not even telling the truth to your wife

I really like the headcanon that:

A. Anakin and Padmé were absolutely rubbish at being discreet about their relationship and didn’t even realize it

B. Obi-Wan figured it out himself early on because he isn’t an idiot, and didn’t say anything in the hope that Anakin would eventually tell Obi-Wan himself

C. To make sure Anakin and Padmé’s secret, already poorly-kept by the idiots themselves, didn’t get out to the Council (resulting in Anakin being kicked out of the Order), Obi-Wan found himself having to constantly make distractions for the other Council members when they came close to stumbling upon the truth (which wouldn’t happen so often if you would stop KISSING YOUR SECRET WIFE IN PUBLIC, ANAKIN), including at one point taking Mace Windu out for a beautiful evening at the Galactic Gardens

Title: Realization

Character: John Wick

Movie: John Wick

Warnings: None, pure fluff!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

John’s gait was wobbly at best. His body was sore, aching with the need to just find somewhere safe to rest.

That somewhere was at the top of the paved driveway that he came to a stop at.

He sighed, holding the oozing stab wound at his side. It was going to be a struggle, but the one person in that house was well worth the climb.

He shuffled his feet, panting, hoping that his vision would even out. His body had broken out in a cold sweat once he reached the back door.

Quietly, he let himself in, thankful that the door didn’t squeak. She must have had the hinges fixed like he suggested.

John could hear a movie playing in the living room. Given the screams and the chainsaw roaring, she was watching one of her classic horror movies.

Making his way to the living room, he found her sitting on the couch, a bowl of ice cream in her hand.

“Y/N,” he called out.

“Christ on a cracker!” she yelped, the bowl of ice cream falling to the floor as she jumped up.

If he weren’t in so much pain, he’d would have found her reaction hilarious.

As she panted from her scare, she calmed down when she saw that he was clutching his side.

He could feel his feet start to slide out from under him.

“John!” Y/N cried out.

Right as his vision blurred before blacking out, he felt her catch him as he went down to the ground.
“He’ll be fine, child. Just make sure…” the deep male voice trailed off and the door shut with a soft click.

John kept his eyes closed, taking stock of his body before attempting to get up. A tight pull in his abdomen indicated that he was freshly stitched.

Though he still ached, it wasn’t nearly as bad. There was an empty bag of blood and two bags of fluids in the small waste basket next to the bed.

Checking his hand, he found that the IV needle was still in his vein, but that the most recent bag of fluids wasn’t connected.

Carefully, he removed the needle and took a piece of gauze to wipe up the bead of blood. He rose from the bed and slowly walked out of Y/N’s room.

He found her in the bathroom down the hall, washing her blood caked hands.

John remained in the shadows of the dimly lit hall, watching her. She was focused, the same look she wore whenever she was caring for his wounds.

Her brow was pinched, dark circles under her eyes and a frown of concentration on her naturally happy face.

She never once complained about taking care of him, and for that he was grateful. There were many questions though and he was hesitant to answer at first, but Y/N had proven to be tough and she was most definitely not afraid to tell him the truth.

John appreciated her, more so since Helen had passed away two years earlier.

After losing his wife, he felt lost; not knowing what to do, where to go or even if he wanted to continue living.

Y/N helped him through his darkest hour and now seeing her like this, realizing how much she meant to him, he knew right then that she was his world.


She jumped again, then glared at him, “I swear to God, John! I’m puttin’ a damn bell around your neck!”

He smiled gently, resting in the doorway.

Y/N turned back to the sink and rinsed the soap from her hands, “You shouldn’t be out of bed,”

“I’m fine,”

She snorted, drying her hands and throwing the towel in the dirty clothes.

“I don’t know if you noticed, but you could have died, John!”

“I’m fine,” he repeated.

Y/N threw her hands up in the air, her arms slapping her thighs as she dragged her hands to her hips.

“Goddamnit! Don’t you get it!?”

He watched the emotions play over her features; fear, anger, hurt, relief and dare he say… love?

“John, you lost a lot of blood!” she exclaimed, moving around him into the hallway.

“I don’t want to gave to bury my only frie-”

John gripped her arm, spinning her around and pinning her to the wall.

She gasped, in shock of the sudden movement.

“John, what-”

He cut her off, kissing her with everything he had. The kiss was rough, demanding that she be quiet and listen. When she softly moaned, her hands on his hips, John toned down the intensity.

His lips moved slowly over hers, taking his time. As their tongues gently touched, they both moaned, pulling each other closer.

It was only when her hand accidentally touched the tender wound, did he jerk his lips away from hers, hissing.

“I’m sorry!” she panted.

“I’m fine,” he replied.

“What was that for?” she asked, quietly.

He debated on whether or not to tell her and quite frankly, he was afraid of her rejection.

“John?” she whispered his name, her warm palm cupping his cheek as her thumb ran across his bottom lip.

He sighed, enjoying the feeling of her soft skin.

Y/N was here, alive and well; talking to him, touching him. If there was one thing that Helen had taught him; it was to live in the now because you never knew when your time was up.

“I love you,” he declared with a deep conviction.

She gaped at him, her eyes wide at his declaration.

“Wha- John, I-”

“I know, Y/N, I know,”

“You’re serious?”

John grinned at the bewildered look on her face, “I am,”

He let her have a moment to digest his confession. Her eyes studied him and he held her gaze, letting everything he felt for her shine through.

She sighed softly and leaned forward to gently kiss him. She rested her forehead against his, “I love you too, John.”


Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (5)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©
Part 5 of an ongoing sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

Click for WPWT(1)  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21  Part 22-Finale

Word Count: 3,405 (-ish)

You woke in a great mood the following morning, Minseok was already awake and staring at you, a smile plastered on his face.

“You look so ugly when you sleep, but that’s what makes you cute.” He poked your cheek with his finger smiling at you in the most playful albeit spiteful way.

“Rude.” You frowned but learnt to take the compliment anyway, closing your eyes again and snuggling up closer to him.

“Last night was great babe. We should do it more often.” He planted a kiss on your forehead. “Come on let’s go.” He shook your body lightly earning a groan from you.

“Can’t we just stay like this for a little while?” You pouted, snaking your arm around his neck and stroking his hair lightly. He let out a soft sigh and you could still feel his gaze on your body as he wrapped an arm around your disrobed waist. You felt a warm feeling envelope your chest, there was nothing better than the feeling of having Minseok close by. There was nothing better than feeling his skin on yours. His bare chest was warm and inviting against yours. You began giggling when you felt Minseok leaving a trail of butterfly kisses across your face.
“Min, what are you doing?” You laughed a bit harder at the tickling sensation, causing you to bury your head between his neck and shoulder. Then you heard a knock at the door. You let out an exasperated sigh. Was it too much to ask for 10 minutes of quality time with your husband?

“Do not open the door.” Minseok called, “unless you want to see two nake –” You pressed your hand over Minseok’s mouth widening your eyes at him, lately he had gotten too playful and brazen for your liking.

“Who is it?” You called turning your head away from Minseok’s neck.

“Uhh Sehun. I wanted to talk to Min…But if you’re both busy… I can always just come back later.”

“We’ll be down in a moment Sehun just give us a second.”You said, embarrassment lacing your voice as you grudgingly dragged yourself away from Minseok’s and pushed the covers off of your body, causing him to wolf whistle. You rolled your eyes standing up you walked over to the wardrobe to get some clothes and put them on.
“Hurry, get some clothes on.” You threw Minseok some underwear a pair of shorts and a lose top.

You walked into the kitchen together and were greeted by Kyungsoo, Baekhyun and Sehun. Minseok walked over to the fridge and poured the both of you a glass of orange juice, whilst you fixed the both of you some jam on toast.

“Did you have fun last night?” Kyungsoo asked, smirking up at the two of you from where he was sat, he wheeled himself out of the room laughing smugly under his breath as he did so. You looked at Minseok embarrassment plastering your face. Sehun’s brows creased, as though he was about to be sick.

“Could we maybe not, at the breakfast table please?” He rolled his eyes. “I’d rather spare myself the mental image of the both of you getting hot under the covers.” You bit your lip anxiously and buried your head in your hands; you were so embarrassed you couldn’t put it into words. You told Minseok that Kyungsoo would hear it all. Minseok laughed under his breath at your reaction, but helped to put you at of your misery.

“What was it you wanted to talk about Sehun?”

Sehun looked up at you, his face straight and eyes unblinking, before he turned his attention back to Minseok.

“Not in front of her…”

Your eyes widened, you stood there awkwardly for a while in silence. You looked up at Minseok who pulled a ‘sorry’ face. Nodding quietly you left the kitchen and decided that you would take a slow walk around the house as you were still massively unfamiliar with it. You felt a hand touch your shoulder. Turning around you saw Baekhyun smiling at you, he looked a lot more radiant now than he did the last time you’d seen him. You were supposing that he was in a happier place, but there was only a matter of time until the calm would be disrupted.

“Can I tour with you? I still need to figure out this place myself.” You nodded at him, your walking pace falling into rhythm with each other. You took you time visiting nearly each and every room, the next always more extravagant than the last. Your favourite was what you assumed to be the new board room. The walls were a plain white, so there was nothing really special there, but what made it grand was the large black marble table which was positioned in the centre of the room and surrounded by 16 glass chairs, carved to perfection. It was utterly extraordinary and breathtaking to say the least. You pulled one of the chairs out from under the marble table slowly and sat down, Baekhyun doing the same opposite from where you were positioned.

“So, what happened last night then?” He winked at you, lightly drumming his fingers against the marble.

“Yeah, can we maybe not.” You looked down at your lap, avoiding his gaze.

“It’s okay; you’re married now so it’s all good. Although if I’m being honest with you, I did not see Minseok getting married coming, especially to someone like you.” He shook his head in disbelief, making you chuckle silently a little bit. If anyone had told you that you would be married to Minseok later down the line, you’d laugh in their face and tell them to jump off the Eiffel tower for cursing like that, but yet here you were, life definitely had a strange way of working out. You cleared your throat and went silent at the sound of voices approaching the room, everyone began to file in.

“Ahh here you two are, we were looking for you.” Junmyeon said, taking a seat at the head of the table, it was a grand position and it really did make him look like a King. And when you thought about it, that’s just what Junmyeon was. A King who lived to serve his subjects and keep his land thriving.

