not even trippin

Timbaland: The thing that bothers me the most about the death is we just got in an argument and I never really got to say I’m sorry. But you know, when I was about to say, “Why are we even trippin?” That’s when we got the news.

Let Me Love You (G-Eazy)

Inspired by the song  Let me love you by Ariana Grande featuring Lil Wayne  
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I just broke up with my ex
“I am going to kill him…” Gerald growls, sitting up before I could finish my sentence.
“Gerald, no… It’s ok. We just broke up.” I say, not even believing what I just said.

Now that I’m single I don’t really know what’s next.
“I bet you’ll have the next victim within the next few days.” Gerald comments as he passes me the bottle of tequila.
“I don’t know man…” I reply before taking a huge swig.

But I ain’t even trippin’, I'mma chill and sit back.      
“I just need some time for myself. Chill and live for me. ”      

And I know they’ll be coming from the right and the left
“Yeah, yeah you are right. But guys are going to be all over you. You are going to be in a relationship pretty soon…” G laughs, laying back on the bed.

You’re the one I’m feeling as I’m laying on your chest.
“I don’t need another man in my life. I have you.” I reply, laying on his chest, the bottle still in hand.

Good conversation got me holding my breath.      
“You don’t need a man in your life. You’ve proven to everyone that your life is full and successful, with or without a man.” Gerald says, stroking my hair. I hum, in loss of words from the compliment.

And I don’t normally say this but goddamn you’re the best.
“You know you’re the best, right?” I whisper to Gerald. He takes the bottle from my hand, taking a big swig.
“That’s what she said…” He sings, chuckling and earning a slap on the chest.  
His thumb rubs my cheek. Our faces are so close that I can feel his breath on mine. I stare at him, my mind dizzy and my body numb from the tequila. He bites his lip, making me hold my breath.

And if it feels right, promise I don’t mind.
“Man, I want to kiss you so bad right now…” G whispers. I smirk and chuckle.
“I’ve heard that you are a good kisser.” I reply, moving closer. I don’t think that I a thinking straight. His hand moves to my chin, his fingers grazing my skin, contrasting the coolness of his hands with the warmness of my skin. He leans in the remaining inches, his lips softly grazing mine. I respond, placing a hand on his cheek.

And if it feels right, promise I’ll stay here all night.
“Don’t leave…” He whispers, parting from my lips for just a minute.
“Make me stay.” I respond, crashing our lips again.  

Just let me love you.
“Let me love you.” He whispers, flipping our bodies, making me straddle him.

As I am laying on your chest, I’ll be out here thinking about it, boy it’s just a guess.
I moan as Gerald’s tongue slips into my mouth. His tongue pushes mine, trying to earn the profit of dominance. His hands travel to my waist, just above my ass. My chest touches his, a feeling so common in our friendship by now, yet so strange in that situation. I can’t help but think of all the other times he did the same thing with all the other girls. For me, this is something special and strange, maybe for him, this is a routine.

But something just keeps telling me I’m better than the rest.
A voice inside my head tells me though, I am not like the previous ones. I am somehow better and this might be more special for him. I don’t know, something in the way he is touching me tells me that it is special. I can’t help but remember all of the times he described how he had spent his nights, fucking with all those girls. The details he gave every time were nothing like those things he is doing to me right now.

And I ain’t tryna rush it, but goddamn I am a mess.
“G, I am dripping…” I moan as his hands graze my ribcage. I can feel his hard-on through my jean shorts, pushing against my wet slit. Gerald just smirks.
“I don’t want to rush you, but fuck, I am a mess right now. "I moan against his lips.

And if it feels right, promise I don’t mind.
"Are you sure you want me to move further?” G asks, flipping me on my back. I nod, removing my top and presenting my almost naked body to him. I pull on his t-shirt, as his hands fumble with the button of my shorts.
“Deal with my jeans, let the t-shirt to me. ” He says as I buck my hips up, trying to help him remove my shorts.
Our clothes now scattered on the floor, leaving us skin to skin. He kisses me once more, his hands on either side of my head.

