not even the ref can say no

Humans Are Weird

I’m sitting in the mess hall, swirling my spoon through my bowl of frugnarf, when Kap’ka*click*ka (I call him Kap) sits down opposite me.

“Human Monique, greetings.”

“Greetings, Kap. What’s up?” My eyes are still on my bowl.

“I have a most pressing query for you.” He pauses dramatically during which I decide to look up at him. Meeting my gaze sternly, he says, “Are you injured?”

The question throws me. “What?”

“Injured, Human Monique! Are you injured?” The long flabs of skin along his neck flap with his agitation, and I know he’s actually being serious.

“No,” I say firmly. Then, more gently, “Why do you ask?”

Six eyes blink at me before one of his hands reaches to take my right hand, the one not holding the spoon. “You use only one of your fore-appendages. I feared you were concealing an injury,” he explains. “We *click*Ref*click*fer often do this when we wish to deceive others.”

It is in that instant that I understand. Kap’s species is entirely ambidextrous. All seven of their limbs can work apart from the others. The species even has an extra cortex in their brains to allow for this kind of dexterity. (I mean, seven limbs! That also isn’t counting their three legs.)

I smile at him and pull my hand away. “No, Kap. I’m fine. Really. I’m just a Lefty.”

“A what?”

“I’m left-handed. Most humans are either left- or right-hand-dominant. Lefties are less common.”

“You mean to tell me that your entire existence relies solely on one appendage to do everything?”

“Not everything,” I amend, enjoying watching his eyes bulge. “I mean, I type with both hands and I can eat with both hands, but things like writing or firing my rifle, I use my left.”

“You can’t be serious!”

“I’m dead serious! Sure, there are a few humans who are ambidextrous, and you can certainly learn how, but it’s hard work and, frankly, it’s a waste of time.”

“But what happens if your dominant, left hand is cut off by a prif’s pincers? What will you do? We don’t have the technology to replace your dominant, left hand, Human Monique!”

I grin up at him and switch my spoon from my left to my right. “Well, I guess I’ll be a Righty, then,” I say and take a bite.

Celebrate Mabon!

hey everyone! I really want to continue my Celebrate …! series, so even though it’s currently Mabon today I thought I’d still make a Celebrate Mabon! post. Apologies for the delay, but I just moved back to university this week and things have been hectic to say the least! These Celebrate …! posts give a basic overview of each of the Sabbats as they come along. I know quite a few people do this on tumblr, but I hope that my personal take on each of the Sabbats can be helpful and interesting to some of you.

Mabon, or the Autumn Equinox, is the second harvest festival on the wheel of the year. It is celebrated on the Autumn Equinox, around the 21st September in the Northern Hemisphere - or the 21st March in the Southern Hemisphere. The main themes of Mabon are celebrating the harvest, thanks-giving, and noticing the equal and balanced nature of light and dark during this time. 

Mabon marks the first day of autumn, and after today the nights will grow longer and colder. It is the seperation point between the two halves of the year. The name Mabon refers to a figure from Welsh mythology and Arthurian legend, Mabon ap Modron. Autumn Equinox was given the name Mabon by Aiden Kelly in 1970. 

Because Mabon marks the descent into autumn and colder weather, now is a brilliant time for spells with the themes of self-reflection, thanks-giving, altruism, balancing and grounding. 

Simple things to do on Mabon:

  • Take time to pause and reflect on the year so far, write down what things have gone well, what things were disappointing, and what you can learn from each event
  • Perform a simple thanks-giving ritual 
  • Think of those who are in need and have less than you, in what ways - practical and spiritual - can you help?
  • Perform balancing and grounding spells 
  • Perform family focused magic
  • Decorate your altar or workspace with autumn leaves, conkers and acorns 
  • Cook with warming spices such as cinnamon, as well as apples, pumpkins, squash
  • The use of red, brown and gold colours
  • Spending time with family, cooking a family meal
  • Use of amber, tigers eye, citrine, yellow aventurine 

“When autumn gathers, the tree that the leaves sang, reddens dark slowly, then, suddenly free, turns like a key, opening air where they hang.” - Annie Finch

We Are Young: Chapter 4

Throne of Glass High School AU

Summary: Senior Rowan Whitethorn is new to town. It doesn’t take him long to get use to a new school, make new friends, even join the local hockey team. But it also doesn’t take him long to meet sophomore and figure skater Aelin Galathynius. And it doesn’t take him long to realize one thing; he can’t stand her.

