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A Bakushimanari soulmates AU in which your sm’s first words are written on you and also kind of represent your relationship with them! 

How is this gonna end? You’re literally gonna find out right now because I just spent the last five days drawing all of it and I’m about to just. Straight out post it all together.

Part Two | Part Three


Being forced to interact with Shawn Mendes is really not how I wanted to spend my Friday evening, but I really had no choice in the matter as he was sitting on the floor next to my door with his headphones plugged into his phone as though he had been waiting for me to show up. This is why you don’t date dudes with friends you despise. Even if you and said dude break up, his friends don’t leave you alone.

Doing my best to suppress the urge to kick him away from my door before he even speaks, I put on my best false happy face and hope I can somehow convince him I am too busy to deal with anything regarding him ever. “Should I ask you what you are doing here when I don’t recall inviting you?” I ask him snarkily, not really in the mood for dealing with Shawn after a long day of spending all day on my feet at work.

He pushes himself off the wall, standing up and popping the earbuds out of his ears.

“I asked around to find out where you lived,” he replies, then smirking at me. He doesn’t even ask if he can come inside, just follows me inside as I unlock the door and closes the door behind him like he belongs here or something.

“That sounds kind of fucking weird,” I tell him, dropping my bag onto the floor and my keys on the bedside table.

Shawn just grins at me as though he is amused by my antics, as though there is nothing strange about him showing up at my dorm on a Friday evening when he should probably be playing some COD marathon thing with his friends instead of bothering me.

I had spent the whole night dealing with rude customers in my line at the small grocery store I worked out, checking out couples who either couldn’t stop making out long enough to pay for their items or made rude comments about how they felt sorry I was wasting my night working instead of getting piss drunk like they were planning. I hadn’t even been thinking about my recent miserable break up, or how I would be single forever.

For a few minutes, there is this strange silence before I turn back around to face him. Cocking my head to give him my best smile, I hope he is going to take the hint that all I want him to do is leave so I can get some sleep.

“I could have been playing beer pong or doing body shots at the football team’s party, and you can’t even pretend to be nice to me for longer than less than a millisecond. The last time I checked, I wasn’t that offensive to be around,” he tells me, running his fingers through his curls lazily as though he doesn’t realize how attractive it makes him look when he does that. “I could have been doing body shot off of some really hot freshman, but I am here instead. The least you could do is be just the least bit nice to me, eh?”

There is so much I am trying to wrap my mind around right now. Mostly the fact that Shawn said he could be at a party. As though someone like him would party. I thought he was just the nerd who played in a band and never had any fun. But he is talking about doing body shots off of freshman. Who the hell is Shawn Mendes exactly?

“I am sorry, Shawn. Sorry that I am stopping you from doing all of those body shots, please find it in your heart to forgive me.”
He chuckles, sensing the sarcasm dripping from each word I just spoke. He even shakes his head as though he can’t believe I am being so difficult when he asked me to be nicer.

“Sorry,” he repeats, drawing out the last vowel to test the word on his lips. “I don’t think you sound that sorry when all I can hear is sarcasm just emanating from every word coming from those pouty lips of yours.”

There is no real chance for me to respond because Shawn takes it upon himself to sweep me into his arms and press his lips against mine with reckless abandon. His hands tighten around my waist, pressing his hips against mine and merging our bodies into almost one being with the intensity of his kiss.

Shawn pulls me up into his arms, carrying me over to the bed and placing my down gently without even breaking the kiss. I am not really sure what is going on right now, because I am almost positive that is notreal.

His hands hover at the hem of my shirt, slowly sliding the cotton off my frame and pulling it over my head. He keeps it balled up in his hand for a moment as he looks down at me, his eyes glinting mischievously. “I really need to teach you a lesson for talking to me so disrespectfully,” he whispers to me, throwing my shirt on the floor before quickly taking his own off. After kicking off his shoes, he gestures for me to do the same and then returns to looking at me with this look that I just know is going to lead to some rather unexpected places this evening.

Shawn raises his eyebrows at me, grabbing my arm gently and pulling me towards him so he can resume kissing me. I am trying really hard not to think about the way his skin feels against mine and how we are really only separated now by the pair of leggings I am wearing and the thin lacy panties beneath. There is not much between him and I anymore.

His hand slips into the waist of my leggings, moving down to my panties. He moves his hand to the front of my panties, rubbing his fingers along my core to get me wetter with just the simple touch of his hands.

“These need to go,” he remarks, quickly pulling off my leggings and panties one fell swoop and throwing them across the room without a care. He stands up, stepping out of his black skinny jeans and returning his attention back to me. His hand travels up my thigh, reaching up to cup my ass and give it a good hard squeeze.
Being almost naked in front of Shawn Mendes has to be one of the most unique experiences of my life. I had him pegged as a nerd with no friends, but he is talking about doing body shots and punishing me for disrespecting him. It is way hotter than anything I could have imagined about Shawn, especially the way he has those curls. Like, I don’t even know how it is fair that someone this alluring is even real.

