not even telling the truth to your wife

I really like the headcanon that:

A. Anakin and Padmé were absolutely rubbish at being discreet about their relationship and didn’t even realize it

B. Obi-Wan figured it out himself early on because he isn’t an idiot, and didn’t say anything in the hope that Anakin would eventually tell Obi-Wan himself

C. To make sure Anakin and Padmé’s secret, already poorly-kept by the idiots themselves, didn’t get out to the Council (resulting in Anakin being kicked out of the Order), Obi-Wan found himself having to constantly make distractions for the other Council members when they came close to stumbling upon the truth (which wouldn’t happen so often if you would stop KISSING YOUR SECRET WIFE IN PUBLIC, ANAKIN), including at one point taking Mace Windu out for a beautiful evening at the Galactic Gardens


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John Shelby x Reader

Prompts #5: “If you walk out that door… don’t you ever come back” & #47: “Go on, I dare you”  (Requested by Anon)

You loved John, but you wouldn’t tell anyone even when they asked you. He had asked you to keep it under wraps until he divorced his wife. You felt bad for his wife and felt like their divorce was your fault.You had several moments where you felt like if you hadn’t have met John, he would still be happy with his wife and they wouldn’t get divorced. You had voiced your opinion with John, but he had claimed that he wasn’t happy with her before he met you; but something in his voice told you differently.

You wanted to confront him about it but you weren’t sure how to or how he’d react. You were hesitant, but once you had made up your mind, you had asked John to meet you at your little house. When he had walked in, he went to kiss you but you held your hand out to stop him at arms length

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong?” He chuckled nervously.

“I need to ask you a question, and you need to be completely honest with me, John. No lies, no beating around the bush, just pure truth. Okay?” You asked, swallowing your nerves. His brows pulled together and he looked at you confused.


“Are you really going to divorce your wife?”

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Faelern came back later to drive me to the house. I wanted to make sure that Jace was definitely gone so I wouldn’t accidentally run into him.

No one else knew about Faelern and me, not even Sky, so I didn’t bother telling the truth about where I was going, as I knew it’d open an extra weird can of worms. I told her I was staying with my coworker. Faelern was a weird guy, sure, but I didn’t get creepy vibes from him, even with our unfortunate history. 

We pulled up to the house. He came inside long enough to get some things. I looked around a bit and spotted the pictures on the wall. He has a wife?!

“Hey!” I called out, “does your wife know I’m staying here?”

Faelern came partways down the stairs.

“My wife is dead." 

He went back upstairs. Well, fuck.

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