not even using his hooks

Unknown has given me...

… Unknown happiness

… Unknown banks of feels

… Unknown depths of horniness

… Unknown levels of love for a title so unknown.

Damn you Arashi and especially you Sakurai Sho!

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Damage Control (Jackson/Stiles)

@mssmartian : Jackson/Stiles “i’m a pop star with a bad relationship rep and you’re a hot actor whose last two movies flopped, i think we can help each other out” fake dating au

For winning third place in my giveaway, I promised a fic of 500+ words. This one? Is a lot more than 500 words. Sorry? I hope you enjoy! Fic #35 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge

Damage Control. Jackson/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3.

When Jackson’s habit of casual dating earns him the label of Casanova, his manager and best friend, Danny, suggests that he do a little damage control. Enter Stiles Stilinski, famous actor whose last two movies have apparently flopped. They already have a sarcastic flirting going on, so Jackson knows getting Stiles to fake date him is the best plan ever.

“You’ve got to do something about it, Jackson.”

“Like what?” Jackson takes a sip of his drink, frowning when the stupid umbrella bumps against his nose. He pulls it out of the glass and tosses it across the table at Danny. “You know how much I hate random shit in my drinks.”

“Which is why I always make sure to ask for an umbrella whenever I order you iced tea.” Danny smirks, and the bastard somehow manages to still look like a total sweetheart instead of an ass. It’s a skill that Jackson has never managed to master, even after thirteen years in the spotlight.

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The boys have an s/o who is very adverse to showing skin or being touched. They're very secretive about their body, constantly wearing what appears to be heavy clothing that hides their figure. But one day they come out with the reason why. Stripping off their top they reveal they have wings. Huge, flight ready ones due to experiments. The last time they were brave enough to reveal their secret someone tried to remove them forcibly.

Omg it took me forever to finally be able to get back to these. Sorry for the delay, nonny!!

The prompt is really cool :) It would probably have been easier to one-shot it with a single character, but since the request is for the boys as a whole, I’ll just do some quick headcanon information. If we want it expanded upon for any particular boy, lemme know~

I’m sorry if any of these come off as derpy ahahaha >_>;; And I did sliiiightly deviate from the original prompt, but still stayed pretty true, I think. :D

Warning: Total spoilers.

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Jughead’s Twin (TWIN AU)

AN: I was just thinking “What if Jughead had a twin? What if Betty was ridiculously jealous?” LOL. This is pretty long. SOrry!

Betty was trying her very to not scowl at the sight of a certain jet black haired boy and a ginger haired girl laughing infront of her. Jughead Jones and Cheryl Blossom were suddenly bonding. And she hated it.

Not that she hated Cheryl of course it wasn’t that but because the fact that Cheryl could make Jughead laugh like that made Betty want to unleash the green eyed monster inside her and just yank her off of Her man.

Yes, she was jealous. Terribly.

Ever since the death of Jason Blossom, Cheryl began hanging out with them thus making Jughead and Cherly realized that they had a lot of things in common like taste in movies etc. Betty did not seemed to mind at first, she wanted to give Cheryl the benefit of the doubt since Ronnie seemed to have grown closer to Cheryl ever since the sleepover. Apparently there was more to her then what meets the eye.

But now it seemed as if Cheryl has Jughead wrapped around her finger as they kept chattering with each other like there was no one else in the table but them.

Apparently Cheryl leaned over to Jughead’s hear and whispered something inaudible to Betty and to her dismay, Jughead gave Cheryl a shy smile. A smile which made Betty’s heart drop like a million times since that smile was always been reserved for her.

Betty could feel her eyes well up, she didn’t want to show them that she was crying so she quickly got up . Everyone at the table looked at her, surprised by her sudden movement.

“Everything alright, B?” Veronica’s voice was evident with concern.

Betty nodded, “Yeah I just need to have some fresh air.”

Kevin looked at her with doubt, “We are outdoors, Betty.”

She wanted to smack herself. Of course they were outdoors, they eat at the same lunch spot everyday. Archie got up as well and touched her arm, “You sure you’re okay?”

Her tears were threatening to fall from her eyes and everyone could see it, “Uh yeah of course. I just need to be… anywhere but here.”

She turned around as her tears fell from her eyes, she could hear Jughead call out her name but Betty did not stop. She did not care.

All she could think about was Jughead and Cheryl being together and it hurts. Just when she had realized her feelings for him, he had gone for the most beautiful ginger in town. Her heart was broken. She knew when Archie did not reciprocate her feelings, it hurt but she got over it. Betty did not understand why this time with Jughead, it hurts lot more. She has lost him to another girl. Then again, no one picked her. Her family didn’t. Archie didn’t. And now Jughead.

