not even remotely quality

Victor Really Really Really Loves Yuri

We all know that Victor is extremely rich. We’ve seen that one shot of his expensive designer condo, and we know that he packed all his things up and just casually moved himself to Japan. I mean, Yuzuru Hanyu’s net worth is roughly $2 Million… and Victor’s won 5 consecutive golds… so the man is rich.

And Yuri buys a pair of rings that cost 769 Euros (About $830)… for a pair… so each ring isn’t that expensive in the realm of wedding/engagement rings… This probably was a lot of money for Yuri too since he hasn’t won a whole lot of competitions before. And he has to pay in installments whereas Victor has been dragging him around to shop all afternoon. Victor could have easily afforded something much nicer, much flashier, and much more expensive.

Instead, he deeply appreciates it. He is so surprised and so in love that the quality of the ring doesn’t even remotely matter to Victor.

And when Yurio confronts 

Instead of getting angry or trying to defend Yuri… Victor just thinks about how he was so unmotivated so unhappy without Yuuri.

If this isn’t true love, I don’t know what is.