not even top 100 of itunes


Niall won “Favorite Breakout Artist” at the PCA’s after doing so well with his only single “This Town", being in the top 10 for weeks in the US and having more than 100.000.000 streams on Spotify. Remember to keep streaming it so that he can stay high in the iTunes chart and have even more streams. Congratulations on everything you have achieved so far, in only 4 months since your solo career started, Niall!


Little Big Town’s “Better Man” is predictably soaring up the US iTunes sales chart.

Tuesday was an eventful day for Little Big Town’s “Better Man,” and the impact is evident on the US iTunes sales chart.

The song, which was outside the Top 100 Tuesday morning, is #16 on the chart as of 12:45AM ET early Wednesday.

Two major factors spurred the gain.

One — likely the more notable factor — was confirmation that Taylor Swift wrote the song. The group shared the news during a press conference Tuesday, prompting many casual (or even non-country) fans to discover the tune.

The second was the release of the song’s official music video.

“Better Man” is the lead single from Little Big Town’s forthcoming album “Breaker.”

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Do you think Louis doing well with his single? It's not even in top-100 US ITunes and it bothers me so much because seems like general public don't care about this songs because of 1D stigma (and Louis always was under appreciated) and only fans doing all this work. I get it that he's doing what he can do with his shitty team and promo and MV are still coming but seeing how well Niall doing with This Town I feel like Louis deserves better.

i think louis is doing incredibly well and your perception is a bit US-centric. JHO reached #1 in 43 countries and received gold status in australia, canada, ireland and italy as well as silver in the UK. it’s featured on dozens of spotify playlists too and well in the top 20 spotify charts in lots of countries.

i agree that his team could do a lot better but comparing JHO to this town is pointless. niall has got a shitty team too (hello modest) and i would ascribe his success to the fans and the song itself as well but a) this town had a lot of live audience exposure and b) experienced a second upsurge over christmas. two factors that JHO hasn’t been exposed to yet. i can totally see it gaining more traction around the time of the music video drop and when the festival season slowly starts picking up. so yeah, i think JHO is doing amazingly well given that it was released two months ago and i expect it to gain even more attention.

changedmystars replied to your post “anon is right even tumblr notes on his pictures have reduced…”

His song is literally number one on US iTunes and has a real chance of moving up to number 2 or 1 on the billboard 100, can people chill about his notes? Niall and Louis get a bunch of likes on tumblr and neither of them were able to get a top 10 single in the US. Fuck neither were able to break into the top 20. Zayns got two hit singles now.

^^^^ exactly also zayn still gets like 1000+ notes on a lot of photos etc just bc he’s not getting 10,000+ notes like he was in 2013 when everyone in 1d got loads of notes doesnt mean his career is failing or w/e lmfao, like tumblr popularity doesnt mean shit!!! 

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the hype around Pillowtalk died. Yeah sure, and just because he died the night of BRITS Pillowtalk came back inside the top 100 iTunes UK. After more than a year and Zayn wasn't even present at the event. Anyway, in the UK they say bad things about Zayn but at least they know who he is, outside the UK and Australia no one speaks about LM because almost no one knows who they are.

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It's unpopular opinion and you don't have to publish it ofc but I feel like people outside the fandom don't care about solo Louis as much as fans do ? His song isn't even on top 100 iTunes USA? I feel like people don't think jho is a proper edm song and Steve is a great but he isn't so popular as Calvin Harris or the chainsmokers. So it's not as popular as it should be 😞

Fans are always going to care more than the general public do…that’s just the nature of fandom. And it’s not often that EDM artists cross over in a big way. But Louis is the 43rd most listened to artist on spotify right now and that’s amazing considering he has one song out and no music video. He’s getting airplay, he’s getting good reviews, he’s working with a lot of great people. Success is not measured by whether a song is in the top ten on the itunes pop charts.

Calling all UK Fans

I’ve been looking at the UK charts figures today, on iTunes, spotify and the rules for charting at the official charts company. 

Th UK chart runs from Sunday Morning to Saturday evening at midnight. So if we want to chart in the UK this week (sunday) we have to have bought No Control on iTunes by MIDNIGHT ON SATURDAY THE 16TH (UK TIME).  We currently aren’t even in the top 200 on iTunes so please, if you plan on buying it, do it today or tomorrow. 

Streaming wise, every 100 plays in spotify/deezer/etc counts as 1 single sale. This week the number 1 song in the UK charts has 352,720 plays on spotify. Obviously that is added to physical and download single sales, so we need to aim higher. so PLEASE PLEASE make sure you stream the track, and make sure you aren’t using a proxy or anything so that it counts in the UK geospecific streams. 

You are all amazing, we have got this song played on daytime Radio 1 where they are rarely, if ever, allowed to veer off the playlist. We can get it to chart too if we all co-ordinate.

As our charts are announced a few hours before the thunderclap will end, getting a top 10 single position could be massive news to help with the trending worldwide.

So two things:

  • Buy the track on iTunes by midnight on saturday the 16th
  • Stream it on spotify as much as you can (again the chart closes at midnight tomorrow)

Go Team, be amazing!

(and if anyone has any similar info for the charts in other countries please contact me (@conscious–ramblings) and I will get it out there)

Taylor Swift’s “New Romantics” is rapidly climbing the iTunes single sales chart.

Tuesday morning, Taylor Swift’s “New Romantics” was not even inside the Top 100 on the US iTunes sales chart.
As of 6:45PM ET Wednesday, the seventh “1989” single is in the Top 50.

—  Headline Planet on how New Romantics is rapidly climbing the iTunes Chart