out of you,” you told him.
“He kissed you on the lips,” Derek said sullenly.
“Once,” you told him. “Because he dared you to do it and you wouldn’t.”
“The moment wasn’t there,” Derek insisted.
You laughed. “You know, as much as you like to pretend you’re a grumpy old sourwolf, I know you’re a hopeless romantic.”
Derek smiled as he leaned down to press his lips against yours again. As much as he liked to play the tough loner, he knew you were right. He was completely weak for you, and he always had been, no matter what you thought.
“Only for you,” he murmured as he placed his fingers on your chin.
You grinned as Derek pressed his mouth onto yours, in what was possibly the best kiss of all time. When you were younger, you had never imagined losing all your family and having to constantly fight for you life. But you had also never imagined ending up with Derek Hale and that was one thing you could live with.


Request: To summarize it, the reader and Peter run into Void!Stiles and he preys on their insecurities

Author’s Note: I thought a lot about this one and I tried to come up with some good ideas. I may have changed it up juuuuust a tad, but I hope you still like it! I hope that this is everything you wanted and more @redeclecticwiccan c: Enjoy!

Warnings: Feels; language; some violence


“We’ll see you guys later,” I said, waving goodbye to the pack as Peter and I walked out of Scott’s house. It had been a long day and I was ready to get home and curl up in bed. Peter and I made small talk as we headed down the steps and toward the car that he had parked a bit down the street, his hand resting on my lower back.

“Leaving so soon?” a familiar voice asked from the shadows. Peter and I froze, turning to face the source of the noise. I held my breath as the Nogitsune stepped out from behind the large tree in the yard, a wicked smile on his face. Remember, it isn’t actually Stiles. I had to keep reminding myself of that fact every time I saw him.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, inching closer to Peter. I could feel the tension radiating off of his body. The Nogitsune stepped a bit closer, shrugging his shoulders.

“I just like being around you, Y/N, don’t you know that?” he said, cocking his head to the side. I swallowed, nerves twisting my stomach. I felt Peter’s arm slip protectively around my waist.

“Stay the hell away from her,” Peter warned. The Nogitsune chuckled, a smile on his face. 

“Oh, I don’t want to hurt her, Peter. No, in fact, I want her very much alive.” His eyes were trained on me and my breathing sped up, fear blossoming in my chest. “Just being in your presence sends shock waves through me, Y/N. Imagine what I could do if I could just touch you…” His voice had dropped as he reached a hand toward my cheek. I flinched as Peter swatted it away.

“Don’t even think about it,” he snarled, eyes turning blue. The Nogitsune put his hand back in his pocket, lips curving upward.

“What do you want?” I asked, my voice a shaky whisper. 

“I want you, darling. Isn’t that obvious?” he replied, head falling to the side. 

“Why?” Peter asked, his body covering mine a bit. I was holding onto his arm tightly.

“Nogitsunes feed off of strife, chaos, and pain. You should know that, Peter,” he tsked. Peter growled at him, wanting him to get on with it. His cold eyes fixed on mine with a vicious grin. “She has all kinds of that floating around in her pretty little head. Don’t you, Y/N?”

“No,” I said, shaking my head at him. I didn’t want to believe what he was saying. I didn’t want to have this conversation, especially in front of Peter. 

“Oh, come on, we both know it’s true. How much self-loathing you have in there. I know how hard it is for you to look in the mirror every day, Y/N. I know how much you can’t stand having to face yourself, deal with your incompetence day in and day out.” His voice had become breathy and dangerous and tears stung behind my eyes. I felt Peter glance over at me with concern and confusion, not having a clue what the Nogitsune was talking about. “It must be hard having to lie to all the people you care about all the time, putting on a fake smile and parading around like you’re all put together. But you aren’t, are you?”

“Shut up,” I told him, backing away. “You don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“I know exactly what I’m talking about. You and I both know that no matter how much good you think you do, it won’t ever be enough. The pack? They know that you only try to do good to get validity from them, so they give it to you just so they don’t have to deal with your reaction,” he told me. His words were like venom in my veins, burning my skin and eating me alive. “They all secretly hate you, Y/N. They hate the way you pretend to be a decent person. You’re useless!” he spat at me, the intensity of his tone growing. 

“Stop it!” I screamed, putting my hands over my ears. “You’re lying! Stop!” I was crying now and shaking my head, trying not to listen to him. Peter was by my side, trying to soothe me, but it wasn’t working. It was like he wasn’t even there.

“You’re only there to fetch their coffee in the mornings!” the Nogitsune practically roared. I whimpered and dropped to my knees on the ground, quiet sobs wracking my body. It was too much. Too much. 

“What did you do to her?” Peter growled, bringing out his claws and facing the Nogitsune.

“Now, now, Peter,” he tsked. “You wouldn’t want to lose control over a little anger, would you?” I heard Peter’s heavy breathing and I knew I needed to get myself together. I had to pull it all in and stand up. “You know, Y/N wouldn’t have even given you the time of day had she not been friends with Derek for so long. You should be thanking your nephew for helping you get a girlfriend,” he chuckled. “She’s only with you because she feels like she has to be. After all, wouldn’t those pack meetings be awkward if you broke up?”

“I highly suggest that you stop talking if you want to live,” Peter threatened. I could hear the wolf in his voice. Worried, I stood up, taking a deep breath, and took Peter’s arm. He looked at me for a moment to see if I was alright and I nodded.

“Don’t you see it?” the Nogitsune laughed, splaying his hands. “Y/N is with you because she can forget! She’s using you, Peter. Using you for sex and compliments. I mean, come on. Do you really think that she fell for your award-winning personality?” With a loud growl, Peter lunged forward and had the Nogitsune trapped against the tree, his hand around his throat. 

“I warned you to shut your fucking mouth,” he snarled, squeezing and making him gasp for air.

“Peter, no!” I yelled, running forward. My hands gripped his large arm, trying to pry him off. “Peter, listen to me, let him go!” I pleaded. I got a growl in response. “He was lying! You know I love you, Peter, don’t let him get to you!”