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Hometown pride was just as big as school pride when it came to hockey games in Rifthold.

The stadium was packed with the people. The bleachers on both sides of the ice were full, and Aelin was sure the whole town showed up to watch the first game on the season.

And what a game it was.

Second period was coming to an end, and both the Rifthold Royals and Skull Bay Pirates had yet to score a goal. Dorian was definitely living up to his nickname this game. But the Pirates’ goalie seemed to be just as good.

The tension in the arena was thick. Everyone was waiting for someone to score that first goal. And it only grew thicker every time the puck got close to a net.

But though the scoring was lacking, the fights and penalties definitely weren’t.

If Aelin didn’t know any better, she’d think the only reason Fenrys, Aedion, and Lorcan were on the team in the first place was to pick fights. They spent more time throwing punches and sitting in the penalty box than they did actually playing the game.

“If he wanted to throw punches all day long,” Lysandra watched with narrowed eyes as the referee broke up another fight between Aedion and one of the Pirates players. “He should have just joined wrestling.”

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nct dream!volleyball team au


  • the !!! libero !!! and !!!!! team !!!!!! captain !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • he’s always there to save his team and keep the ball in the air
  • basically the team’s backbone
  • always up to give his team pep talks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! buys everyone food !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • keeps everyone in check (aka stops jisung from roasting donghyuck mid-game)
  • does not know how 2 give up or what the definition of giving up means 
  • as long as theyre still playing, he knows they havent lost, even if theyre down like 20 points
  • always there to encourage the team to improve!!!!!! a true captain :’))
  • he dives like he’s invincible and wont ever get hurt which made a bunch of kids think that he couldnt feel pain at all iM LAUGHIN
  • has a lot of bruises but he never seems to mind
  • keeps bandaids in his backpack just in case his children needs them !!!!!!!
  • got a friction burn on his side bc he dove to save the ball and his shirt rode up so his skin ended up scraping the ground and it just never went away
  • doesnt know what hesitating is either,,,,,,, he doesnt even care if he sees jeno diving for the ball, he’ll like, still go for it full out,,,,,,,,,,,,,, pls,,,,,,,,,, pls save him,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  • i feel like he’d be a setter but he wouldnt be a starter
  • he doesnt mind tho bc it means he can read the opponents better
  • master of getting inside the other team’s head
  • basically co-manager who also has killer tosses
  • the ‘tough love’ in the group that motivates everyone when even mark is too down to say anything
  • will actually fucking cream you in game if you provoke him in any way
  • had a hard time trusting his team, tried to win every game alone for a lil while
  • probably also tried to blind them with his beauty
  • the type to call bullshit from the ref but has to be held back so he doesnt actually do it
  • his brain reacts faster than his body so sometimes he ends up flailing instead of hitting the damn ball
  • if you whisper things to him like “oh u see number 7 over there? he said your serves were weak” he’ll automatically go into satan mode and becomes 12348739483 times more competitive


  • the dream team’s setter !! 
  • him and jeno are an unstoppable force and the two of them are usually always on court, which is a reason why hyuck doesnt play often
  • total team player
  • freak genius who relies solely on instincts when he tosses
  • bUT that’s ok! 
  • knows all his spikers well: knows how much they can handle, how fast they are, what kind of toss they like the best and can spike with their maximum potential
  • literally sets all his bois up for success
  • acts like he’s nonchalant about everything but deep down he’s like lowlowlowlowkey 
  • he and ren didnt work well together at first
  • like they were good friends but their playing styles just wouldnt mesh in the beginning