“So we’re all aware we’ve got a problem on our hands.” He locked his fingers together above the table, raised a brow and looked around the table earning a low grunt from everyone present.
“Luhan’s back, last night he tried to kidnap Y/N. Well he didn’t try; he was successful in his attempt it was just lucky that we were on hand otherwise God knows what might have happened.” You received a worried stare from Minseok and Chanyeol.
Junmyeon continued to talk.
“We need to be alert and we need plans. I’m not sure exactly what it is he’s after but clearly it can’t be any good.” The room was silent for a beat, before Sehun nearly made you jump out of your skin as he suddenly began shouting.

“Jongin I thought you killed him. I thought you never missed; you had one job, one job! Do better Kai!” He slammed his hands down on the table, it was evident that Sehun still hadn’t found a way to channel his anger and emotion when it came to subject of Luhan and betrayal, you honestly thought that he was still in denial every now and then.

“I did shoot him! I shot him in the chest so I don’t know what the heck happened!” Jongin rose from his seat, firing his anger back towards Sehun. Yixing began to nod instinctively; he did see it too after all.

“Goodness this is our first board meet, do we really have to argue right now?” Junmyeon sighed, standing up slowly he stepped away from his chair. “That’s it for today; we’ll talk about it again tomorrow. But for now stay alert and try digging up any pieces of information you can find.” He left the room, dismissing everyone who slowly left the room behind him, all but Jongin who blocked your exit.

“You believe me right Y/N? I did shoot him.” His eyes shifted, trying to catch your reaction to his statement.

“I believe you because I believe Yixing. You’re lucky you had a witness.”
Jongin shook his head frowning at your words.

“I’ve never lied to you Y/N.”
You scoffed in disbelief and walked out of the board, you knew for a fact he wasn’t seriously suggesting he was a truthful man right now. You carried on walking down the hall, mounting the stairs so that you could go to your room. Then you heard a light knock on the door almost immediately after.

“Come in.” You called softly, getting ready to tell Jongin to just leave the issue alone, but your eyes widened at who had stepped into the room. In fact it wasn’t even a man, it was a woman. You were slightly taken aback at first.

“Yuna. Junmyeon’s wife.”
She smiled softly, bowing her head towards you whilst keeping her hands on her knees. She smelt intoxicating, her perfume was strong to the point where it was almost dizzying, but it was an addictive smell, almost as though you wanted to drink a whole bottle of whatever she was wearing. She was rather petite, to the point it made you feel uncomfortable because you had to stare down at her to speak. Her hair was long and dark and her eyes were thin slits. She looked almost mysterious in the most alluring and hypnotic way. You definitely understood why Junmyeon had fallen so hard.
“It’s nice to finally meet you…Y/N right? I’ve heard so much about you.” She advanced forward into the room closer to you. “I’m sorry I didn’t show my face earlier, to be honest I’ve been ill over the past few days so I’ve been feeling pretty lethargic, I hope you don’t mind too much.”
You smiled at her sweetly and motioned for her to take a seat on your bed as you went to sit down too.

“Oh, No not at all don’t mention it. Yuna.” It was a nice name.
She hummed in response silently, taking a seat beside you. Her delicate hands still placed neatly in between her lap. Junmyeon wasn’t a big guy, but she sure as heck was a tiny woman and if he was anywhere as near as passionate as Minseok was when he was making love, then how she wasn’t broken into a thousand small pieces yet, you didn’t know.

“I really just wanted to see how you were, after last night. I heard that man named Luhan had captured you or something. I hope you’re doing okay, I’m sure it must have been a total shock.”
You smiled at the small woman, how very sweet of her to be concerned about an individual she’d only heard of, but didn’t actually know.

“Oh, goodness you’re kind.” You flashed her your teeth. “It was scary to say the absolute least, but I survived which is the main thing. I must say it’s nice to have another woman around, although I really wouldn’t wish this type of life on anyone.”
She hummed quietly again, shifting slowly in her position.

“It’s okay. I knew what I was getting myself into.”

“Oh?” You raised a brow at her. “You did?”

She hummed again; you were assuming that this was a habit of hers.

“Yes actually, I was and still am an intern for Genesis. Well actually it happened to be that the guy I was dating before was a spokesman at the company and he got me a job there. I’d always heard stories of there being an Underground Genesis squad, who did the dirty for the good of the company. Although that made people sick, I actually thought it was quite admirable, that they went through such turmoil for the greater good. I heard it was kind of run by Mr. Kim’s younger brother. Again this was all speculation, none of us in my sector of the firm had even seen Mr. Kim’s brother, we didn’t even know if he existed or if he was a myth. I assumed it had all been an in-office wives tale to keep us nosy lot occupied, it wasn’t until one day I had been called into Mr. Kim’s office for a review meeting that I had realised his brother was a living and breathing entity.” She chuckled at her choice of words. “I walked into the office, and there Junmyeon was. Just standing there, looking ethereal our eyes locked and I knew in the moment I’d fallen. I never was a believer in love at first sight, but honestly I’m one of its many victims. He began coming to the office frequently after that. We’d ‘bump’ into each other in the hallways and have small chats. Then one day he asked me on a date. One date turned into two, then three, then four. And the rest is history.”
She breathed out smiling at her ring. “I guess love is really like a blindfold isn’t it. We can’t see where we’re going and what direction we’re headed to. Especially with our husbands. Yet we keep walking deeper into the love, with our arms outstretched hmm?” You were silent for a moment and nodded slowly, you had never thought of it that way but it was entirely true. Being in love with Minseok was like wearing a blindfold, you had no idea where you would end up, but you carried on walking in to it regardless. She had done a decent job in reviving Junmyeon, he was no longer trying to blow everyone up, so that had to be a good sign and she seemed genuine and sweet. You were just glad that she wasn’t forced into it.
“Anyway I’d better be going. I like to spend a little bit of time with Junmyeon at this time of the day before we both get really busy after, so I’ll be seeing you around Y/N. She smiled at you sweetly and left the room.”
You let out a sigh; it was time get ready for the later shift at work.

It was 9PM by the time you had finished and it was dark already. Minseok was on the phone to you as you stood in the foyer of the building.

No you’re not coming home by yourself Y/N.” You couldn’t hear him too well, since the background was quite busy, you assumed that he had taken a late shift too. “After last night I’m not taking any chances sweetheart. I won’t have that happen to you again.” He let out a sad sigh. “Stay there, I’ll get one of the boys to come and pick you up okay. See you when I get home, I love you.” Without giving you the chance to even speak back he had already hung up. You appreciated that Minseok was trying to keep you safe, but he was admittedly becoming slightly paranoid about it all, nevertheless, you stood there in the foyer waiting for your ride to arrive.

A good half hour later and you heard footsteps walking up to you.

“Your chariot awaits m’lady.”You looked up to see Yixing in a grey tracksuit, with the hood pulled up over his head, you were really tired and so only managed to give him a weak smile. You followed him out of the building and into the car.

“Thanks for picking me up. Min’s being a bit paranoid.”

“Do you blame him though?” He said, flashing you a quick side glance before focusing his attention back on the road ahead. The both of you stayed silent for a while until he began to speak up again.

“Jongin’s telling the truth, he did shoot Luhan. I just don’t know how the bastard survived.”

“Mmm, I know it’s the truth because you witnessed it. He’s a lot scarier in life, this ‘Luhan’ guy.”
Another silence and there was something awkward about it this time around almost as if it was a foreboding.

“So…How’s married life?” Yixing muttered, almost too carefully.

“Yeah it’s good; he does a lot to keep me happy.” You said barely a whisper not daring to look over at Yixing.

“He’s never too rough with you is he. Doesn’t hurt you or anything right…?”

“No Yixing he doesn’t we’re fine.” You frowned slightly, shifting uncomfortably in your seat. Another pause.

“I’ve missed you Y/N.”

“Yixing please don’t. Don’t do this.”
He frowned, giving you a quick side glance.


“I’m married to your friend, damn it Yixing! You’re not supposed to be doing this.” You hissed, angry at the way he was behaving. You really had no idea how much he had become attached to you.

“I’m not trying it on with you Y/N. I know you belong to my friend I’d never come in between the two of you, but I just need some sort of closure because I’m losing my sanity thinking about it. Why him over me? What did he have that I didn’t?”
His grip was becoming tighter on the steering wheel as you noticed his knuckles turning white.

“We share something Yixing okay! There’s something about him that I love and I can’t explain it but I just do.” You were fuming now, was he questioning your relationship?

“If it wasn’t for him would I have had a chance?”

“Yixing I—”

“Look Y/N I’m not trying it on with you,i’m not trying to win you over, that ship has long sailed. You don’t have feelings for me and that’s fine. I know this will amount to nothing I just need some flipping closure so please just answer me! If it wasn’t for Minseok would you have given me a chance? If you didn’t fall in love with him, would you have given me a second look? I just need to know where I stand as an individual. I just need to know who the fuck I am. I just need to know I’m worth a little bit more than nothing…”
He went silent; all you could hear was his heavy breathing as you thought about it for a moment. You cleared your throat, lowering your head.


The car ride back home was silent the whole way after the discussion. Maybe what Yixing was asking for was reasonable, maybe you owed him that much; the closure he so desperately needed, hopefully this would allow him to move on. You had noticed that he had esteem issues and so maybe knowing that he wasn’t necessarily the issue would help him to move on.
You got out of the car not looking at him knocking on the front door which was opened by Jongdae. You pushed past him.

“Yeah you’re welcome Y/N.” Jongdae called out at you sarcastically. Everyone was sitting in the living room apart from Junmyeon; you joined them positioning yourself between Minseok and Tao on the chair ignoring Yixing who was sat opposite on the other sofa. There was light chatter around the room; Minseok was resting his head against your shoulder.
Suddenly and angry looking Junmyeon stormed into the room and slammed a folder of paper down onto the coffee table. You got up from your seat looking through the papers, confused. You passed it around the room. It was a small portfolio file of Luhan. Some minor background information and how he survived, According to the sheets circulating around the room, Luhan had previously had a metal sheet implanted under his skin in the chest area. So if that was the case Jongin’s bullet must’ve ricocheted off of the metal sheet, luckily for him not hitting anything major.