“And why shouldn’t I kill him right here and end our problems now?” he asked viciously. The Nogitsune let out a strangled laugh and Peter pressed into his throat harder, making him gasp.

“Peter, you can’t risk hurting Stiles. Please, let him go,” I begged, pulling on his arm. With a growl, Peter threw the Nogitsune to the ground where he laid, gasping for air. He was breathing heavily from anger, but he turned to me and immediately his face softened. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he held me against him.

“Come on,” he whispered, pulling me to the car. We drove off quickly, heading for the apartment and not looking back. The ride was mostly silent, neither of us wanting to speak after what had just happened. When we got back, Peter turned off the car and we just sat in the darkness, not moving to head inside the apartment building.

“Was any of what he said…was it true?” Peter asked softly, meeting my eyes in the darkness. He looked worried. I reached over and took one of his hands in mine, lacing our fingers together.

“Of course not, Peter. I love you, I truly and honestly do. Those things he said about you-” 

“I’m glad that those aren’t true,” he chuckled. “But I meant about what he was saying to you. Do you really…think that way?” My mouth fell slightly open and I blinked, not knowing how to answer. Peter brought his free hand up to caress my cheek lightly, wiping away a tear that had fallen. “Y/N..”

“I’m sorry,” I choked out. 

“Hey, it’s alright,” Peter said, pulling me to him in a hug. I cried into his strong shoulder as he stroked my hair. “I’m here, okay? And I’m going to do everything I can to make you feel beautiful and loved and truly happy. I’ll do whatever it takes, Y/N, to show you how amazing you are.” Peter pulled away, gently holding my face in his hands and looking me right in the eyes. “I love you.” I couldn’t do anything but nod, a small smile crossing my lips. Peter kissed me softly before breaking away and taking my hand in his, offering a smile.

It showed.

Anonymous asked:
Stydia friends take notice that they are acting like a married couple since they got rid of the fox

Genre; fluff, romance, bit of a slow build.

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Not a Real Werewolf - Theo Raeken

Requested by anonymous:
theo imagine where he’s arguing with the reader about the pack he wants (werecoyote, beta with anger issues, etc) and when he mentions void stiles or the nogitsune she gets really defensive because she’s dating stiles and she ends up going off on theo. please and thank you. and sorry this is so long. Oops
Warnings: Swearing. Angry Theo.
Word count: 1852
Note: I made the reader something supernatural and this is slightly different from the request but not really. I feel like it kind of sucks but I also kind of like it. Let me know what you think! Also, I’m really sorry I’m a day late on this but my internet was super messed up yesterday. 

Stiles was right, just like he always was. I’d believed him when he said that something was off about Theo but I had no idea he was that bad. He was dangerous and I still hadn’t completely figured out how to use my powers and protect myself yet I was standing face to face with the chimera in the middle of a rock parking lot. We were entirely alone.

“Why did you come here?” I asked despite the fact that I pretty much already knew the answer.

Theo smirked at me. “I’ve told you a million times, Y/N. I came here for a pack.”

I nodded. “Yeah, I got the basics of it all. But why don’t you tell me the truth? I mean, you’re probably going to kill me anyways, right? You’re going to kill me and pretend it was someone else, another chimera. Then you’re going to run to Scott and put on your admittedly impressive crying face and convince him that you did everything to try to save me, right? Because the only way you’re going to be in the pack is if I’m dead, right? I’ve always been in your way and you hate that, don’t you?”

His smirk was gone as quickly as it had appeared and he was fuming. “I don’t want to be part of Scott’s pack, I want the pack to be mine!”

I kept egging him on. “You can do better than that, Theo. The villain has to give his grand speech before he kills the person! We’ve all seen the movies. Where’s your grand speech, Theo? Did you write it yourself? Or did the Dread Doctors prepare it for you? Did they give you notecards for reference?”

He finally snapped. “I came for the werecoyote; the one whose first instinct is to kill. I came for the banshee; the girl surrounded by death. I came for the dark kitsune, the beta with anger issues. I came for Void Stiles. That’s the pack I want! Unfortunately, it doesn’t include you or Scott.”

I glared at him. “What the fuck did you just say about Stiles?”

Theo laughed. He actually, truly laughed. “Afraid the big bad nogitsune is going to come back and take over your precious boyfriend? Of course not. The nogitsune is gone but Stiles was never really the same again. You never really got him back, did you?”

I took a moment to think before I spoke. My hands were trembling and I didn’t speak until my hands had stilled. “Do you honestly think Void Stiles would be a good member for your dream pack? In what world do you live? Stiles himself doesn’t even listen to you. Do you really think you could control the Void part of him?”

He growled lowly but didn’t say anything.

I cocked my head to the side almost imperceptibly and examined his body language. He stood tall; legs splayed, arms folded tightly, hands balled into fists, shoulders square, and chin held high. His posture screamed aggression.
I then took note of the way I was holding myself. My right leg was crossed over my left, my arms were folded and I was gripping my upper arms. I looked too fragile and too nervous.

Theo was smart enough to notice body language so he probably knew.

“Your heart rate is rising.” He mentioned casually.

I nodded once. “Anger tends to lead to elevated heart rate. Although I’m sure you can smell my anger as well.”

He chuckled. “I smell fear more than anger. Word of advice, sweetheart-“

I cut him off. “Don’t call me that.”

There were approximately seven feet of space between us but the space dwindled as he rapidly approached me. I should’ve backed away. Any rational person would if someone like Theo rushed them. Despite my fear, I refused to move. Even when the space was reduced to three feet, two feet. Even when his hands gripped my shoulders violently.

His voice was surprisingly calm. “Do you think I’m stupid, Y/N?”

I shook my head. “As much as I wish you were, I know that you’re not. You’re smart. But then again, a lot of people are smart.”

“Then why do you think I’m going to fall for this act? You’re afraid of me, stop pretending that you’re not.” He growled.

