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Well… she did know how to open it… (Anna and Remington (my ocs) and 2017) Happy New Year!


Intuitions are not to be ignored. 

We are not sure what’s wrong. But something is. 

You guys were talking about/reblogging the theory that part of this episode is in Sherlock’s dreams - a recurring dream. Everything is off on purpose and Sherlock tells us that our intuition is right. This isn’t real.

This whole episode is too fast, we can’t even process everything after watching it multiple time. The cases are too fast, the musical score is too fast, everything.

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Rose was right

Right to not use the Breaking Point, right to bubble Bismuth and right to not tell the others about it. Even though it sucked.

It’s clear from her general demeanor and Garnet and Pearl’s reaction that Bismuth was a very popular Crystal Gem. A strong personality that was a huge part of defining the entire Crystal Gem movement. She liked the Crystal army, and it seemed to like her.

When two charismatic leaders inside of a movement have a philosophical conflict that cuts to the core of the movement itself, the usual outcome is a split in the membership. It’s almost certain that, exposed to Bismuth’s idea about shattering Homeworld Gems, some of the Crystal Gems would have agreed with her rather than wanting to stick to the relatively “non-violent” methods Rose had been using, and would want to take up her methods. This would have fractured the Cystal Gems into two weaker factions, giving Homeworld an opening to crush them both.

By not telling the rest of the Crystal Gems about why Bismuth was poofed and bubbled, Rose prevented that fracture and kept the movement whole, eventually allowing them to fight Homeworld to a standstill. Even though that really, really sucked for Bismuth.

Now, why was it a good idea to avoid the use of the Breaking Point? Apart from the obvious moral implications, the Breaking Point represented an escalation in violence on the part of the Cystal Gems could have caused Homeworld to obliterate the planet. Homeworld wound up using a nuclear option on Earth, but ultimately left it intact. While individual Diamonds may have had differing opinions on what should be done with the planet (Yellow Diamond wants it destroyed now, but clearly they didn’t all believe in that tactic at the time or it would be destroyed already), they were able to agree on simply “nuking” the world by making it uninhabitable for Gems (or so they thought) by corrupting all the Gems on it.

And saving the Earth and the organic life on it was one of Rose’s major motivations. It would seem that ultimately, the Diamonds found the Gem War too costly and withdrew, but if the Crystal Gems had managed to shatter many important Gems and posed a serious threat to the lives of Gems on Homeworld, vengeance and obliteration might have looked like a better option even if it was more costly.

So, Rose made a tactical decision that was painful, but ultimately saved the Crystal Gems. But I don’t think she intended for her decision to remain in the dark forever. I think that her choice to leave Bismuth in Lion was also tactical.

I think that the items left in Lion’s mane are parts of Rose’s life that she thought were important, or left unfinished. The presence of her video to Steven strongly suggests that she meant for him to find this place, and I think she meant for him to find Bismuth and discover what happened between her and Rose.

Rose could have hidden Bismuth some place where she would never be found, but she left that bubble there for Steven. I think she hoped that, with the war over and with Rose gone, Bismuth would be able to have a peaceful life, without being in a position where she would feel the need to shatter other Gems, or that Steven would be able to change her mind.

Either way, I think Rose felt guilty for what she felt she had to do to Bismuth to keep the Crystal Gems and the Earth safe. I hope that one day, under happier circumstances, we’ll see Bismuth again.

Edit for clarity: I don’t think Rose is perfect, and the ramifications of her choices don’t go away even if I believe it was the best choice she could have made in this situation. Even if I am right, untold Crystal Gems were shattered and corrupted in the aftermath of her choices. Clearly Homeworld and the Diamonds share that responsibility, but we don’t know how Bismuth’s theory of war would have played out, if shattering the Diamonds would have been enough to change Gem society, or what costs that tactic would have had. I’ve offered my opinion, but it’s just my opinion. Either way, I don’t think Bismuth is evil or bad. I think she saw what she felt was the best solution to a problem and believed in that the benefits would outweigh the costs.

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SW:TCW voice actors doing an improvised script reading of their characters at SW Celebration VI in 2012 / Florida. (x)


when i think about never getting to perform with this exact group of people again, i just really wanna cry

Sorry for my WLFKBJ spam but:


1. It has a relationship that’s so healthy. Joon Hyung, the guy is a Nice Guy Type 1. He’s the kind who genuinely cared about Bok Joo even when they were just friends. He never expected anything in return for his kindness. He just did it. And when he fell for Bok Joo he told her straight. He asked her to give him a chance. And he finds her sexy. Like he physically finds her attractive because of her inner self and personality. That’s really a wonderful way to like someone.

2. Bok Joo is a strong woman who is not afraid to cry, to act lovey with her boyfriend and tell her dad Saranghae. She made female traits strong. She was determined to solve her own problems, had a healthy outlook in life and still was humble enough to recognize when she needed help and asked for it. She acted on what she wanted to accomplish. No too stupid to live and damsel in distress moments for Bok Joo.

3. The story is paced well. The characters talk instead of causing misunderstandings that last for five-ever. In doing so instead of telling a story centered on one convoluted plot made because characters were too stupid to live (looking at you Legend of the Blue sea) you get to see characters you love grow and become better people 💙

At last (2016)

Third and last artwork of the evening devoted to Civil War (sorry about the CW spam), after this one devoted to the first post-credit scene (Steve and Bucky) and this one showing Tony at the end of the movie.

This is totally how the parking scene went. *cough* Yup, I’m 100% positive. (Photoshop CS6)


Story time!

A little lesser known fact about me: I am a HUGE Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter fan. A more commonly known fact about me: I am a social potato who never does anything.

Well guess who actually did something minorly adventurous and met Jack Pattillo tonight!!!! and hung out with amazing community people at the meet up!!! Jack was such a nice person even though the porportion of the meeting kinda blew up and I was so excited the whole time, you don’t even know..!

Im looking forward to seeing if he actually brings any of the approx. 58 bottles of salmiakki-booze on set. It was nuts.



The inevitable continuity of making the future. That’s what “destiny” is, and we must believe in it’s guidance.



I understand it well.

Even “special” humans like you…. still believe that people are supposed to follow the “destiny”.




After all, you should know the truth.

About the meaning of the “destiny” that dominates this world…

And what kind of existance humans like you have.