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firefly headcanon: kaylee and inara have tried to get river to do makeovers with them but all she wants to do is use the makeup for painting. they don’t mind and tell her they love her art. she replies that she loves theirs too.

one day kaylee is doing her mechanical stuff and she’s covered in engine grease. river passes by and says “I love your art”. kaylee laughs it off but she can’t stop smiling (even more than usual) for the rest of the day.

the three of them start using it more widely as a compliment and affectionate statement.

after fighting the reavers in serenity, river asks the others if they liked her art. they all laugh until they cry.

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How about a scenario with Vampire Todoroki and his human SO ? Maybe Todoroki feeding from his SO? Luv u

I think I got carried away with this one. This one gets a little violent and has some mentions of abuse and blood so please be warned. But enjoy~ 

He was a Hunter like you’d never seen before. Brutal and relentless in his chase. More cunning and sharper than either of you could imagine. When you dodged a bullet, you immediately faced a knifes. It was never ending. A pure barrage, not allowing you to sleep even under Todoroki’s watchful protection. Traps. Guns. Knives. Steaks. For three days now. 

And it all should’ve been natural. A Hunter hunting a feral beast, a beast that should be purged from the world. Everyone knew Hunters hunted Vampires. The situation should’ve been run of the mill … but then there was you. The human. Not just the human. You the defect Hunter that stood with the lowly Vampire. A role that never should’ve been. 

But you loved him. 

You loved him til the ends of the earth. So you’d run with him to the edge of the earth too. And he loved you back, spending his days worrying about your safety. Todoroki honestly wish you’d stay away from him, but he knew you were far too stubborn for that. He knew you’d stick with him until the end. Run with him until the end. 


Todoroki reaches, moving over to you with his superhuman speed. You blink and you are in his arms bridal style. You look up at his glare directed at the Hunter. The man smirks, cocking his shotgun and aiming it at the two of you. Todoroki darts around the abandoned building, avoiding the onslaught of bullets. 

The Hunter shoots left, and Todoroki darts right, directly into an explosion the Hunter must’ve placed earlier. He grunts as rolls on the ground, protecting the you the best he can. His back hits a slab of concrete. The Hunter is already on top of the two of you. He kicks your body, steel toe cracking your lower rib as you go flying away from Todoroki. The Hunter stares down at Todoroki and fires his shotgun directly into his stomach. You scream in panic, scrambling to your feet with your knife drawn. He shouts when your blade sinks into his lower back. The hunter twists, grabbing your hands and punching you in the face. You snarl, spitting out blood. You knock your forehead against his. He draws back and you shove him to the ground with another knife drawn.

“You traitor! You fucking traitor!” he growls at you as you try to force the blade of your hunting knife into his chest.

“Shut up!” you snap, “You don’t know me!”

“I don’t know you?” he snarls, flipping you over. 

You knee him in the chest and force him away from you. You leap back up onto your feet and immediately rush him again. He catching your foot when you land a solid hit at the center of his chest. Your hand flies to your belt, drawing a throwing knife and launching it at him. The Hunter lets you go. He dodges as you expect him to and creates distance between you. 

“You think I don’t know your (Last Name)’s kid?” he shouts, “He was a hell of a Hunter. A legend. And this is how you repay his memory? By running around and fucking some Vampire?”

“Like I said,” you growl, “You don’t know me!”

You pull out another knife from your belt. He dodges the first one but falls right into your predicted path way. He groans when the second knife you had throw traps his hand against the way. You charge him, stabbing the hunting knife from your calf holster into his other hand. He roars in pain. You snatch the pistol off of his belt and point it at him.

“You gonna kill me, traitor?” he goads, “You gonna disgrace your old man’s fucking name for nothing!”

You cock the gun.

“Fucking do it then! Kill me for that filthy Vampire!”

You look at Todoroki. He is shivering, drowning in a pool of his own blood. His heterochromic eyes are unfocused as he tries to raise his head and look at you. You feel anger rising in your chest. He holds his right side. He is soaked red, the blood dyeing even the snowy hairs on his head. He is dying. Todoroki, the only person in your life that has treated you with tenderness. He is the only gentle voice you’ve ever known, the only kind touch you’ve ever felt, and the only tender kiss you’d ever want to have. You’re father? The legend? More like you father, the abuser. Your father who pushed your mother away and trained you until you fainted. You look back at the Hunter, furiously. 