Shawn just grins at me like he is well aware of all of these unholy thoughts I am having about him in my head, it is just like he knows the impact he has and wants to make sure I have the time to take all of it in for the moment. He returns to his spot next to me on the bed, pinning my arms over my head and looking down at me with intense chocolate eyes.

I relax my arms, letting him hold my arms above me and waiting to see what exactly he is going to do next because he has really piqued my curiosity at this point.

He quirks an eyebrow, switching to holding my hands above my head one handed while he shimmies out of his boxers. He kicks them onto the floor and then speaks, “I am going to show you what happens when you disrespect me, princess. And maybe you will learn your lesson.”

Oh, my fucking God. This cannot be real. Shawn Mendes just about said one of the hottest sentences I have ever heard and is fucking naked in front of me. I think this has to be some kind of dream because this cannot be real. There is just no fucking way.

“What does that mean?” I inquire, daring to be a little bit sassy once again.

“You’ll see, babe. I promise.”

There is no chance for me to reply as his lips cover my own lustfully.

When he breaks the kiss, he lets go of holding my arms but gives me a look as if to say I should not move if I know what is good for me. He moves his hand down to my waist, tilting my body away from him so my ass is facing upwards. With a quick raise of his brow, he lets out a chuckle before smacking my ass hard a few times with his open palm. It stings a bit, and I know there are going to be prints on my ass when this is all said and done.

“Good girls talk nicely and bad girls get spanked, do you see what I mean?” he murmured, running his hand along my ass to smooth the stinging skin. He smacks my ass once more before returning me to the lying down position.

“Yes…” I reply, trying to wince from the pain I still feel from where he left his marks. It hurts, but in a good way. The thrill comes from the pain followed by his soft caresses right after.

He nudges my legs open with his foot, positioning himself right above me with his hand wrapped around his length in anticipation. I bite my lip and wait, knowing it is my best bet to let him make all of the moves.

Shawn licks his lips slowly before teasing me with his tip, rubbing along my slick folds to prolong the wait just a little bit longer. Then he shifts his weight slightly, pushing himself inside of me fully.
My hands move up to hold onto his arms, trying to adjust to the feeling of being so full from him. He holds himself up with both of his hands, waiting for me to adjust so he can keep going. Once he seems pleased, he readies himself and begins to roll his hips against mine to find his pace. He moves slowly, his eyes never leaving mine as he gets deep and starts to go a little harder with each thrust.

I don’t really know how to feel at this moment, trying to take in all that is happening. He is bigger than I am used to so I can feel my tight walls hugging his length with each movement of his hips and the deeper he goes, I can feel him against my sensitive spot more and more. I know he is not going to keep going slowly, because he is going harder and moving faster which causes me to bite my lip to handle all of him.

“You like how I feel inside of you, don’t you?” he questions me between deep grunts of his own.

I nod. Holy shit. “Yes…I do…” I trail off, digging my fingers deeper into him when he manages to hit my g spot and causes me to scream out his name.

He shifts me so I am on my side, lifting my leg so he can slide into me at this new angle and begins to slam his hips against mine without any intention of going gently. He moves against me quickly, hitting my spot each time and tangling his hands in my hair to keep my head pressed against his mouth. Rough sex is definitely a way to learn my lesson. “Tell me you will be a good girl,” he demands, snaking his other hand around my waist and running his thumb over my clit to make this whole thing even more intense.

“Fuck,” I gasp, trying not to lose myself completely quite yet. “I promise I will be a good girl for you…oh my god…”

“Good, love,” he murmurs against me, his hips slowly down his movements just a little but his thumb still rubbing my clit like he wants to bring me over the edge like never before. “I am getting so close. Fuck.” He speeds up his movements, clearly wanting to reach his release. “Will you cum with me, baby girl?”

I know there is no way I am going to be able to hold on much longer between his thumb caressing my clit so perfectly and his cock hitting my g spot; the knot is building up deep inside and I can feel it getting closer. Nodding my consent, I bite my lip to hold on just a little bit longer.

“Say it for me, baby girl,” he murmurs in my ear, circling my clit even faster and helping me reach the peak I have been dying to reach since he first entered me.

“Please…” I plead, wanting to feel him finish inside of me. He lets out a low groan as I call him that, slamming his hips hard against me and helping me reach my high. As he cums inside of me, he murmurs my name softly and tells me what a good girl I have been. The only sound for a moment or two is the panting and the rapid beating of our hearts, neither one of us able to form any real words for the moment. He takes a few minutes to compose himself, then he pulls out of me and lies back against the bed.

