not even telling the truth to your wife

As we’ve said for literally 25 straight installments of this feature, “Imagine if that were true!”

6 B.S. Viral Stories: Frozen Isn’t Causing Divorces

#3. No, People Aren’t Getting Divorced Over the Movie Frozen

The story spread faster than a “Let It Go” cover, as CBS, NY Post, Uproxx, and even the Guardian cashed in on the absurdity – all of which was originated by, and we quote, “one anonymous 31-year-old man” on a goddamn marriage advice forum. Even in the unlikely case that the “31-year-old” wasn’t a bored teenager making shit up just for kicks, who says he’s telling the truth? We’re no marriage experts, but we have seen What About Bob? enough times to know that thinking your wife left you because of a trivial difference is way more of a red flag than the trivial difference itself.

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So today my dad reminded me of the time I met Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley in Harry Potter) I was about 11 they were just about to film Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix. Anyways back to the story we was at digger land (some theme park in Kent) and my dad spot him and pointed him out to me I immediately ran over even though my father told me not to and pulled his jacket to get his attention he looked down at me and I said
“Your Arthur Weasley.”
And he said
“Yes I am that must mean your a wizard what is your name?”
And I said
“Charlie Weasley.”
And he said
“A Weasley but you cannot be one of my children.”
And I said
“No I’m Ron’s future wife.”
And he said
“Well Charlie you have some very magical powers for being able to tell the future and I feel like you are telling me the truth so welcome to the Weasley family.” With that he shook my hand.
Afterwards my dad took a photo of me and him and he said
“I will tell Ron that his future wife said hello.”
We hugged and then we went our separate ways. I know it’s a random little fact/story of my life but it was one of the best days of my life.