  • left wing spiker dont even fight me on this
  • perfect boy lives up to his perfect name by scoring most of the team’s points
  • most accurate spikes on the team 
  • it comes from his years of vball experience 
  • he and jaemin have been playing since grade school and boi his spikes are uMF 11/10
  • probably has like,,,,, a lot of fangirls,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • jumps like…. really high
  • like really high
  • like he’s pretty tall as it is but dude,,,,,,,,, when he jumps he towers over everyone 
  • pretends to be humble when really all he wants to hear is praise and it makes jaemin wanna punch him
  • him and jaemin probably practice a lot together since theyre like the dynamic duo of the team


  • middle blocker 
  • not the tallest but not the shortest either 
  • his blocks used to be 50/50 because he always hesitated to jump
  • he scares the absolute FUCK out of the other team
  • when he gets really into the game and becomes 110% concentrated, his expression grows dark by default
  • an absolute monster 
  • AFTER GAMES, HE’LL STILL HAVE THAT “im gonna spike the ball in your fucking face and cream you” LOOK ON HIM
  • AND EVERYBODY’S JUST LIKE “ren,,,, the game’s over,,,,,,, pls,,,,,,,,,, pls no more scare,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • his spikes will break your fucking neck dont get hit by oNE OF THEM
  • his quicks that he executes with jaemin are actually no fucking joke jesus christ theyre like sonic
  • but like sonic on steroids and one too many energy drinks
  • the ace that no one suspects when you first glance at him
  • also had a hard time fully trusting his teammates bUT he basically trusts them with his life now
  • pays an insane amount of attention to detail and notices every little shift the other team does
  • one time someone called him a shitty excuse for an ace and boi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it didnt look good 4 the other team,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • scary fast reaction times that sparked a rumour that he wasnt even human??? made him laugh really hard and still thinks of it at like 2 am


  • vvv insecure wing spiker + he’s a defense specialist 
  • he’s really smol and gets towered over by a lot of people
  • had a really really hard time trusting himself and his own abilities 
  • felt like a burden to the team and contemplated on quitting
  • before volleyball, he had naturally been good at everything
  • he eventually stayed on the team because volleyball gave him this adrenaline he had never felt before aW BABY
  • and now he’s a starter! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  • everybody doubts him (including himself) but when he finally starts to believe in himself, he’s a beast
  • can also jump ppp high, makes jeno jealous bc chenle probably jumps a lil higher than him, will never admit this
  • he’s probably the decoy too
  • theatrical little shit puts everything into his spikes, even if he isnt going to hit the ball
  • the sunshine of the group that cheers everyone up after losses
  • vocal as fuck during games bUT it encourages everyone
  • plays every game like it’s gonna be his last
  • wants to die before every game bc his nerves always gET TO HIM


  • baby bean !!! but like, a scary baby bean
  • looms,,,, over,,,,,,,,,, everyone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • right wing spiker
  • baby bean wants to be the ace one day
  • this boi,,,,,,,,,,,,, doesnt know,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, what defense is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • all he knows is how to spike the ball really hard 
  • like, so hard that he’s pretty sure the enemy team would cry if they got hit by it
  • has no expression the entire game, no one knows what he’s thinking
  • gets really hung up over losses bc he’s still young and losing sucks in general
  • also plays every game like it’s gonna be his last!!
  • his need for victory drives him to be the best like no one ever was and motivates him even more to win games
  • like mark, he refuses to give up
  • a mini renjun basically but less scary and more ducky
  • almost had to quit bc he hit his head on the ground really hard after he lost his balance spiking the ball and his mom got worried
  • works best when he’s cornered

OK I THINK I FIGURED OUT HOW TO DRAW EM,, gave em slightly different haircuts (some dont even make sense heh)  so its easier to say whos who too? ? ?

anonymous asked:

Hi hi :) thanks so much for posting the yoonmin 10+ asia segment! just wanted to clarify that when Suga says, 'i curse a lot,' the correct translation should actually be 'i curse for [him/Jimin] a lot.' ('욕은 내가 많이 해준다.') even better haha

so to reiterate:

(q: is there a person that can pull you out of the thought inside your mind?) jimin: yes, when someone curses.

suga: i curse for him a lot.

anonymous asked:

idk how you can outright point out the sexual refs in Colors and seriously believe that you somehow turned the song platonic Theres nothing you can do to a line like "i only felt religion when i lied with you" to make it platonic. How can you turn a songs meaning around when the writer themselves has said its romantic anyways? I get interpretation, but when you use a clearly romantic song for a familial relationship... u can say it's platonic all u want but it doesnt change the songs meaning

lol omg ok so have you even seen the comic my guy

i didnt say i made the song platonic, the point i was trying to make was that even with those lyrics i managed to make the comic platonic. the song is what it is i cant change shit about it. the reason why i chose it in the first place was that there was still enough for me to work with that those lines weren’t an issue or distraction to the story i was telling with the comic. im not gonna choose some mushy kissykissy love song to draw to, im not stupid.

anyway, you asked how i could possibly change the meaning?? easy, use the picture. its a lyric comic, i cant tell my story with the words alone, the words by themselves tell their own story, thats what songs do. to tell my story i need to have my pictures morph the song to my liking. i’ll tell you what i did with those lines and my thinking behind them oh, curious little anon.

so! the first “issue” verse:

  • You were a vision in the morning when the light came through– for this line i drew stan during his first tour, trying to show that by pretending to be ford/ the owner of the shack, stan finally found something he was good at, a “light”
  • I know I’ve only felt religion when i’ve lied with you– the line you mentioned, congrats! i drew a background of the welcome signs to the shack. with the combination of the shack and the lyric i was trying to imply that stan only found happiness by lying to everyone. see? that wasnt so hard.
  • You said you’ll never be forgiven till your boys are too– tried to show stans effort of trying to get ford back, drew a stack of books to imply his studying, there’s also his newspaper clipping of his “death” as well as a faded picture of the stans as kids (plus a stanbuck and mystery mug). i used this picture-lyric combo to imply stan being completely unable to forgive himself until he found a way to fix what he’d done i.e. get ford back
  • And I’m still waking every morning but it’s not with you– hammer in stans effort, time skip to old stan passed out over the lab desk, implying the 30 years stans gone with no success. literally he wakes up every morning and its another day that ford isnt back.

and finally the second “issue” verse:

  • You were red, and you liked me because I was blue– start of a flash back sequence, stan and ford as kids. they were complete opposites but thats what they liked about each other, two halves of the same whole.
  • But you touched me, and suddenly I was a lilac sky– i drew the boat, the single most important object to their childhood that changed the course of their whole lives. it became stan and fords shared interest and dream throughout their childhood.
  • Then you decided purple just wasn’t for you– drew a lone stan after being kicked out. ford wanted to go to school, stan still wanted to leave on the boat. at the end of it all stan still had that dream, fords dream had changed, and their now separate desires drove them away from each other.

and thats how you change the meanings.
some lines are easier than others, but just because these verses on their own tell a vastly different story that doesnt mean i cant use their words to help tell minethats how you draw a lyric comic. and thus, i made halseys romantic song tell my platonic story. ta da~

oh and heres the comic, since this ask clearly tells me you’ve yet to see it. ignore the misuse of the word “seems” instead of “seams”, i fucked up and its too late

Punches - Evgeni Malkin (PT Diaries, Episode 19)

Requested by anon: What do you think about a pt diaries part where the Pen are playing the Stars and Tyler Seguin keeps flirting with you and/or chirping the boys about you?

A/N: I love Tyler Seguin, I know it’s hard to believe but I really do. ONLY ONE PART LEFT GUYS.