“Damn, why don’t we all get one of those? The clever bastard. Luhan always was prepared wasn’t he?” Jongin laughed looking around the room. But by the look on Junmyeon’s face he was still furious.

“You’re playing fucking games again Kim Jongin! Why did I find this through the letter box? You’re really out here playing with fire boy! Who the fuck do you really work for? Luhan?!” Everyone’s face went blank, staring up at Jongin. Jongin’s face went blank, he rose from his place on the sofa.

“What? It wasn’t me Myeon. The tell-tale was for a valid reason. I did that to kill Red, he’s gone now so why the fuck would I need to cover up!?” He hissed at Junmyeon.

“Exactly” Junmyeon was getting dangerously close to Jongin now. “Red’s gone now, so why would you have to be here anymore?”

“The same reason why everyone else is here after Red’s death, why else!? Don’t try fucking pinning this on me.”

Junmyeon, looked around the room, his eyes ablaze.

“Well who the fuck did it then?!”


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John Shelby x Reader

Prompts #5: “If you walk out that door… don’t you ever come back” & #47: “Go on, I dare you”  (Requested by Anon)

You loved John, but you wouldn’t tell anyone even when they asked you. He had asked you to keep it under wraps until he divorced his wife. You felt bad for his wife and felt like their divorce was your fault.You had several moments where you felt like if you hadn’t have met John, he would still be happy with his wife and they wouldn’t get divorced. You had voiced your opinion with John, but he had claimed that he wasn’t happy with her before he met you; but something in his voice told you differently.

You wanted to confront him about it but you weren’t sure how to or how he’d react. You were hesitant, but once you had made up your mind, you had asked John to meet you at your little house. When he had walked in, he went to kiss you but you held your hand out to stop him at arms length

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong?” He chuckled nervously.

“I need to ask you a question, and you need to be completely honest with me, John. No lies, no beating around the bush, just pure truth. Okay?” You asked, swallowing your nerves. His brows pulled together and he looked at you confused.


“Are you really going to divorce your wife?”

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Like an Angel ~ Chapter Two

An Oh Sehun We Got Married series

Not Requested

Genre: Romance // Slight Angst

Summary: (of this series) Two idols, one show, one marriage. Can you and Sehun fake your marriage for the fans? Or will that fake marriage start something between the two of you?

Summary: (of this chapter) Moving in with Sehun! Buying presents and angst…poor Sehun. Also I promise chapter three will be better :)

Word Count: 4,100 words

{Chapter one} {Chapter two} {Chapter three} {Chapter four, coming soon}

“Yes,” he says, but it comes out as a whisper. Nodding, his tongue peeks out once again to moisten his lips.

“O-kay.” you say awkwardly as you stand up. Walking over to him, you notice his posture straighten up.

Tilting your head and looking up at him, you smile again. And this time, he smiles back.

Just like an angel.

“H-hello?” you say sleepily into the phone.

You hear a man laugh, but not just any man. It’s Sehun.

You’re definitely awake now.

“Yah, were you asleep?” he asks in an amused tone. “Wake up, wifey.”

You sit up in your bed, holding the phone up to your ear. “Sehun? I think I remember my manager calling me.” you say, more alert now.

“She told me to call you with her phone. She wanted me to ask you if you were ready.”

“For what?”

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Skin-changer protection; Thranduil x reader

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This came to mind after watching the Hobbit: BOTFA. Just a random idea that came to me if there was another skin-changer living among the Mirkwood elves without them ever noticing it esp. if this skin-changer was close with the King himself.


It was during the battle of the Five armies at the gates of Erebor and the city of Dale where the unity of Dwarves, men and Elves came together to fight off Azog the Defiler and his orc army.  I expertly used my Elvish daggers and sword to fight off any orc that came near me and defended any of my fellow Elves and allied men and dwarves that I could protect but more and more kept piling in like a domino effect.

I turned to hear a piercing cry of agony coming from an animal and I saw my dearest friend and King Thranduil roll of his battle elk but gracefully rolled into a crouch position with his sword outwards.  He was starting to be surrounded by orcs and I began to fear. No I never doubted his fighting skills but he had no one to back him up or watch his back incase an orc were to sneak up behind him.

As I watched him fight off and slay orc after orc with his two swords dancing and gleaming in the sunlight as they slayed his opponents, I was suddenly thrown and tossed by an orc against one of the buildings causing my inner being to awaken.

My breath deepened, my (e/c) changed to pure gold and soon I launched out as my body turned from my Elvish form to wolf. 

 The biggest secret I had kept to myself and no one, not even my dear friend Thranduil knew is that I’m only part Elvish, my mother was of Sindarian Elves, but my father was a skin-changer.

More specifically, a Wolf skin-changer. 

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A Woman Who Said Roy Moore Sexually Assaulted Her At 14 Has Written An Emotional Open Letter
"Where does your immorality end?" Leigh Corfman asked the Alabama Republican after he dismissed her allegations as false and malicious.
By Claudia Koerner

“What you did to me when I was 14-years-old should be revolting to every person of good morals,” she wrote. “But now you are attacking my honesty and integrity. Where does your immorality end?”

Corfman said she stood by “every word” of her account, first published in the Washington Post earlier this month, adding that her motivations have never been political, but rather personal. After years of only telling friends and family about what had happened to her, she said she could no longer remain quiet.

“I am not getting paid for speaking up,” she wrote. “I am not getting rewarded from your political opponents. What I am getting is stronger by refusing to blame myself and speaking the truth out loud.”

Other men who have faced accusations of misconduct have acknowledged them and apologized, she said. Meanwhile, Moore, his wife, lawyers, and even President Trump have painted Corfman and other accusers as liars.

“I demand that you stop calling me a liar and attacking my character,” Corfman wrote. “Your smears and false denials, and those of others who repeat and embellish them, are defamatory and damaging to me and my family.

"I am telling the truth, and you should have the decency to admit it and apologize.”

A future drabble, unprompted for @dadrunkwriting
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Iwyn Lavellan x Solas | Post Trespasser, post reunion | gen / family
Family, sailing, Branwen Lavellan


Solas looks out over the small cove. The water is still, and the wind is calm, but steady. The small boat looks incredible small out there. Just a shell and a mast and two small sails. The main sail and the jib sail, he learned, and it is new to him. Yet he is not the one sailing, he is here, on the shore, watching. The boat is not large enough for all of them, and Iwyn insisted on taking the boys out.

Branwen, Iwyn’s brother, stands next to him. He is looking intently at the boat and his nephews. Rolls forward on his feet, gesturing. Solas looks from the boat to the other man, and back to the boat. He can see Iwyn showing them how to pull on a rope. The sheet. Branwen puts his hands down, and turns to Solas.  


“I am not,” Solas answers, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. It is a lie. The boat is very small.

Branwen smiles at him. “It is fine. They are doing well. My sister still knows what she is doing.”

“Are they supposed to be so far out?” Solas squints against the sun.

Branwen lets out a laugh. “Truly, Solas, they are fine. Did you never sail?”

“Not on vessels like that.” He has been on ships, on big Caravels and Frigates with captains and crew and magic, racing across the world, spirits dancing at their bows.

Branwen places a hand on his shoulder.

“Relax. It will be fine, even if they capsize.”

“How?” Solas frowns. They are quite a distance from the coast, and Iwyn only has one arm. He can see it, all of them struggling in the water.

“Let me show you this. I don’t have lot of extra power now, but you should be able to do this easily. “

Solas turns and looks at Branwen, follows the spell he does. It seems small and easy. Out in the bay, a medium sized rock rises out of the water. Solas tilts his head, and tries, once, twice.

Seven large rocks rise out from middle of the bay. He relaxes a fraction, he could probably lift everyone out of the water.

“Show off…” Branwen mutters.

Solas drops the rocks, they plummet down with a big splash. The kids point and yells, the sound lost to the breeze.

“Oh. I am sorry.” Solas says sheepishly. He can feel the unease in his chest still. He doesn’t want to be anything but a father, a family member.

Branwen just laughs. “It is ok. I have long since come to terms with my sister marrying the most powerful mage in Thedas.”

Solas doesn’t have anything to say to that.

“You should notice though, that is not the only way of keeping everyone safe. “

“Oh?” and Solas looks at Branwen, and then he really looks, and he sees the spell and veil and the subtle pulls. “Weather magic?”

“Makes it easier to learn to sail when the wind is in you favor.” It is a big and complex spell his brother-in-law is weaving, and it makes sense the levitation spell felt strained.

“I did not notice. Weather magic is not my strong suit.” He frowns. He should not be this distracted. “I once knew someone very skilled with weather magic.”

Branwen raises an eyebrow. “You are not just worried about the sailing.”

Solas turns away and look to the shore, the forest raising darkly above them. It is not just the sailing adventure.

“Maybe,” he relents.

Brawnen looks out across the water. The boat has picked up speed, finally both sails aligned with the wind.

“It is complicated, there are many - ”

“It is not me you need to tell. You need to talk to your wife. I doubt she will appreciate you hiding your worries, or what else it is.” Brawens voice is even, his eyes following the dinghy.

“I know.” He doesn’t want to think about it, or talk about it. The truth is he has pushed it away for too long, and Branwen is right. There is nothing they should hide from each other. He had hoped there was some way to avoid it, foolishly.  

“Whatever it is, Solas, you can count on me. On us. You do have the support of Clan Lavellan.”

“Thank you, Keeper,” Solas says gravely, and he means it.  

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Have you found any gifs for that scene where Elliot tells Tyrell that Joanna's looking for him and he steps closer?

Nope, but I can make some just to show you what I mean. 

Okay, so Tyrell questions Elliot on his disposition, but Elliot’s like nah let’s talk about your problems instead.

 Tyrell actually gulps at the mention of Joanna and looks terrified at what Elliot is about to ask him.  So perhaps Elliot steps closer to him because he notices Tyrell’s sudden nervousness, and so he feels more confident in confronting him. But that doesn’t explain why he cares about Tyrell’s reaction. What has it got to do with him? 

And why has he got to be so dramatic about it? He could just say oh by the way your wife is wondering where you are. Instead, he lets the question of Joanna linger, creating all this tension as he slowly walks closer to Tyrell, before finally continuing what he wants to say. 