“You don’t know me.”

The gun fires. And his body slumps. You turn on your heel and run towards Todoroki. You drop onto your knees, hands immediately flying to place pressure on his wound.

“Oh, my god, Shouto! Shouto!” you cry, “Oh, my god!”

“I’m … I’m alright.”

You know he’s lying. You’ve never seen him hurt so badly. You know he can heel fast, but you’ve never seen him like this before. His face contorts in pain. And you only know of one thing that can heal a Vampire. You pick up a knife ad cut your arm, red blood beading from the line. 

“Here, Shouto. Drink my blood.”

He turns his head. He can’t. Even though, he can smell the sweet scent of your blood, he knows he can’t. Because who knows what will happen when he starts.

“(Name) … I can’t … I don’t know if I can control myself.”

“Please, Shouto, you have to!”

He shakes his head, “I can’t … do that to you.”

You suck on the wound, drawing the blood in your mouth, coating your tongue with the taste of iron. You cup Todoroki’s face and look into his eyes before pressing your lips to his. He groans feeling the warm blood smoothing over his lips. You use your tongue to separate his lips and force blood into his mouth. You feel him start to kiss back. He cups your face, sticking his tongue your mouth like he is trying to lick ever drop of blood from your mouth. Todoroki sits up and grabs your body. He licks your neck. He can almost hear the blood pumping in your veins. You gasp when you feel his fangs pierce your skin. 

Todoroki groans as he drinks from your neck. You taste sweet. Like the sweetest drinks he’s ever tasted. He didn’t want to do this to you, but he can already feel his wound closing on his abdomen. You breath heavily, feeling your vision become hazy, but you’d do anything for him. Anything. Because he loved you, and you loved him. You loved the looks and the touches and the words he gave you because you knew it was real. He gave you a life you didn’t think you could have and opened your mind. So you’d do anything for Todoroki Shouto, the man you loved. You feel his hands shaking as he grips your biceps tightly. 

“Shou … Shouto, I love you … I …” you breath as your vision goes black. 

He pulls away when he feels you fall limp in his hand. His face is coated in your blood. You are pale, so pale. Torodoki gently shakes you. earning nothing more than limp movements. His eyes widen. He sinks his fangs into his wrist and smears it over your lips. 

“Come on, (Name),” he begs, “Please drink it. Please be okay.”

Your eyes are still unfocused. He presses his wrist against your lips again. He knew he shouldn’t have. But he couldn’t control himself … what a monster. Maybe he should’ve let that Hunter kill him. Somewhere in his heart, he always knew that his involvement with you would always end up in your demise. He draws you into his chest. 

“Please … please.”

You gasp, eyelids springing open as you look around frantically. You fight his grasp and fall away from him. Your throat is parched, and your lips feel dried and cracked. You look over at Todoroki, rushing him with a speed you didn’t know your possessed. Todoroki holds you, rubbing your back as your fangs pierce his neck. You blink and pull your teeth from his neck. You scramble backwards, covering your blood-coated mouth with the back of your hand. Did you just … 

“Shouto … am I …”

He looks away from you, ashamed to look at what he’s done. You look at him, but he has no words to offer you. The two of you stare at each other. Fuzz resonates in your head. The only thing you can resister is the look on his face and how his blood taste in your mouth … it taste good. 

World-Building Wednesday #3

Yes, I’m still going to use that title even though this post is like, three days late. xD Today will be the long-awaited Tawarian Romantic Customs! Huzzah! For the previous two entries detailing romantic customs throughout the rest of the “Queen’s Crown” setting, please see this post and this one. :)

Tawar - There are many customs of romantic significance in Tawarian culture and courtship is a very intricate, methodical process there… 

It should be noted that although betrothal can sometimes lead to marriage, it’s usually considered a separate affair and engaged men/women often openly court others. This can lead to feuding and jealousy, which in turn is seen as exciting/healthy for any developing relationship. When betrothed couples actually ARE interested in each other after meeting, they go through the same motions of courtship as non-engaged pairs (keeping in mind that some don’t physically meet until after the wedding ceremony). This rarely happens, but isn’t unheard of. 