She brisk walked as fast as she could, she felt like she couldn’t breathe. Her feet had a mind of its own. Wiping her tears, she walked towards the empty football field. Her head still down.

Betty went on and on and wasn’t even watching where she was going until she rammed over something hard. She quickly looked up to say sorry but was absolutely taken back to see who it was.

Or at least who it looked like.

This dude had blonde hair that was tied into a small low bun and alluring green eyes. He had a strong jaw that looked so masculine and sexy.

A guy that looked like Jughead but only it wasn’t Jughead. Betty spotted the difference; this guy has a mole above his upper lip while Jughead didn’t. He had more built too.

But Betty couldn’t help but still amazed at how similar they looked.

“Jughead?” she said though she knew it wasn’t him. Betty just did not know what else to say.

The gorgeous guy laughed, “No I’m a lot cuter than he is.”

Betty couldn’t help but let out a small smile, “I I didn’t know he had-“

“A twin?” He raised his eyebrow, he sound amused like he wasn’t shocked at all.

“Jugster doesn’t like to talk about me that much. Or his family” He shrugged like it wasn’t a big deal.

Betty nodded. All the years that she had known Jughead, he never really gave out details about his family. All Betty knew was that he had a sister and that was it. But still she was surprised to know that Jughead had a twin. That was a big deal.

“Forsythe Jones the fourth. I’m the younger twin by 10 minutes. But please call me Fourth.” He smiled widely and took out his hand.

She took his hand, “Very nice to meet you.”

Instead of letting go of her hand, he brought to his lips and kissed the back of her hand gently. Betty could feel her cheeks flush.

When he lets go of her hand, he walked closer to her, “I would say likewise but I don’t have your name yet.”

Suddenly feeling embarrassed , she said “Oh how rude of me. My name’s Betty. Betty Cooper.”

He smiled, “Pretty name for a pretty blonde like you.”

Now she knew that she was hardcore blushing, no guy has ever smooth talked to her before not to mention that this guy looked like Jughead. She felt her heart broke a little at the thought.

“Now, Betty. Do you mind if you could give me a tour of your school? It’s pretty huge and I don’t know my way around here yet.” He had a hopeful gleam to his eye.

“Oh I-“

Suddenly she was cut off by Jughead’s voice that called out her name. Betty turned to see that the whole group was there jogging towards her. They wanted to ask if she was okay but their eyes landed on the person next to her.

“Fourth?” Jughead asked in disbelief. All their friends including Cheryl was also surprised.

“Call me crazy but I can see two Jugheads.” Kevin said, his eyes wide but raked over Fourth’s physique.

“Hey big brother!” Fourth said with a huge grin on his face and gave Jughead a man hug which Jughead did not return.

“What are you doing here?” Jughead asked when Fourth pulled away. His voice was anything but pleasant. It seemed like these two did not get along well.

Fourth mocked a hurt expression on his and placed a hand over his heart, “You don’t look happy to see me, Jugster! I’m wounded, truly I am.”

“I’m serious Fourth. What are you doing here?” His forehead creased a little bit more.

“I’m attending Riverdale High now! Isn’t it great! We’re going to be in the same school! It will just be like the old times.” Fourth even used one arm to hook Jughead’s neck and ruffled his hair which caused his beanie to fall off.

Betty couldn’t help but look a Jughead without his beanie. It just made him more attractive. She had seen him without the beanie of course but it can still take her by surprise.

Unfortunately, Cheryl caught the beanie and placed it back on his head. Jughead gave her a thankful smile. The sight made her want to hurl. All the hurt from earlier came back to her again.

“I didn’t know you had a twin Juggie.” Cheryl gave out a flirtatious smile. Now Betty was fuming. NO ONE CALLS JUGHEAD THAT NICKNAME BUT HER.

Jughead must have noticed it, he turned to Betty. He knew very well that the nickname was just reserved for her. He noticed how Betty’s cheeks flushed

Betty was beyond pissed but instead of showing it, she turned to Fourth with the sweetest smile on her face.

“Fourth. About that tour that you wanted. I’d be happy to give to you.” Betty linked her arm with Fourth who looked pleased and nodded. She silently rejoiced when she saw Jughead flinch.

“See you later Jugster and uh… his friends.” They both started to walk away.

Fourth turned to her, “Thanks Betty for coming with me.”

Betty waved off the statement, “Oh please Fourth. Call me Betts” making sure, she emphasized loudly on the nickname

Jughead froze.

To continue or not to continue? Now that is the question.