Word count: 1480

Warnings: Mentions of sex. Cussing. Fighting. Blood. More blood.

Episode 1  Episode 2  Episode 3  Episode 4  Episode 5  Episode 6  Episode 7  Episode 8 Episode 9  Episode 10  Episode 11  Episode 12  Episode 13  Episode 14  Episode 15  Episode 16  Episode 17  Episode 18

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Originally posted by michiganbabe22

The light in the American Airlines Center is annoying. The music is annoying. The color of the Dallas Stars jerseys is annoying. My migraine is annoying and it has been since the day I screwed up. I can still feel his lips against mine, moving on a frenetic rhythm that swept both of us off our feet; but with his soft lips I could also feel the guilt, the trouble, how inappropriate and unprofessional it had been.

“You good?” Matt asks while I tape his wrists, looking me with THE look.

THE look that everyone has been giving me lately, the worried look of someone who knows that you are not going through a good time but they also know that there is nothing he can do to help you. I have been really quiet lately, always drowning in my own thoughts and guilt, to actually pretend to be okay.

“Yeah, just tired.” I lie, like I have been doing all this time; ‘headache’, ‘tiredness’, ‘jet lag’, ‘hunger’, ‘something in my eye’… the list of excuses is never ending. Matt doesn’t buy it, but he doesn’t say anything else.

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ref pages

(( hello; so it has come to my attention that there are many blogs around that lack ref or character pages, that is, pages or links to posts that contain the refs of one or more characters.

now i have to tell you this really isn’t ideal. why? well, refs allow others to easily access a good picture or paragraph of your character from which to draw them from. if you add more than just a picture or description of them, then it can also gives others a sense of their personality and what they are like. this can increase the amount of asks you get, in particular, that can mean asks that are more tailor fit to your character or plot!

so, to reiterate, ref pages are very much a good thing. even if you just put a tag linking to posts of ref sheets, that’s fine. but that is of course if you tag the ref sheets. I’d even say ref pages are very vital and there’s really no reason not to have them.

if you post it once but never link it anywhere, it will be inevitably be lost to time and it won’t do much good, unfortunately.

the thing is though, especially with the presence of so many new people around, i figured people might not know how to make ref pages. so here is a tutorial under the cut.

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selling dragon eggs!

hey! i wanted to make some money to possibly start saving up for whenever i can get binders or hormones or top surgery, so i decided to start selling some handmade dragon eggs! note: you would have to pay for the shipping costs, and i ship from Arizona (west United States)


small [one color] - $10

small [2-4 colors] - $12

small [5+ colors] - $15

medium [one color] - $15

medium [2-4 colors] - $17

medium [5+ colors] - $20

large [one color] - $20

large [2-4 colors] - $22

large [5+ colors] - $25

not pictured:

extra large [one color] - $40

extra large [2-4 colors] - $44

extra large [5+ colors] - $50

giant [one color] - $60

giant [2-4 colors] - $65

giant [5+ colors] - $70



FAQ (click)

EXAMPLES (x)(x)(x)(x)

interested? feel free to send me an ask, message, or email, all money would be sent through Paypal (my paypal and contact email is!) and as i said, once you give me an address i would calculate shipping for you to add on to the price. in the United States i have flatrate shipping so small eggs are all $7 shipping and larger eggs are $14.

if you’d like to buy, please tell me the size of the egg and how many colors, then what colors and pattern (if you do more than one color). if it is a pride egg, just let me know the colors and order they go in and what its for, like if you wanted a transgender pride egg you could say blue, pink, white, pink, blue, and say its for the trans flag! that would count under 3 colors so fit under the 2-4 section.

lastly, i need the money before making it, so that i can buy materials and have the money to ship to you! please include your address in the message so i can calculate the shipping price for you!

being asexual is about the same as watching football for me.  Allow me to explain:

I don’t like football or understand why anyone does, but I do understand the rules and once upon a time I thought I liked playing it.  In fact, most of my life the Greater Hive Mind of social interaction REQUIRED me to know about football, to have a preferred team and to agree or disagree about Popular Opinions regarding Football.  Of course there was my Family’s View on Football to contend with as well.  Meanwhile, I’m in a corner, contemplating if ANYONE really cares that much about football or if they’re all basically faking it the way I am.

