not even remotely what that gun looked like

wanted to write a bit about zach so:

- was flirting with a guy once and tried to put the straw in his mouth without looking. missed and had to try 3 other times. also nearly poked himself in the eye
- “whats the plan now, pathfinder?” “[unintelligable screaming]”
- favorite foods are corn dogs and sushi. fav ice cream flavor is probably fudge swirl
- ball is life
- tries to act suave but blushes every time someone says something even remotely flirtatious to him
- falls in love fast and falls in love hard (dont be nice to him bc he will fall in love with u)
- definitely owns a leather jacket and does the finger guns thing (he likes girls and guys, baby bi bi bi)
- sheet masks. likes skincare. fuck man if he’s gonna save the goddamn cluster might as well look good while doing it
- sleeps with a stuffed bunny he named ‘mr bunbun’. let him live. he was 4. it’s white and blue and he loves mr bunbun.
- basically? he likes to think he’s cool but he’s fucking NOT. he’s a nerd. trash.