(Gerald’s POV)
I say, girl, you need a hot boy.
“You need me more than I had imagined…” I state smirking, feeling her wet slit. She moans as my fingers brush her clit. I spread her legs a bit more, stroking her soft skin.
I enter her, feeling her wet walls inch by inch. I give her time to adjust to my size, her shitty ex probably wasn’t even half my size. I thrust slowly, feeling her tight little pussy wrap around me.

She say you need to stop fuckin’ with them thots, boys.
She moans loudly, clawing on the skin of my shoulder.
“Tell me I am better than all the others.” She moans, looking into my eyes pleadingly.
“You are so much better than any other girl I’ve fucked.” I reply, groaning as I slide back into her. Even if I wanted to lie, I couldn’t. She is the star of every fantasy I’ve had. I am surprised I actually haven’t cummed inside her from the moment I entered her.
“Tell me you will never fuck another of those girls and that you’ll only fuck me. I don’t care if it’s a lie. I just want to hear it.” She demands, her breathing rapid.
“You are the only person I wanna fuck from now on…” I growl. (Y/N) arches her back, groaning loudly.

I say you need a real nigga, she said yes Lord.
“I mean, you need a real man to take care of your little body and make you cum, babygirl.” I whisper, my hand gripping on her ribs.
“Oh Lord, yes… Oh, Gerald, Fuck…” She screams.

And what you need your ex for, I’m triple X, Lord.
“You don’t need that shitty ex. I can fuck you better and I bet I am double his size. Scratch that… I am 3 times bigger than him, you feel untouched.” I groan as she throws her head back and bucks her hips up.

Okay Arianna my Lil mama, goodbye to the good girl.
“Oh fuck G. You feel so good inside me. Your dick is so big, you are destroying my little pussy… ” She moans, surprising me with how dirty those words sound coming from her mouth.

My ex tripping, it’s no biggie. I Tupac, shook her.
“My ex was worried that we would do that eventually. I told him that he is crazy. ” She moans, chuckling. I grab her face and kiss her deeply, biting on her bottom lip.
“If he only knew how many times I have thought of picking you up and take you to the closest room to fuck your brain out, just to show you how a real man fucks..” I groan again, thrusting deeper into her. Her legs tremble as I hit her spot forcefully.

I’m laid up with my new thing.
I finally have her all to myself, using her body to satisfy my needs. But this is different than all the other times I’ve fucked with someone. Maybe this time, it’s more than just a fuck.

She lay her head on my new chain then the mood change.
“I wanna ride you. ” She moans, putting her hand on my chest. I flip us so that I am laying on my back and she is straddling me. I look at her, taking in the details of her body and admiring the way the light hits her skin.

My name change from Lil Wayne to ooh Wayne.
“Ooh G.” She screams as she bounces on my cock. It sounds like music to my ears.

Oh Lord, she grinding on this Grande.
I grab her hips as she begins grinding on me. My dick is balls deep inside her, the grinding arousing her clit. She leans towards me, her chest on my chest and her lips teasing my neck and jawline.

Oh Lord, I’m drowning, I’m gonna need the coast guard.
My dick buried inside her wet pussy and my hands digging holes on her skin as I guide her on my dick.
I bring my face between her breasts, nipping on the valley between her breasts… My hands from gripping on her waist, go to squeezing her tits together, my face still between them, making me drown in her warm tits.

And when it comes to that nigga, I give her amnesia.
“When I am done with you, you are not even going to remember his name…” I growl, leaving a hickey on her left boob.
“Whose name?” She asks, whimpering as her orgasm approaches her on a fast pace.
I feel my balls tighten, making my hips buck against hers and meet her thrusts. I bite on her nipple as I cum inside her. It is amazing, feeling her pussy bare and shooting my cum inside her.
“Gerald…” She screams lustfully as her walls clamp around my dick as she cums. Her nails dig on my pecs while her legs shake.

She just looking for love.
“I needed that so much…” She sighs, laying on my chest. I kiss the top of her head, humming sleepily.
“You needed to have sex with me? I knew it…”
“Shut up… I needed to feel loved and wanted again, even if it was just illusional…” She replies, slapping my chest.
“Illusional?” I ask her, sitting up a bit.
“Yeah… I mean, it wasn’t like you meant all those things you said and that all of these would have happened if I wasn’t vulnerable and we hadn’t have drunk before…”
“Why? I meant what I said. And I would do it again, without a drop of alcohol in my system.”
What are you saying?“ She asks, looking at me shocked.
"I am saying that I could give you all the love you’ve been searching for. But you got yourself into a relationship with that shrimp-dicked asshole. ”

She says she single and I am her feature, oh my God.
“Well, I am single now… What are you waiting for?” She asks, smiling seductively at me.

