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Because I am feeling ridiculously fannish about Wonder Woman at the moment, and because I am a nerd with too much time on her hands on a Sunday evening, here are a few interesting tidbits for you taken from the Wonder Woman IMDB page (with a little help from Wikipedia). 

There are 17 named Amazons in the credits (plus 15 actresses listed as guards, warriors, or townspeople.)  11 of the 17 named characters have their ages listed. 

Average age = 41.4 years

Oldest Amazon = 57 years

Youngest Amazon = 26 years

7 Amazons played by actresses 40 or older

Connie Nielsen (Hippolyta) and Robin Wright (Antiope) are both 51 years old.

Of the 32 women listed as playing Amazons in the credits, half if not more are women of color (not all the actresses had photos on their page).

These women are of all shapes and sizes.  There are stuntwomen, personal trainers and at least one boxer.

tl;dr = when you put women in charge of making a movie about a female superhero and the culture in which she is raised, you get something more realistic than 85% of the movies out there - superhero related or not.

R&V 4 o’clock ANALYSIS:  Who is the song really about aside from Jimin?

Do you all remember the moon & sun tattoo made of henna that V had in Hawaii ??? (Cr to @wingstyles) This means Taehyung thought of the song since then if not before. We always thought, why the sun and the moon? This song holds the answers.


It is said Taehyung wanted to write a song while thinking of Jimin as an element in it: 

If we consider Jimin being the moon. The lyrics of 4 o’clock “I wrote a long, long letter to the moon“. Maybe he meant by writing a letter about whenever he vented to Jimin about his pain. Also In Nam Joon’s rap, “I collect myself that’s shattered beneath the moonlight“. Aren’t friends the ones who keep us whole when we are breaking? Or Taehyung was really in the park alone looking at the moon while thinking of someone, but who?


“It would not be brighter than you, but I lighted a small candle at a dusky park … where are you” Why would Tae Hyung light a candle in a park? The ritual of lighting a candle to pay tribute to a life ‘passed’ has long been a part of many cultures.  Keeping a light burning in remembrance signifies that the memory still lives on and burns bright.  It is a ritual that promotes reflection and signifies remembrance. So maybe the song is at the end about Taehyung’s grandmother who passed away. V said that Jimin stood by his side the most during those hard times. The soothing ballad and the tone and feelings expressed in the song come to support this theory.


In rapmon’s part, he raps about a moon child “I call you Moonchild. The definition of a moon child is someone born under the astrological sign of Cancer. However when Rapmon says “We are the children of the moon“, knowing that no BTS member is a Cancer, we are left with the other meaning:  A unique individual, often described as being slightly crazy and over emotional. “Moonchildren sometimes say strange things”. Speaking of which isn’t Taehyung always described as the weirdest and most unique one in BTS?! Namjoon writes the lyrics as if he is consoling Tae about his lost one as the lyrics say “Yes we’re living and dying at the same time” asking him to accept the fact that all humans leave earth someday. V was so sad when his grandmother passed away because she was the one who raised him. So RM continues “but you can open your eyes for now” Trying to help him to move on


The lyrics speak of a bird “A nameless bird that sings“. Normally we are used to birds singing during the day but Robins are insectivorous birds that are well adapted to foraging in dim light, and even continue to feed under artificial light well into the night (like the one in a park at night). It is one of the earliest birds to start the dawn chorus and one of the last to stop singing at night. With this tendency to be active in low light, robins can be easily triggered into a full song by a streetlight or any kind of floodlighting. Since robins keep territories all year round, they also sing all round the year. I also searched if the species is available in South Korea and it is HERE. But how does Taehyung knows about the existence of such a bird? Did this situation really occur? he  will interpret the singing of the bird as if he was too searching for that person “A nameless bird that sings where are you

In memory of Taehyung’s grandmother. May she rests in peace.
By @mimibtsghost


“You guys make me feel so alive!” 

It’s never too late to celebrate, yohohoho! Also, thank you to Usopp’s makeup/artist skills.