The tone of Elliot’s voice when he says “your wife” sounds really accusing as well, like he has picked up on Tyrell’s lack of concern for her.  

Tyrell quickly responds that he is doing “what’s necessary”, an obvious lie judging from the fact he can’t even look at Elliot as he says it. This isn’t about Joanna not anymore, he isn’t doing this for her, he probably hasn’t even thought about her until Elliot brings her up. Elliot is all that matters to him now. But he is not about to admit that so instead he turns and walks away from Elliot signifying this conversation is over. 

Black & White ;  jungkook (M)

bts jungkook x you ‘Helena’

genre: smut/ fluff 


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Aniyo author nim if requests are still open I wanna request a jungkook’ smut’ when reader is so needy for her husband but he come home every night so sleepy so she get mad and decide to ignore him but things get better when he realise his fault and he makeup for her also if possible can you use my name helena instead of reader

here we go i hope you like it ^^

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you grinned bitterly when the old picture appeared finally , you were laying on your bed with your album in hands ,for sure the dinner that you made for your husband is cold now ,you blamed your self as you didn’t stop making dinner for him even he stopped taking it home since a month now 

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Request: y/n is out with Justin and she’s pregnant, the paparazzi become aggressive and rude, so Justin becomes overprotective.

“Don’t leave my side. Okay?” Justin says before helping you out of the van. You nod your head slowly before sliding your hand into his. The two of you made your way to the the building following security. Suddenly a bunch of flashes appear from cameras and screaming from fans. You’ve been with Justin for over 3 years and you still weren’t use to all the media. At times it gave you anxiety but it wasn’t as serious so you never told anyone.

“Justin!” “Over here!” “Y/N! Look here?” “Where are you guys going?” “Is it true Justin cheated on you?!” “Y/N are you only using Justin for money?” You hear various people yell, some of the questions were ridiculous but it was hard to ignore. You felt Justin’s grip tighten. He looks at you reassuringly before continuing to lead you to the building.

Suddenly a swarm of paparazzi begin to crowd the both of you. You were starting to feel anxious, you tried to block your face from all the flashes but it was no use they were everywhere. “Can you please let us through?” Justin replies politely as possible but you could tell he was getting impatient.

Sadly, no one listened.

They continued to swarm the both of you, making it very difficult to pass through even with security around. All you heard were rumours, insults, questions all sorts of stuff that was starting to make you feel uncomfortable.

“Justin! How sure that baby is even yours?! Y/Ns a slut for all we know!” A man yells, you decided just to ignore the question but Justin suddenly stops walking and you could feel his hand clench working yours which was usually a sign that he was angry.

Oh no…you thought to yourself.

Suddenly Justin turns around towards the guy and charges at him.

“What the fuck did you say?” Justin yells as he shoves the guy backwards, causing the mans camera to fall and shatter on the floor.

“Justin!” You yell shocked as you tried to make your way through the crowd to stop him. Justin didn’t listen, he continued to fight the man, as security tried to pull the two apart.

Just as you were about to make your way to him, one of the paparazzi elbows you in the face.

“Ow!” You shriek in pain, before holding your face.

“Y/n!” Justin yells worried looking at you as he stops. You didn’t look at him. Justin wiggles out of security’s grip before running towards you. Justin suddenly turns to one of the paparazzi that hit you.

“Hey man I told you to fuck off!” Justin yells angrily. You were about to to hold him back, but out of nowhere a man grabs your arm arm. You gasp in response as you struggle to get free. “Don’t touch her…” Justin says harshly as he pushes the mans hand away from your wrist. “She’s fucking pregnant for crying sake!” Justin yells louder, you swore you’ve ever seen him so angry. Usually this type of stuff doesn’t get to him…until now.

“Justin-” you say grabbing onto his arm. “lets go…” you whisper before pulling him away from the crowd.

The two of you finally made a way through the hectic crowd with the help of security. Justin gently grabs your hand as you both walk into the building safely.

As you two walked in Justin quickly turns around. You could tell there was something wrong by the look on his face. You then realized he was looking at your lip.

“I’m okay, don’t worry…” you smile reassuringly, before giving his hand a gentle squeeze.

“Y/N your lip is swollen, you’re not okay.” He says before gently placing his finger over your lip. You flinch in response. You didn’t even realize your lip was becoming purple. Justin runs his hands through his hair before sighing in frustration.

“Justin…” you say quietly. “I really appreciate you defending me but I promise you that I’m okay.” You say but he didn’t look convinced.

“Y/N the things that they say are nasty-”

“I know, but I try not to let them affect me. In fact I don’t even care what they say about me because thats not the truth.” You say, but Justin doesn’t look up. You could tell he was upset at the fact that he wasn’t able to protect you. You gently place your hand onto his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, what good of a father am I going to be if I can’t even protect my own wife?” Justin says quietly, you grab his hands before smiling.

“Hey…let’s not stress about this. You did way more than you should have, and I’m so thankful to have a husband who’s willing to kick someones ass just to protect me.” You say smiling trying to lessen the tension. “Trust me, once the baby is out and they start talking crap. That’s where we come in.” You say giggling causing Justin to crack a smile. He looks at you before chuckling.

“That’s my girl.” He says as he pulls you in for a hug.


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Broken Lives [Wonwoo Angst] Part 1

Genre: Angst

Summary: He left you without telling you why. For three years, you lived all alone, wondering where he disappeared to until one day, you save a child from a car accident. The pain from the accident hurt, but the truth why he left hurt more.

Part 2    Part 3

The streets were dimly lit, making the stars in the sky visible. Stopping your night stroll for a moment, you tilted your head and gazed at the millions of specks shining beautifully above. You missed it. You missed laying on the field of grass at the park and taking in the breathtaking view of what seemed like a black cloth scattered with silverdust. You missed him. You missed the one who was always there beside you, holding you tightly in his arms as you rested against his shoulder. Watching the stars was something you two did together, side by side, forgetting all troubles or problems and simply enjoying each other’s company under the night sky. But now, it was just you and the stars. The moon shone the brightest but you wondered how it could stand being all alone. It was the obvious odd one out and you realised how much it reminded you of yourself. Did you ever have another moon beside you way up there? Well, I used to have someone with me way down here. I guess we both lost them.

Smiling slightly, you found it funny how you were talking to the moon. It made you feel even lonelier than you already felt. After all, you wouldn’t be talking to it if he was still around. You wondered how he was doing without you. Was life better for him after he left you? It sure wasn’t better for you. Then again, he was the one who fell out of love. You had always loved him and without a doubt, you still did. Perhaps that was the reason why you let him go so easily. If he wouldn’t be happy with you, you’d rather him be happy with someone else.

“Ah, what am I doing really…I should be getting back home by now..” You muttered to yourself and continued your walk down the street. You could almost feel his hand holding yours, the familiar feeling from years ago which you couldn’t seem to forget.

“Myungsoo!” A shout came from behind you and you turned your head to find a small boy standing on the road, clutching a stuffed toy carrot in his hands. What is a little kid doing on the road? The shout came from a woman who was walking down the pavement, waving her hand to get the boy to get off the road. There are cars and it’s dangerous! What is she even doing? Walking? All of a sudden, you saw a dim light from afar and you found yourself on the road, holding the little boy in your arms. The light became brighter and soon, it blinded your eyes when you found yourself right next to it. Pushing the kid away from you with just enough force so as to hurt him as little as possible, you shut your eyes tight and dealt with the intense force that came in a split second, knocking you down instantly. You heard a shriek and felt immense pain, pain that you’ve never felt before. Am I going to die?  A certain liquid trickled down your head and your vision became a blur. It hurts so bad. Soon, the pain went away and the lights went out.

Groggy. You head pounded and your whole body ached. Why did you feel as if half your body was wrapped up? Gradually opening your eyes, you tried to adjust to the light as your hand lifted up to support yourself. Shit. With one movement, you felt a sharp pain shoot through your left arm which caused you to fall back onto the bed. So I can’t move my left arm. Gritting your teeth, you lifted your right arm and surprisingly, it didn’t hurt at all. Gripping the bar beside your bed, you slowly got up and frowned when you felt something heavy on your right thigh and something even heavier on your left. Having sat completely upright, you saw the cast on your arm and two heads resting peacefully on your lap. You were shocked but you decided to stay still just in case you woke them up. Who in the world are they? Why is there a man and a boy sleeping at my bedside? All you knew was that you were in the hospital with your left arm, right leg and forehead wrapped up with bandages. Right, the accident. Light was pouring in from the window, making it clear that it was daytime. Crap, it’s the next day? Sighing, you closed your eyes and leant against the bedframe. The weight on your left leg seemed familiar, as if you remembered it from somewhere. Has anyone ever rested on my…oh gosh. 

Your eyes shot open, and you stared at the man’s sleeping figure, his hair, his shoulders, his hands…those hands…you knew it. A ring. You noticed an unfamiliar ring on the familiar hand, your eyes then shifted to the sleeping boy. “Myungsoo!” The voice that called out from behind you the previous night rang in your head and you finally pieced everything together. So Wonwoo has a family now. And your heart broke into a million pieces.

This was the first time you’ve seen him in 3 years since he left you. He didn’t tell you why he left. One day, you woke up and he was just gone but now you knew why. Myungsoo was definitely older than 4, you could tell by his speech and his size. To confirm it, there was a bag with a kindergarten’s logo on it which had the name ‘Jeon Myungsoo’ on it. So Myungsoo was born while we were still dating. Jeon Wonwoo. How could you do this to me?

Using your right hand, you pushed Wonwoo off your lap and gently shifted Myungsoo’s head from your lap onto the bed. Wonwoo stirred in his sleep but didn’t wake, making you remember how he was a heavy sleeper. Getting off the bed was a challenge, having an arm and leg down but it wasn’t impossible to plonk yourself onto the wheelchair waiting for you beside your bed. You were broken, your heart was shattered and hatred and disappointment filled you. All the ‘I Love You’s, all the kisses and hugs, all the dates were all fake. Somewhere out there while you were loving Wonwoo with all your heart and believing that he was yours, he had a child.

You wheeled yourself to the lounge area in the hospital where the entire wall was made of glass. Brick by brick, your walls came tumbling down. You didn’t care who saw you crying, you didn’t care whether people would judge. You just broke down. The sobs weren’t loud. In fact, they were silent ones, but the soft cries were always the worst. Wonwoo killed your trust, your self-esteem, your happiness. There were so many explanations for why he left but you had never thought that it was because he had a family out there.