I pull away from him, sitting up to find my clothes so I feel like self conscious.
Shawn sighs for a moment, looking up at me with a little smirk tugging the corner of his lips. “You will be easier to teach than I thought,” he remarks, reaching over to pull me back down next to him.

I poke his lips, liking the way he feels beneath my fingertips. “I don’t think that counts as putting in a word for a friend, you know.”
Shawn smirks. “I like the words coming from your mouth better…” He grins as he slides down the bed, hands trailing down my thighs. He pulls me so I am in front of his face, gently nipping my thigh. “I want to hear more…” he whispers, mouth hovering above my quivering pussy.

“More… please…” I beg and he gladly obliges.

CS ff: “The Faces of Kismet” (au)

Summary: No one expects to meet their soulmate in a chat room, and that’s certainly not what Emma was looking for when she went in to waste some time one night. Instead, she found someone, and he found her, and then they lost their connection. Fate likes to fuck with peoples’ lives sometimes, and this is no exception.

Rating: High T, Low M? Mentions of sexual situations. Vague smut.

Word Count: ~6k

A/N: I don’t wanna talk about how I started this in October, deleted it off my computer back in December, and only revived it because it was still in my google docs. For the asshole this fic decided to be, I hope y’all enjoy it. <3 Shoutouts and love to @oubliette14 (for convincing me to revive it, and looking it over when I was done) and @nothandlingit (for also looking it over and reminding me that “pants” are underwear…XD). You ladies are seriously the best.

It’s three in the morning and she should be sleeping. Should be. But no matter how she tosses and turns, it’s like there are lumps under her pillow and mattress, nothing is making her comfortable. And this has been going on for hours. With reluctance, hesitance, almost begrudgingly, Emma Swan gets out of bed and sits back down at her desk.

For the most part, she only uses her computer for research on her job assignments, but on the rare occurrence that she absolutely can’t sleep, it’s used for a much more frivolous purpose. Following the web address that she types in, she enters the chat room and only has to wait the space of a heartbeat before the flood of messages begins. Of the fifty-ish people currently logged in, a vast majority of the participants are male. Factoring out the ones that are already chatting, or the ones who are too busy fucking around in the general chat window, Emma expects to wade through at least ten assholes before she finds one decent person to have a conversation with.

DrLove: hey swan, asl?

Swan: Are you really a doctor, or just a KISS fan?

DrLove: lolol im realy a doctor. wanna check out my stethoscope?

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Request: Glasses

Request: Hey, I was wondering if you could please write a readerxdean imagine where the reader always makes sure to wear contacts around the boys but then something happens on a hunt that causes the reader to not be able to wear them for like a day or something so she has to wear her glasses that she is really self conscious about however Dean like loves them and tries to show her how much he loves how she looks in them and tons of fluff and stuff. (maybe even some smut if ya want. sorry its a bit long!)

Word Count: 728

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<3

“Don’t worry about it,” The doctor assures you, “Just avoid contact lenses for a few days, you’ll be right in no time.”

You nod, nonetheless prodding at your tender eye, “Thanks, doc.”

“No problem. Have a nice day.”

You offer a wry smile, “You, too.”

You make your escape – never did like hospitals. The smell, the atmosphere… gives you shivers. Too many bad days spent in hospitals. The guys wait right outside, and as soon as you leave the room, they stand from their seats.

“Well?” Dean asks, looking concerned. You shrug.

“They injected some weird shit into it so now I can’t feel that whole cheek, but it should be fine.” You shrug, poking at the abrasions, “No biggie.”

You’d been hunting a ghost in an old house when it had tossed you down the stairs. You were mostly unharmed, but your eye had hit an old piece of wood on the way down. Three days later, while most of the swelling was gone, you were left with a nasty scratch and an unpleasant amount of scrapes over your cheekbone. Your vision was somewhat blurred, so the guys thought it would be a good idea to get you checked out – not much use in hunting while half blind in one eye.


“I like your glasses.” Dean remarks, and you groan.

“Don’t even bother. They’re awful.”

“How come I’ve never seen them?” He continues, “You always wear contacts, right?”

“Yeah. Because they’re easier and don’t make me look like a total moron.” You raise an eyebrow, and Dean shakes his head.

“What are you on about? You don’t look like a moron.” He insists, taking the seat beside you. You put your phone down, leaving it on the arm of the couch.

“It’s only for a few days, anyway. Then I can go back to looking normal.”

“Y/N, you look… fine. Good. Kinda cute, actually.” Dean tells you, sounding almost sheepish. You laugh.

“Thanks for trying. I just hate them. I hate how they look. That’s all.” You try to brush how insecure you feel off, like it’s nothing. He rolls his eyes, grabbing your chin and forcing you to look at him.