“You really can’t stand it when things don’t go your way. That’s why you hate Stiles and I so much. You hate that we figured you out, you hate that he knew you weren’t the same, you hate that I stood in your way.”

“Shut up.” He spat.

I pushed his hands from my shoulders. “I don’t think I will, Theo. You see, I have a lot of things to say to you. So I suggest you shut up and listen.”

His eyebrows raised but he remained silent.

“Good job. You’re learning.” I smirked quickly before going back to glaring at him. “I was nice to you when you first showed up. I thought maybe, just maybe, there was a fraction of possibility that Stiles was wrong and that you were actually a decent guy. It wasn’t until I heard you talking to one of the Dread Doctors at Sinema that I realized you were a complete piece of shit.”

He’d gone pale when I mentioned Sinema, clearly he had no idea I’d overheard him while we were trying to save Hayden.

“Of course, Stiles was right, as always. You’re a manipulative, lying bastard. And I swear to god, if you so much as lay a single finger on my boyfriend-“

He cut me off. “What? You’re going to kill me?”

I shook my head. “Oh, absolutely not. You deserve so much more than what I’ll do to you. I was thinking perhaps Liam could have a go at you. I would say Scott but he’s just too nice, even after everything you’ve done. But Liam… Well, we know Liam. On any other day he might not actually kill you but seeing as it’s the super moon and you knew about everything that was happening to Hayden and you’re essentially the reason she’s slowly dying right now… Oh, darling. He’ll rip you apart.”

“What makes you think he’s strong enough to do that?” He asked.

“Because you’re not even a real werewolf, Theo! Or a werecoyote for that matter. You’re the Dread Doctors’ fucking toy! Let me ask you a question, do you actually think they would ever consider you their equal? They would kill you for even thinking that. And do you know why, Theo? Because you’re replaceable. And more importantly, because you aren’t fucking good enough.”

I could see him slowly crumbling. He was angry but he almost looked sad as well. He knew I was right. Of course I was right.

“Hurts, doesn’t it? Knowing that, without your little operation, you would be just like any other human. Maybe not just like. I mean, as far as I know, most of the population don’t fall under the category of complete-fucking-sociopath. Most of the population wouldn’t just sit by and watch their sister die. And don’t even get me started on those fake parents of yours. Why was it that Daddy Dearest’s signatures didn’t match up? A broken hand? No, of course not. He’s not your father. Did you kill your real father? What about your mom? Did you watch them die too?”

“Just like I’m going to make Stiles watch you die.” He threatened.

My body began to feel warm. I chalked it up to my heart rate continuing to rise but the look on Theo’s face assured me that this wasn’t the case, not entirely. He was staring at me with wide eyes and what almost looked like a smile.

“Well, that’s a surprise.” He chuckled. “What are you?”

I glanced down for a fraction of a second to see my hands glowing with bright orange flames that slowly danced up my arms, delightfully warm and soft. I smiled widely and I felt my eyes change.

His eyes found mine and he stumbled back a few steps at the sight of my eyes that glowed entirely white.

“I’m a witch, Theo.” I continued smiling and extended one hand in front of me, watching the flames grow taller in the middle of my palm. A flick of my wrist sent a small stream of flames shooting towards him, just over his head. I missed intentionally to give him somewhat of a warning.

The way he cringed away from the fire made me giggle delightedly.

“What were you saying about Stiles watching me die?” I asked, extinguishing the flames on my arms.

“I thought you… I thought your kind was killed off years ago.” He sputtered. “There haven’t been any witches for upwards of one hundred years. The humans killed you off, didn’t they?”

“Clearly not.” I laughed, feeling a soft breeze tickle my fingers and curl up my wrists.

“Is that all you can do?” He asked, the faintest hint of a smirk on his face. “Control the elements?”

I shook my head. “No, of course not. But I’m sure you don’t want to see what else I can do, Theo. You’ll be far too scared when you find out. Anyways, where’s the fun in giving away all of your secrets in the beginning?”

His eyes flashed gold before returning to their natural color. “I’m not scared. You’re practically a powerless human.”

“Practically isn’t much of a guarantee, is it?” I glared.

He opened his mouth to speak but instead he collapsed to the ground, a string of pained shouts escaping his mouth as he writhed. His eyes were shut tightly, his arms crossed over his torso as if he were trying to hold himself together. His screams made me feel stronger.

“Stop! Please, stop!” He begged. “Please, I’m sorry! Please just stop!”

I broke my concentration and he stopped writhing but remained on his back, gasping for breath. I walked over and took a seat, one knee pressing into his chest to keep him down. “I’ll make you a deal, Raeken. Stay away from Scott’s pack and that will never happen again. You come near any of us again, I’ll make it even worse. If you do anything to anyone we care about I’ll show you just what else I can do, and believe me, it gets much, much worse. And if you ever think about doing a single thing to hurt Stiles, I will slowly burn you to death. And when you’re just about there, just about to die, I’ll heal you and start all over. You think that the shit the Dread Doctors did to you was painful? You haven’t felt a fraction of the pain I can cause you, Theo.”

The look on his face was one of pure terror.

I stood up. A flick of my wrist carried him swiftly to his feet. He was frozen and had no idea what to do or where to go.

I took a single step towards him and he cowered back. I whispered one word that sent him rushing towards his truck.


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Part 3

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Playing His Game

Submitted by: thesewordscanchangeus

Description: Nogitsune!Stiles kidnaps Lydia, and he starts making moves on her, and Lydia is totally turned on by badboy Stiles but tries to resist his charms

Rating: T

Genre: Thriller, Canon Divergence, Nogitsune!Stiles

Authors Note: I didn’t really want to make Lydia out to be somewhat one dimensional so I hope this will suffice :) 

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anonymous asked:

Please continue that crying call drabble. I need it or else I'll die

a continuation of this super short sterek drabble, that takes place after Stiles kills Donovan 

also for  dontbesuchasourwollf, who said “if this doesn’t get a small sequel where Derek calls him back I’ll probably start crying,” and for velociraptervevo

Derek flops down in bed as soon as he gets home. Well maybe ‘flop’ and ‘home’ are strong words. More like, he carefully lays back on the too-hard mattress in his and Braeden’s cheap motel room.