But there are people out there that are fucking nuts about football: like they have team shirts, and team colors, and they do that tailgating thing.  And they have all these ideas about the Right and Wrong way to love Football, about who can love football and to what degree.  They learn all this shit about football players and they argue ethics and rules and if things don’t turn out how they like it, they shout obscenities at the refs even if its not their fault.  (Or even, make up new and exciting things to say about the players.)  

There’s also a general understand and fellowship when you meet others that like football, an understood “yes we can be friends, because we too love watching other people throw balls around for competitive athletic purposes.”

And like, the people actually playing football are there for all kinds of reasons: to make money, to have fun, to compete, to interact with others.  And then there’s the whole “he’s a master of the football” thing where if you throw the ball a certain way you’re TOTALLY AMAZING and if you can’t throw it so well you’re basically a girl, and girls probably can throw the football pretty well but they aren’t allowed to advertise that because it’s a Man Thing, ok.

And people who love football are so DEFENSIVE about it.  Like you can’t just say, “I’m not really into football,” because all of a sudden it’ll be a twenty minute lecture about how FOOTBALL IS LIFE or how it’s probably just because you’ve never BEEN TO THE GAME and they might agree that there are some bad points to football, or they might actually be one of the few that have no strong feelings about football but they grew up with football and now they have to have an opinion about football and since they do, you should, and your opinion can’t be: “I don’t care for it.”  There’s an overwhelming presence to football.

AND YOU HAVE TO HAVE A TEAM, you can’t just be like: oh well those guys look cool.  NO YOU MUST HAVE A TEAM.  And you can’t just pick a team that’s doing well because then they assume you’re just jumping on a bandwagon because it’s popular.  No you have to prove your worth by showing off how much you know about your team or you’re not a Real Fan.  AND GOD FORBID YOU REACH A POINT WHERE YOU’RE LIKE: ACTUALLY I THINK THIS OTHER TEAM IS MORE MY STYLE.  It’ll be 10 years of “you traitor” and “i don’t even think we can be friends anymore since you abandoned our team” even in jest that gets super annoying.  And you cannot just observe a group of Football Fans, or dip your toe into Football Life because there’s a pre-qualifier for every level of it so if you have no opinion or don’t know the secret code words you can’t get admitted to the party.  It’s insane that there’s even enough vigor about Football that you can legitimately EXCLUDE PEOPLE from Watching/Loving/Thinking about it if they don’t meet those minimum requirements.  It’s even more insane that this is Socially Acceptable.

I mean, I literally can’t imagine a scenario in which I would ever attend a football game.  But when the occasion calls for it, I have enough stored memory to reminisce about the game because I don’t have enough time in my life to deal with your opinions about my opinions about something as stupid as football.

And that’s exactly the same experience I have with sex, and people talking about it, and their views on it, and all the rules around it, and the arguments over it, and all that pressure you have put on you from basically the minute you’re born that one day you too will grow up and join the great Humanity that Must Sex to Live.  

Yeah ok, the world’s overpopulated, my hobbies don’t involve nudity generally, the only sport I’m down for is speed typing, I don’t want to have sex with you, and I’ve got shows I actually care about to watch so, move along my friend.  Move along.

Another thing for artists: the monster maker

Well my other “something for artists” took off so let’s try this out too! It’s a monster maker! Just like select parts from categories or use a random number generator!

10-undead something
15-mythological creature of your choice


1-tall average
2-tall bulky
3-tall thin
4-medium average
5-medium bulky
6-medium thin
7-small average
8-small bulky
9-small thin
10- gigantic
11- microscopic

Body type:

Pick whatever you like!


