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Here’s one more part of the torture video I think is worth seeing. The media and police are seemingly trying to make it seem like they just casually yelled “Fuck Trump” and “Fuck white people” as if it is something normal to say and it played no part in the crime beyond that.

This video shows more of the scope of how politics might have been a driving factor, and not an afterthought.

Made the kid drink toilet water while forcing him to say “Fuck Trump” several times.

If this doesn’t convince you politics was a big part, perhaps even the sole motive, you are a terrorist apologist. This includes much of the MSM by now and people who somehow manage to land a job speaking to millions of people on TV every night. If you wonder how this racism and violence is so easily justified for many young people, you’ll need to look at those who fail to condemn these acts for what they are right now and keep downplaying it as “kids being kids” or some sick brand of revenge for a feeling of ‘injustice’.

You can see in the victim’s mannerism he is clearly mentally incapable, he almost reacts like a small child. He is terrified, and it’s beyond disgusting that these thugs got a rush out of intimidating a kid that was clearly lacking any ability to defend himself.


Coursers - great at shooting things! …not so great with children


Sole Party Day 7- How has your Sole changed from Vault 111 to now? Are they happy?

Gene is has changed dramatically since she left the vault and let’s just say she’s very happy now.

After the vault she was depressed big time. And I would imagine big time since your son is gone and the love of your life was shot right in front of you you’d be a mess.

Codsworth had to help her to get her ready and get a move on. After finding Preston and everyone else she got a little bit better, she knows now that she’s for sure not the only one. Gene, even though helping out people and the Minutemen still has this pain and feels such guilt. She thought maybe if she didn’t do that stupid sign up with the vault-tec rep she wouldn’t have to deal with this. Her ways of coping weren’t healthy either, she had the thought in the back of her mind it would be better if she just ended it. Codsworth stuck with her all this time, he didn’t quite understand what she was going through, but he was there to cheer her up and help her off her feet to continue.

Fast forward through events till now and Gene is much better. She met new friends to help her out, she met her new love that helped her through tough times and get her dark thoughts off her chest(you can’t keep anything from Piper lmao), there were still tough times but Gene realized that in this wasteland it’s not really the end of the world. After blowing up the Institute she felt the same guilt as before, but quickly made herself realize what good she did.

Gene sees that it’s possible to rebuild the world and humanity if you just work at it. She wants the Commonwealth to be a safe place again. She at least over the years strives to create Sanctuary a major place, and even helps out other settlements and towns. In her later years she’s quite the famous person around the land for what she’s done, and is highly respected.

After Gene is long gone people continue the work that she had started and move on to bring society together again.

So after all these events and amazing things would she be happy? Gene’s response would be “Hell yeah, you bet I am”.


So yeah I had a ton of fun with Sole Party!! It was really fun doing a post everyday for it. I would totally do something like this again! :O


A SOLE-ful evening to everyone
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I watched that Sexy Dance Fighting episode of Bob’s Burgers today, where they show us Tina developing a crush on a Capoeira instructor and deciding to join the class as a result. And while it was a funny episode, I can’t lie that it upsets me a bit when Capoeira is seen as silly or a joke.

And that’s mostly because I have a huge amount of respect for it’s roots. If you’re at least familiar with Capoeira, you might have wondered why the hell a martial art also presents itself as a dance style. Hell, you may have even thought of it solely as a dance style!

But there’s a very good reason for that. Capoeira was invented as a form of self defense by slaves who lived in Brazil. They, of course, weren’t allowed to straight up train themselves for that purpose, where their captors could see them, so they found a perfect way to mask their martial arts training: by making it look like an elaborated dance.

It was very clever, and the original fighting style itself still remains effective (if extremely intricate). I have a lot of respect for it.

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& once again you pull out the pity party parade and try to get all of your followers to feel sorry for you / try to get them all to think you're some kind of saint who everyone should love and flock to. i used to really enjoy your blog, your portrayal and your writing but all you do is bitch and whine and i'm sick of it. bye.

no but seriously when you pull a goalie after taking this many goals it’s not even solely for the team you just don’t want your player’s confidence to be this shaken up so to let montoya still in the game is so fucking mean honestly what the fuck