I’m gon give her that love

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the boys as ariana grande songs? 💜🌙

I once again use fragments of lyrics to explain why I think the song describes them. :)

  • Ayato: Be My Baby: /If you know how to be my lover/Maybe you can be my baby/It’s obvious I want to be into you/But it all depends on all the things you do/I’ll give you all of my trust/If you don’t mess this up/
  • Reiji: Sometimes: /I used to be cautious/A little too reckless/Now all my emotions/Are all cause of you/What it does to me when I feel you around/Is it love? Is it lust? Is it fear?/But it’s hard to breathe when you’re touching me there/ (Once again, one of those songs where I think of the boys falling in love and not getting it. Like Reiji not understanding why he feels the way he does about you.)
  • Laito: One Last Time: /Feel like a failure/‘Cause I know that I failed you/I should’ve done you better/‘Cause you don’t want a liar/So one last time/I need to be the one who takes you home/One more time/I promise, after that, I’ll let you go/All I really care is you wake up in my arms/One last time/I know I don’t deserve it,/But stay with me a minute/I swear I’ll make it worth it/Can’t you forgive me?/
  • Kanato: Thinkin Bout You: /I’ve been thinking 'bout you/Yeah, I been missing you/Where the h*ll are you, oh, when I need you?/I could still hear your voice/I ain’t got no choice, cause I’m here all alone/I know I can’t wait 'til you get home/I tried to make it through the night/But I can’t control my mind/Got me losing my breath/Nobody got me the way that you did/I’m just thinkin’ bout you/ (Since Kanato hates to have people leave him, this made me think of him…don’t you think so too?)
  • Shu: Touch It: /How do I make the phone ring? Why do I even care?/How are you all around me when you’re not really there?/When you’re not really there/How do I feel you on me when you’re not on my skin?/Why do you say you want me then tell me you’re not coming in?/Cause every time I’m with you, I go into a zone/And I remember all the places you wanna go/Take me all the way/I’m tired of being patient, so, let’s pick up the pace/How do you know I’m breathing, when I’m holding my breath?/So why don’t we fall in love?/ (I imagine Shu feeling this when he realizes he’s in love…Like he doesn’t understand :’))
  • Subaru: Focus: /I know what I came to do/And that ain’t gonna change/So go ahead and talk your talk/Cause I won’t take the bait/I can tell you’re curious/Go head and talk your sh*t/I know you’re hoping that I’ll react/I know you’re hoping I’m looking back/But if my real ain’t real enough/Then I don’t know what is/ (I had so much fun with this one :))
  • Ruki: Moonlight: /Every look, every touch/Makes me wanna give you my heart/Stay the way you are/'Cause I never knew, I never knew/You could hold moonlight in your hands/'Til the night I held you/You’re my moonlight/Moonlight/
  • Kou: Let Me Love You: /I just broke up with my ex/Now I’m out here single, I don’t really know what’s next/But I ain’t even trippin’, I'mma chill and sit back/You’re the one I’m feeling as I’m laying on your chest/And if it feels right, promise I’ll stay here all night/Just let me love you/I say, “Girl, you need a hot boy.”/And what you need your ex for? I’m triple X, Lord/She says she single and I’m her feature, oh, my God/I'mma give her that love/ (A total Kou song to the T. This screams Kou.)
  • Yuma: Bad Decisions: /I been doing stupid things/Wilder than I’ve ever been/You’ve become my favorite sin/We got that hood love/We got that good love/We got that hot love/We got that I-don’t-give-a-what love/We got that Bonnie-and-Clyde love/They say it’s wrong,/But that’s the way you turn me on/you make me make bad decisions/
  • Azusa: Why Try: /I been livin’ with devils and angels, angels, angels/Realize you and I are in the same boat, same boat, yeah/Kills me, how you love me, then you/Cut me down, I do the same/I’m loving the pain/I never wanna live without it/You drive me insane/You and I redefine being love sick, love sick, love sick/Through it all you could still make my heart skip, heart skip/Oh yeah/Even when you’re yelling at me/I still think you’re beautiful/

Just saying I love answering these types of ask! Thank you so much for this ask, it was fun to write to all their songs!