1-elemental control
2-solid/liquid/or gas control
5-alternate form
6-time or space control
8-super strength
10-emotion manipulation
11-elemental breath

6-sharp shooter

Origin story:
1-came from ___
2-experiment gone wrong
3-“and some even say you can hear it walk these woods”
5-no reason


Sorry, long post!!

@rabbitpietale I’m a bit late sorry! I got carried away and made a whole bunch of doodles lol! I’m not sure if it’s exactly what you imagined, but here are some ideas I had!

Some design, with the swap colours. Sans’ outfit changes a little bit, but I had no idea how to change Mettaton so…it’s just Mtt in blue lol!

Their roles are swapped: Mettaton is a sentry and a illegal ‘dog seller. Sans is a comic TV star!

Instead of fighting Sans at the end of the genocide path, you’re against Mettaton. I imagine he changes into MTT Neo for the 2nd part of the fight (and before changing he says “It’s not even my final form!” haha). And here is a sketch of his death when you deliver the final blow. And as Mtt’s systems are dying he says this dialogue which is a ref to 2001: space odyssey! I thought it’d fit very well and he’d be very sad :’ (

A full pic, because i can! And also the last one lol. That’s the ideas i had, it was fun haha! Maybe I’ll draw them again another time because I like the idea! (I just like roles swaps tbh lol )




So obviously, to be HALF demon, one of his parents has to be pure demon, and the other cannot be pure demon.
Arthur is a demon (most likely) or Lilly (waitthatshernameright) is a demon.

Arthur is most likely a demon.
I’m basing it off already-there info
Why he’s most likely a demon:

-He’s insane.
-Has fire powers.
-Doesn’t really even physically age.

Now I’m going off his ref where it says he is shinigami
B u t
“Shinigami (死神, "god of death” or “death spirit”) are gods or supernatural spirits that invite humans toward death, and can be seen to be present or interpreted to be present in certain aspects of Japanese religion and culture.“

‘Supernatural spirits’

A shinigami could technically be a type of demonic creature.
"But why isn’t Mystery just a shinigami then???”
Well, we know nothing about Arthur’s parents.
Who knows, one of his parents COULD be a demon, leading the demonic gene to pass down, making Arthur shinigami and half-demonic, or just demonic in general, leading Mystery to be a half-demon.

This is a really loose theory because Arthur still has an outdated(?) Ref SO don’t expect it to be accurate.

silver-atlas  asked:

Do you have any tips when it comes to drawing necrotic/decaying skin for monsters?

I would make a detailed tutorial for this (it interests me a lot) but I’m worried it wouldn’t be appropriate for the content on this blog. See, a lot of my gory shit I don’t even post, because it can be hard to look at.

Basically the best thing to do is look at real life reference pics and draw inspiration from that. Study the progression of necrosis and rot, how these things affect different parts of the body. Understanding musculature and bone structure helps in the long run as well. It sounds nasty but if that is really what you want to go for, I say go hard or go home. Looking at refs isn’t as bad once you become desensitized to it.

*If enough people ask I can do a  tutorial on it, because this shit is cool*

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I zoomed at M!Corrin's legs for a drawing ref but then I just thought "nice legs" aHAHA

I’d like to thank the Takumis I keep encountering in arena battles, they’re the main reason why I can still enjoy the view even now that Kamui is a lvl 40 5* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Shipppp babbyyy-

Geno (loverofpiggies) and reaper (renrink)

Bois name is Lorelai yeah I knowww, shhh, he kinda does that anyway I guess?

Anywayyy, this kid mannn, he is dead inside and doesn’t care anymoRE. Usually he keeps his cloak thingyyyy closed completely but I opened it a lil so you could kinda see his clothes underneath.

The ends of his cloak thing trail off in some weird smoke ooor something ??? And his scarf is constantly movng like wind is blowing, not that much but I wanted to show that there are two sides to it aND that ittt goes off in little strands of the fabric that usually fade away, like smoke or steam does, idk how to describe it

His right eye glitches from time to time but not usually, it happens more often when he is feeling more emotions.