She’s out now, doing a supply run, and Derek figures he might as well take a nap while she’s gone. He pulls out his phone first to make sure everything is sailing smoothly for her, and is met with a lockscreen that reads (1) New Voicemail: Stiles Stilinski.

That’s… odd. Odd, and horribly disconcerting. He and Stiles text fairly often, but phone calls are a rarity, and voicemails? Derek’s pretty sure this is the first one ever. Something in Beacon Hills must be really, really wrong.

So much for his nap.

He sits up, settling himself against the headboard, and hits play.

“Derek? Shit, shit, shit, I need to talk to you.”

Stiles’ voice sounds so shaky. Was he in immediate danger? But then, why call Derek?

“It’s not- don’t, like, freak out or anything,” he continues. He must be crying now, with the hitching of his voice and how wet his breaths sound, and Derek’s stomach twists. “We’re all okay, just- fuck, Derek, I need to talk to you. I don’t know who else to tell. I- I killed someone.”

The split second of relief Derek felt at the words, ‘we’re all okay,’ drains away instantly. Stiles had killed someone? He listens to the rest of the voicemail, feeling a little numb.

Stiles goes on and on, saying the guy was a monster, that he had tried to kill him first, begging Derek to answer the phone.

When it’s done, Derek listens twice more, feeling tortured by the pain in Stiles’ voice.

He checks his call log and sees the call only came in nine minutes ago. That’s good, at least.  

He clicks Stiles’ contact and brings the phone back to his ear. It doesn’t even get to ring one full time before Stiles picks up, and Derek feels terrible, imagining him sitting alone somewhere, panicking and clutching his phone while waiting for him to call.



“Oh, thank fuck,” he breathes. “I- oh god. Did you-” His voice sounds small and nervous suddenly, but in a different way. Almost like he’s afraid Derek’s going to judge him. “Did you listen to the voicemail?”

“Yeah,” Derek says carefully.

He doesn’t really know what to say after that.

I’m sorry you had to do that?

Have you told anyone else?

Are you okay?

He, of all people, knows there’s really not much to say.

Stiles takes over for him, though, like if he doesn’t get it out, he never will.

“I killed him. He was just a kid, my age maybe, maybe a little older. I don’t know. But he- his dad and my dad used to work together. They were partners, and when he was out on the job, he didn’t wait for backup, and he ended up in a wheelchair. That was a long time ago, I think. After that I guess- guess his kid went down a bad path or some shit, he was in and out of the station a lot. My dad had him booked like two weeks ago, and he- he threatened to kill him. Like- like violently, Derek, sadistically. But he- he came after me instead. I was working on my Jeep outside school last night and he grabbed me. He had, um, these mouths? Like, circles full of fangs, kinda, in his neck and palms. He chased me through the library, and was going to kill me, and I- I killed him first. I killed him. I killed him, I-”

“Hey,” Derek interrupts. “Stop it. It was self-defense. In the eyes of the law, you’re allowed to defend yourself.”

“In the eyes of the law,” Stiles laughs, just as hysterical and frenzied as before. It’s a little scary to hear him like that, honestly. “The supernatural is so fucking, fucking far outside the eyes of the law, Derek. I don’t- I don’t fucking care about the law- I don’t- I killed him. He was my age, and his dad was injured, and now he’s dead, and I killed him. Derek, I killed someone. I-”

“Hey. Listen to me.” Derek tries to make his voice firm but understanding. He wishes he were better at talking; he can’t even deal with his own emotions, half the time. “This is not your fault. Okay? He tried to kill you. He ended up dying. That’s his own fault. You didn’t ask him to come after you. He did something stupid, and he died.”

“He didn’t die, Derek. I killed him. He grabbed me around the neck and we crashed through a bookshelf, and I climbed this structure and he chased me, and when I hit the top I- I pulled something out and it fell, and this pipe went right through his chest. And he was just- just looking at me, looking at me and breathing for a few seconds and then he just- he died. Because of me.”

“You didn’t go out of your way to kill him,” Derek tells him steadily. “He was chasing you, and you didn’t have any options. There’s nothing you could have done. You didn’t have a choice.”

“I didn’t have a choice,” Stiles repeats, like that’s the most ridiculous thing he’s ever heard. “I didn’t have a choice. No, you’re right, I didn’t have a fucking choice. I keep fucking killing people, and I never! Have! A fucking! Choice!” Derek can hear him pounding his fist into something after every word. “Does that make it okay? I didn’t- there was no fucking choice about Allison, about Aiden. All the random fucking people in the hospital. When do I ever fucking get a choice? But I had to kill him, so now his mom and his fucking paralyzed dad get to bury their son? That’s fair? That makes it better?  No, no, they don’t even- they don’t- they don’t get to bury him. That’s not even- someone stole his fucking body. They don’t even- no closure, no-”

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Stiles/Allison- We’ll Do It For Her

Request-  Imagine being Allison’s bestfriend since her first day in Beacon Hills High School, you presented her to Lydia and Jackson, you supported her everytime she need it so when she died you were the most hurt, you went though depression and skipped school for a week until Stiles confronted you, and told him everything you felt and he promise everything well be alright because he’s always going to protect you

Warnings- Slight mention of suicide and depression

A/N-Next up is part 2 of that Liam imagine.