Robin Hood restaurant in Madrid, Spain, isn’t your average restaurant. Sure, it may be your average restaurant for breakfast and lunch daily but during evenings, the restaurant closes to regular paying customers and only caters to the homeless. Owned by 80-year-old Rev. Angel Garcia Rodriguez, the restaurant serves restaurant-quality meals to those who are down on their luck. “To get served by a waiter wearing a nice uniform and to eat with proper cutlery rather than a plastic fork, is what gives you back some dignity,” he said.

“It’s just hard to believe I get to sit and eat here without paying any money whatsoever. You reach a point when something like this just makes you feel incredible,” said Gian Parlafes, a guest at the restaurant. For regular paying customers, it can be quite difficult to get a table booking because of how popular it has become. Not only are the paying customers getting a wonderful meal but they’re also giving back something to the community.

Dick is… an interesting person. He’s a very likable person, but whenever Jason talks about him, everything he says always sound so bittersweet. Dick and Jason are the first two that met one another. They have a long history, so whatever happened between them… Is beyond me…

Tim gets along with him just fine, they make a few jokes with one another here and there, and they even tease Damian from time to time. Both of them are genuinely nice people! I don’t ever see them arguing or fighting with one another! Well- at least, not when I’m around anyway.

He’s a sweet and helpful person too! Probably a bit too nice in some occasions, but he definitely likes helping Alfred around when it comes to cleaning up the bat-cave and giving Bruce some snacks~

If there’s one thing I’m eternally grateful for, it’s him always keeping Damian company and consoling him when needed. Those two are the closest out of the four brothers and I hope it stays like that as long as time allows it.

But you know… every now and then, whenever Dick visits he manor.. He sometimes wakes up, angry, sad, and frustrated…

Bruce trusts him a lot and with that said, Dick is ready to take the mantle of Batman if the time does come. It’s a lot of responsibility. Knowing that if Bruce dies one day, he’ll have no time to mourn, he’ll have to take care of everyone in the family and everyone within Gotham as soon as he can.

With all that said, I genuinely admire his will to continue smiling so brightly, despite the weight he has to carry around his shoulders.


Here we have it - the Ego Collection! I discovered I actually started working on it on the 3rd of July by some crazy coincidence. But nearly a whole month later and I finally have drawn all of Jack’s egos.

I just want to say a ramble-y thank you. This entire self-imposed project has been awesome in general, despite the struggles of art. A bunch of people have said such nice things, which I am very grateful for, and the kind people are one the reasons I’m so glad I found this community. And I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again I have had an absolute blast with Septicart week. It’s amazing to see all this incredible art, edits and writing, even music, come out of this community, as well as the supportive people liking, reblogging, commenting and just encouraging others. You guys make me super happy and want to keep creating cool stuff!

Also, thanks to Sean for not only spreading a positive influence but also interacting with us. You help keep the place a nice, fun environment and doing awesome stuff, like with the egos and setting the community on fire, makes it even better! Huge kudos to Robin for your incredible editing. I know you work hard, especially with the Anti stuff, and I don’t know where the channel would be without you. And a nod to the lovely lady behind the scenes, Signe, a wonderful creator in her own right. Plus, thanks to anyone who helps to make this community such a great place. Love ya :D

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  • Dick, Damian, Tim and Jason: [Tied up in a locked room by the Joker]
  • Dick: We've got to get out of here!
  • Jason: Wow, thanks, Catherine obvious
  • Dick: What?
  • Jason: I said: 'Thanks, Catherine obvious'
  • Tim: Did he just say 'Catherine obvious'?
  • Damian: It's Captain obvious
  • Jason: [frustrated] What?
  • Damian: The expression is: 'Thank you, CAPTAIN obvious.'
  • Jason: [frustrated and confused] It's not Catherine?
  • Dick: No
  • Tim: Who would Catherine even be?
  • Jason: [screams] Catherine could be a fucking Captain!

favorite comic character meme ✦  [1/3] platonic relationships: bruce wayne

“But the whole truth was obvious. Bruce liked having Jason out here.”