“Hey, Y/N. Listen up, okay? Yeah, sure, you look beautiful with contacts. Great. And if you feel good like that, then brilliant, carry on. But I hate the fact that you’re sat here, not liking how you look because of a piece of plastic on your face.” He insists, staring at you and demanding that you see it the way he does, “You always look beautiful. I’ve seen you come out of burning buildings with blood and ash all over you and you’re beautiful. There’s nothing a pair of glasses could do to change that.”

You both know Dean isn’t one for spouting useless nonsense for the sake of it. It’s just… he doesn’t feel like that about you, does he? He wouldn’t.

He shakes his head, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything. I just hate the idea that you think of yourself as less than perfect.”

“Dean, I-” When words totally fail you, instead, you take a risk. You lean forward and press your lips to his – just for a moment. When you pull away, you regret it instantly and you’re about to apologise when he grins so wide, grabbing your hand.

“Y/N, that was – you did mean that?”

“Of course I did.”

“I never knew you felt the same.”

“I figured you didn’t feel the same.” You laugh it off, willing yourself to stop blushing like an idiot. Dean grins, letting go of your hand and reaching over and cupping your cheek with his hand.

“You’re beautiful, smart, and badass. What’s not to love?” He offers a wry smile, and you laugh.

“I have to wear stupid glasses for a few days.” You suggest, and he rolls his eyes.

“You’re an idiot.” He says good-naturedly, “C'mere.”

He leans in and pulls you closer, capturing your lips with his once more. His thumb moves over your cheekbone gently, and you smile against his lips.

“Plus,” He whispers, pulling away slightly so his mouth just brushes yours, “I think you look insanely hot in glasses. Just saying.”

anonymous asked:

instead of Jackie- naysayer only spouts Marco's insecurities when he's around Tom, and this really confuses Tom for a bit, until Marco finally cracks and tells Tom his feelings for him.

Ahhhhhh! I had so much fun writing this! It was such a good suggestion! I really enjoyed this one and I hope you like it as much as I do! Enjoy!


“So it hasn’t done much, except stay there.” Marco explained. He had this weird head on his neck and it didn’t really speak much. Sometimes it would repeat things but other than that it was silent. So he called Tom over to his house to try and help him out. But once Tom got there he seemed to be very amused. Tom tried to stifle a laugh and Marco crossed his arms.

“Sorry dude! That’s a curse I put on you to keep you from asking Star out! I did that forever ago! What it does is it spouts your most embarrassing secrets whenever you’re near somebody you’re trying to ask out.” Tom remembered. “You haven’t asked a girl out since the Blood Moon Ball? That’s way more embarrassing than that thing on your neck.” Tom jabbed. Marco crossed his arms.

“Oh yeah? How many people have you asked out?” Marco grumbled. But Tom took the questions seriously.

“A lot because I was trying to get over Star. First it was Alley, but she tried to kill me so I broke that off. Then Darnya, and then Darnya’s brother to make her jealous. Then Darnya’s ex to make her even more jealous…. I had a lot of history with Darnya.” Tom explained. “I dated like twelve people in six months just to get a rise out of her.” Tom explained. “But to be fair she was trying to bug me! She did similar things, like set my house on fire. We had a lot of stuff between us.” Tom continued.

Marco was about to say something but stopped when the head on his neck said something. “Marco is very jealous of Darnya.” It said. Marco gasped and swatted the head. Tom looked up confused.

“Did that thing just talk?” He asked. Marco gulped and nodded.

“Yeah, didn’t you say it spouted my secrets?” Marco asked. Tom shrugged.

“Yeah but only in front of… nevermind.” He assured. There had to be a reason he wasn’t think of. “So um… are you seriously jealous of Darnya?” Tom asked. Marco blushed and clammed up a little bit.

“I uh… it’s not that it’s just-” Marco was cut off by the head speaking again.

“Marco is jealous because that girl got all your attention.” It said. Tom looked at it confused and coughed nervously.

“Oh… that’s…” Tom trailed off. Marco bit his lip he made a move to say something else to break the tension but was appalled when the head spoke AGAIN.

“Marco is very nervous about what Tom thinks!” It teased. Marco just stood there in utter defeat. This thing was totally silent for a full day until he was around Tom! And now it won’t shut up! Why would that happen? Marco was freaking out. The only explanation he could think of was…

Oh no.

Marco gulped and prayed the head wouldn’t say anything else. “Tom, maybe you should tell me how to get rid of this thing.” He tried. Tom shrugged.

“Just let it run it’s course.” Tom explained.

“How long will that take?” Marco demanded. Tom shrugged.

“It depends, how insecure are you?” Tom asked. Marco groaned and facepalmed, this was going to take a while.

“Just so you know I’m not jealous of Darnya. I don’t even know her.” Marco claimed. The head spoke up and Marco nearly cried.

