not even small dogs

but i keep putting happy off. i promise myself once i’m done with school. once i’ve got a job i love. once i find the person i spend my life with. once i get a dog. not now. even the small stuff. the special soap i used is for only special occasions. i’m saving my favorite food for a better moment. i can’t listen to that now, i have to focus. i can’t care about that now, i have to wait for it. i can’t read that book or try that makeup tutorial or get involved in that show. i put it off. like happy is this moving goal post and i’m just always running.

good afternoon everyone, this is your daily reminder that you should do your research before adopting any kind of pet INCLUDING fish, small animals, and birds, and that if you feel you cannot afford or accomodate a proper enclosure for the pet, you should not get said pet


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Hellhounds are often demonic spirits of low vibration energy that have the appearance of canids, usually wolves or large dogs, heavily associated with death and the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead.

Although being heavily associated with Hell, not all Hellhounds are hellborn, and some might have no bonds with the realm whatsoever.


  • As said before, these spirits are canids who often look like wolves or large dogs. But they can also look like small dogs, foxes, manned wolves, coyotes, and even variations of canids we dont have on earth.
  • Their looks vary from subspecies to subspecies, and sometimes from individual to individual.
  • They don’t always look like the stereotypical black fur/red eyes combo.
  • Some hellhounds can shift to a more humanoid form. 


  • Hellhounds are not demons’ pets.
  • They aren’t anyone’s pets, actually.
  • Hellhounds are their own individuals with unique personalities and more often than not, human-like rational intelligence.
  • Their life’s purpose isn’t to be guard dogs.
  • They have free will and they can choose what to do with their own lives, which means they can choose to be guard dogs, or not; for example.
  • They are not like Earth’s dogs, and many do not like to be treated as cute “puppies”. They deserve respect as much as any other kind of spirit.
  • They aren’t all teeth and anger. Many of them, if not most, are quite friendly and good at holding meaningful conversations.
  • They are not the same as Demon Dogs, as not all Hellhounds are of demonic descent, and they also aren’t just “dogs from hell”, as they are much more complex than regular dogs.


  • Hellhounds are terrific companions and very loyal friends; once you gain a hellhound’s trust it’s very likely they will stay loyal to you through thick and thin as they believe in partnership.
  • They all have very strong moral codes, that might differ from individual to individual, but which they hold on to firmly once they consider that’s right for them.
  • Due to their connection with death and the veil, Hellhounds are psychopomps by nature, but not all choose to follow said path.
  • Some subspecies are more nurturing than others, but they often value family. Be their own blood family or friends/companions.


  • Hellhounds are often fond of read meat, as well as bittersweet tastes in fruit (pomegranates, berries, etc)
  • They usually like dark and warm colors.
  • Soft textures.

~ Mod Void

Exi is so fat after winter that we really, really need to start moving and losing some weight. Fortunately, it’s almost spring now so we can finally go for long walks and start riding the bicycle… He gained 3 kilos and weighs 20kg now, when his ideal weight is 17kg… oh well.

Legit Tip #196

or - “On Writing ‘Gender Conforming’ Women”

As people started to realize that not all women are the same - because, you know, we’re people - we started getting a lot of stories that featured women who didn’t precisely conform to their gender roles.

This is an awesome, amazing things. I loved that I grew up with female characters who didn’t love fashion, who were nerds, who liked science, etc.

But the thing is… some women do like fashion. Some women hang with large girl groups. Some women LIVE for the latest makeup trends. And that doesn’t make them any less important as characters than the women who don’t fit these supposedly “stereotypical” roles. 

Unfortunately, a lot of writers are scared to create women who have female interests or otherwise conform to society’s standards of what a woman should be like. Maybe they’re afraid that liking makeup and fashion will make her seem shallow. Maybe they have some other reason for being afraid to write these characters.

Either way, it’s NOT something to be afraid of. But there are some things to keep in mind if you want to write this “kind” of woman in your story. 

1. Elle Woods

This is basically the reason I decided to write this post. Legally Blonde to this day remains one of my favorite films. The reason for that? Elle Woods is a total badass. 

