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“You guys make me feel so alive!” 

It’s never too late to celebrate, yohohoho! Also, thank you to Usopp’s makeup/artist skills.


There was crisp, dry snow under his feet and more snow lying on the branches of the trees. Overhead there was pale blue sky, the sort of sky one sees on a fine winter day in the morning. Straight ahead of him he saw between the tree-trunks the sun, just rising, very red and clear. Everything was perfectly still, as if he were the only living creature in that country. There was not even a robin or a squirrel among the trees, and the wood stretched as far as he could see in every direction. He shivered. 

He now remembered that he had been looking for Lucy; and also how unpleasant he had been to her about her “imaginary country” which now turned out not to have been imaginary at all. He thought that she must be somewhere quite close and so he shouted, “Lucy! Lucy! I’m here too-Edmund.”

There was no answer.

“She’s angry about all the things I’ve been saying lately,” thought Edmund. And though he did not like to admit that he had been wrong, he also did not much like being alone in this strange, cold, quiet place; so he shouted again…

i love telling people robin is my favourite superhero because even though i do have a favourite robin out of them all its really the concept of robin that enchants me so much what the heck.. possibly the darkest and most mysterious member of the justice league, the terror of gothams underworld, the fearsome, the awe-inspiring Bat-Man, oh yeah and heres his little kid dressed in red yellow and green!! robin just balances batman out perfectly i LOVE the idea of having an audience surrogate for one of the most inaccessible heroes of all time , a bright companion for the Dark Knight, a character who represents conscience, a character who represents all the good batman fights for but forgets about ,    a family for a hero born from an orphan past, all i gotta say is batman and robin forever rah rah rah


You were a most capable partner, but I’ll be killing you here.  The work you’ve done for Baroque Works these past four years was invaluable thanks to your intellect and leadership.  For me that was enough.  You were a highly useful woman.  However, at the very end you broke your promise to me!  The poneglyph of this country failed to give me any leads on Pluton!  But I harbor not even the slightest ounce of anger towards you.  Do you know why, Nico Robin?


‘Real Men Cry’: Photographer Sam Taylor-Wood photographed some of Hollywood’s leading actors in an intimate and rare moment. Taylor-Wood said, ’Some of the men cried before I even finished loading the camera’. Pictured in order here are some of her subjects, Hayden Christensen, Daniel Craig, Ben Stiller, Jude Law, Michael Masden, and the late and great Robin Williams.

Just a little reminder for JayTim shippers:

● Jason and Tim aren’t related and even Tim stated that Bruce isn’t technically Jason’s dad anymore, as you can see here:

They weren’t raised together or stuff like that so there’s no reason why he should necessarily consider Jason as his brother (I’m not saying that It’s not ok or possible to see them as brothers, I’m just proving a point)

● They overcame their problems and even If the writers didn’t make a perfect job exploring this important aspect of their relationship, there are still some conversations to prove that:

(Oh Gosh I love this panel so much)

● Tim always cared about Jason:

(even in young justice)
● And he still cares (and considers him as his partner):

(”you’re not just the man under the Red Hood” is actually one of my favourite JayTim quotes ♥ Tim is so sweet)

● Jason eventually got psychologically better and started to care about Tim, to see him as a partner:

Just look at the pictures, the ship sails Itself:

● Aaaand It’s not pedophilia because: (Sorry I always quote you, I just love your post lol)

SO our ship is perfectly normal and you’re perfectly normal, bye.

Dating Tim Drake

Here you go @batman-robin I hope this is to your liking. 

·         Constantly babying him.

·         CONSTANTLY.

·         You have to tell him when to go to bed, feed him, and sometimes when to take a shower.

·         “Tim, baby…when was the last time you took a shower?”

·         “What’s today?”

·         “Go take a shower Tim. You smell like rotten meat.”

·         Sometimes he would listen to you.

·         Most of the time you’re dragging him by his feet away from his computer.

·         There was even a time when you had to call his brothers to help.

·         It was a dark day in that apartment.

·         You end up supporting his caffeine addiction.

·         You know he cannot function properly without at least one cup of coffee.

·         You notice that he needs coffee when he gets up from the bed, goes to the kitchen table, and lays his head on the table with a bang.

·         You hand him his favorite mug filled with his favorite coffee. “Here you go Tim.”

·         He takes it out of your hand and smiles at you. “You’re so good to me Y/N.”

·         “Yea I know.”

·         You stay by his side all the time and never complain.

·         But if he sees your upset over something, he’ll always tries to find a way to make you feel better.

·         If you’re worried about him during a mission he’ll always hold you by the waist and rest his head in between his shoulder blade.

·         “What’s this for Tim?”

·         “I promise I will be careful. I promise I will call you and tell you that I’m fine. When I come back, I promise I will hold you just like I’m doing now. You don’t have to worry.”

·         He kisses you and you smile at him holding him up to that promise.