There are three main aspects of courtship in Tawar. Each aspect can be pursued at any time, in any order, but all three MUST be observed before any marriage proposal is recognized:

  • Gift-giving - So long as at least one partner is willingly the recipient, this step is considered fulfilled. Acceptable gifts range widely from humble offerings like locks of hair, linen kerchiefs, and flowers, to the more expensive ones like tanned animal skins, finely-crafted weapons, and sometimes livestock. The challenge lies in choosing a gift that your partner will accept. It’s generally considered good practice to turn down the first few gifts offered if they don’t immediately appeal; this way, one’s lover has an opportunity to learn more about them and what is personally meaningful to them. Accepting a gift is a strong indication of romantic affection, or at least interest, being returned. Reciprocating a gift in exchange is basically announcing a preference for this suitor above all others, and it is considered in bad taste to pursue either member of a courting couple if gifts have been exchanged.
  • Clan-joining - This step is only observed when the two are from different clans, but considering children who grow up in the same clan are usually so close that sibling-bonds occur, it happens more often than not… One doesn’t “join” their sweetheart’s clan fully. Usually, they will go on extended visits with permission first obtained by asking their Skirla to petition the other clan’s Skirla on their behalf. Once there, it is up to the suitor to ingratiate themselves with the people in their loved-one’s life. Obviously, this can be an extremely long and drawn-out process… It usually goes on concurrently with the other two courting customs and the success of those will determine whether they are accepted or not. If the clan never accepts them, then it is left up to the other person whether or not they want to try the process in reverse and appeal to the other clan. It’s often this aspect that makes or breaks a couple…
  • Love-making - It isn’t required that a couple actually have sex to fulfill this part of the courtship process. Sex isn’t a taboo subject in Tawarian culture and is discussed openly, but even the most exhibitionist couple usually seeks privacy for the full act… That being said, “love-making” in this context encompasses all of the typically affectionate behaviors between a courting couple. Flirting, kissing, and touching are often done within sight of others to advertise their courting status, and heckling an amorous couple is practically an artform…

Once all three steps of the courtship process have been observed, a couple may approach their chosen clan’s Skirla for permission to wed. The wedding is performed with witnesses (ostensibly to offer proof that all three steps were executed), and the couple is officially recognized as married by the clan. 

There we go! Hope the info was worth the wait! Next WW will cover creation myth, so I hope you’ll stay tuned. ^^

Calling for prompts!

Hey peeps! Our organization is now running smoothly, you’ll soon have more news about what’s gonna happen in the next months, and the definitive dates for the event ;) thank you a lot for the support you’ve shown so far!

In the meantime, we’ve been looking at the prompt suggestions you sent us and while we have a nice number of general prompts, we have a few prompts that are much more specific and sort of stick out in the middle of the list.

So here’s the idea: could you send us more situational prompts, targeting one or several girls in particular? If we get enough of those, we will be able to organize things so that you get two prompts per day: one simple theme and one situational prompt targeting one of the girls in particular. And don’t hesitate to involve all the girls you can think of! If we get suggestions varied enough we might even be able to offer three prompts a day :D

What constitutes a situational prompt? It’s a prompt that focuses on a more specific action or event, for example: “Stella goes to the chocobo carnival” or “Gentiana receives the blessing of Shiva”; you can look at these prompts to have an idea too. It can also involve more than one girl - “Crowe babysits iris” or “Aranea saves Sania from daemons" for example - or even all the girls at once if you’re feeling wild! Anything counts, and the artists have free reigns on how things unravel ;)

Of course, all prompts will still be accepted if you have general ones you’d like to suggest! Keep sending anything you’d like to create or see created. <3

Idk how people actually get out of warrior cats hell because let me tell you I went 3 years without touching or looking at a warriors book or any sort of warriors related content and STILL managed to think about how pissed off I am about Hollyleaf’s death every single fucking day

Just say yes 🥂

“Fancy meeting you here.” Harry watched amusedly as Malfoy whirled around in surprise and almost dropped his champagne flute.

“Potter.” He sounded breathless, caught off guard. “I thought you were in Egypt on some mission.”