You sat on the floor of your room, your back pressed up against the edge of your bed. You stared at the photos tacked up on your wall, ones of you, Allison and Lydia. You felt the tears threatening to spill over again, tears that had been falling nonstop since Allison’s death.
At first you had been numb, not believing that your best friend could be dead. But after you defeated the nogitsune, the realization finally hit you. You got home that night, taking off your jacket and flicking on your bedroom light, only to catch sight of a picture of you and Allison, taken just before the alpha pack came to town.
The picture had been taken by Lydia, mid-laugh, and you and Allison looked the happiest you had been in a long time. You saw that the shirt Allison was wearing in the photo was one you were wearing right then, something she had let you borrow.
You took one look at the picture and just snapped, trying desperately to rip the shirt off your body. It seemed like such a trivial thing, but now you would never get to give it back to her.
Suddenly incredibly angry, you tore the shirt off, flinging it across the room. You tried to fight the tears dripping down your face, but you couldn’t. With an angry sob, you walked forward, trying to destroy anything that reminded you of Allison.
You gathered up clothes that you had shared, some hers, some yours, and shoved them into your trashcan. You shoved everything off your desk, where you two had studied together, letting notebooks and pens topple to the floor.
You had whirled around, facing your closet door which was covered with photos, most of them you and Allison. You reached out, intending to tear them down, but you found that you couldn’t bear to destroy them.
So here you sat, staring at the only hard-copy memories you had of your best friend. You had been holed up in your room for a week, not being able to step out of the house, or even leave your room. You had barely eaten, and your parents had stopped trying to talk to you, just leaving plates outside your door during mealtimes.
None of your other friends had stopped by, not even Lydia, but you figured they were just dealing with their own grief. It wasn’t like you were trying to talk to them either.
You wanted to find the strength to get up, to continue living your life, but you just weren’t ready. You just kept sitting there, replaying all the memories you had of Allison, praying you wouldn’t forget anything.
You  remembered her first day in Beacon Hills, and you had immediately recognized her as a new girl. You had gone right up to her, introducing yourself. She was such a sweetie, and there was such a lack of that in your group since you spent most of your time around Lydia and Jackson. You immediately brought her into the fold, and from then on it was history.
You had been with her through everything, finding out about the supernatural, her mother’s death, even when Gerard had manipulated her. She had pratcially been your other half, and you didn’t know how you could keep going without her.

Stiles walked through the halls, looking through the crowds of other kids around him. As his eyes roamed the hall, a few kids met his eyes, and Stiles couldn’t help but feel like they knew everything. Like they knew what he had done.
Scott had sworn that what Stiles had done while he was possessed by the nogitsune wasn’t really him, but there were some things he hadn’t even told Scott. He had felt every second of what he did to those people, to his friends, and he had enjoyed it. For once in his life, he had felt powerful, and he had relished in it.
He hadn’t been strong enough to keep the nogitsune out, and because of him it had killed people. At the hospital, at the sheriff’s station, even killing one of his best friends. Allison was dead because of him, and while no one said it, he knew it was his fault. He knew no one blamed him, but blaming himself was enough.
He walked into the cafeteria, going right to your usual table and sitting down. He hadn’t gotten lunch for the past few days. He just hadn’t been hungry.
Soon the table began to fill up with people. Scott, Lydia, Kira and Malia were all there, but as he looked around, he realized he didn’t see you. You weren’t at school for the sixth day in a row.
“Hey, has anyone heard from Y/n?” he asked suddenly.
“Who’s Y/n?” Malia asked.
Since you hadn’t been to school, you hadn’t officially met Malia, and she hadn’t met you. Everyone ignored her question, sharing a look with each other. It didn’t look like anyone had even tried to contact you.
“Did anyone at least go by and check on her?” Stiles asked.
Everyone shook their heads, and Stiles began to feel a pit forming in his stomach. Everyone knew how close you and Allison had been, and Stiles had no idea how you were dealing with her death. A disturbing thought crossed his mind, and he felt like he was going to throw up.
He couldn’t handle another death, and if you decided to take your own life because of Allison, it would be his fault. He pushed his chair away from table and stood up.
“Wait, Stiles, where are you going?” Scott asked. “You haven’t eaten anything.”
“I’m not hungry,” was all he said, before slipping out of the cafeteria.

It was Monday, and you had finally come out of your room, deciding you needed to shower and brush your teeth. Sure it wasn’t much, but it was a start. You had just put on some fresh pajamas, not even bothering to dry your soaking wet hair when the doorbell rang.
Your parents had finally gone back to work, so there was no one to answer the door but you. You sighed, knowing you looked awful but not even caring at this point. You opened the door, shocked to see Stiles standing on your porch.
“Hey,” he said quietly. “You uh, you haven’t been at school.”
“I know,” you said softly.
“Are you doing okay?” he asked. “I mean, I know she was your best friend and-”
He stopped when he saw the look on your face, his eyes widening when you suddenly broke into tears.
“Oh shit,” he breathed. “I’m-I’m sorry. I, uh, that was stupid, and, um…”
You huffed and rolled your eyes, sniffling a little. “It’s fine,” you told him. “Do you wanna come in?”
“Sure,” he said.
“Do you want anything to eat or drink?” you offered politely, wiping your red eyes.
“No thanks,” he said. “I haven’t really been hungry.”
“Me neither,” you told him, sitting on the couch.
Stiles stood there awkwardly for a minute, until you patted the spot next to you. “Everyone’s back at school,” he stated. “And Malia started taking classes.”
“Malia Tate?” you asked, your eyes widening. “The coyote?”
“That’s the one,” Stiles told you.
“Wow,” you whispered. “Everything’s okay right?” you asked. “Nothing’s trying to kill us again?”
“Not that we know of,” he told you.
“Good,” you said softly, pushing wet hair out of your face. “Because I don’t think I could take losing anyone else. I don’t…I don’t even know if I can do this without her Stiles.”
“I’m sorry,” he whispered. “This is all my fault.”
“It’s not,” you assured him. “It wasn’t you. Allison-she knew that. I know you weren’t there, but she wasn’t mad, or even scared. She told Scott that it-that it was okay.”
Your voice got wobbly, and you began to cry again. “She kept saying that. She kept saying it was okay…it’s not okay.”
Stiles wrapped an arm around your shoulders and you cried into his chest. “It’s not gonna last forever,” he told you. “I mean, it’s still gonna hurt, but it won’t be as bad. And we’re not going to lose anyone else, I swear. I’m not gonna let anything happen to you, or to anyone else. Allison had a code right?”
“What?” you asked.
“Her family’s code. The one she changed,” he stated. “What was it?”
“We protect those who cannot protect themselves.”
You remembered how excited Allison had been when she came up with it, how proud she had been that she was finally doing something effective in her family’s name.
“Then that’s what we’ll do,” Stiles promised you. “We’ll do it for her.”

kitsunesongs  asked:

Void!Stiles/Stiles "I like when you smile." Or, if you don't feel like that pairing, Steter, same quote?