Suddenly, you felt a strong pair of arms around you. You knew very well who they belonged to and you didn’t want that pair of filthy arms to touch you. “Get off me.” Managing to choke out those three words, you looked at the window where you could see Wonwoo’s reflection.


“Fine. You don’t want to leave, then explain to me. Explain to me how Myungsoo can be older than four and be your son when you left me only three years ago. Tell me who’s the lady that I saw, strolling towards her son who was on the freaking road and probably not even caring whether he was in danger or not.” Wonwoo’s hands fell to his sides as he looked away, too ashamed to face you.

“I…Myungsoo…Wait what did you say? There was a lady who was walking when Myungsoo was on the road?” He asked, tone sounding uneasy as if he didn’t really want to hear the truth. So even he is surprised how his wife can be so nonchalant about her own son in the middle of the road.

“________ I-I know you hate me and I’m a liar-”

“Then leave me alone. I don’t want to see you, I don’t want to be reminded about how I’ve had to live all alone for the past three years without an explanation, I don’t want to be reminded how much I’ve missed watching the stars with you. Wonwoo, I don’t want to be reminded how you are married with a wife and child.” Closing your eyes, you held in as much tears as you could and took a deep breath to calm yourself down.

“You left me so easily. I’m sure staying away isn’t that hard.” Turning your wheelchair, you held the glass for support. Seeing you struggling, Wonwoo held the handle on your wheelchair and helped you turn completely around and you could tell because moving around wasn’t normally so easy.

“You made me feel pathetic when you left me.” Reaching behind you, you pushed away his hands. Your left arm hurt a little from that slight movement and you cringed. Seeing this, his hands automatically reached out for you again but your glare which was full of resentment and hate stopped him from doing so.

“Don’t make me feel worse. I can live without you.” Placing your right hand firmly on the wheel, you gave it a push away from Wonwoo and continued the tiring movement until you were completely out of sight. You were gone from my life. You can’t just come back when you want to.

Entering the room, you saw Myungsoo sitting on the bed with a colouring book in his hands. Seeing him reminded him of what Wonwoo did to you but you couldn’t help but smile at how much he resembled the man you loved so much. What puzzled you was the fact that Myungsoo stayed overnight, sleeping in such an uncomfortable position. Why didn’t he go back home? Myungsoo saw you and hopped off the bed.

“Myungsoo, I’ll ask you a question okay?” You smiled and Myungsoo nodded his head cutely, taking a seat in front of you. “Why did you sleep overnight here? Didn’t Daddy or Mummy bring you back home? You must have been quite scared after almost being hit by that car.” Scanning him for any injuries, you heaved a sigh of relief when you spotted no wounds. He’s alright. That’s good.

“I wanted to follow Daddy to stay with you. Well, Mummy was supposed to bring me back but she didn’t come.” Myungsoo pouted and you stopped yourself from cursing out loud. His mother didn’t even come? What is she even doing? Is she some crazy busy woman with absolutely no time to spare?

“Then wouldn’t Daddy have sent you back?”

“Daddy said that Mummy would come. He held your hand while I played with some toys and fell asleep. It was very late. Mummy didn’t come and Daddy looked really comfy so I slept too.” Myungsoo grinned sheepishly and you ruffled his hair.

“Daddy looked comfy?”

“Yeah! At home, Daddy sleeps on the hard sofa while Mummy takes the big bed. I don’t know why but Daddy looks like he doesn’t sleep well.” Then, Myungsoo said something that made your eyes grow wide.

“I hate Mummy.”

Wonwoo stood there, looking out of the window. Your words sounded full of anger, full of disdain and he knew that he deserved it. You left me so easily. I’m sure staying away isn’t that hard. All he could think about was you for the past three years and leaving you wasn’t easy at all. Staying away was even harder. Wonwoo would visit your usual places in the hopes of seeing you again but would leave almost immediately, thinking that he had no right to even see you or speak to you again. He was sure that you hated him and he just confirmed it. You made me feel pathetic when you left me. Wonwoo’s heart broke when those words left your lips. All he thought about when he left was preventing you from ever finding out about his child which was so selfish. He made a mistake and he left you in the hopes of his sin never being revealed. But leaving you made you feel worthless as if you were a liability which even your boyfriend couldn’t handle. No. Wonwoo didn’t feel that you were a burden. In fact, you were the most precious person to him in the entire world. But that was why he couldn’t bear to see the person that he loved so much finding out that all along, he was a cheating liar.

Wonwoo always wondered whether he did the right thing. Should he have confessed? But he would have to leave you sooner or later. Myungsoo was his responsibility and he couldn’t have his own child being fatherless. Although Minah was the last person he wanted to be with, Myungsoo was innocent and Wonwoo truly loved him. At first, Minah seemed like a thoughtful and loving person but when they got married, she started showing her true colours. She cared about nobody but herself, going out and leaving Myungsoo at home alone, forgetting to pick him up from Kindergarten, scolding them for every little thing that they did but there was no going back. He already married her.

Suddenly, a thought struck Wonwoo’s head and he whipped out his phone, dialling Minah’s number. As usual, he waited for quite some time before Minah picked up the call. She was probably out there, doing her own things, spending his money.

“What is it?” Minah answered rudely, like how she normally did.

“Why didn’t you come to bring Myungsoo back home? I woke up to find him sleeping in an awkward position on _________’s lap!”

“Oh, it was quite late. Besides, you were there right? You could have brought him back home.” That was what he expected. ‘You could have’. That was what Minah always justified herself with. He could have done it, so why would she? “And I have something to ask you. Why did you spend the night there?”

Wonwoo rolled his eyes and replied, mimicking the sarcastic tone that Minah was using towards him. “Because _________ got into the accident because you didn’t take care of Myungsoo properly.”

“Excuse me, I was calling for Myungsoo to get back on the pavement but he didn’t listen-”

“A car was driving towards him for goodness sake! And you…called for him? What would calling do huh? Magically stop the car from driving or enable Myungsoo to fly out of danger?” His tone was rising higher as his blood boiled at the thought of his wife thinking that she already tried her best to protect Myungsoo.

“I shouted for him to get off the road Wonwoo-”

“_________ ran onto the road and risked her life to save our son. What you did was nothing!” He spat. Minah scoffed and his fist clenched when she did.

“_________ risked her life to save our son? So what? I’ve brought our son up from the very beginning. I gave birth to him. Without her, our son might have died but without me, our son wouldn’t even exist.” Wonwoo was shocked. How could she come up with such ridiculous statements to justify herself? Minah thought that she was the best mother in the world, the best wife?

“You brought up our son? What bullshit. You’re never around. The number of times Myungsoo had to wait for hours at the kindergarten because you don’t show up. The number of times you left him all alone at home-”

“Well, you’re never around either!” She shouted and Wonwoo ended the call. Throwing his phone onto a sofa, Wonwoo ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. Disgusting, irresponsible-

“Daddy?” Wonwoo froze when he heard the soft voice of his dear son from behind him. Myungsoo sounded so frightened and so scared, his voice reminding him of all the other times he walked into a fight. Turning around slowly, he saw Myungsoo wrapping his arms around your neck tightly, face pale as if he recalled a scary nightmare which was partly true. He was recalling the times when Wonwoo fought with Mina at home. Your right arm held Myungsoo’s hand tightly, letting him know that he was safe as long as you were around. The past half an hour had been spent talking with Myungsoo in the hospital room. The little boy told you all the stories of him walking in on Minah shouting ‘mean words’ at Wonwoo, what you guessed was a child’s definition of vulgarities. Myungsoo told you how Wonwoo never had the chance to speak, being cut off by his unreasonable wife before he could even say a word. From all that he told you about, you knew for sure that his home was a crappy environment for a small kid to live in and your heart ached at the thought of him having to go through something like this at such a young age. Wonwoo. You were concerned for him too. No matter how many times you told yourself that you would get over him and that he didn’t matter to you any longer, you knew that you were just kidding yourself. You loved him. You always did.

“M-myungsoo…” Wonwoo felt like he was the biggest failure in the world, the worst boyfriend, now the worst father. Every single time, he would tell himself that he wouldn’t let Myungsoo see him fighting with Minah ever again but history would repeat itself and it just did. He noticed the way his son held onto you tightly, feeling much more secure knowing that you were there to protect him, just like how you did when the accident occurred. He saw how your hand wrapped around Myungsoo’s tightly, assuring him that there was nothing to be afraid about. He saw how his son buried his face in your shirt cutely, the way he said ‘Daddy’ with so much concern and worry. He loved his son. He saw how selfless you were, caring for his child despite having dated him before. He loved you.

“Daddy is angry…” Myungsoo whispered in your ear and although it was meant to be a whisper, Wonwoo heard it loud and clear.

“Daddy isn’t angry at you, Myungsoo. Don’t be afraid. Daddy loves you.” You assure him as you give him a bright smile.

“I know that. Daddy is angry at Mummy. I’m angry at Mummy too.” Again, Wonwoo heard this and his heart sank. I can’t even give him a proper home.

“What did you promise me?” Giving Myungsoo a knowing look, you asked him and his lips curved upwards into a smile. Wonwoo stood there, amazed at how well the both of you got along with each other. A promise? What could Myungsoo promise ________?

“That I’ll support Daddy all the way! Together, we can defeat Mummy for sure!”

“No no no Myungsoo! You’re not supposed to defeat Mummy! Mummy isn’t a bad guy, she just doesn’t know how to express her love for you. Daddy needs you as his strength, as someone whom he can confide in. You’re the one that makes Daddy happy. You’re a very important person.”

“Yeah! You promised me something too!” Myungsoo looked at you and you pinched his nose. Wonwoo watched as you handed Myungsoo a piece of paper. Receiving it, Myungsoo beamed at you and unlatched himself from you. Walking to Wonwoo, he held his father’s hand which made you smile. Father and son standing side by side was such a lovely sight. If only Wonwoo had married someone better. 

“Okay Myungsoo! You better go back home now and get some rest!” Nodding his head, Myungsoo waved goodbye as you turned your wheelchair around to go back to the hospital room.