·         You have a hard time trying to get his attention.

·         If he’s been on his computer for more than six hours, this is where you try to distract him.

·         “Tim do you want to go out to eat?”

·         “Y/N I’m kind of busy right now with this. You can go though.”

·         “So you would let me go alone? By myself? In the streets of Gotham?”

·         He thought about it for a second. “Maybe order a pizza.”

·         You go over to him and wrap your arms around his neck. “How we go out for pizza, come back here and watch a movie, and then go to bed.”

·         “But Y/N I have to get this report done. Bruce will kill me if I don’t have finish this.

·         You start kissing him on the neck and you can feel him squirm.

·         He sighs. “Well…I’m sure that an hour break won’t hurt.”

·         Him being your dorky little hard worker.

·         You being the one person that can keep him together.

Headcanons for the reader dating an older Damian Wayne


~ J.


Headcanons for dating an older Damian Wayne


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You must be so ashamed of me.

I’m tired of pretending that not having you here isn’t killing me.  That every time I lose someone else, it doesn’t take a little part of me with them.

I’ll never give up, dad.  Not while there’s a breath in our bodies–neither one of us will ever give up.

We’ll get stronger.  We’ll get faster.  We’ll get smarter.  We’ll honor you, and everyone else we’ve lost.  We’ll die before this happens again.

[Robin (1993) #167]

Shooting Arrows (Killian Jones Request)

Pairing: Killian Jones x reader

Prompt:  Imagine being robins sister and falling in love with Hook

Word count: 1417

Originally posted by odonoghuedaily

“God dammit!” you scream as another arrow misses the target by a massive lot. Like for real, it seemed as if you had been aiming for that small rock 10 feet to the right from the actual target.

Arrows were scattered all over the soil of the forest. You had actually lost count of how much time you had spent practicing your archery.

It had never been so difficult to be Robin Hood’s little sister. You by far suckedat shooting arrows. Not even a crossbow would do the job for you. You had thought that here in Storybrooke, where now you and all the Merry Men lived after the second curse hit the Enchanted Forest, you’d probably have a chance.

Living with Robin Hood as your big brother was a little hard. On the days before he married Marian, you had to prove that you were up to the task of being a part of the Merry Men, which was something you wished for as long as you could remember.

Being as petite as you were, you would usually be given tasks such as sneak in little places, help them on their way to somewhere, steal small things. Which were usually the most precious ones. Sneaky as you could be, Robin would let you out of the action as often as he could persuade you to.

Robin was by far the best brother you could ask for. He took care of you in more ways than one. He was always there for you, he gave you your first bow, and he tried teaching you. It wasn’t his fault it didn’t work out. You just sucked at it.

So now that you were in Storybrooke, you would spent hours and hours practicing, in hope that maybe you would get better at it. Silly you.

“Ok, just one more. This one will hit it I know it.” You said drawing the string back as you place the arrow in the bow. You take a deep breath, draw the bow until you feel the string touch the side of your nose. You steady your aim and let the arrow fly.

“BLOODY HELL!” Someone shouts in the direction your arrow flew to. “Oh my God.” You say dropping your bow to the ground and running to where the scream was heard.

A few feet next to your target there was a man, with your arrow in his hand. “I believe you missed by a smidge.” He grins at you mockingly. “Oh thank God, I thought I had hurt you!” you say embarrassed as you take the arrow he is handing you.

“Not at all. It takes more than a stray arrow to hurt this pirate.” He straightens the collar of his leather jacket, giving you the flirtiest wink ever. “Who are you?” he asks to you.

“I’m Y/N of Locksley, Robin’s sister.” You say sheepishly as you stretch your hand to him. He greets your hand with his right, because on the other one, there’s a hook. Which makes you raise an eyebrow. “Oh that, a lovely gift from our current dark one. I’m Killian, but mostly everyone calls me Hook.” He says gesturing to where his left hand should be.

“Oh, so you’re Captain Hook.” You smile at him after he finally lets go of your hand. “So you’ve heard of me.” He quirks an eyebrow at you, a cocky smile on his lips.

“Barely.” You say nonchalantly, shrugging slightly. “Sorry about the arrow by the way.”

“Don’t worry at all, love. It barely missed me but I’m better than ever.”  Hook gestures for you to forget about it. His accent showing more by the second.

“I think that’s the closest I’ve ever been to hitting a target.” Both of you chuckle as Hook nods. “I’ll give you that.” He smiles as you both walk back to where you had left your bow.

You pick it up from the soil, sighing in the process. Defeat shadowing your features. “Having a hard time, are we?” Hook helps you get rid of your quiver and starts to pick up all the stray arrows you had shot in your practice session. Which to say the least, were a few dozens.

“Yeah, I just don’t seem to get the hang of this. I’m awful with the bow and arrow. And I’m Robin Hood’s sister for fuck’s sake.” You growl under your breath, finally feeling stressed up with the archery matter.