Harry cocked his head to one side and gave Malfoy a quizzical glance.

“I see you’ve been keeping tabs on me.”

“That’s not-” Malfoy’s cheeks turned rosy as he quickly looked away. “Your name is always all over the paper.”

“This was a secret mission,” Harry replied, trying not to snicker.

“Yeah, well… It’s- it’s hard to escape you. People talk about you everywhere. Everywhere!”

“Sure,” Harry said, taking a sip of champagne.

“Auror Potter! Auror Potter!” A small, middle-aged man behind Malfoy began waving frantically at Harry, almost jumping up and down in his excitement.

“Oh no,” Harry muttered. Malfoy took a look over his shoulder and rolled his eyes.

“Auror Potter! We didn’t expect you to be back so soon,” the middle-aged man said, clasping one of Harry’s hands and shaking it vigorously.

“Mister Franklin,” Harry said, barely able to hide his annoyance.

“You were on a mission I presume? Was it undercover? Did it go well?”

Harry sighed and briefly closed his eyes.

“Mister Franklin, a gala is hardly the place for an interview, is it?”

Mister Franklin chuckled and clasped Harry’s hand even tighter.

“You know how it is with us reporters, we never rest.”

“Oh yes, I know,” Harry said. “However, I am currently unavailable for a statement.”

“But Auror Potter-”

“If you will excuse me, Mister Franklin,” Harry interrupted him, freeing his hand from the other man’s grip and placing it on Malfoy’s back. “I have important business to attend to.”

He ignored the incredulous looks Mister Franklin and Malfoy were giving him and pushed through the crowd. Harry noticed how Malfoy’s body twitched under his touch. It made Harry’s stomach flip. He hadn’t planned to be so bold but escaping a reporter from the Daily Prophet always took priority.

He hoped Mister Franklin wasn’t following them. But even if he left them alone, almost every other person in the room was sure to assault Harry sooner or later. But he couldn’t leave yet. He had promised Kingsley he’d stay at least two hours. And now, after bumping into Malfoy, he had another reason to stay.

When Harry spotted the double doors leading to one of the balconies, he let out a sigh of relief. That could work. He gently pushed Malfoy outside, who was completely flustered at this point.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he snapped, slapping Harry’s hand away and smoothing down his robes.

“What? I really didn’t want to talk to that reporter,” Harry said shrugging.

“But why did you drag me along with you?” Malfoy studied him suspiciously and Harry noticed how he was clutching his champagne flute.

“I wanted to keep talking to you,” Harry said, surprised Malfoy had to ask.

“And what gave you the impression I wanted to keep talking to you?”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Harry said, knitting his eyebrows together. “Feel free to go. It wasn’t my intention to bring you out here against your will.”

Malfoy narrowed his eyes. After a moment, he turned and walked to the edge of the balcony, resting his elbows against the railing.

It took Harry a moment to realise Malfoy wasn’t leaving after all. He was waiting for Harry to join him. Harry made sure the goofy smile had somewhat vanished before he stepped up beside Malfoy, mimicking his pose, and looked out to the garden below.

“It’s a little bit like Romeo and Juliet, isn’t it?” Harry said, relishing the sudden quietness around them.

Malfoy let out a snort and Harry was pretty sure he was rolling his eyes.

“For that you’d have to be standing down there, you knobhead.”

Harry blinked.

“I didn’t mean… I just meant the setting reminds me of-” He raised an eyebrow. “Are you saying you’d want me to be standing down there, serenading you?”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Malfoy muttered. But Harry had the impression his cheeks were getting pinker by the second. “Besides, Romeo didn’t serenade Juliet.”

“He didn’t? Huh. I thought he did,” Harry said frowning. “Well that’s good I guess. I’m rubbish at singing.”

There was a long silence after that and Harry wondered what Malfoy was thinking about. He heard him take a deep breath before he finally spoke again.

“I guess we are a bit like Romeo and Juliet.”

Harry looked at him in astonishment.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, our families weren’t exactly enemies but I have often wondered what would have happened if my father hadn’t- if it weren’t for my father…maybe it wouldn’t have been impossible. Or forbidden.”

“Forbidden,” Harry repeated dumbstruck. “You mean to say…”

“I’m not saying anything,” Malfoy said quickly, clamping his mouth shut.