“_________.” Wonwoo called your name and you sighed. Ignoring him, you continued pushing the wheel but you stopped suddenly.

“Wonwoo. Let me go.” Why did he want to make life so hard for you? You were trying so hard to forget about him but there he was, reminding you just how much you couldn’t let him go.

“I need to talk with you, _________. Please, just-”

“Your son. Your son is so precious and I can’t bear to see him get hurt but you? I hate you Wonwoo. You’re the last person I want to see, the last person I want to talk to so please go away.”

“I’m trying, _________. I still love you, I always have. I miss you and it hurts me to know that you dislike me so much-”

“You love me? You feel…hurt? Newsflash Wonwoo! You had a child while you dated me, left me for a horrible woman and I am the one feeling hurt. I am the one who cried all night and thought about you all day.”

“I left because I didn’t want to continue being with you because I felt guilty that I was lying!”

Remembering that Myungsoo was standing there, you held a hand up to stop Wonwoo from talking. “Myungsoo sees you and her fighting all the time. I don’t want him to see us fighting too.” Wonwoo was surprised at how you thought about his son’s feelings even as you were in an argument, something that Minah would never do. Something that he himself didn’t do. “Go to him, bring him back home and let him rest well. Stop wasting your breath on someone whom you’ve already lost.” And with that, you pushed the wheel, bringing yourself further and further away from him with each push. If only I hadn’t stopped to see the stars. Then I wouldn’t be here today. But then if you hadn’t, Myungsoo might have been knocked down. If only Wonwoo’s wife was someone better. Then leaving me would have been worth it. Then I would at least know that he’s happy. But it still broke you, the fact that he chose someone else over you. If only I hadn’t met him. But meeting him was the best thing that happened to you in your entire life. If only I didn’t love him. But you did.

Woah, this is the longest thing I’ve ever written…idek, I have a lot of feels for Wonwoo these days…should I write a part 2 where the thing you gave Myungsoo will be revealed? Hahahha….besides, Minah has to be dealt with and more angst has to be done…Like usual, feel free to give comments and requests are allowed! Have a lovely day guys~

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I like to call this one “Marriage Advice” or  “Some of the Things I’ve Learned by Being a Wife for One Year and Seven Months

always put each other first. think of what he needs most, and be it. think of what would make him happy, and do it. even little things. especially little things!

encourage constantly, but don’t be afraid to call him out when he’s being lame, and don’t get defensive if he calls you out for being lame – you’re on the same team.

laugh together a lot. also, kiss a lot. have sex a lot too, obviously, but i think laughing and kissing are pretty important, maybe even more important.

be honest with how you’re feeling and always tell the truth, even if its awkward or sad or scary or hard. if you’re mad, say it. if he hurt your feelings, say it. if you are so happy you can’t even stand it, say it. if you want to leave the party, say it. if you sometimes can’t believe how lucky you are to be his wife, say it. if you feel distant, say it. he can’t read your mind, don’t expect him to. be honest always. (also, dropping hints rarely works. be as straight-forward as you can get.)

save money, you will need it someday, whether for medical bills or car trouble or to take your tired butts on a vacation. it helps to have some money set aside. 

don’t talk badly about him to other people.

pray for your marriage a lot. like a lot.

if you ever have babies, make sure you figure out how to be a married couple again, and not just parents.

make time for dates and real quality time. put away your phones and computer and TV shows and have real conversations, without distractions. make time each night to hear about his day and to talk about yours.

make him dinner from time to time, even if you don’t know how to cook meat very well and you burn the rice and the dessert crumbles into oblivion. he will appreciate it so much.

realize how blessed you are and be thankful. find joy in the little things.

try to always think the best of each other. don’t assume everything was meant to hurt you and don’t take every little thing personally, because some things just aren’t (but others definitely are, and you should address those).

don’t compare your marriage to anyone else, I mean it.  

share fears and struggles and worries (rather than keeping them to yourself), and face them head-on, together. its way better than facing them alone, trust me.

be silly, have tickle fights and dance parties, jump on him when he dutch-ovens you.

wake up together and go to sleep together. take it one day at a time. choose to love each other every single day, one day at a time.

Forbidden Fruit - Part Five

A/N: First attempt at Sons of Anarchy fanfiction. It’s been awhile since i watched the show, so i’m sorry if my characters aren’t in character. This is part 5 of 7. Feedback is always appreciated. Thanks to my beta @thorne93. You rock.

Characters: Reader x Jax, Chibs.

Warnings: a little violence, language, fluff. Angst.

Wordcount: 943 (I know it’s short… sorry)


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With Daniel off to college a household spot has opened up, which we immediately fill with another cat. This is Roux, a well-trained genius, destined to reach the top of her career way before dumbasses Ronron and Neo do. She looks a lot like Ronroneo too, which is a good thing since not 3 hours later..

WHAT THE FUCK. I’ve been giving him the pet food of life and his bar was nowhere near being full so this is some FUCKING BULLSHIT. 

Maybe double check your little catalog here??? Moron. Every other cat is having a breakdown about Ronroneo, Victor surprisingly included. You can’t see him here but he’s behind the Reaper losing it. It goes without saying that I cried as well.


Komei is deep DEEP into the denial stage of grief. He doesn’t cry or react at all but immediately rolls the want to resurrect Ronroneo and the want is still there weeks later. Obviously same, Komes.

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh. We’re stealing that secret society resurrection phone in college asap. Sleep well for the time being, baby, soon you will be back to us </3 And Grim, time for a fucking second grade math course. 

But life goes on, especially if you’re a horny teenager. Word about class slut Gunther has obviously spread, because girls keep coming home with us from school. I don’t remember this girl’s name but her ridiculous styling obviously points to her and Gunther hitting it off.

Slutting it up in front of his mother’s affair shrine! Man, passed down family traditions really bring a tear to your eye. We brought another girl home from school, Gwen, who is unfortunately not having an equally good time as blondie here..

-What the hell you freak?

-Haha, I know! Are you in love with me yet?

-It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife!!!


-You are too generous to trifle with me! If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once! My affections and wishes are unchanged; but one word from you will silence me on this subject for ever!!!!!!


The snow on the dream date roses blondie leaves on our doorstep has not even set yet, as Gunther moves on to Gwen, with whom he has 3 BOLTS. Jojo I don’t even know how you’ve managed to out-pathetic Daniel in such short a period of time but the evidence speaks for itself:


- I love you, Neo. Forty thousand brothers, could not, with all their quantity of love, make up my sum.


Real tears. Jojo is literally rotating through the cats now. Obviously one of our children must at all times carry the Komei curse, otherwise the universe will come to an end. 

Roux is judging you Gunther, and so am I.

-Hey, not my fault Jojo screwed this up!

So much for brotherly love!

-Man, it sure is hard to care about your brother being a giant flop when your aspiration bar is through the roof!

Ugh yea everything’s coming up Gunther! Don’t worry about Jojo you backstabber, he will be totally fine.

…Totally fine. If not for the ‘go to college’ want, I’d think this is Komei’s want panel. Jojo, why must you devastate me so </3

Great, back to business I guess!

-What the hell is he doing, happily sitting around with his family??? My heart is breaking and yet I dare not look away.. Oh, this exquisite suffering.. 


And there you have it. Ronroneo may have died, but it’s someone else I mourn for.

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If I was K**n2 I'd feel super ripped off with that wedding. And unsettled. Like, are we really supposed to believe it's just a coincidence that the writers chose THAT blacklister to pair it with? (Or think it' sweet when, just below the surface, Tom's still lying and keeping secrets?)

Listen, if my OTP’s Dream Wedding™ was a 20-second court date with zero lead-up, with zero romance, without THEIR DAUGHTER PRESENT, not to mention friends and family (do they actually have friends?), with one person still hiding a secret that has now lasted six episodes and has gotten people killed in the process while he keeps telling himself he’s doing the right thing cause lmao fuck responsibility and fuck a nice domestic family life and fuck keeping your family safe and fuck telling the truth in general and fuck having an open and healthy relationship, then I’d be not only pissed but embarrassed. Honestly, I’m not even angry cause it’s THAT hilarious and ridiculous. 

Also, a wife killing her husband who has been lying to her for years? Now there’s a concept :))) Sure does remind me of someone…

The Joker x Reader 9  (Part 2)

When The Joker is imprisoned in a nameless hell, what will happen when he meets one of its demons?

 Part 1:

Part 3:

The Joker blinks slowly, trying to wake up. He feels completely numb but he makes an effort to turn on his side, trying to see if you are around.  He notices your shape about 6 feet away from him, eyes closed, your hands resting on your tummy. You look asleep.

“Hey, doll, wake up!” he grumbles, pushing himself to get on his knees. The taste of ashes, metal and blood in his mouth suddenly makes him gag. He spits out black saliva over and over again, coughing, attempting to clear his throat.

“Jeez, what the hell is this?” he grunts, disgusted, wiping his mouth. His eyes turn towards you again.

“Doll, are you OK?… Hey, hey!”

Absolutely no reaction.

He crawls on his four to get closer and stops right next to you. The grass around is burned and you still emanate some heat. He sees your eyes uncontrollably moving under your closed eyelids, your lips muttering words he can’t understand. You frown; afterwards a small smile appears on your lips, then nothing. You are such an interesting creature. Nothing exciting happened to him while captive, and he sure loves excitement. He studies you, intrigued, and with a groan he brings his knees to his face, resting his cheeks on them. J’s blue gaze goes up and down your body and something gets his attention: a thin gold band on your ring finger.

Do you belong to somebody? he wonders, wishing he knew the answer for his personal knowledge.

You are so quiet, completely still now and he realizes it doesn’t look like you’re breathing anymore. Mister J leans over and places his head on your chest, trying to hear if there’s any heartbeat. He deeply inhales your scent, pressing himself even harder against you. God, he didn’t touch a woman in months.

*First he was at Arkham prison for a couple of weeks, waiting for Frost and his men to come bust him out. Before it happened, he was moved. They came one night, cornered him in his cell and poked him with syringes. The Joker tried to fight them but the drug made him weak and he felt asleep. When he gained consciousness, he was in the glass prison. He lost track of time in there. Nobody was really talking to him, there was no notion of night or day; all they did was keeping him there with no explanation.*

J starts purring, glad he can finally sense your heartbeat. His left hand caresses your shoulder, his chin resting on your chest for a few brief seconds. His eyes carefully scout your face for any trace of movement. He buries his face in your neck, smelling you again.

