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Do you happen to have any Sniperspy headcannons?



-They hated each other at first

-Even when dating, they’ll still kill each other on the field

-Spy will get Sniper to wear a suit, but he’ll make a big fuss about it. He also has to get them custom tailored because of his lanky build. 

-Spy makes fun Sniper’s Australian-flag print underwear and Sniper makes fun of his overly expensive underwear.

-They both secretly love sitcoms and the Doors

-Sniper is the awkward one in the relationship, but he’s also makes most of the decisions. 

-Spy knows Sniper thinks he’s hot and uses it to his advantage CONSTANTLY

-They bicker constantly but it’s their way of showing each other they love each other

-Sniper will learn French for Spy, but his accent is atrocious. 

-Spy has to spray their home with his expensive spray all the time so it doesn’t smell like piss

-Spy rarely gets drunk, but when he does, he tells SNiper crazy stories about his past missions

-Sniper is the only person Spy has ever trusted and he would leave espionage if it meant safety for the Sniper

-But he won’t need to because he honestly feels bad for the poor Spy who tries to do anything to Sniper, as they’ll most likely get shot with a bullet or piss

-They go on lots of couples cruises

Tumblesquid Oneshot: Flight

Plot: Dating someone with wings can be pretty amazing at times - though it’s never just the flying that makes it truly amazing.

((Heyyyy, I FINALLY thought of another shipping fic idea! And, even if it’s not for my OTP, it’s still for a pairing I love, so that counts for something! But yeah, just a simple fluff piece. Hope you guys enjoy! ^v^))

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to come to us and bash us (once again) is really petty and far-reaching

you have your ships who may or may not have that many moments, so you go and make edits and photoshoped pics to prove how your otp is great and in love..

but then you come to us and practically piss all over the moments of our lovely otp that aren’t staged/planned or even edited.

and us, Kaisoo shippers, have had it enough with all of you being hateful towards us, and Lord himself knows that we’re the most hated fandom in the group, just ‘cause y’all still think that we don’t deserve to ship two guys, or to ship them with one another..

and it really makes me angry and sad to see that us, shippers, still get hated for loving those two together, whether they’re friends, boyfriends, lovers, brothers, a married couple, or all of the above

and to think you still have the nerve to bash the moments REAL moments that happened, just because you don’t agree with us, makes you really petty.

but have a good day, because this isn’t hate towards the rest of you, since we’re really good people, and not that poisonous like our haters.

thank you


this video is incredible and everyone should watch it