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so ive been avidly following your evak drabbles (they are marvellous) and ive had a terrible prompt floating around my head for a few days now. ok ok hear me out, we know isak is absolutely shite at being discreet with his porn tabs, but get this he has totally forgotten to delete grindr off his phone (that he downloaded in episode 2 to stalk even on). even perhaps stumbles upon it one day when he is looking at cute photos of them, copious amounts of teasing ensues decide the rest <3

oh holy god. this prompt. I was literally half way through another one when I had to stop because I kept thinking about this one. So you’ve got me, anon. You’ve got my attention, so sit back and ride this out with me.


There is something to be said for an empty apartment on a Friday night.

Even grins and lays back on Isak’s bed, door wide open, every so often listening to the off key sound of his boyfriend singing in the shower.

Life is good. Right now, this minute, it’s the best it’s ever been. And that’s thanks to the boy singing Adele as he washes off remnants of their afternoon. It’s thanks to the uneventful, drama free weeks of their relationship following Christmas.

Through the haze of Isak’s singing, Even reaches for his boyfriend’s phone, thumbing the lock (Even’s birthday, the sap) and glances at the home screen.

“Isak, which photo am I looking for?”

Even hears Isak’s singing cut off in the midst of a moving rendition of Hello. “What?”

“The photo!” Even calls out, snorting at the image of Even passed out with his mouth open and drooling that acts as the home screen image. “The one my mom took the morning after Christmas that she wants you to send to her.”

“Oh- yeah.” The shower cuts off, “It’s the one of us on the floor in front of the Christmas tree. Give me five minutes and I’ll find it!”

Even rolls his eyes. Five minutes his ass. If Isak takes less than fifteen minutes in the bathroom after a shower, he counts it a miracle.

“Uh huh,” he says, mostly for himself. Then loud enough for Isak to hear him, “No worries, I’ll find it! Where is your gallery icon?”

Even flips through the pages on the phone, trying to locate the fucking button.

Facebook, no. Instagram, no. Fucking Snapchat, no. Grindr-

Even pauses, sliding his thumb away from the screen.


Sure enough, at the bottom right hand corner on Isak’s third page, a little orange button sits with a creepy fucking black mask icon.

What the fuck.

Even glances up at the empty doorway, unsure whether he should be impressed or really fucking concerned. But Isak wouldn’t. There is no fucking way he would. Isak could hardly look Even in the eyes the first time Even had gone down on his, let alone use Grindr to hook up with guys.

Nevertheless, Even hits the app and waits for it to load.

Last Activity October 2016.

Even lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding and laughs, the situation sinking in. He pulls up some of Isak’s last conversations, noting that his boy didn’t respond to a single one and that each message was more vulgar than the last.

B-Toy: Do you squirt?

Even snorts out loud. God he can almost imagine the look on Isak’s face reading these.

“Baby?” Even calls out, thumbing through more of the messages his eyes growing wider with each one and the corners of his mouth growing sore with the force of his grin.


Even props himself on the pillows, getting ready for the show.

“Uh- who is Daddy890?”

Silence, then a muted and confused “What the fuck?”

“What about Bottom4You? And it’s a number 4, so straight to the point.” Even snorts, “Apparently he’s been a bad boy who wants to be punished.”

Another bout of silence and then a loud thud, followed by a clear, “FUCK! OH MY FUCKING GOD.”

Even can’t help the burst of laughter that bubbles up, escaping his chest in almost honks of sound. He hears another thud and then the bathroom door slams open.

Isak rushes into the room, covered in only a towel that he holds up with his left hand. He zeros in immediately on Even with his phone and the specific app that’s pulled up. “Even.”

“I’m just- does he know what you’re like in the bedroom?” Even gasps out through pees of laughter, only strengthened by the force of the red flush starting at Isak’ s chest and flaming upward.

Isak squawks, lunging for the phone. Even rolls smoothly away, holding the phone up to his face, and crawling backwards to evade Isak’s desperate swipes. “StrongSven wants to know if you like to be called ’baby’. I can certainly tell him the answer to that.”

Isak crawls on top of the bedding, ignoring how his towel falls off in the process. “I fucking hate you so much!”

“I feel like we should talk about this a little.” Even gasps, finally surrendering the phone when Isak hooks his arms around Even’s waist and he’s left with a lap of warm, naked boy.

Which is something he could get very used to.

No,” Isak says forcefully, trying and failing to hide his beet red face in Even’s shoulders. “We are never talking about this. This was a mistake brought on from curiosity, Eskild, and a lonely night watching Romeo + Juliet! I can’t believe I forgot to delete it.”