“Don’t do that,” you suddenly whisper, while cautiously pushing him away. “SHE gets jealous.”  The only answer is a low growl.

Mister J gets up, struggling to stay on his feet. He grabs your hand, helping you up too.

“Say, kitten, where the hell are we?” he scoffs, looking around, totally disoriented.

“Close to Gotham, maybe 3 hours away. I know this area is secure, don’t worry. Nobody comes to these woods anymore,” you sigh, stretching, starting to walk down a small path in between the trees.

“Do you know where we were before?”

“SHE told me it was deep under Pacific Ocean. Top secret place, reserved for the…worst of the worst as they like to think. It’s gone now, but I am sure they have another nameless abyss somewhere else. All the prisoners died, except us. And they call us the bad guys…I’m just sorry SHE didn’t have more fun before it all went down,” you smile, turning your head so he can see you. J is falling behind.

“Come on, Damian, move it faster!” you shout, lifting your hands in the air, a bit annoyed.

The Joker feels like the lightning struck him. He stops in his tracks, his non-existent eyebrows furrowed, instantly alert and defensive.

“What did you just call me?”  

“Damian. Isn’t that your name?!” you ask, confused at why he’s suddenly hard of hearing.

“How…How (he exhales loudly) in the world you know that?”

“I can see it above your head,” you calmly reply, pointing your finger in thin air. The Joker looks up and of course he can’t see anything.

“You’re messing with me, right?”

You shrug your head in denial and keep talking. “I can see how old you are…the accident, the fire…oh…” you gulp before you continue: ”…all the bad things that happened to you…Is that the reason why you’re like that?”

His eyes are widened; you can see he is panting, clenching his fists, holding back his anger. You roll your eyes, unimpressed.

“Do you want me to tell you when you’ll die?” you smirk at him, slightly entertained by the situation.

He scrunches up his face in a grimace, not really knowing what to say or do at this point. He doesn’t like not having the upper hand; not being able to control the situation drives him crazy.

“Well, do I wanna know???” There is so much exasperation in his voice.

“Jesus, relaaax, you can change that. Besides, I’m not going to tell anybody what I know. I don’t really care. Your business is your own. I mean it.”

“If you ever repeat what you just told me to another soul, I swear I’ll kill you doll!!!!” the Joker threatens grinding his silver grill, while his temper gets the best out of him. 

“Hahahaha, that’s a good one. I would LOVE to see you try,” you snicker, walking backwards, your eyes turning white again because SHE is getting protective. A few branches snap and J feels a menacing presence all around him.

“Stop, stop, he doesn’t mean it, don’t hurt him. I told you he’s off limits, OK?” The entity is not happy it can’t tear the Joker to pieces.

“Who are you talking to, is it that…thing?” you can sense him right behind you now. He finally caught up with you.

“ SHE’s not a…thing. SHE’s me and I am HER. We’re one.“  You part your red hair to the side, listening to the voice. SHE tells you SHE found HIM.

“Were you born like this?”

You barely hear J, you’re paying attention to the deafening whispers only you can discern.

“No…no…I wasn’t.”

You cover your ears and you stop. J bumps into you.

“Why are you stopping?” he complains, over exaggerating.

“I need to go; I’ll be back for you. Wait here!” you shriek, interrupting his train of thought.

“Hey, where are you…(your body vanishes, leaving a trace of dark mist and ashes behind) going?…”


Flag is in his bunker, looking through files, trying to come up with his next move. The Department of Homeland Security is not very happy with him right now. He doesn’t like not feeling productive and not being praised for his good work. He messed up and he knows it. You got away…again.

His desk starts rattling; a few small objects roll and fall on the floor. The colonel smells something burning and he knows what it is before his eyes find you in the corner of the room.

“Hiiiii, honey,” you grin, emphasizing the last word.

“What the hell are you doing here?” He moves his chair away from his desk, startled, biting his lip. He always does that when he’s nervous.

“Don’t try to call anyone or you’ll be sorry,” you threaten him and he knows you mean it.

The room is getting hotter.

“Are you here to kill me?” Flag lifts his chin up, looking you in the eyes.

“Oh, the brave soldier you are, honey… I am not here to kill you, don’t worry. I haven’t sunk as low as you. “

He swallows the lump in his throat.

You go and sit on the desk and he just stares at your blood stained t-shirt.

“Rick, why did you try to kill me…again?” you ask in soft voice, changing your tone, trying to hold back the tears you feel could run down your cheeks anytime now.

“You are not my wife and I will hunt you and try to kill you until…”

“I AM YOUR WIFE, YOU IDIOT!!!!!!” your voice echoes around the office, SHE is getting alarmed by your sorrow. The floor starts shaking and finally black tears stream down your face.

“It was always me, even after I turned. ME, do you hear me? I’m still here and you are too weak and blinded by ambition and what your superiors tell you to see the truth. They are using you. I thought you would (you touch your heart with your hand) FEEL it’s still me in here.”

You wipe your nose, sniffling.

Flag’s eyes get watery.

After a few moments he gets up so fast he knocks his chair down.

“Shut up, demon, you took my wife and you are trying to deceive me! Why are you doing this ?!… GIVE ME BACK MY WIFE!!!GIVE HER BACK!!!!!”

His face is as red as your hair, he screams so loud he runs out of breath.

Your heart sinks to the bottom of your chest.

The paintings on the walls are starting to melt. SHE is not happy to see you so upset. Too bad you won’t allow HER to avenge you. SHE just waits for a sign in the darkness, that’s all it would be needed.

“Honey, you will never see beyond the veil clouding your eyes,” you whimper, slowly taking your wedding ring off. “I’ve came to give this back to you.”

You come in front of him and take his hand. He winches when he feels the heat irradiating from your being on his skin. You open the palm of his hand and place the ring inside, then close it. He feels helpless.

“Hear me out, Rick: don’t try to find or catch me EVER again. Do not try to hurt someone under my protection. I never fought you before because it’s YOU and I couldn’t bring myself to cause you any harm. Next time we see each other, I will let HER kill you, have no doubts about it…” You sniffle again, taking a few steps back.

“Remember, it was always ME, you should have loved me and protected me regardless. It wasn’t my fault SHE came to me, was it?”

You look so broken, so…human, almost like…his wife.

Your body starts to disappear.

The colonel is trembling, not being able to control his sobbing, tightening his grip on your wedding ring even more.

“No, it wasn’t your fault…Y/N…Y/N? Y/N?… WAIT!!!!” He’s trying to touch you but it’s too late, you are gone. He covers his mouth, trying to calm down.

The room got quiet, nothing moves anymore, the only proof of you being there is the melted glass on the paintings and the wedding band he’s so desperately holding close to his heart.

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The Worst Storm

Summary: You can only drink so much before the storm at home hits. But you decide it’s about time you packed your bags and go looking for your rainbow at the end of the storm. 

Warnings: Bad words. Sorry guys.

A/N: I wrote this more as a place holder while i work on part 2 of strings. I really want strings to be good!! Also, i want to make a PSA: If you are in a abusive relationship, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SPEAK OUT. There is a rainbow for you at the end of it!! SO PLEASE TELL SOMEONE!

Originally posted by ilovebeingjoyful

You had a long night, but to say the next day would be any better. You always regretted drinking the morning after. Even if all of your troubles were gone the night before. You sigh as you swing your legs over the edge of the bed and stare at the floor for a moment.

Bucky is going to kill you for losing your phone. He is gonna kill you for not even thinking to text him from one of your friends phones. You always did this, lost your way and he would find you. But today, the air felt different. Like a storm was forming that you weren’t ready for. Like one that requires all forms of rain gear and you hadn’t even been able to locate you rain coat.

You slipped your friends shorts around your hips and pulled her shirt over your head. You grabbed your heels and dress from the night before and head out to the kitchen.

“Hey there,” your friend says, handing you a water and some meds. You take them from her and give her a thank you look. You chug the water and then place it in the trash. “How do you think he will be?” You know instantly who she was talking about. But all you could do was shrug.

“Probably threw a few lamps here and there. Probably broke a table. Who knows,” You say, heading towards her front door. You slip your shoes, that you always leave at her place when you go out, on your feet

“Be careful. And know i am here if you ever need to escape. I know how crazy it has been over there with him. Just know that you are just as important and kind,” your friend says, sending you a concerned look. You nod your head and walk out the door, heading into the storm named Bucky Barnes.

After a pit stop at the nearest coffee shop, you finally made your way to the tower. You huffed as you opened the front door. You head for the elevators that lead to the floor where everyone was. You mentally quizzed yourself, asking the questions you knew everyone had. You feel yourself tear up for some reason as you watch the numbers climb to the main floor. You close your eyes as the familiar sound of the elevator alerting you that you had reached your floor.

You heave yourself out the door and walk slowly and cat like to the living room. You stop as you spot Steve, Nat, Wanda, and Vision all sitting around the TV. You whimper as you walk softly into the room. Steve is the first to notice you.

“You’re back,” Steve says, sending you a warm, and welcoming smile. You nod as you place your heels on the floor.

“He was worried, Y/N,” Wanda warns as she gets up and takes your dirty dress from your hands. She leaves the room as you walk over and take her place on the couch. Vision rubs your back as you sigh when your body hitd the couch cushion.

“Tell me, how many more nights of this, Y/N” Nat asks, placing her hand lovingly on your thigh.

“Long enough till i can’t keep running away from our problems,” You mumble as you lean into Vision’s touches. He takes that as a sign to massage your shoulders. You sigh once again at the contact. The tears threaten again before you finally look up at a concerned Nat and a very sympathetic Steve.

They all heard you and Bucky. Day in and Day out, fighting, non-stop. It felt like a hurricane that just didn’t have a rainbow at the end of it. It was over the stupidest things as well. It started out that he was getting way too moody for your liking. And now it just ends up with you two waking up on the opposite sides of the bed, no words spoken through the day. And you didn’t know how to fix it. You didn’t know how to make the man you fell in love with, fall back in love with you.

Wanda reappears around the corner with tears running down her face. Steve stands up and rushes over to her.

“What happened?!” Steve asks, holding his arms out to her. She rushes into his body, causing him to enclose her into a hug.