“I think you just did,” Harry insisted, giving the other man a toothy grin. “I have to admit, when I saw you tonight I didn’t think it would lead up to this.”

Malfoy didn’t reply and just stared at the fountain in the middle of the garden below them.

“It’s not too late, you know,” Harry said quietly. “We could still… well, how about we start with dinner?”

“Dinner?” Malfoy sounded skeptical. When he gulped down the rest of his champagne, Harry couldn’t contain a snicker.

“Dinner.” He turned to Malfoy and bit his lip. “All you have to do is say yes.”

When Malfoy didn’t say anything, Harry tentatively moved his hand down the railing and placed it on the other man’s.

“Just say yes.”

Harry watched as the corner’s of Malfoy’s mouth twitched and his body gave a little shiver.

“It’s that easy?”

“Yes,” Harry said. Malfoy cleared his throat and kept his eyes on the garden while his lips stretched into a smile.

“Is that a yes?” Harry asked. Malfoy turned his head to look at him, his eyes shining brightly.

“Yes, you twit! It’s a yes.”


read-play-sing  asked:

Yesterday, you reblogged a post that bought into the false dichotomy of convenience food vs "hipster healthy" food. "Mom&pop healthy" is as cheap/cheaper than convenience food. Get a fridge. Most fresh foods keep 2 weeks if stored properly, make a weekly grocery trip to have no waste. Healthy eating means getting the nutrition you need and not going over the calories you need. Apples and hard-boiled eggs are both convenient and healthy. Learn to cook. You can be poor and eat healthy.

Aw, howdy, puddin’!

I am…

…reasonably middle class, which is a miracle for a full-time author.
…equipped of a fridge, a pantry, a chest freezer, and a working kitchen.
…capable of cooking for myself and others.

I am also…

…the daughter of a woman who raised three daughters on welfare.
…formerly homeless.
…a fat woman who has to fight not to slip back into disordered eating habits because of items #1 and #2.
…someone who goes to the grocery store multiple times a week.
…regularly furious about food waste in my own home when people refuse to eat their leftovers/help eat communal leftovers.

So let’s go.

The specific post I reblogged worked from the base premise that it is easier to eat, where “eat” is defined as “get sufficient calories to not feel hungry,” when you are not making a concerted effort to “eat healthy.”  It cited things like “a package of extremely filling oatmeal cookies for a dollar,” and “behold, ramen.”  Interestingly, it did not cite anything to support the “false dichotomy” you’re accusing me of supporting: for reference, here’s the link

(There is a cranky comment about non-GMO unicorn poop, but as hipsters don’t actually eat shit, that seems less “dichotomy,” and more “angry.”)

But hey, that seems suspiciously like people wanting other people to stop dictating their food choices and assuming they’re eating that way out of necessity, and not because they’re lazy.  That can’t be right!  We need someone who’s seen both sides!

And that’s why now, as someone who used to eat out of dumpsters, as someone who was lucky enough to be poor in farming country and hence have access to produce seconds (IE, bruised and ugly fruit that no one else wanted), as someone who is emotionally incapable of looking at meat before checking the discount meat bin at the grocery store, I am going to answer the question of whether it’s cheaper to eat healthy once and for all:


No, it is not.

No, it is fucking not.

I live near an independently owned fruit market.  They have, regularly, red and gold potatoes for $.99 a pound.  They have big Idaho bakers for $.59 a pound.  These are some of the best potato prices I have ever seen.  Had we lived here when I was a kid, I would have eaten potatoes until I wept.  Assuming that potatoes are now the bulk of our diet, and that we’re only eating the cheap ones, that’s a pound of potatoes per person, per day, for a total of $2.40.  Call it $2.50, after tax.  We are now spending $75 a month on potatoes.  No butter or sour cream, because potatoes are already starchy as hell, and fuck taste, but we have potatoes!

Great.  Do we have a kitchen?  We didn’t, always.  For approximately 1/3rd of my childhood, this plan has us eating raw potatoes.  But let’s say sure.  We can cook our plain potatoes.  Say we cook them every night, and have hot potato for dinner, and then cold potato for breakfast.  Can’t eat the school lunch–pretty sure that’s not healthy enough.  So I guess we’ll buy and boil eggs.  You can boil eggs and potatoes in the same pot.