Multiverse Lovers - Part Two -Stiles Stilinski

Title: The Happenings of Beacon Hills

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 8,436

Warnings: 18+, NSFW, Public Sex, Jeep Sex, Fingering, Hand Job, Making Out with Stiles because who wouldn’t?, Feeling, Sexy Massages, Dirty Talking, Orgasm Denial, Multiple Orgasms

Notes: Prepare your holy water, because it’s about to get real. 

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

The jostling of the moving car bumped you left and right, the almost inaudible chug of the engine the first sound you could make out. Your eyes clenched tightly, a small stream of sunlight hitting them through the window. Your mind was slow to process what was going on and where you were, the worn leather of the seats making your back sweat profusely.

Wait, you thought to yourself, your eyes cracking open to stare at the roof of the vehicle above your head. Why am I in a car? The last thing I remember was falling asleep on the roof…

You sat up startled, glancing around at your surroundings hoping to figure out where you were and what was going on. A million thoughts were running through your mind, none of them making any sense. You glanced out the window in front of you, watching the trees pass by. You were in a moving vehicle, make and model unknown, person driving it most likely having kidnapped you.

“Glad to see you are finally awake,” the driver spoke. You glanced at the person, meeting their eyes through the rear-view mirror. The male’s honey brown eyes sparkled in the sunlight, but more than familiar to your well-trained eyes. “Did you have a good nap?”

Your mouth fell open, not believing what you were looking at.

Stiles Stilinski is right in front of me. What the fuck?

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Seeing my mom get excited about Robin Wright playing a warrior woman in Wonder Woman, claiming “she’s a year older than me!”, was defo the highlight of my week. My mom is crazy fit and has always tried to hide her lack of confidence. For the first time, I saw her seeing herself in someone on screen, in a powerful and uplifting light.

This movie didn’t even have to try that hard to be groundbreaking, and yet here we are.

While Bruce was lost in time, Tim would call his phone a lot. Even though he knew he’d never get an answer, just hearing Bruce’s voice over the voicemail was comforting. It let him feel, just for a moment, like maybe things were still normal, even though they weren’t. And sometimes he would leave messages, just so it felt like he was talking to him again. When Bruce got back, he found hundreds of messages on his answering machine, all from Tim.

“Hey, Bruce, it’s Tim. So uh, Dick made Damian Robin. He just… fired me. Just like that. *a deep breath* You know, I remember that time when you said that Robin would never be taken away from me, but I guess things are different now. Now I don’t really know what I’m going to do. *sigh* If you were here I’d probably just go ask you for advice, but that’s not really an option anymore, huh? *a humorless chuckle* …I thought the others would be on my side, help me try to find you, but they think I’m just grieving. They won’t even let me explain. And the funny thing is I don’t even blame them, because the more I tell myself again and again that you’re out there somewhere, the more it sounds like I’m just crazy. And I probably am, but… I know you’re alive. They don’t believe me, but I know. *a sniffle* Uh, I have to go, so… Bye, Bruce.” *click*

“Hi, Bruce. Me again. It’s already been a month since you’ve been gone. Or, at least I think it is. I don’t really know anymore. I’m still searching, in case you were wondering. I haven’t given up. I won’t give up. Everyone else has, but… I dunno, I guess they can afford to. They have other things to keep them going, so I guess they can afford to accept you’re gone. Don’t know if that says more about them or me. *halfhearted snort* *in the background, another voice asking Tim who he’s talking to* Nobody, Tam. Just… -it’s nobody. *back into the phone* I-I gotta go, so uh, talk to you later.” *click*

“It’s Tim again. I wonder what number message this is. Doesn’t really matter, I guess. So uh, I have to leave in a few hours. I’m gonna fight Ra’s. If you were here you’d probably tell me not to, because I’ll get killed. But you’re not here, and-and that’s why I have to. *long pause* You’d be right, though. I know I’m no match for him, and I know I won’t last for long, so I’ll probably die tonight. But even if he does kill me… it’ll be worth it. So uh, goodbye, I guess. And if this is my last message and I do die, then I just want you to know- *voice crack* *shaky breath* I just want you to know that I’m okay with it. Because at least it’s me rather than you. …Goodbye, Bruce.” *click*

Bruce listens to hundreds of other messages just like this, each one more heartbreaking than the last. When he’s finished, he clears them all, and then he picks up the phone again to call Tim.