“Bucky. I went to put Y/N dress in the washer with my stuff. He appeared out of nowhere. He was screaming at me, how i shouldn’t do her dirty work. And that i shouldn’t be her slave. Then he proceeded to rip the dress out of my hand, hurting my wrist. He ripped the dress and stormed off,” Wanda explains in between sobs. Your head sinks into your hands as a few tears escape as well.

“I can’t do this anymore. I am done with this. First, he treats Y/N like shit, now Wanda?! I am going to beat the shit out of him,” Nat exclaims, getting up from her spot. You grab her hand and she looks down at you.

“No. Let me,” You mumble, wiping your tears. “Bucky is right, i am so sorry Wanda. Steve, wrap her wrist for now. I will come back and look at it when i’m done with him.” Steve nods his head and leads Wanda to the couch. You get you, thanking Vision for the massage and you grab your heels, making your way into the worst times.

You close your eyes as your hand closes around the doorknob that lead the way into your shared room with Bucky. You twisted it quietly and open the door, opening your eyes. You enter, hesitantly placing your heels next to the door. You spot your torn dress on the bed. You sigh as you pick it up.

“Too bad, it was my favorite on you,” Bucky says, rounding the corner from the bathroom. You jump slightly, letting the dress go.

“Well i’m here, so have at.” You say, raising your arms up in the arm.

“I don’t even know why i bother with you anymore!! All you do is leave!! You don’t want to fix any of this. Us!” Bucky yells, slamming the bedroom door shut. You jump again, closing your eyes preparing yourself for the first hit of the night to come. But it didn’t, nothing. No contact from his palm against your face. You open your eyes, being met with his. “I don’t need you! I have been through worse than you. If you cannot stay down, then do not go around acting like there is no way out of this relationship. Theres the fucking door! Use it!”

“What did you say? Come again? I should have never even let you in! Don’t take this personal. You’re the worst, do you even know what you’ve put me through? Beating after beating, and i still sat by your side!! I still covered my bruises with makeup, and pretended like i was the happiest girl!” You scream, stepping towards him.

“I don’t need you! I don’t need this!! Although it may hurt, i can’t keep letting this, Us, happen.” Bucky yells, stepping closer.

“Us?! Why even was there an us!? You ain’t SHIT! You weren’t special till i made you so! You better fucking act like you know that! I have been through worse alone with this relationship than you!” You scream, slamming your finger against his chest. You poke him hard with ever scream, causing him to stumble back.

“Then why did you ever like me? You didn’t make me! I made me!” Bucky yells.

“I should have listened to everyone’s warning,” You mumble, walking towards the closet.

“And that was?” Bucky questions, following close behind. You grab your duffel bag, and unzip it. You start stuffing your things in it, grabbing things blindly, just wanting to get out of the room. Out of the building.

“Everybody told me you weren’t an item. That i shouldn’t like you. That you don’t wife your girls, you one night them. I didn’t listen though, clearly. I should have listened though. All the shit you would say, so god damn unoriginal.” You yell, pushing past him to get to your dresser. He is once again hot on your trail. You stuff all of your bras and underwear into the bag and zip it up. “But it was you. I loved you. No, love you. Tell you the truth, wish we never even dated.”

You slam the door open and walk back into the living room, Bucky, once again, hot on your trail.

“I have been through hell and back, but it was still better than this!! I DON’T NEED YOU!” Bucky yells, causing everyone in the room tp gp silent.

“You know what this is Bucky? You came out of the blue and said you loved me. Then you flipped it,” You say, trying to keep the room calm. You throw your bag in a chair.

“You were the one who flipped it!! God damn baby, my mind is blown!” Bucky yells, not

caring about the gathering bodies.

“My love was there, kind, and everything inbetween. If this was real, we should be able to fix it. But here i am, bag in hand.” You say, voice rising.

“That’s rich. You only say that to get pity from the others,” Bucky says, his voice lowering.

“Pity!? I think your pride is in the way. Funny how everything changed the moment you got me in your bed. It’s me who doesn’t need you!! YET I STUCK IT OUT!!” You scream. Steve shifts towards you two as he tries to keep you two apart but close enough to keep the argument to you two. You grab your bag, giving Bucky the most hateful look you could manage.

“Then leave,” Bucky says, pointing to the elevator.

“I plan on it,” You mumble, swinging your bag over your shoulder, pushing Steve’s hand out of the way. You walk towards the elevator, and step on. You sigh, turn around look at Bucky and the rest before you press the first floor button. “I don’t mean to, but i will always love you, Bucky Barnes.” And with that, the doors closed, shielding you from the worst storm you ever survived, the rainbow finally appearing.


Ben swallowed thickly, trying to catch the breath that Sabrina’s murderous glare had seemingly sucked out of him. He opened his mouth to try to speak, but every time he tried to formulate a thought into words they would just fall apart in his mouth before they could be spoken. 

Sabrina: (bitterly) “Nice of you to show up.”

Ben: “Sabrina, I can explain.”

Sabrina: “I’d love to hear you try.”

Ben: “Just hear me out.”

Sabrina: “I’ve let it slide before, one or two hours late is fine, as long as you let me know.”

Ben: “Sabrina-”

Sabrina: “But a whole night without a single call, a single text? It’s out of order, Ben. And I want answers.”

Ben: “I-”

Sabrina: “Now!”

Ben may have been trembling in terror but Sabrina’s anger had been simmering away all night and morning, so for it to be finally coming out, the little control that she had to maintain her composure was slowly ebbing away with every shaking word she uttered.

Ben: “I- I just went over to Zoe’s for a couple of drinks after work.”

Sabrina: “Like you often do?”

Ben: “Yeah-”

Sabrina: “It’s just that, usually when you go over to Zoe’s, I get a text.”

Ben: “I know.”

Sabrina: “But last night…I got nothing.”

Ben: “…I know.“

Sabrina: “Is there a reason for that? Or did you think it would be funny to keep me up until god knows what time, worried sick about you?”

Ben: “Oh god, Sabrina. I’m so sorry-”

Sabrina: “Answer the question, Ben.”

Ben: “Yes, there is a reason.”

He couldn’t believe he was lying so easily, it just seemed to roll off his tongue as if it was nothing but truth. But, then again, at this point it was more of a survival instinct than anything else. 

Sabrina: “Well I’m all ears then.”

Ben: “My- My phone was flat. The battery died in the middle of my shift.”

Sabrina: “And there‘s not a single charger at work? Or at Zoe’s?”

Ben: “No, Zoe‘s got a different phone, the charger wouldn’t work on mine.”

Sabrina: “You couldn’t have used her phone? What about even just calling from her landline?”

Ben: “The phone lines were down for her whole building, and the heating was too, it was bloody freezing.”

Somehow telling part of the truth within the lie soothed his burning conscience a little, but Sabrina’s fiery anger didn’t let that last long.

Sabrina: “Hmm, so cold you stayed the whole night?”

Ben: “We fell asleep watching tv. It was a…really stressful service last night and I guess I was just exhausted.”

Sabrina: “So instead of coming home to your own bed, to your own wife, you went back to you friend’s oh-so-inviting, freezing cold apartment for a cheap glass of wine and a rough night’s sleep?”

Ben: “Zoe was feeling really down, I couldn’t just leave her. And she’s been stocking up on episodes for weeks-”

Sabrina: “Oh don‘t worry, Ben. I see where your priorities lie.”

Ben: “Sabrina, it‘s not like that-”

Sabrina: “Well I can’t seem to see it any other way, so I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree, won’t we?”

Ben: “Oh come on, Sabrina-”

Sabrina: “Look, Ben. There‘s something you’re not telling me, I know there is. But I honestly don’t have the time, or energy to argue any more right now; I’ve got to get Theo to the library for his writing workshop-”

Ben: “Oh god, I‘m so sorry, I completely forgot-”

Sabrina: “Yeah, well something else was obviously at the forefront of your mind, wasn’t it?”

Ben: “I-uh…Where are Maddie and Dylan? I’ll keep an eye on them while you take Theo-”

Sabrina: “They‘re next door with Laurie and Harry.”

Ben felt as if the wind had been knocked out of him for the second time that morning. He was utterly dumbfounded.

Ben: “They‘re- They‘re where?“

Sabrina: “I was just about to leave with Theo, and because I didn’t know when you were going to bother showing up, I called Laurie and she offered to watch them until we got back.”

Ben: “But-”

Sabrina: “And before you ask, I did call John and Kennedy before them, but Ken’s not feeling very well and I didn’t want to make her feel any worse by saddling her with those two.”

Ben: “But, I’m home now, I can watch them-”

Sabrina: “They‘re already there, Ben, there’s no point. They can obviously handle the responsibility better than you can right now, so if you’ll excuse me, I have somewhere important to be.”

Sabrina turned from an utterly floored Ben, to walk over to the staircase, where she called up to Theo to be gathering his things together. Just before the excited, thudding footsteps of her son running downstairs filled the room though, she turned to her husband one final time with a look of warped hatred glittering in her green eyes. 

Sabrina: “And by the time I get back you’d better have gotten your shit together because I cannot and will not stand for this any longer.”

Her smile was soon fixed back on her face when Theo came bounding towards her with an eager grin on his face though, and Ben managed to pull the parts of one together as well…until the door closed behind them and their voices drifted away into the quiet, suburban air. That’s when his smile and his heart crumbled, the world spun around him and everything he had depended on for happiness in his life up until that point slipped further out of his reach than ever before.


C: Button? Come on, let’s get out of here.

?: Giving up already? Oh, but I think you deserve to know the truth about your situation, now that you’re already here, Caleb Robins, né Connelly. Does he not, Button?

B: …

C: How would I know you’re telling the truth! I don’t even see you, you’re probably nothing but a VI installed here to scare off intruders!

?: Then how would I know you? Caleb Robins, I am the ship. Not only that, I am every discovery ever made, every sentence ever said, every thought ever thought. Button, how foolish it was of you to simply escape to the futue, a place and time you did not know, unprepared! It was not an escape from your problems, it was what created your problems in the first place!

C: D-don’t listen to it, Button, please!

?: Are you really that ignorant, human? Your wife was the one who carelessly messed everything up! If it wasn’t for her, nobody would have fallen under this regrettable curse.