“He’s lying! Marco is very jealous of the time you spent with that girl.” The head spoke. Tom nodded and picked his phone up from the table and turned away.

“Um… this is weird.” Tom laughed a little. “Sorry about cursing you, but I’m going to leave. Because that thing’s making me really uncomfortable.” Tom responded. That wasn’t the truth. He’d seen the naysayer a million times before. What was worrying him was that it was telling him marco’s secrets. It should do that to the person Marco had feelings for! And the idea of Marco having a crush on Tom was making Tom very confused. Maybe even a little nervous and unsure. So he just wanted to leave.

“Marco is sad that Tom is leaving and really wants him to stay.” The naysayer said. Tom froze and his face flushed a deep red. There was no denying this anymore. He turned and looked nervously at Marco.

“M-Marco… is there something you need to tell me?” Tom asked, he looked really scared. Marco gulped and stuttered for a while until the head spoke up again.

“Marco thinks Tom is very sweet and kind. He thinks that Tom is a lot nicer and cares a lot more about stuff than he acts like he does.” The naysayer said. Tom growled and got an angry look to cover up his embarrassment.

“How do YOU know how I feel!?” Tom demanded. Marco cleared his throat.

“I just think you’re a nice guy!” Marco tried. “And you sometimes pretend you don’t care even when you do.” Marco continued. “I don’t know why maybe it’s because you don’t want to get hurt-” Marco was cut off by Tom. He growled and grabbed Marco by the collar, and listened when the naysayer spoke yet again.

“Marco thinks Tom isn’t nearly as tough as he pretends and he’s really just lonely and wants a friend.” It claimed. Tom growled and pushed Marco away.

“You JERK!” He hissed. “How would you KNOW ANY OF THAT!?!” Tom demanded. Marco took a step back.

“I can’t help it! It’s just how I feel! Maybe you shouldn’t hide your problems!” Marco insisted. The naysayer spoke up.

“Marco is hiding a VERY big problem from Tom!” It almost sang. Tom hissed at the second head.

“What is that thing talking about?! What do you think I pathetic now? You think some more stuff that you are in NO PLACE TO DECIDE!?!” Tom growled.

“NO!” Marco screamed. “I don’t think bad of you at all! In fact I think really highly of you!” Marco bit back. “Because I wouldn’t be IN LOVE WITH YOU OTHERWISE!” Marco screamed and Tom fell back. The boys stared at each other in a dead silence for a really long time. They just stared and waited, thinking the head would say something else. When it didn’t Tom spoke up.

“You… you’re in love with me?” He whispered. Marco gulped and nodded. “Even after all those things you think about me?” He asked.

“I don’t think of those things as bad Tom.” Marco muttered. “But I uh… I like you… a lot. I do.” He whispered. The naysayer opened his mouth but Marco slapped it. “You caused enough trouble! You said everything now get gone!” Marco hissed.

“One more thing!” The naysayer sang. “Marco thinks Tom is very cute! And very handsome! He wants to kiss him very badly!” It exclaimed. Tom got so embarrassed that he flared up in a swirls of flames. “Okay now I’m gone.” The naysayer said, and got smaller and smaller until it went away. Tom gulped and took a step closer to Marco.

“So um… I uh…” He trailed off and took a deep breath. He began to speak very, very fast. “I’m still mad at you for the dumb and totally wrong things you think about me but I like you too and I’m sorry for cursing you and here’s an ‘I’m sorry’ gift.” Tom rambled a mile a minute and grabbed Marco, giving him a quick peck on the lips. He then ran as fast as he could out the door. Once he was gone he poked his head back in. “Sorry again… Sorry!” he ran away again. He came back one last time. “I love you too!” He blurted out, dashing away one more time, leaving Marco to be a blushing mess.

a-bladesentinel  asked:

Could you help me out on this? I've been asking myself this queation for a long ass time. How in the 9 hells are synths supposed to help improve humanity!? It just astounds me how the making of synths is supposed to redefine mankind when their creators gave them something close to free will and treat them like shit. Not only that, but the Institute relies on them for everything. Even to wipe their own asses I bet. Sorry for the long ask.

I actually had to think for a second about it, mostly because the game doesn’t explain much, leaving a lot of space to the imagination… at least, that’s how I see it - haven’t spent much time in the Institute.

I think synths have been created for the sole purpose of replacing humans in doing dangerous/heavy tasks so humans could focus on improving the quality of their own lives. 

One thing that has to be kept in mind, is that synths aren’t built or supposed to have free will - they are conceived as mere tools, and used as such by their own creators. The Railroad / the scientists who believe they are more than machines give them free will and such by reprogramming them.

So I suppose the role synths have in redefining humanity is relatively passive? Like, synths do what humans find hard /boring /time-consuming / dangerous, while humans focus on developing new technologies that can improve the quality and/or length of their lifestyles or assure their survival in the wasteland. 