How many eggs do you give the starving, miserable eight-year-old to fill her up?  Ballpark figure?  Is it the same number you give her fourteen-year-old sister?  Is it the same number you take to your back-breaking physical labor job?  We’re ignoring the emotional and social impacts here, and just focusing on the cost.  So say three eggs each.  Maybe everyone’s hungry, but hey, it’s health food.

A dozen eggs is $2.00.  We are now spending $60 a month on eggs.  That’s $135 a month for a diet that is probably not making anyone happy, but hey, at least it’s all easy on the digestion, right?  And if you’re eating three eggs a day, even if you’re soloing this You Should Be Punished For Poverty diet, your eggs aren’t spoiling.  Assuming you have a fridge.

Hope you have a fridge.

Your children have now started going home with friends in hopes of being fed, but that’s okay, because it means you have fewer mouths to feed, and if you don’t want them to be taken away, you need to make sure they don’t get scurvy.  So we’re going to add milk ($3.50 a gallon, hope no one’s lactose intolerant, if you water it down and watch them like a hawk, you can survive on two gallons a week, which adds $28 to your grocery costs, good job) and apples.  Red delicious, of course, which taste like shame, but they’re cheap when the store has them…assuming you’re not in a food desert, where the only apples are coming from the 7-11 at a dollar apiece.

There are so many things we could be buying to make this feel less like a Dickens novel.  There’s baloney, and peanut butter, and generic mac and cheese.  But they’re not healthy.

Eating healthy is a privilege.  When I made a dedicated effort to change my eating habits, my grocery bills increased by 60%.  I have the receipts.  Not because I was buying “brand names”: because I was buying chicken breasts instead of whole chickens, because I was buying fresh instead of frozen, because I was learning to fill up on things other than chips.  That’s just the way we’ve allowed this country to structure our food.

Yes: allowed.  In England–which has its own problems, please don’t take this as me going YAY ENGLAND LAND OF PERFECTION–they have laws setting the prices that can be charged for “staples,” like chicken, and potatoes, and bread, and butter, and eggs, and milk.  It’s much easier to eat healthy there than it is here.

But here, it is a privilege.

And it ought to be a right.

So because elves are Magic they don’t get cold like Legolas was hopping on snow drifts without proper shoes even. but Elrond is half human so what if he gets… chilly. Like not hypothermia or anything, but chilly like you wish you had brought a jacket. And the other elves see Elrond shiver like one time and flip the fuck out and just imagine:

A tweet is posted by Trump

The tweet ends in the middle of a thought with an outrageous typo, even worse than covfefe

The whitehouse goes silent

Three days pass, and no information comes from the whitehouse; nobody has seen anyone come out from there