No sex for you (Batboys headcanon)

Requested: Yes
Request: can you do headcanon for bat boys when they had no sex*coughing* for a month because Y/N was angry from them for “reason” *they keep going in mission or ruined the mood for her *


  • He wouldn’t last a day lets be honest.
  • His libido too high for that shit
  • Sex drive on crack
  • Jerking off just doesn’t do it for him
  • He would be trying to be all subtle at first
  • Flexing around you, bending over so you can see that magnificent ass 
  • When that doesn’t work he’ll ask
  • If that gets him nowhere
  • He will beg so hard, like literally on the floor holding onto your leg begging


  • He would get away with jerking off for a while
  • Like longer than expected
  • But at some point he he can’t anymore
  • Like he needs you then and there
  • He’ll try the “Turn you on first” Tactic
  • Kissing all up in your neck
  • Slinging his hands where he isn’t supposed to
  • He wears your favorite clothes
  • gurl he tries it all
  • Prob ends up begging like dick tbh…
  • but not as dramatic


  • He would last a little less than Jason probably
  • Like he’s really stressed and has a big case on his hands
  • He needs to release stress and you just wont budge
  • so he tries to be spiteful and dedicates himself to work even more
  • When he realizes it isn’t getting him anywhere 
  • He tries to get you to change your mind
  • apologizes profusely
  • Want’s to make it up to you


  • He could survive the longest without an issue
  • But when he truly starts to miss it, there’s a problem
  • He refuses to beg
  • Or really even ask 
  • Would try to buy you with gifts
  • A rose here, a box of chocolates there


With love,


There was crisp, dry snow under his feet and more snow lying on the branches of the trees. Overhead there was pale blue sky, the sort of sky one sees on a fine winter day in the morning. Straight ahead of him he saw between the tree-trunks the sun, just rising, very red and clear. Everything was perfectly still, as if he were the only living creature in that country. There was not even a robin or a squirrel among the trees, and the wood stretched as far as he could see in every direction. He shivered. 

He now remembered that he had been looking for Lucy; and also how unpleasant he had been to her about her “imaginary country” which now turned out not to have been imaginary at all. He thought that she must be somewhere quite close and so he shouted, “Lucy! Lucy! I’m here too-Edmund.”

There was no answer.

“She’s angry about all the things I’ve been saying lately,” thought Edmund. And though he did not like to admit that he had been wrong, he also did not much like being alone in this strange, cold, quiet place; so he shouted again…

Alfred and Gordon being exasperated grandpas


Dick: I’m moving to Bludhaven and entering the police academy!

Alfred & Gordon: Yes!

Dick: Also going to be on my own vigilanting as Nightwing. Look at my costume!

Gordon: No.

Alfred: I’m not even surprised.


Tim: Going to quit being Red Robin and going to college.

Alfred: Wonderful.

Gordon: Oh thank god.

Tim: Actually, I have to fake my death, and go on crazy adventures, but I’ll be back soon!

Alfred: Who wants to join me for a scotch?

*Stephanie & Cassie *

Stephanie: Me and Cassie are gonna go fight a dinosaur with Catwoman. Bye.

Alfred: Be back for supper.

Gordon: Seriously?

Alfred: We have no say in this.


Damian: I adopted three more cats, a puppy and a goat. I will be with them now. Good day.

Gordon: That sounds normal.

Alfred: Wait for it.

Damian: I’m also training Superman’s son, so I’ll be going to Metropolis later.

Alfred: There it is.


Jason: Gonna go and beat up drug dealers.

Alfred: *Drinks more scotch*

Gordon: Kill any of them, and I’m gonna arrest you!

Jason: I promise nothing!


Bruce: Selina and I are engage.

Alfred: …


Alfred: Actually, that’s not craziest thing you ever done. Now please go and get Jason before Gordon arrest him.