You can learn a lot about writing this type of character just by watching that film. Elle is smart, driven, and ambitious, even if she loves fashion and cute small dogs she can fit into purses. She may have chosen law school because she wanted to follow her ex-boyfriend there, but she learned and grew as a character and realized what was really important to her. And also that her ex was a jerk.

All this to say…

2. Let Women Have More Characteristics than “She’s a Woman”

The biggest problem with stereotypical “girl” roles is the fact that these characters usually have no personality beyond the aforementioned liking fashion and makeup and being part of a girl squad. That’s often true whether the girl is a sweetheart or a catty bitch.

Like I already said… Elle may like fashion and boys and the color pink, but these aren’t her defining characteristics. Her defining characteristics are her intelligence and her drive and her ambition - and especially her confidence to stand up for herself even when everybody else is putting her down. 

So when you want to write a character like this, remember. Maybe she’s not so confident. Or maybe she’s super-confident. Maybe she has anxiety issues. Maybe she’s incredibly passionate about her hobbies, which can absolutely include makeup. Nothing wrong with a girl who’s biggest ambition is to become a badass fashion designer. That takes a lot of goddamn work. 

Just don’t let it be the hobby that defines the character. Your hobbies are not your personality, and this is very much true when writing female characters. Two girls who love makeup can have totally different philosophies and ways of thinking about the world.

3. Women are Diverse…Duh

Shocker, I know. But women come in all shapes and sizes and from many different ways of life. So write “stereotypical” women who grew up in poor homes, others who grew up in poor homes, some who suffered abuse and some who have amazing family relationships. I don’t think there’s much else to say. Oh, except…

4. Women are REALLY Diverse FFS

Like goddamn, why is it that only straight white cis women can be the stereotypical girly-girls? Black girls can be super into fashion. I follow trans girls on Youtube who have taught me SO much about makeup. And lipstick lesbians exist. Nothing against butch girls, of course - I say this as a woman who likes women. I’m just pointing out the obvious - a bi, lesbian, pan, or ace girl can love stereotypically girly things too.

5. Love Your Bitches

I’m going to come out and say it - some girls are bitches But just because a girl is a b-word doesn’t mean she’s automatically a horrible person. Misguided, sure, but not necessarily evil like a lot of fiction wants us to think. 

So, love your b-words. Give them a little more attention. Show WHY they are the way that they are and, more importantly, GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO GROW. People change and a bitch can become a better person. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking every bitch needs some sort of grand comeuppance. That’s bad writing and just plain bad for women. (Let’s stop pitting girls against each other. Come on.)

Really, I just want to see better written girly-girls in fiction. Even some of my favorite writers have fallen victim to thinking that strong female characters can’t be the “typical girl”… whatever that is. 

SugarDaddy!Cal Pt. 5

A/N: I was gonna update yesterday, but yanno school is stressful yet a top priority. I don’t have much to say, but I'm glad you all like the last part and I’m thankful for all of the nice feedback in my dms. (You get to learn a small ounce about my childhood you guys lmao) I hope you guys enjoy part 5 and remember as always I need 100 notes to release part 6💕

I coulda ended it better too, sorry bout that. It’s past two in the morning on a school night and I ran out of ideas…

**WARNING**: Slight smut, not much though

One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
Sixteen/ Seventeen/ Eighteen/ Nineteen/Twenty{END}

“Y/N…” Calum grumbled, flipping onto his side to see you better and rubbing his eyes tiredly.


“Do you think fish go to heaven?”

You couldn’t help but to snort as the sleepy boy asked the question. You were currently in his bed and watching Law&Order SVU on Netflix as he struggled to stay awake. He had called you over an hour or two ago because he was bored out of his mind and now it was just a little past two in the morning. You were hesitant at coming over at first, not wanting to be seen by his roommate, but he convinced you his friend was heavily sleeping since it was so late at night. You also gave into coming over because you hadn’t seen him in almost a week and missed his scent and cheeky smile.


“I’m pretty sure they do, Calum, why?”

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Damian as TT Animated Robin

Robin’s family was a bit of a mystery. The Teen Titans knew and respected that as best they could. It was just hard sometimes.

Or: five times the Teen Titans wondered about Dick Grayson without knowing they were wondering about Dick Grayson.