Hope this helps! 

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you've answered this yet, but I'd love to know your thoughts on the lie from Oliver. I mean at first I was okay with it, because I could see Oliver's POV, but when he stated that he'd been back/forth to CC, I suddenly realized this was royally messed up. I just don't know how you can come back from that from Felicity's side you know? How do you trust again? Also considering her abandonment issues and trust is something delicate with her. So I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Hey Nonnie, I haven’t answered this yet and I’m so sorry this reply is so late, but I had to really sit down and construct this reply, because, while I love Oliver and Felicity, this has left such a foul taste in my mouth.

I’m so glad you asked, because I am about done with Oliver Queen and the constant lying and using The Green Arrow to do it. I’m soooo fucking done. This is the most infuriating and disrespectful thing that Oliver has ever done besides sling his dick between two sisters and shrug about it. AND I LOVE OLIVER. But foul is foul.

Three reasons why I want to hang his ass from a very tall building.

1. He lied to Felicity even after getting a second chance to be honest.

Barry’s time-travel involvement gave Oliver the perfect opportunity to come clean, and after all the times he’s kept things from Felicity, not as his girlfriend/fiancee, but his teammate, it should have been a no-brainer to tell her. The way he played up the betrayal she felt to make Ra’s believe that he was truly bound to the LOA without telling her, made me feel a little nauseous. WE GET IT WRITERS, OLIVER LIES TO PROTECT. HIS PAST IS A CRAP-BAG OF LIES. But why does that have to bleed over so much into the present? Why did Diggle and Felicity have to find out after they believed they were to be killed? After they thought they were actually dead? I still haven’t forgiven that.

Felicity doesn’t deserve being lied to. She has done nothing to deserve this. Oliver is lying like a pig in shit to her every moment that ring is on her finger, even if not, “You got a baby out there somewhere, don’t you?”/”Wha??? Of course not!” level-lying is evident, the omission is still a lie. I don’t give a fuck who is out here defending Oliver’s decision. He has created his own sadness, loneliness from what I can see in the flash-forwards, and I don’t feel the least bit sorry for him. I love him, but I also love Felicity and if a man ever put a ring on my finger and I wasn’t privy to every shred of his closet, I would thank God I didn’t stand in a church and spit vows that held no consequential meaning for the man I was saying them to. In front of my mother no less. She didn’t raise a fool and neither did Donna.  

Speaking of Donna and Felicity, she told her mother that she doesn’t want to get lost in a guy, that she was never that kind of girl, woman, and it scared her how far she’s fallen in love with Oliver. Felicity has bared it all, even her fears and given them to Oliver to know and to realize about her. She took a major leap and he’s crapping all over it with his lie. 

2. He has been back and forth to Central City.

For what exactly, Oliver? Why are you making trips to see a child you have decided you will not play a part in raising? This dude loves torture. That’s it. Oliver Queen loves to lie and keep secrets. I think he’s done it so much and so often that it’s second-nature at this point, even with the most forthcoming, loving, patient woman at his side, who deserves to know she’s not only gaining a husband, but a step-son.

The writers are milking this drama as much as that wooden box in the ground and who Oliver and Felicity are so upset about having lost. I wouldn’t be surprised if Oliver sets up a trust fund for his son using Palmer Tech accounts and have Felicity ask about it frivolously, only for him to lie again, just to ramp shit up to another ridiculous level.

3. Entertaining the idea of making a deal with the man who put the love of his life in a wheelchair.

This shit takes the cake. I’m sorry. I was hyped when Stephen said that the Green Arrow was about to take shit to the next level when it came to finding Darhk and making him pay, but that didn’t even last long, not nearly long enough. Darhk hasn’t adequately paid for what he’s done to the show’s most endearing, popular and beloved character. He hasn’t, and the fact that the man she loves, that loves her, was entertaining anything other than a fresh blade when it comes to Darhk is chilling to me. Downright….again…disrespectful.

I have to compare it to last season, and how Oliver spent no time teaming back up with Merlyn, who was somehow the only motherfucker capable of training him for Round 2 with Ra’s Al Ghul. The same character who ran from Ra’s for 20+ years was somehow in the position of helping him get Thea out of the position he himself put her in. PWAHAHAHA. Contrived dribble from the writers, to give relevance to Merlyn, that I sat through with the biggest grimace on my flaw-free face. I get it: Merlyn and Oliver got history, people in common, especially Thea. The team-up caused conflict, caused Diggle and Felicity to question Oliver’s line and when he crosses it and why. “I don’t want to be a woman you love.” Honestly, I felt hurt by that when she said it, but now, as much as I adore/need/LOVE/believe in Olicity, Oliver is somewhat proving why Felicity should be saying it now. 