I’ve been meaning to write something along these lines for a while, so thanks for the prompt!

The Best Presents

The scary thing is, everything could have gone so terribly wrong. If Stiles had done anything other than what he did, said anything to the kitsune than what he’d said, his world would have become a bloodbath.


He’d been scared – terrified of the foreign presence he could feel at the edge of his perception. Lydia Martin in his bed had been the first clue, but she was a figment of his imagination: this was not. Bright lights burnt around the nematon, and but for the crunch of leaves under bare feet Stiles could mistake himself for walking across a football stadium.

It has to be a dream. He could pull himself out of it, scream awake like he’d been doing for the last week…but when had ignoring anything or running away solved his problems lately?

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pascalecad-ew  asked:

hey do you think you could update the pack pushing stiles away tag?? thanks!!!

I’ll Drown My Sorrows by BBK (2/2 | 2,957 | PG13)

Stiles still feels the darkness from the nogitsune, feels the pain he caused, all the deaths.

The pack, including Derek, isn’t there to help him.

And miles to go before I sleep by Heart_Of_Steel_And_Fandoms (4/? | 29,389 | NR)

Stiles leaves Beacon Hills at the end of Sophomore year. He’s been abandoned by the pack, scarred by the hunters, and carries the equivalent of a volcano of magic inside him. Needless to say, his life sucks. But when Stiles comes back to Beacon Hills, over a year later and with a new persona, he isn’t the same powerless human the pack remembers. And when demons threaten Beacon Hills, he proves to everyone that sarcasm isn’t his only defence.

A Broken Pack by Alexlovesdestiel (1/1 | 4,921 | PG13)

When the Pack decides to kick Stiles out, they lose their alpha as well. When they’re in trouble. And forced to call for help, Little Red comes to save them.

Rapid as Man to Error by Kawayako (2/2 | 11,332 | PG13)

After two months of being slowly edged out of the pack Stiles is closing in on an epic meltdown when Deucalion returns needing his “help” whether he wants to give it or not.

Derek can’t believe believe Scott would let his best friend slip away like this, and after becoming an Alpha once more, decides to take the new turned Stiles as his pack of one until the True Alpha wises up and remembers his priorities.

Assuming Stiles doesn’t lose control and turn Beacon Hills into a smoking crater before that happens, of course.

I Only Cry at Night but these Nights are Getting Longer by Nix1515 (3/? | 5,511 | NR)

Almost everyone in the world, apart from really rare cases, has a soul mark. These soul marks have a complimentary soul mark to match them. Of course, many marks have many different matches because everyone can have more than one soulmate. Stiles Stilinski has a moon as his mark. He has no idea what would go with a moon, but he hopes to find his soul mate one day.
Almost everyone in his pack has their soulmate. Even his dad has rekindled love. And Stiles feels no longer needed or important. And as he grows more distant from the pack, he can feel the darkness in his mind growing. He’s starting to lose himself and he can’t tell what’s real or imaginary anymore.
After all, he still has to learn not to trust a fox.

Mages and Wolves by Alexlovesdestiel (7/8 | 5,237 | G)

Stiles feels ignored by his supposed friends and leaves Beacon Hills for the summer to train with a mage. He comes back with new friends, and a new look.

Whining Magic by ratonzita (1/1 | 5,016 | R)

“Oh my god, did you just whine?” Stiles said finally getting up from the floor. “I like to point to the fact that you wanted me away”, he approached the window, “so the second I open this, you, sourly-alpha, are going to fucking explain everything.”
He opened it but did not break the barrier. To be in love with Derek fucking Hale, god of hotness and world champion on grumpy faces and eyebrow talking, didn’t mean to freaking allow him to do anything he wanted. Oh, no. Stiles was putting his foot down, along with some yelling and swearing.
Derek whined again.
“Oh, fucking fine!” Stiles broke the line. “Now-”

Let Him Go by IamtheLight (4/? | 4,038 | PG13)

Stiles knew that he was not pack. But he had wanted to believe other wise.

Those Are The Days That Bind Us by s_a_m (5/5 | 52,172 | R)

His father wasn’t stupid. He was an officer of the law, trained to look for patterns. He confronted Stiles about werewolves and they shouted and Stiles tried to explain but his father was so, so, so mad, more mad than Stiles had ever seen him, ever in all his life and then his father looked at him and said,

“It’s like you’re not my son anymore.”

And Stiles broke.

The Art of Surviving

Fic Title: The Art of Surviving

Summary: It’s only been a few months since everything happened and Lydia doesn’t think it’s okay for Stiles to joke about all of it. Stydia

Genre: Angst/Romance

Author: youlookbeautifulwhenyoucry

Author’s Note: This didn’t turn out exactly how it was supposed to but here it is anyway. Enjoy!

They are lying on his bed doing homework like normal teenagers would do. She remembers vaguely doing this when her biggest worry was indeed getting all her homework done. Now it seems so inconsequential and that was exactly the reason Lydia is doing it. It is so refreshingly ordinary.

They lie side by side, shoulders brushing against each other and she tries to focus on the calculus homework that she could do in her sleep but now even that seems hard.

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Stiles- You’re Not Going To Replace My Best Friend

Request-  could you please do an imagine where after isaac leaves for france, without telling anyone, you get really sad bc you and him have been best friends since you were 10. stiles has to pick up the pieces and when isaac comes back 6 months or almost a year later, stiles gets really angry at him and says stuff like how he wasnt a real friend to y/n and all that jazz and you can choose how it ends thanks!