99.999999% have only read 2.5 pages of EOS spoilers and you're already freaking out that it's a bad book.

😂 lmfao. Don’t even act like you’re not all gonna rush out to get the book and then spend the next 365 days praising it/waiting for the next one.

And for the rest of you who think SJM is getting too much hate rn. Look. Sarah ain’t losing sleep over a little book hate from people who haven’t even read it. She’s Rollin I MEAN ROLLLLIN in money whether we like the book or not. ACOTAR is gonna be a movie. Home girl is good.

“Imma just be real honest with everybody. When I came in the mornin’, I wasn’t even trippin’. I sat through my whole first period class, and somebody brought this up, and I wasn’t even really mad. ‘Cause I had seen the email, and to be honest, I looked at it, and I though about it, and I was like, ‘You know what. We don’t really have anything to be afraid of.’ That was my first impression. We don’t really have anything to be afraid of in the first place. We in Berkeley, we cool, we in the Berkeley bubble, we cool right? Its just one crazy person, we don’t got nothin’ to trip off of. So I came in there, and y'all were having the little walk out, y'all was chillin on the senior steps, and I still wasn’t even trippin. I was supportin’. And I was walking up to the senior steps, still chillin’, when a teacher behind me looks up and she says, ‘this is so inappropriate’. And I straight stopped. And I looked up her and I didn’t even say shit, but I was trippin, off top. She look at the people gettin angry at the principal, and she said that shit, ‘this is so inappropriate’. And it made me realize why the fuck I need to be trippin’. Cause I thought to myself, ‘oh nobody really taking this seriously’. But I realize, no there are people out here that really don’t understand what the fuck is going on. There is people who is straight up, still not taking this seriously. I thought that shit was a given. But theres people who’s still not taking it seriously. So my question to everybody who’s here right now, is I thought we just assumed this, but now I realized we really gotta act. Is you taking this fucking seriously? Hold on y'all. I was walking up here, its cool, its all love. I see a lot of smiles and a lot of people ya know givin high fives, but really think about that shit. Don’t just cheer cause I’m asking the question. When you was walking up here. How many times was you just chilling, sayin hey whats up to your friends and all that? How many times was you just on snapchat taking selfies and that shit? Are you taking this seriously? I still dot believe y'all. Are y'all taking this fucking seriously? I been thinking and I realize, I came here right in the morning. Cause if we take this shit seriously, if we really look at ourselves, like we dead ass serious, not like some kids thats just skippin’ class, not just some friends that just doing some shit for fun, were not gonna come to school, and its not gonna be all the same. If really really take the seriously, if we really look at the number of people here, think about it friend. One person, that went on one computer, in one building, in one school, and said some stupid shit, and look at how many people showed up to prove that person wrong. If we all do that shit, and take ourselves seriously, I was right in the first place. We got noting to be afraid of.” - Unamed Speaker

I Met Taeyang!!!

I’m so lucky! It was a high-five event and I got to touch him!!! He’s so awesome! He walked with me holding hands until I got to the end of the stage. He said he loved me! I got a front row seat at the fan meeting close to the middle and Taeyang kept looking at me. He stole glances no less than 20 times. I lost count. At first I thought I was trippin’ but even the girl next to me noticed it. She said “what is this?” in Korean and attempted to put her head on my shoulder(to make it look like we were friends) and she rose her hand right in front of my face a few times so Taeyang would notice her. LOL! I took video to catch it, but I missed the more obvious ones in the beginning. Got a good one where he tried to play it off. LOL! Needless to say, I left doing hair flips. Awesome day!

You know. I really don't care where I end up for college.

I don’t care whether it’s a private, UC, community, or State school. I know that wherever I go I will make the best out of my education. I know that I will take it seriously and give it my all. I know that I will have fun and have an amazing time. 

I really don’t care. God has blessed me with the best life that anyone could ever ask for, and I know that he will put me on the path that’s best for me.