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Isak and Even + 29. “Come over here and make me.”, pretty please? x


Even gets Instagram, it’s all about Isak.

Isak is lying on his bed scrolling through his Instagram feed, rolling his eyes fondly as he comes across a picture of Eskild at a club the night before, his pink wig askew as he drapes himself across the laps of three very good-looking guys Isak would bet money Eskild doesn’t remember now. He keeps scrolling letting out a snort when he comes across at picture he’s tagged in from Jonas’ account, it’s Magnus passed out drunk, while Vilde and Eva apply makeup on the sleeping boy, Sana is next to them smirking. The tag says ‘@isakyaki is missing out because he doesn’t know how to have fun.’

“What’s up?”

Isak looks up from his phone at the question, at his boyfriend who sits in the middle of the bed with a sketch pad on his lap. He turns his phone around for Even to see, enjoying the smile that comes across his face.

“Those girls are trouble,” Even says warmly and it pleases Isak. Over the last couple of months, Isak has watched as Even has become friends with his friends and not just his boys but with the girls. He knows Even finds Vilde’s perkiness endearing, that he loves the flirty banter he shares with Eva and that Sana and Even have a downright scary bromance where Isak is sure they are plotting to take over the world.

“They are,” Isak agrees. “Did you see Jonas’ comment to me?”

Even shakes his head and holds out his hand so Isak can pass over the phone, letting out a sound of derision when he reads the comment. “He just doesn’t get that we had our own fun,” Even says smirking since they are both still undressed from their earlier activities. “You should let him know.”

“I’m not letting him know, you let him know,” Isak blushes as he takes back his phone.

Even makes humming sound at that going back to his drawing and Isak goes back to scrolling through his feed, switching to Facebook when he gets bored of Instagram and finally starts searching amusing memes. Getting lost in his entertainment, he doesn’t notice Even pick up his own phone or that he starts to download the Instagram app.

“Hey baby?” he hears and feels the shifts of Even getting closer to him, he looks up in question only to have a flash go off in his face.

He blinks a couple of times to clear his vision only to see Even tapping away on his phone with an amused smile on his face. Before he can ask his phone vibrates twice with notifications. The first one is that Even_BechNæsheim is following him and he rolls his eyes again at the unoriginal username. The second notification is that he’s tagged in another picture, Isak opens it and feels his face go hot as he looks at the picture, he has a look of surprise obviously, but that’s not what he focuses on. No, instead he notices that with a lack of a shirt he can see the red marks Even left on his neck and chest with his mouth and if that wasn’t telling enough. Even’s caption that says ‘don’t worry @jonas9000, @isakyaki and I are having our own kind of fun’ further cement everything.

“Even, why?” he whines, groaning when he sees that Jonas, Madhi, and Sana have already added Even and have commented on the picture.

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