“Curiosity?” Even pulls back, hooking a hand through Isak’s hair and pulling slightly- just enough pressure until Isak had no choice but to look Even in the eyes. He tried to tramp down another grin and keep his face serious, “Were you looking for me on there?”

Isak looks absolutely scandalized, “Of course not!”

Even raises his eyebrows, recognizing the over the top, high pitched tone of a lying Isak. “You were! You were looking for me on Grindr!”

Isak groans, “And this is how I die.”

“What did you think my name would be?” Even says in between his bouts of laughter, “BigDaddyE?”

Isak chokes.“Jesus Christ, please don’t ever let those words come out of your mouth ever again.”

“No? How about TopGun?” Even snorts, “Get it? A movie reference, plus I’m a top! It’s meant to be. Oh what about Even<3TheD? Only like with a heart emoji. Too cute?”

Isak takes a huge breath, “I will literally suck your dick right now and whenever you want for the rest of your life if you never speak of this ever again.”

Even’s mouth snaps shut as he considers. He can’t help but glance down, where Isak is naked and squirming on his lap.

Well that- that’s just an offer too tempting to give up.

(Later, when they’re both panting and laying side by side, Even sits up. “I’ve got it- EvenTakesYouToHeaven. That’s it.”

“You are the worst.”)

beyond the sea

Rating: Explicit 

Pairing: Eren/Levi

Summary: “I’m a merman.”

The fishboy – merman – cocks its head. Levi supposes his head would be more applicable. Unless… “You’re a guy?”

“Well, I’m not a maid if that’s what you’re suggesting!”

Word Count: 12k+

A/N: Dedicated to @ryuusea‘s lovely art, which inspired this whole thing. But also to @hana-tox who came up with the original idea for which the art was inspired. I hope you guys enjoy! (Also there is a chaptered version over on Ao3 for those of you who would like to bookmark it :’D)

When Levi first meets Eren, he’s eight.

He has been staying at his Uncle Kenny’s house off on the coast, vacationing – at least that’s what his mother liked to call it. Levi was smart enough to understand that being ushered out of their apartment by men in black suits wasn’t normally called a vacation. Maybe he will ask Miss Ral when he gets back just to be sure.

Vacation or not, Levi was stuck there. And under strict orders not to leave the house, unless he wanted a ‘fuckin’ boot up the arse’. What your uncle really means, Levi, sweetie, is that it’s not safe outside, okay? Of course, he hadn’t intentionally meant to disobey his mother, but there is only so much an eight-year-old can find to do inside a one bedroom beach house.

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Kitten//Derek Hale

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Summary: Y/N doesn’t like being called kitten, or does she? ;)

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 514

Word Density: “Kitten”

This randomly came to me while I was out shopping today, always a good sign xx

Tendrils of hair fell out of your ponytail as you put full force into the bag. You groaned in frustration as hair began to fall into your face. Staying training wasn’t necessary You just felt weak and inferior to the rest of the pack. Stiles was smart, Derek was a werewolf, Scott was an alpha, Liam was a werewolf, and Lydia was a banshee (and when Allison was around, she was strong and knew he way around a bow and arrow. You could never do the things she could).

Derek watched from the doorway as you put your all into hitting the bag. He frowned when he realized you were doing that wrong. He knew that you were trying to train and become a better fighter (after what happened with Theo). Derek sighed and walked over to you. His loft was warm, causing you to be even sweatier than you would have been, but making you look like you were glowing.

“Stop.” He grabbed your arms before you could hit the bag again. The bag slowly swung back and forth, coming to a stop shortly after.

“Why?” You pulled your hands away from Derek’s grasp. As much as you loved him, you couldn’t help but feel aggravated that he stopped you.

“Well, I wouldn’t be a good boyfriend if I didn’t tell you that hitting it like that can break your thumb.” You squinted your eyes in confusion. He grabbed your hands again and balled them up. “You had your fists like this. When you hit the bag it pushes your fingers in all the force goes to your thumbs. You have delicate kitten thumbs. Don’t you kitten?”

“I’m not a kitten, don’t call me that.” You ignored him and kept hitting the bag. He kicked the bag, knocking it off the chain and falling to the ground. “What the hell, Derek?”

“You need a moving target. You up to the challenge, Kitten?” He smirked and reached to touch your side.

Every punch you threw in his direction, he dodged. This wasn’t to try and hurt each other, but you were getting aggravated. You wanted to defend yourself. You didn’t want your boyfriend to see you how everyone else saw you, weak. Him calling you “kitten” made you feel weak. Him calling you that forced you to try harder. You gasped as he grabbed your fist, sending your left foot towards his body. He grabbed your leg and pulled it toward his body.