TT AU with Damian as 16 y/o TT!Robin, mostly grown up and much more comfortable than his eleven year old canon self.

Starfire and Raven were the two newest to the world—growing up in another dimension or another planet entirely was definitely a pretty good way to avoid TV news and pop culture.

While Raven put effort into getting to know her new world, it was a rather localized affair. She made a point of knowing what nightclubs and cafes had open poetry mics, an overview of the governmental systems currently in place, how to obtain a library card, and other such things that directly affected her day-to-day existence. Starfire seemed to enjoy the thrill of discovery and the inevitable subsequent sharing of culture that would occur whenever her teammates discovered something she had not previously encountered, and likewise enjoyed telling her teammates of similar practices on Tamaran, or the lack of them, as the case may have been.

Usually, their lack of connection with Earth culture (and very specifically, urban, Pacific Coast, United States culture) meant very little in the grand scheme of things. If they were caught off balance, most civilians gave them a pass because slightly strange faux pas were hardly the worst or strangest thing costumed heroes had done, and the Titans at least were sanctioned. Someone would explain things, get it all cleared up within a few minutes, and any destruction of property was written off and paid for in the cash pool specifically set aside for the inevitable accidents a group of superheroes would cause. So long as their mistakes didn’t cost anyone their lives there was compensation, and the lack of Earth knowledge was an eternal work-in-progress.

All things considered, it should have been expected that neither Raven nor Starfire knew about Nightwing.

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Checklist for when feeling crappy
  1.  Is it late at night? Try to go to sleep. If it’s stressful try some white noise or audiobook or something, or just lay down but don’t turn off the lightsIf it’s not working, keep going with the list and try again later
  2. Are you cold? If yes, put on a sweater, or some socks, or a tuque and gloves if necessary
  3. When was the last time you ate? If it was more than three hours ago, go find something to eat
  4. Have a sip of water
  5. Have you taken your meds/vitamins today?
  6. Have you done any bit of exercise today? If not, do something, even if it’s small. Choose a short workout from Darebee or take dog for a walk
  7.  Have you showered in the last two days? Take a shower (or a bath if that feels right). If, once you’re in exfoliating sounds like a good idea, do that. If, once you’re out, moisturizing sounds like a good idea, do that.
  8. If it’s daytime, are you dressed? Put some comfy or otherwise feel-good clothes on
  9. Do you have any homework or similar pressing work to do? Spend five minutes working on that. Maybe you’ll get into the flow and do more, but if not, no biggie
  10. If you have pets, have you cared for them today? Check and make sure their spaces are clean and they have food and water. Pet and play with them
  11. Have you hugged anyone today? Go hug someone. If no people are available hug a pet, if no pets are available find a teddy bear
  12.  Is your living space clean? Spend five minutes tidying or cleaning something
  13. Have you done anything creative today? Try that for five minutes
  14.  Have you talked to anyone today? Even if no one’s around physically, send a text to a friend at least
  15. Have you gone outside today? If it’s light out and/or not too cold, go and spend a few minutes outside 

This was made with my own needs in mind, but if anyone finds it useful, feel free to reblog

A Walk in the Park

Characters: Tom Holland - Harrison Osterfield - Tessa - Y/N

Request: “one where tom is protective of you.” - anon

Notes: i didn’t think i was going to be able to finish this but I did! omg i really hope you guys like it!


“Okay, so your turn, Y/n.”

“My turn for what?” You ask from the backseat.

Tom and Haz sit in the frontseats of the Audi while you and Tessa take whatever little room is left in the back. The roof is down and the afternoon sunset is shining down on all four of you.

“To choose the next song!” Harrison turns in his seat to face you.

You smirk at him and then at Tom’s reflection in the rearview mirror. You wiggle your eyebrows and Haz rolls his eyes, laughing, before sitting back straight in his seat.

“How many more times do you have to listen to this song before you grow tired of it?” Tom asks as he hands his phone over to Haz so he can put the song. He glances at you through the rearview mirror before looking at the road.

“Never! It’s honestly the best song to listen to while you’re on the road like this,” you reply. Tessa barks her agreement and you laugh, scratching her behind the ears.

Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon starts to play but not loud enough. You push yourself forward and reach across to turn up the volume. Haz and Tom laugh at you just as you plop back on your seat. You start to sing along and soon enough, the boys join along with you.


Tom finally parks the car in an empty slot. You look around and see people with their dogs, people running, children playing in a playground.

You weren’t really keen to come to the park when the boys first asked you. They wanted to go for a long run when you could barely even walk to the fridge for a drink. But after Tom’s consistent begging, you finally agree but under one condition; that Tom brings Tessa along.

So now here you are, hopping out the car and grabbing Tessa’s leash. Tom and Haz begin to walk towards the beginning of a trail and you follow behind them, already regretting your decision.

“Can’t I just stay here with Tessa?? There’s a lot of people here just sitting with their dogs,” you say.

“You promised you were going to run with us!” Tom replies.

“I did no such thing!” You laugh, “I promised I would come here with you guys.”

“What if something happens?” Tom says in a serious tone that catches you off guard.

You make a confused face and then chuckle, “In a park? Where there’s a lot of people? I have Tessa with me!”

That doesn’t seem to convince Tom, though. You find it weird that he’s acting this way. You’ve been best friends for so long but he’s never given much importance as to if you were alone or not.

Harrison taps his chest, “She’ll be fine, mate. We won’t take long.”

You smile big and turn to walk towards the playground.

“Y/n!” You face Tom. “Just.. you know? Be careful and stuff.”

You roll your eyes and walk away from both of them,
Tessa trotting next to you. “Your human is acting really weird, Tessa.”

She barks and you laugh at how cute and adorable she is. You start to play around with her, throwing sticks for her to catch and even letting her jump into the small dog pool.

You don’t realize that time has passed and the sky was now turning a soft blue. The children are long gone and less people were now running past. You’re sitting on the grass with Tessa’s head on your lap.

“They’re taking too long,” you tell Tessa. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they got lost.”

You start to glance around, slightly worried, trying to see any hint of them. You spot a small concession stand on the other side and suddenly your throat goes dry.

“We should get them some waters for when they come back,” you speak out loud and stand up and make your way to the concession stand.

On your walk there, time seems to speed up as the sky becomes darker and darker and the people become fewer and fewer. You’re not someone who gets scared easily but you still notice the small creepy feeling from behind you as if somebody’s watching you.

There’s a line when you arrive and so you wait patiently. Tessa begins to growl next to you. “Tessa? Not another squirrel, please.”

You face forward again and it’s then that you feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. You feel someone watching you but you choose to ignore, convincing yourself that it was just your mind playing tricks.

“Damn, I’ve never seen such a perfect ass.”

Your heart accelerates and not in a good way. You keep facing forward, not giving it any attention.

“Hey babe! You with the tight ass! I’d like you to face me when I’m talking to you!”

You cringe at his words and step forward just a tiny bit.

“That’s not the proper way to say thank you when a guy is complimenting you.”

Fuck. It’s dark now. Tom and Harrison are nowhere to be seen and you had no idea what to do once you got what you needed from the concession stand.

It’s time to go.

“Come on, Tessa,” you whisper to her and pulled on her leash as you fast walk the path back to the car.

You can’t hear if he’s following you but you take no chance in glancing over your shoulder to check.

Almost there.


Your heart jumped up to your throat. A thick and strong arm wrapped around your shoulder. Only one person did that to you but this was not someone familiar. Tessa remained calm, apparently thinking this was someone close to you.

“Where you goin’? I wanted to talk. How about I give you and your… dog? A ride back home?”

You look straight ahead and shake your head. “No, thank you. I came here in my car and I’d really appreciate it if you took your hands off me.”

He laughed the cruelest laugh you ever heard. “You’re funny, babe. You should appreciate that a guy like me would even be touching you. Hey,” his fingers find your chin and they force you, painfully, to finally look at him.

His features are rough, his eyes dark and frightening. His sneer made him look like a mad animal. “Let. Go. Of. Me.”

You push him away and dart towards the direction of the car when his fingers close around your arm and he pulls you towards him. You collide with his chest and you cry out in pain. His hand finds your jaw and he holds your face steady. His musty breath washes over your face and it makes bile rise up in your throat.