Nobody knows anything, not even the rest of the government

Then, Trump’s twitter profile picture changes to the Woody Collective


haikyuu!! - 30 day challenge
day 1. favorite character
→ sugawara koushi

where marinette flirts
  • so alya told her to start flirting with adrien if she liked him so much, and the magazines give her step-by-step guides with 15 ~Chill~ Ways to Flirt With Your Crush Without Totally Embarrassing Yourself, so there’s no way this can go horribly wrong, right?
  • okay but marinette has to be realistic, when has anything ever gone right for her?
  • 1. like their instagram and watch their snapchat: okay but marinette already does this, she follows all of adrien’s social media and collects his takes from photoshoots and knows his schedule, and honestly, there’s really nothing he does that she doesn’t know about it? the whole point of watching his snapchat and liking his instagram would be for him to notice her, but it’s not like she can tell him that she does this, because that would be creepy right? but for the most part she thinks she has this part down pat. 
  • 2. make eye contact: and this one is damn near impossible. every time she looks at adrien, and he looks back, her heart turns into a puddle and she wants to melt. but okay, the magazine said to make eye contact, so that’s maintain eye contact, right? don’t look away as soon as he catches her looking. okay, she tells herself. i can do this.
  • adrien and marinette spend the rest of the week in multiple staring contests. alya and nino are extremely confused, but the game catches on, and soon the whole class spends Madame Bustier’s lectures in staring contests with the rest of their classmates. there’s a running scoreboard, and chloe and alya are surprisingly good at the game, which isn’t that surprisingly at all considering how many glare-showdowns they’ve had throughout the year. 
  • adrien just wants to beat marinette once, and how is it fair she’s so good at this??? marinette just wants to know why it’s not working; she hasn’t gone through dry eyes, blurry vision, and headaches for nothing. at this point, she’s read to pour Johnson’s No More Tears shampoo directly in her eyes to get them back to normal. 
  • 3. let your emojis do the talking: 🍆😛:eggplant: :yum:
  • alya sent it from marinette’s phone, and marinette is too busy dying to say anything about it. adrien still buys her eggplants for a month because he thinks they’re her favorite.
  • 4. wave and say “hi” when they walk by: marinette had to quit when her over-aggressive wave nailed nino in the nose and broke it. alya called him “raccoon eyes” for weeks. it didn’t matter though, adrien didn’t even wave back (though it might have been because his best friend was bleeding on the school steps). 
  • 5. invite your crush to hang out as a group: seems easy enough, right? she invites alya, nino, and adrien over for a study group at her house, but alya and nino cancel at the last minute to give her “some alone time with adrien”. only it doesn’t work out that way because she’s forced to actually learn physics when adrien notices she had some troubles with it and tutors her for the rest of the night. 
  • 6. say something simple, then keep the conversation going: marinette had trouble talking to adrien in the first place, so it was a miracle if she even got something simple out. adrien saves her the trouble anyway when he complicates her cat sweater, but it doesn’t go the way she imagined because it devolves into a heated argument over whether chat noir or ladybug was better, and oh my god, how could she be arguing with her crush over how much she sucked?
  • 7. remember what they tell you, and bring it up later: so adrien refuses to speak to her since she said ladybug sucked, and marinette is panicking internally 24/7. she makes him a hat to apologize because it’s summer and it’s blue, and when he asks her how she knew blue was his favorite color, she just smiles and tells him she read it in a magazine article. 
  • adrien looks touched either way while marinette wishes she could sink through the floor because she’d gone nearly a whole year without adrien knowing she read magazine articles about him. 
  • 8. give them a sincere compliment: 
  • adrien: “so what do we know about penguins already for this biology presentation?”
    marinette: “penguins are inefficient walkers…. they’re cute…. but not cuter than you.”
    adrien: “…thanks, marinette.”
  • adrien: “thanks, marinette. you’re so helpful.”
    marinette: “that’s me. i’m always helpful. i’ll always try to help you. you know, like… i’d totally hold a revolving door for you. i know that’s counterproductive, but you’re worth it.”
  • adrien: “god, they never get all the makeup off after a shoot.”
    marinette: “you know, i would really be okay with seeing you without makeup. that’s how much i like you.”
    adrien: “what?”
    marinette: “what?”
  • 9. casually touch their arm when you’re talking: marinette casually strokes adrien’s arm during their next study session.
    adrien: “… why are you touching my arm?”
    marinette: “i’m checking the seam work.”
    adrien: “….that’s my skin though.”
    marinette: “shh, don’t disrupt a designer at work.”
  • 10. offer them a fry: okay, but marinette doesn’t particularly like fries, so she figured she’d find another way to work this in. it happens one morning while she’s about to go to town on her croissant when she overhears adrien mentioning to nino that he’d forgot his breakfast, so she shoves the food in front of him and rushes away. alya can’t stop laughing at agreste’s startled expression when marinette shoved a croissant in his face without prompt. regardless, alya shares her own breakfast when marinette admits she didn’t have anything else to eat.
  • 11. give them something thoughtful: marinette buys adrien a ladybug-spotted scarf because she knows he likes the superhero. he protests when she gives it to him, but she just shrugs and said she owed him one anyway after dissing his favorite superhero before. 
  • the next day he gives her a matching chat noir one.
  • 12. tease them: she can barely keep a straight face when she teases adrien in front of nino and alya about always smelling like camembert. she even buys him three cheese wheels one day, but he only flushes darkly as he shoves them in his bag. she wants to apologize in case she hurt his feelings, but later that day, she notices that the cheese is gone. 
  • man, he must really like his cheese, she thinks in awe, and spends the rest of the day trying to figure out why adrien kept glaring at his bag during class. 
  • 13. steal their hat and put it on your head: adrien doesn’t wear hats, so she stole nino’s instead. adrien spent the rest of the day trying to set her up with his best friend. 
  • 14. ruffle their hair: marinette ruffles adrien’s hair when she walks into the classroom one morning. some strands end up tangled in her bracelet, and the two spend the remainder of class in the nurse’s office as she tries to cut them loose. 
  • 15. sit in their lap: marinette is a little hesitant to try this one, but alya ends up taking matters into her own hands and pushes marinette into adrien’s lap one day while the three of them and nino were visiting a cafe for lunch. marinette is flustered and apologizes profusely, and she finally finds the courage to look into his eyes. but instead of angry!agreste, she seems wide, shocked green eyes as adrien begins to laugh uncontrollably. marinette starts to giggle and shakes her head and it’s not until she looks at him again that she realizes… this whole situation seems really familiar…
  • “…chat noir?” she asks suddenly.
  • “what?” adrien asks. 
  • “what?” alya asks.
  • “what?” nino asks.
  • “oh my god,” marinette says and dies.

