not even trippin


Man gets shot and ain’t even trippin’.

You know. I really don't care where I end up for college.

I don’t care whether it’s a private, UC, community, or State school. I know that wherever I go I will make the best out of my education. I know that I will take it seriously and give it my all. I know that I will have fun and have an amazing time. 

I really don’t care. God has blessed me with the best life that anyone could ever ask for, and I know that he will put me on the path that’s best for me. 

I love how this dude was hella flirting with me and then asked for my number before he had to go to bed and I gave it to him, then he goes, “alright, I’ll text you sometime maybe, goodnight :)”

Bitch, maybe? who do you think I am. Who asks for someone’s number and maybe texts them. LOL.

Gun Victim Devon Hawkins Talks About Shooting Live On TV In Remarkable Interview


For most television reporters, establishing clear facts in the wake of an incident is difficult. But Reyna Harvey had no such worries - when the victim of a shooting strolled towards her and began recanting his tale live on air.

Despite having been shot in the chest, Devon Hawkins rambles through his story before walking away.

Watch the incredible interview, above.

External image

The man smoke throughout his short exchange with the reporter live on TV

At one point Hawkins reveals blooded bandages around his wound, proudly displaying them towards the camera.

He says: “I’m in my room chillin’, kickin’ it how I usually do, drinkin’.

"Then somebody shot through my back window.

"Hit me in the chest.

"I’m like s**t get my son out the room.

"Y'know, I aint even trippin though.”

The incident in Quincy, Illinois is being investigated by local police, who told station KHQA there is no current suspect.


from UK - The Huffington Post
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