“No bitch is going to tell me what to do. Huh? Did you listen? No bitch!”

His sneer was back and he was inching closer. You knew what was going to happen but every time you try to pull away, his hand only tightens its grip on you. You feel like crying but did not dare show weakness. So instead, you shut your eyes and suck in your lips.

You’re surprised when he lets go of your arm and your face and his smell completely disappears. You open your eyes slowly, still wary.

Tom pushes the creep hard on his chest so that he ends up on his ass. “You keep your fucking hands off my girl!”

The asshole just laughs as he gradually stands up. He fixes his shirt and steps closer to Tom. Tom’s hands are balled up into fists but he stands tall and firm. Even from here you can see the clenching of his jaw.

“Y/n, let’s go to the car.” Harrison whispers next to you as he takes Tessa’s leash from your hand.

You shake your head and stay still as you watch the scene in front of you.

“Oh really?” The creep continues, “Your girl, huh? Why was she alone? Seems like the bitch was looking for some di-”

He doesn’t finish his sentence as Tom’s fist comes flying across the air and makes impact with his jaw. You gasp and immediately run forward.

“Shut your fucking mouth, you low-life son of a bitch! I swear I’ll knock off every fucking tooth so the only shit that comes out of you will be from your ass!”

He had knocked him straight down to the ground. The creep was holding his face, not even attempting to stand up again.

“Tom,” you whisper to him. You reach out and grab his arm to get his attention. His head turns to you and nothing but pure rage inflames his eyes but they soon turn soft once they wash over your eyes and he realizes you’re okay. “Please. He’s not worth it. I’m okay. Let’s just go home, please.”

“Did he hurt you?” His whole body is facing you now, the creep on the floor, bleeding, long forgotten. His hands find your face and he caresses it gently, nothing compared to how someone was holding it not even ten minutes ago.

You try to smile a convincing smile and nod, “I’m fine. Now that you’re here. So let’s go, okay?”

He nods and you take his hand and pull him with you towards the car. Harrison and Tessa walk ahead of you.

“Did you get lost?” You ask, trying to take his mind off of what had just happened.

“Um, yeah. We tried to take a new route and lost the trail. I should have been here-”

You shake your head. “It’s fine Tom. We’re okay now.”

“Hey,” his hand squeezes your fingers gently and stops you. You turn around to face him and he walks up to you. “I should have been here. I’m sorry that I wasn’t. I’m sorry that I haven’t been for the past several months. If something had happened to you… Shit, I don’t even want to think about what that fuck would have done if we hadn’t gotten here on time. I just-”

He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath before he wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you to his chest. You feel his lips softly press on your forehead before his arms completely wrap around you.

It’s amazing how one person’s touch makes you feel so safe and comforted. Everything that had happened in the past half hour comes flooding back and you completely let go in his arms. You don’t hold back your sobs as you cry into his chest. You think about what could have happened if he hadn’t gotten there in time. What the fucking asshole could have done to Tessa if she tried to do something.

Tom holds you tightly against him, the stars and the moon shining down on you, his hand cradling the back of your head as he ushers sweet words into your hair, “I promise you that I will never leave you alone again. Mark my words that I will give my life before letting anything happen to you.”

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Suggest: do not let humaines get "puhpee"! They try to trick you by call it that, but I (Sadie Cat) know truth-is small dog, but does even more annoys than big dog! My humaines get one, she always sniff me so I SMACKSMACKSMACK but she think it's a game. 😾


haikyuu!! doctor au: part 4

parts: [1] [2] [3] / [5]