It’s the same thing here with Damien, who had as much of a moral issue with shooting him and Felicity down after the biggest moment of their lives to date, as Merlyn had with serving his own daughter up for sacrifice. But adding insult to injury, Darhk isn’t even family. Merlyn barely qualifies, but Damien Darhk is no more family than The Count, than Slade Wilson, than any villain Oliver has taken on in the past, and yet, he gets a meet-and-greet after causing Felicity immeasurable pain. I guess the meet was about Thea, and how Darhk took away her blood-lust with his “powers”, and how to replicate that effect permanently or whatever. I don’t really know, but FUCK ALL if I really care. Oliver loves his baby sis, but damn. 

I root for Felicity Smoak being the strongest, most intelligent, compassionate, etc.etc.etc female character, hell, character period, on this program, but where is her justice? Why is Oliver so quick to talk to Darhk after what he did to her? With Merlyn, it was stupid, but at least it had Thea to make the tie. Darhk is just another thug in a suit looking to take down Starling for some grander purpose. Slighted, piss-poor writing at its finest. Even as a Mayoral candidate, Oliver should be all about smearing Darhk and he’s playing way too nice.

Long story short: I’m over it. I want to wait to see how things pan out, but right now, it just leaves me feeling disappointed. How can Felicity trust him again? Great question. She can’t. Not as easily and definitely not as wholeheartedly as she does now, in her blissful, spritely ignorance. *SIGH*

It just really blows that Oliver couldn’t just be honest, after all the honesty he’s required of her, Diggle, Thea, even that one girl Lauren. I’m not at all shocked by his decision to shoot his own toes off, but after three and a half seasons, I’m annoyed that his character’s growth sways in the wind of what the writers need to do in order to evoke their soapy drama, especially for their most popular, widely-well-regarded couple. Olicity and Felicity deserve better.

P.S. It is not my intent to sound anti-Oliver Queen, not in the least. I love Oliver Queen, and his love for Felicity, but he needs to desperately shape up and the writers need to stop using him to drive storylines that set him back. I can love, and criticize. THE END. 

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Derek Hale Imagine: "Youre Too Good to Be True"

Derek Hale Imagine: “You’re Too Good To Be True”

Requested or Original: Requested

Words: 578

Rating: PG


            You woke up hearing someone moving around in the bathroom. You rolled over lying on your back. Derek had promised that today was just for you and him; no one would barge in and take him away for werewolf stuff. You sighed your eyes closing as you yawned; “Oh, you aren’t going to spend this whole day sleeping missy” Derek said as he flopped down on the bed.

            You smiled looking at him. “I’m just waiting on you” you laughed as Derek laid down, grabbing your waist pulling you to him. You grinned peppering his face, neck and chest in kisses. “This has already been the best day ever, Ive got to spend longer than 30 seconds in your arms.” You grinned at him. Derek smiled placing a kiss to your temple. “You have no idea how much you mean to me.” He whispered kissing you lightly.

            You and Derek got dressed and spent most of the day out and about together. You guys did whatever you wanted to do, go shopping, for you and him. You bought some new movies and Derek even bough you some flowers. When you got home, you took a shower and got dressed in a blue dress with black heels. You long curly hair hung loose and you did your make up. “Sorry it took so long, I couldn’t find my shoes” You said giggling as you turned from shutting the door and gasped alittle. There were candles everywhere and your favorite meal was sitting on the dining room table.

            “What is all of this, Derek?” You asked walking closer to him. He was dressed in a suit and looked alittle uncomfortable but he grinned. “The best night of your life” you laughed as he led you to the table. As you ate and talked to Derek, you felt your mind ease and you felt normal. This is what you had wanted all along. You smiled contently at him.

            Derek kept glancing at the door and it suddenly dawned on you. “Its fine, go” you stared at him, sitting your fork down as he looked at you. “No, this is supposed to be the perfect day.” He said sighing. You grabbed his hand and grinned. “Derek, this day wouldn’t be perfect and normal if you don’t run out the door and save someone’s life…go, I’m fine. I’ll just clean up” You walked him to the door and kissed him. Derek gleamed at you. “I couldn’t have found a more perfect woman to love” he opened the door to reveal the pack all dressed up. You furrowed your eyebrows and looked back to Derek to see him down on one knee, and the most beautiful diamond ring in his hand.

            “I know I disappear and make you worry almost every day. There is even times I make myself worry. But I couldn’t have asked for someone more perfect than you. You are understanding and helpful you make me so happy. I am thrilled to have you in my life and I am so thankful that you are patient and loyal. So would you, Y/F/N, do the honor of becoming my wife and marry me?” He said smiling. You wiped the tears off your face and nodded. “Yes!!” you blurted out and pulled him up to you kissing him passionately. This was truly the best night ever. 