A/N- Here you go, sweetie! Sorry if it’s short but I hope you like it. :) Next up is an Allison imagine.

“Are you coming to Scott’s house tonight?” Stiles asked you as he leaned against the locker next to yours.
“I don’t know,” you admitted, tucking some books into the tiny metal space. “I wasn’t really planning on it, but…”
“Come on, Y/n,” Stiles complained. “We’re celebrating that nothing’s trying to kill us. Aren’t you happy about that?”
You rolled your eyes, shooting Stiles a look. “Obviously. I’m just not really feeling it tonight okay?”
Stiles gave you a look that said he believed absolutely none of your bullshit, and he raised his eyebrows at you. “Not feeling it? As in you want to cry about Isaac and eat ice cream alone?”
“Really?” you asked with a huff. “You make it sound like I’m some heartbroken ex-girlfriend. Isaac was just my best friend okay? I’m allowed to be sad.”
“True, but he’s been gone since last year, and as your new best friend, I’m not letting you skip out on this.”
You sighed, letting go of the textbook your were holding and looking over at Stiles. You and Isaac Lahey had been best friends since you were ten years old. Being his next door neighbor, you were probably the only person who knew what went on his house and how awful his father was.
You had been there for him through everything-his father, him getting bitten, and losing Erica and Boyd. You were inseparable, or at least is seemed that way until Allison died. You had never had anything against Allison, in fact you really liked her and you were glad she could make Isaac happy.
When she died, he had withdrawn from you and everyone else in the pack. The only thing he had left you when he left for France with Mr. Argent was a hastily scribbled note telling you he was sorry. He left you no texts, no calls, and not even a mailing address.
Isaac, who had been your best friend for seven years, had just disappeared from your life, leaving you broken and alone. You came back to school shortly after he left, but you avoided Scott and the others. The one person you would have talked to about your feelings was gone, and you hadn’t wanted to share with anyone else.
Most of the pack had accepted this, not bothering you when you avoided their calls and ate lunch alone in the library. However, there was one person who didn’t.
The tall, flannel wearing sarcastic spaz who was hurting so much on his own, decided it was his responsibility to befriend you. You and Stiles had never been close before, but he knew you needed somebody.
That wasn’t the only reason why he was so insistent you become friends, and he later revealed that he felt partially responsible for the absence of the scarf-wearing werewolf. After all, if the nogitsune hadn’t possessed him, it wouldn’t have killed Allison, and Isaac wouldn’t have left.
You had told him that was ridiculous and that it hadn’t been his fault, but if he was so insistent on being friends with you, then fine.
From that day on, you and Stiles grew closer than ever, and true to his words, he was your best friend. You and Isaac had had something special, but unlike him, you knew Stiles would never leave you.
“Fine,” you told Stiles, pushing your thoughts about Isaac to the back of your mind. “What are we doing tonight anyway?”
“Probably just watching a couple movies, pizza, the usual teenage movie night,” he predicted as you shut your locker.
“Okay but if I have to watch another Star Wars movie I’m going to kill you,” you threatened.
Stiles shot you a wounded look, holding a hand to his heart. “How dare you. You know how I feel about-”
He paused, his eyes focusing on something past you. You raised your eyebrows at him. “Stiles? What are you doing?”
“Y/n,” a voice said from behind you, causing you to freeze.
You swallowed thickly, your chest tightening at how familiar the voice was to you. Your emotions battled inside you, and you couldn’t decide if you were giddy or pissed beyond belief. You slowly turned around, coming face to face with the guy who had left you on your own.
“Hey,” Isaac said softly, shooting you a tiny smile.
You stared at him silently, having no idea how to feel. Should you be angry that he left you, or happy that he was back? You had a million things you wanted to say to him, most of them bitter and angry for the pain he had left you with when he ditched you, but you couldn’t find the words.
“Y/n?” Stiles asked coming to stand beside you and placing his hand on yor shoulder. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” you whispered, still staring at Isaac.
The taller boy eyed Stiles’ protective stance, able to smell his bitterness. Stiles hadn’t liked him before, but now he seemed to hate him.
“What?” Isaac joked, looking back to you. “Did you replace me already?”
You were silent, and Isaac’s eyes narrowed. “Oh my god you did. Stiles? You’re friends with Stiles now?”
“Well maybe I wouldn’t be if my best friend hadn’t left me,” you told Isaac harshly.
“Y/n, I was miserable,” Isaac told you. “The girl I loved died and I needed to get out of here. I couldn’t handle having to fight for my life anymore. But that didn’t mean I didn’t care about you.”
“Oh, really?” you asked. “I called you. Multiple times. You never answered.”
Isaac sighed, running a hand through his curls. “I needed a break from Beacon Hills, Y/n, but I’m back now. We can pick up where we left off, and you won’t have to settle for Stiles anymore.”
You opened your mouth to say something, but Stiles beat you to it.
“Settle?” the lanky boy demanded. “You think she settled for me? Well, I think she shouldn’t have had to settle for you in the first place. You left her, Isaac, and you think you’re her best friend? You think you’re a good friend at all?”
Isaac gritted his teeth, growling out “You don’t know me at all, Stilinski.”
“No, but I do know Y/n. And I know that when you left her all alone, I’m the one who had to pick up the pieces. You don’t get to come riding back in here on a white horse, pretending you care about her when we all know you don’t!”
Stiles’ face was bright red, and his voice got increasingly louder, finally turning into a full on yell. He finished his sentence breathlessly, noticing that by now everyone in the hall was staring at him.
“I’m..I’m sorry,” Isaac whispered. “I never realized…I thought you’d be okay. Y/n, I’m so sorry. Please, just…can we start over?”
You looked over at Stiles, raising your eyebrows at him. He sighed and nodded, knowing that he should have expected this. He should have known you would leave him for Isaac if he ever came back, and he guessed it was his own fault he hadn’t seen this coming.
“Yes,” you told Isaac. “But…you’re not going to replace my best friend.”
Stiles’ brown eyes widened, and he looked at you in shock as you placed a hand on his shoulder. You shot him a smile, looking back at Isaac’s sullen expression. Stiles grinned, wrapping an arm around your shoulders, glad that he wasn’t going to lose you.