(/ ‘з’)/ time for angst™ 

  • the first time oikawa loses a patient during a surgery all of his own, his sits in a supply closet running through every single thing he did over and over until a nurse comes in looking for something and nearly trips over him. 
  • oikawa is talking to himself ‘i wasn’t good enough’ and staring blankly at the floor when the nurse drags iwaizumi into the closet. iwaizumi sits with oikawa in silence for a couple hours before saying ‘sometimes the best just isn’t enough’ and dragging him out
  • kyoutani use to work as a nurse in the NICU but couldn’t handle watching the life leave impossibly small babies that never even had a chance 
  • kageyama is working a shift in the ER when hinata comes in. this wouldn’t be unusual if it weren’t for the fact that his usually vibrant hair is stained dark with blood from a head wound and screaming at kageyama please help my sister she’s not breathing 
  • the hardest part of his job, suga thinks, is having to explain to hopeful parents that their child isn’t going to be okay, and having to watch them crumble in front of a child not even old enough to entirely comprehend the idea of death. at the end of bad days daichi is there to hold him
  • iwaizumi doesn’t have a hard time not getting attached to patients. he is the chief nurse, so he’s often busy. there’s not time to get attached. despite this, oikawa ropes him into helping with his neuro patients bc ‘they deserve the absolute best nurse, iwa-chan!’ 
  • oikawa is always too invested in his patients and iwaizumi finds himself following him down the same path because its oikawa and he can’t help himself when it comes to him
  • so when they inevitably lose one, at the end of the day iwaizumi’s shoulders shake in the quiet of his office with the ache of not being able to do more, do better

  (´∇ノ`*)ノ i’m open to suggestions! 

Happy Independence Day, America!

I realize a huge portion of you don’t live in the United States, but today is the Fourth of July, so let’s talk about the most American pokémon there is, Braviary!

Braviary is very obviously designed to be a bald eagle, the bird of prey found in every state except Hawaii. Bald eagles are large majestic birds, which prey off fish and other small animals, mate for life and build the largest nests in the world. They can fly up to 10,000 feet and 100 miles per hour in a dive.

The pokédex says that Braviary can carry a car. Although there are stories of eagles carrying off small dogs or even children, the truth is the laws of aerodynamics just wouldn’t cut it for a bald eagle’s wings. The maximum is around four or five pounds, before the weight interferes too much with its flight to continue.

So what makes Braviary different? Braviary weighs about 90 pounds (just over 6x the weight of a bald eagle), and cars are typicaly around 4,000. This would give it access to more momentum than a bald eagle. Every object falls at the same rate, independent of mass. For example, a bowling ball and a feather (neglecting air resistance) would hit the ground at the same time if dropped from the same height. What this means for Braviary, is that it can reach the same speeds that smaller bald eagles can in a free fall dive, which is over 100 miles per hour (160 mph).

Because Braviary is so massive, he gets lots of momentum from this. Momentum is a sort of resistance to change in motion. Something with lots of momentum is hard to stop. Bald eagles actually use momentum to their advantage as well. They can only carry four or five pounds for long distances, but if they get their momentum up, they can carry up to 10 pounds for short amounts of time.

So Braviary uses his massive amounts of momentum to pick up a car. It may be near impossible for him to fly with all of that extra weight, but because he’s already moving so fast and with so much momentum, he can carry a car for short distances despite this.

It’s also important to consider differences in how Braviary flies, compared to a bald eagle. His wings, which generate lift based on the Bernoulli Principle (see Latios), are somehow differently shaped, sized, or etc. such that he can get more out of them. After all, an airplane can carry over 100 tons. Perhaps Braviary has significant control over his flight, changing the way he does it based on whether or not he’s carrying cargo. For example, perhaps he extends his wings outward further when carrying cargo, such that he gets more lift that would normally throw him off balance if he was empty handed.

Braviary’s unique wings and high mass (momentum) enable it to lift impossibly heavy loads, such as a car, during flight.

Birds like Braviary seem fearless as they dive at high speeds straight for the ground, but it’s all just instinct. Bald eagles mate for life, so its similarly possibly that Braviary can form friendships as strong and as loyal as the dex describes.

Another great way to make Amethyst latino coded would have been to incorporate flowers into her theme!

In Medellín, Colombia, we have this annual Festival of Flowers where thousands of people dress up in traditional dress and wear these silletas on their backs, and those silletas have grand flower designs on them

The people who bear the silletas are aptly called silleteros

las silletas range from being small ….

… to medium …

… to huge!

Even kids and dogs wear them!

And that’s just flowers in Colombia – most other Latin cultures have a great emphasis on using flowers in everything!

I hope this gets people to go to the Festival of Flowers in Medellín, Colombia!