Preference #5: One of those moments (4/4)


The party was being a living hell. It was boring. And if that was not enough, Ashton didn’t come. “I don’t know why we have to go, Y/N” he said, grabbing a beer from the fridge. “Because they’re our friends”. “So what?”. “Ashton, please” I pled. I knew where this conversation was going and I didn’t want to fight with my boyfriend. “I’ve been recording all day and I was expecting to come home, put my pajamas on and watch tv with you. I don’t want to go to an stupid housewarming party”. “Well, I’ve been working all day too and it’s not like you didn’t know, Ashton. I told you” you pointed out. “Yeah, well. I changed my mind. I’m not going. If you want to go… Then, go”. I was so mad at him, he always did the same. When Ashton was having a filthy mood, I took the rap. It was unfair. So, there I was, standing alone in a crowd of people thinking about Ashton when someone called my name. “Y/N” I immediately recognized the voice but I couldn’t believe it. When I turned around, Ashton grabbed my cheek and looked at me before pressing his lips into mine. It was a long prolonged kiss, full of passion and emotion. “I’m sorry” he mumbled, still kissing me. “It’s okay” I said, slightly smiling.


I was so excited. Calum was coming to town for the first time in months and I couldn’t wait to see him. I spent the whole afternoon trying on clothes, doing my make up and talking with my B/F/N about how excited I was. I was a little nervous too. It had been a long time since I saw Calum and even though we talked almost every night, it was different. I thought it couldn’t be possible, but I forgot how his lips tasted, how his hugs were like and how he smelled. Although I was doing okay, there were days when I missed him too much. And it hurt. Calum honked the horn of the car and I went down the stairs, I said goodbye to my parents and I left the house running. I saw Calum propped against the car and I ran towards him. He  took my hips while I grabbed him by the neck and I kissed him. He giggled into the kiss. “I missed you too, princess” he said, giving me a kiss on the nose. “Who said I missed you?” I teased. “Your body” he laughed while he pressed my body against his.


I woke up excited. Luke was still slept and I wanted to surprise him making him pancakes. It wasn’t an special day but I thought that it would be nice if I did something for him. We weren’t the kind of couple that always were showing our love to everyone. We liked to keep things simple and private. When I was going to start making breakfast, Luke went into the kitchen with a big smile in his face. “Good morning, babe”. “And what’s with that grin?” I asked, smiling too. “Can’t I be happy to see my girlfriend?”. I looked him funny as he approached and pecked my lips. “It’s for you” he said, showing me a bunch of flowers that he grabbed from the garden. “Oh” that’s the only thing I could say. I was surprised, to say the least. “And I was going to make you breakfast but you woke up earlier today” he said, pouting. “I wanted to do the same thing!” I exclaimed. “You wanted to give me flowers?” he asked, confused. “No, I wanted to make you breakfast” I said, laughing. “We can do it together, then”. “Yeah, you may want to call the firefighters first” I joked, making him laugh. “Thank you babe for your trust in me”.


Michael and I were best friends. But, lately, things between us were strange. We were living together so it was a little bit difficult not to notice that something was happening. The boys came earlier today to watch a movie and they asked us if something was wrong. Michael didn’t even answer and I didn’t know what so say, so I said ‘no’. “Michael, is everything okay?” I asked him in the hallway. My bedroom was in front of his. “Yeah, everything is okay”. “Did I do something?” I asked again, afraid of the answer. “No”. “Come on, Michael! Something it’s going on and I hate this fucking situation between us. I really hate it. I just want my best friend back”. “That’s the thing, Y/N! I can’t be your fucking best friend anymore” his words hurt me like knives. “I don’t want you that way” he said, getting close. He pressed his forehead into mine and looked me in the eye. “I don’t want to be your friend, Y/N” he mumbled, before kissing me.


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No warnings.

Rome is perfect.

They run around like kids, Tony breaking out his Italian to purr dirty things in Tiberius’ ear until he drags him back to the villa, then they spend nearly ten hours straight in bed. And if Ty comes back the next afternoon with lipstick on his collar, Tony pushes it out of his head.

When they come back two days later, Tony is loose and happy, a grin breaking across his face every time Ty catches his eye. He feels more relaxed than he has in weeks and he’s still got Thursday night to look forward to. On Wednesday, he charms his way through a couple of interviews about the new product launch and does the walk-through with Pepper, which goes surprisingly well.

The lion’s share of Thursday passes in a blur in R&D, which he’s grateful for at six when the team starts packing up and heading out, because now that he’s got a second to breathe and remember he’s got plans, his nerves surge to life. Then he looks at the clock and realizes what time it is and that Steve will be here in less than a half an hour. “Great work, guys, drive safe, kiss your families, we’ll fix the timing circuit tomorrow!” he yells, bolting for the elevator.

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