“You know, just because your brother is good with the bow and arrow doesn’t mean you have to.” He places a hand on your shoulder, soothing you. “Why is it so important, anyways?”

“Because there’s nothing I want more than for him to see I’m worthy to be a part of the Merry Men, to become his right hand.” You reply, as you tuck the arrows into your quiver.

“Well, since it seems like it is more than important for you why don’t you let me help you, love?” Hook flashes you a dashing smile as the both of you walk out the forest and lead to nowhere specific.

“Not to sound rude or anything but, how could you teach me archery?” you ask timidly. Hook lets out a chuckle and runs his hand through his hair. “I never said anything about archery, Y/N. I could teach you sword-fighting.” He says stopping in his tracks to look at you.

“Oh, really? I’d love that.” You grin and look at him in the eye. Those beautiful blue eyes that look at you amused. “Are you sure this isn’t just an excuse to spend time with me and get me to fall for you?” you tease him, a smug smile on your face.

“I can assure you it is, love.” Hook smirks at you, a playful glint shimmering in his eyes. “We start tomorrow, lass.”

Clacking sounds can be heard, the sound of metal against metal, clashing with one another.

“Come on, love. Show me what you’ve learned.” Hook grins as he lunges forward with another blow of his sword, in a fraction of second you block it from hitting your face.

We had been doing this for weeks. Becoming more acquainted with the sword and with each other. The tension was a real matter. Of course he was flirty, it seemed like his natural state. But he was also caring, he truly worried you might get hurt in his lessons.

Silly you once dislocated her shoulder. You tried to thrust your sword with more enthusiasm than necessary, causing a shot of pain trough your right shoulder. He immediately dropped his sword and took you in his arms, running along the streets until you were with the Mother Superior, who cured it with a flick of her wand. He had been so gentle with you, how could you help but fall head over heels for this gorgeous man?

“Argh.” You grunt in effort, blow after blow. You dodge and thrust trying to disarm the other. Usually you’d be the one disarmed, not today.

Hook chuckled as he pinned you to a tree, sword menacing against your throat.

“Remember, you’re either stronger or smarter than your opponent, love.” Your sword keeping his from doing any harm to you. “Which one will be, sweetheart?” He says, a mischievous glint in his eyes, an eyebrow raised.

“The latter.” You whisper, feeling his breath fan your cheeks. Your faces inches away from each other. You close the distance between you, your lips brushing against his. He presses his lips harder against yours, lust and desire caressing your lips as he runs his tongue along your bottom lip, asking for entrance. You allow him, both of your tongues fighting for dominance. His swords lowers, his hook resting gingerly above your waist. You smile into the kiss before breaking it. Your sword giving the final blow to disarm him. It flies to the side, the metal clacking on the ground. He chuckles and runs his hand through his dark hair, eyes glistening.

“You sneaky lass.” He snorts as you drop your sword as well. Both your hands gripping the collar of his jacket. “Oh cry me a river, Killian. You know you love me.” You tease him wiggling your eyebrows at him as you laugh lightly.

“You got that right, love.” He smirks and catches your lips once more, this time caring, sweet and tender. You both smile after breaking the kiss, your foreheads resting on each other. You were never more grateful you had missed your target.

@audreycritter  mentioned she’d love to see a fic where Alfred pushes Bruce to make a decision towards actually adopting one of his Robins and I was struck with inspiration. Thank you so much for helping me figure this out Audrey! 

This takes place while Tim is Robin sometime before Bruce adopts him. 

You can find Audrey’s post here

Bruce could feel the impatience radiating off Alfred as he finished his conversation with Tim. They’d been going over case information in Bruce’s office rather than the cave. A binder lay between them stuffed full of everything they might need, and complied by the boy next to him. The boy whose eyes, Bruce noticed, were drooping even as he spoke.

“Get some rest, Tim. We’ll have time tomorrow.” Bruce said, his voice a gentle dismissal.

Tim yawned and didn’t argue, instead he gave Bruce a smile and waved at Alfred as he shuffled out. Bruce watched him, affection bubbling up in his chest. He was so proud of the kid. Of everything he’d done. He was bright and a quick study. His insight had become an invaluable part of Bruce’s life.

“God help me, Master Bruce, but adopt that child or I will.”

Of everything Bruce might have expected from Alfred, this was not it. The angry hiss cut through the warmth in his chest, icing it over with something akin to fear.

“No.” He said closing the binder on his desk.

Alfred blinked at him, the energy from his earlier statement faltering in a, “Sir?”

Bruce shook his head. “I said no. I can’t do it, Alfred.”

“And why not? The boy is practically your son as it is. The least you could do is make it so in writing.” Alfred snapped, shock wearing away at last to anger.

Bruce looked down at the glossy black binder beneath his palms. “I don’t think I can be a father.”

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