Needless to say, flirting was not her forte. But hey, she still got the man in the end, right? …. alright, it’s a work and progress, but still. 

The Spectrum of Humanity

An excerpt from an essay published by Arak'Antos, professor of Humanology at a renowned university.

The sheer scope of humanity’s variety necessitated the creation of an entirely new field of study.  Never before in the history of galactic civilization has any one race been so uniquely bizarre that they could not be encompassed in standard xenobiology and xenopsychology courses.  Even before the body modifications that they are so fond of, it can often be different to tell that two humans belong to the same race, as they can differ in every plausible physical and psychological way.

Their skins’ pigmentation ranges from a deep brown that approaches true black, to rare individuals that possess no pigments whatsoever, leaving them entirely white.  They can have hair covering most of their body, or have none at all.  They can range in height at adulthood from four feet tall to eight feet tall, with some notable exceptions on both ends of the spectrum.  

The psychological differences are just as pronounced.  Several humans have agreed to extended observation as part of my ongoing research into their nuances, and the findings have been striking.  One volunteer shunned physical contact at nearly any cost, and avoided social interaction whenever plausible.  He would sometimes sit as his computer in silence for long periods of time, once going nearly three days without moving, without even eating.  I did not interrupt, as I wished the observation to be impartial, but once I felt I had collected enough data, I asked him about it.  Was it difficult to go that long without nourishment or rest?  His response:

“Not really?  I guess I just lost track of time.”

This has been observed in other humans as well, to lesser degrees, with them being able to “lose track of time” as they focus on a single task, be it something as trivial as assembling a model or reading a book, for hours.  Inversely, I have also observed humans who would be, simultaneously, working on a report, listening to music, watching video, and participating in one or more conversations through voice communications or text programs.  When denied one or more of these stimulants, they would become noticeably on-edge, and their productivity would, somehow, suffer.

There is no known correlation between mental and physical attributes, either.  Every few months I see some naïve young researcher publish a paper that “proves” a link between human appearances and behavior patterns, only for humans to “come out of the woodwork” and present themselves as living evidence of the falsity of their claim. 

In short, no matter how much we study humans, only the most basic of understandings can be applied to them as a species.  To understand a given human, one must study that specific human.


“On April 21, 1967, the 100 millionth GM vehicle rolled off the line at the plant in Janesville — a blue two-door Caprice. There was a big ceremony, speeches; the lieutenant governor even showed up.

“Three days later, another car rolled off that same line. No one gave two craps about her. But they should have, because this 1967 Chevrolet Impala would turn out to be the most important car — no, the most important object — in pretty much the whole universe.”

Happy Birthday Baby! April 24th


                                         ‘Oh the bitten mouth, oh the kissed limbs,
                                     oh the hungering teeth, oh the entwined bodies.

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Petname Babygirl II pt.1

yoongi x reader

genre: smut, dom!yoongi, sugardaddy!yoongi

word count: 7.3k

Sleeping with some random guy was one thing. But realizing that he is your boss was a disaster until he offers you something tempting you cannot reject.

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