I’ve heard that is you touch Reaper you diE so this kid inherited that, so don’t touch hiMm. He is kinda depressed looking an dead inside but if he likes something oor whatev he gets happy and cyOOOT.

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Loved your Shiro and Jason Todd piece and just every piece you've done! As someone who wishes to make webcomics and art in the future, do you have any tips for improving drawing styles? (i.e. body position, expressions, that sort of stuff). I always love seeing when you post something new. Keep up the great work!! <3 <3

Thank you very much!!!! I’m flattered you’d ask me all of this but I don’t think I’m really good at giving advice so sorry if this sucks ahah
I think the most important to improve is looking at a lot of stuff. Like if you see a drawing you like? Try to zoom in, see the lines and try to figure out how the artist worked, if that makes any sense ahahah
I do that with animations too, I slow down videos to try and see the movements step by step.
As soon as there’s something you like, draw it! That artist you love? Try to imitate one of their pieces! but I’m not talking of like just tracing over their lines again: try to see what they were doing when they drew it and understand it.
Don’t do that only though, do your own stuff too! I copied so much Naruto stuff when I was younger you have no idea, but I also experienced my own things, mixed styles I liked to keep the things I loved more about each one. Also try to look at things irl too, like look at the way this strand of hair falls in your mom’s face or how this dog’s ears are shaped and how they’re linked to it’s head, how that coat drapes over that chair, stare at your hand in class and see how your fingers bend, look at everything and try to understand how it works. I’m not sure if I’m making sense but the example I use the most is drawing eyes: i started drawing eyes by copying an artist on Deviantart I liked, and she did that thing were she drew eyes like this:

that really cartoonish look you know? just this half circle, and I thought it looked cool and also it was easy to do, unlike these freaking anime eyes with a million things going on in the irises that I drew before that, so i did half circles to draw eyes for a loooong time when i was younger. But they looked kinda weird:

(btw it’s costing me a great amount of ego to show this ahaha)

So they’re weird, first because, well, you’re not good at drawing at 12, except if you have a gift from the gods or something, but also because i didnt take the time to think about why the artist did half a circle in the first place. She did it because she had started with drawing the whole eye and learning how it worked, knew how the lid folded over the eye and how it would look from the side, and then she kept on simplifying it while progressing, and she ended up with half a circle that worked as an eye, because she’d gone through the whole process of drawing it ‘’well’’ in the first place. I just drew half a circle.

So copy stuff, shamelessly imitate that style you like, draw that OC you thought about the other day from scratch, but also take time to look at things in detail and memorize as much as you can!
John Howe came to our school and told us to take interest in as much things as possible, so that when the time comes and you have to draw that thing, you’ll know how even without having to look at reference (and I’m not saying using reference is bad, it’s super important too so save every piece of ref you can!)

As for expressions literally almost all my knowledge comes from stupid faces the characters made in mangas ahaha 

I also do faces while drawing sometimes, it’s not voluntary but I guess it helps? make a face in the mirror and try to see what makes that expression recognizable, like the way your teeth show in the corner of your mouth or that scrunch your nose makes. But I’ll probably do some sort of expression chart or something one day cause I got an ask about that a while ago, so look out for that :)

I’m always learning and I still have a long way to go, but it’s important to appreciate little victories and the progress you make, and to keep drawing even when you feel like you’re never getting any better! I hope this helped, even a little, and sorry if I’m babbling and it doesn’t make any sense in the end ahaha

just wanted to make this on Krupps and Cu height only being 5′8 but i was saying he was wider which makes him look bigger so i got this reference to back it up because you can easily see how look CU looks the same height as these guys even the one i the background, who by perspective still should be slightly smaller.

and even if the mime guy stood up straight they could be the same height but CU is just bigger. idk just thought i make it cuz doing this stuff is fun XD