jenna-sais-pas  asked:

Do you think (in the trailer for 510) Theo referring to Stiles as "void stiles" is significant? I mean, that pretty clearly states that it was something about Stiles that makes him special, not the nogitsune. And it seems to imply that Stiles' behaviour wasn't the result of the nogitsune or a void fly, but something about Stiles himself, since Theo wouldn't have "come" for just a regular human who used to be possessed, right?

combining this with an ask from anon

Anon: I am legit about to die. I’m hyperventilating. The new promo for the finale is killer. And theo talks about wanting void stiles and we get a shot of stiles looking voidish and do you think it’s possible for void to comeback like maybe it never left stiles. Idk but I hope it does.

and this from poppynk

In the next promo it shows Stiles punching Theo super hard. It looks as if Theo is very hurt. Theo also calls Stiles “void”. Do you think he’s something more than human?

I’ve been pretty sure Stiles was never just possessed by a nogitsune. And this seems to confirm this, it really does. athenadark has a theory about two possessing forces in Stiles and I do see how that is possible. It does seem to fit with what Noshiko said:

Noshiko: He’s nogitsune now. He’s void.

Our first assumption might be to think that she’s equating the two. Nogitsune = Void. But it could also be her listing what he is. Two things. Like most of the chimeras this season - a combination of two different supernatural beings…

I do think there’s something more to Stiles and if you’ve followed by blog you already know this and I won’t go into detail, but a scroll down my stiles is something tag should get you up to speed quickly. We can trace his somethingness back to before the events of 3b as well. If anything I think what happened to Stiles in 3b can be very much linked to what is going on now. 

I’ve already talked about the parallels between what happens to the chimeras and what happened to Stiles in 3b. Comparing Stiles and Tracy brings up alarmingly many parallels. I think that’s deliberate. I wouldn’t be surprised if Stiles is a fetus experiment. If so that could explain why he’s grown up and in some stressful times accesses abilities he shouldn’t have as a human. It starts up subtle and builds over the seasons. But after 3b it has escalated. 

Personally I do think many in Beacon Hills might be part of the experiments. I’m not even sure if it’s just the dread doctors but also something going on at Eichen House. Many of the characters have over the seasons shown some of the signs we know categorizes a chimera in the making. 

So perhaps Stiles was both nogitsune and void. And when he cloned himself he shed the body with the fly. He got rid of part of whatever was in him. Remember what Noshiko said:

STILES: So, I’m actually me? 
Noshiko: More you than the Nogitsune.

She never confirms that he’s “just him”. She just states that at this time Stiles is more himself and less of what she calls the nogitsune. I think Noshiko knows more about what’s going on that she’s telling… 

Which will also tie into this

Liam: What are you? 
Stiles: Uh, for a little while, I was possessed by an evil spirit. It was very evil. 
Liam: What are you now? 
Stiles: Better. Um…

I believe Stiles knows or strongly suspects there something more to him. But he’s scared it will take him over and make him act like he did in 3b. What he tells Malia when he anchors her confirms this. 

Stiles: I’m not going to run. Because I don’t think you’re going to hurt me. And I think maybe you’re so afraid of hurting me because of what you did to your family. I know what that’s like. I remember everything I did. And the worst part is I remember liking it. Because I felt powerful. I felt fearless. And most of all, in control. But when I came through it, I learned something else… Control is overrated.

And we also have his vision in 5x09 of him as Donovan, a failure. Perhaps the bite from Donovan is pushing him to change faster. Corey was stung by Lucas and healed. Perhaps that was what took for him to be a chimera. We never knew if the doctors came for him before or after Lucas infected him… And with the reference to anthrax this episode, which most notably spreads through skin, I think it’s another hint. 

Theo knows this too. He’s clearly on team Stiles is something. He’s coming for a pack, and he coming for a pack of special creatures, and he doesn’t say Stiles. He says void Stiles. Indicating he’s coming for Stiles’ somethingness.

And remember his talk with Scott about what happened in the library. The whole story was total bull of course but he did screw up one thing. Something that should make Scott go “wait a minute”. 

Theo: And when I saw what Stiles was doing… I couldn’t stop him. I shouldn’t… I shouldn’t be telling you this. You should hear this from him… Tell me. I saw Donovan go down. Stiles hit him with the wrench, and then, he just, he just kept hitting him. Uh, maybe it was because he… He threatened to kill his dad. Or maybe Stiles thought he had to keep going to defend himself, but he just… He kept hitting him. That’s not possible. He crushed that kid’s skull. I heard it cracking and splintering. By the time I pulled Stiles off him, half of Donovan’s head was caved in.

Theo is a werewolf with incredible strength and speed. Stiles is presumably a human with normal strength. It shouldn’t be a problem for Theo to stop him at all. And he does admit to seeing Donovan go down, and watched him hit him repeatedly. He’s super fast and super strong - why not just pry him off? 

It’s like Theo knows what Stiles is capable of, and in this instance he’s forgetting that Scott doesn’t know. It’s minor, I know. But still. Theo is talking like he and Stiles are equal in powers. 

And the punch in the promo could certainly be an indication of Stiles’ somethingness. I’ve listed hints about his strength before, see this post. And he also pushed Theo around on the hospital roof. I think it’s deliberate and serves a point.

But that said, I do think it’s possible to knock down a werewolf even if you are human. They have a human side too, and if caught of guard why shouldn’t they fall down. But judging by Theo’s wolfed out reaction, he’s reacting like most wolves do when threatened by something. And why should Stiles be a threat at all if he’s just human?