“If you want to fight with the werewolves, you need to be as fast as us. Maybe even faster.” Your left leg was hooked around his hip. “Jump, kitten.” You obeyed d gave a small smile.

“I’m not a kitten.” He walked you over to the bed and gently dropped you.

“You say that now, but in a few minutes you’ll be clawing at my back like one.”

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Prompt: Back in Storybrooke Henry starts insisting on buying coconuts and other things for Killian to use his Hook on. (Not even necessarily food. Human can-opener!Killian, anything. :P) Because he thinks the Hook is cool. Killian is amused. Emma is unimpressed.

(Alright, here we go. I hope you like the way this one turned out!)



It was strange to see Killian being that domestic - especially since he had a hook for a hand.

She didn’t mind though, never had and would never start to.

But still… When Henry had found out about them being an item she had been worried about his reaction to her and how he would handle the “one handed pirate” thing.

Henry handled it well, so well that Emma didn’t have to cook for four days a week, not that she even minded.

Her son used her boyfriend as a living can-opener.

And to poke holes in coconuts her son insisted to buy.

But it didn’t end there.

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More [cs, finale ficlet]

A little ficlet I wrote for this post I made earlier today. Originally it was just supposed to be silly and cute, but I went for Emma’s POV and that made it a tad more emotional than expected.


They’ve been drinking for a while now, everyone else at the table long gone and Emma’s starting to feel a little out of her depth. She hasn’t exactly been able to toss out every drink, and the inn’s rum is certainly potent – but that’s not the real problem. The problem is Hook.

Emma’s done this before. She couldn’t even count how often she’s flirted with a mark (whether to rob them or arrest them), and she’s always had the situation under control. Always had herself under control.

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Nerd Moment: Holly Berries and the truth.

Adam and Eddy do everything with purpose. Even the use of holly berries and Killian using his hook to shake them off the bush has a meaning to it. The real question is what is the point of it.

In heraldry holly is the symbol of truth.

We see it represent the truth twice. Once with Charming as he faces his fear and destroys it only when admitting it. Again with Killian and Emma while they are in the forest.

Like an actual child Killian uses his hook to shake the holly berries off the bush. Not more than a few moments later Emma is trying to shake the truth out of Killian on what he is not telling her about the year he was gone. If we continue to watch the scene we actually get Emma revealing a truth of her own. This is all very reminiscent of Echo Cave.

Echo Cave represented the place people keep there biggest secrets. Somewhere is the deepest caverns of our minds. The shaking of the holly berry bush is to represent Emma and Killian once again releasing secrets that are about themselves and the capability to love and love the other. This time there is just a slight twist. Killian is obviously not disclosing what happened. Whether it is him losing the Jolly to get to Emma or something even bigger like he is completely in love with her and saying nothing to protect his heart since he almost witnessed her say yes to Walsh. It is this time that Killian is not fully revealing his feelings towards Emma. As Killian said that’s his tale and he’s sticking to it. Even by using the word tale and not truth it is obvious he is lying or hiding the truth for a very good reason.

The one revealing a secret about themselves is Emma. Killian with the use of getting a bit under Emma’s skin by using the phrase saving you from a loveless marriage gets Emma to open up that she was in love and after finding out who/what Walsh really was she ended up with a broken heart. Like Killian shaking the holly bush he shakes the truth out of Emma.

It is obvious Killian meant no harm in wanting to find out about Emma loving Walsh. He needed to know if it was truly Emma or just fake memory Emma that loved. It is what prompts the lines I’m glad to hear that…..If it can be broken, it means it still works.” In those words it is now Killian revealing that if she loved again with Walsh, she can love again with him. He even places himself in front of her with locked eyes when he says those words so it is clear he cares for her and in turn hopes she will take the leap in caring for him like she did Walsh. It is not a blatant revelation of his feelings for Emma as in Echo Cave but a subtle one that, like always, allows Emma to take the lead in the relationship that they are building.

Echo Cave and the holly berries represent Emma and Killian revealing the truth about their feelings. They are stepping stones to further the  formation of their relationship. It is also a reminder that a relationship is built on truth. Lies just destroy a relationship. Just look at Emma and Neal and Emma and Walsh, both failed because both lied to her. As to date Killian has always told her the truth. Kilian has even told the truth about how Emma has helped changed him and shown him he is able to love again. Now it is Emma who, in time, will tell the truth of how she has been changed by Killian and how he has helped her to love again. Lets face it they have cared for each other on some level since the beanstalk. A truth we have always known.