not even related to kpop lol

there’s this one time when i look at my otp and i was like ‘okay, get it together they are just the best of friends’ but then when they started to interact and act all lovey-dovey and it was caught on camera, on a live tv show and THAT’S WHEN ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE

The Jay Park situation

a lot of people are confused about the rant jay posted (here)

basically, there’s a documentary about khiphop club culture (link to the documentary here, he calls out jay at 14:27) but apparently samuel swanson (some white dude??), the owner of cakeshop, a club where a lot of khiphop artists perform; roster includes hoody, dean, crush, dumbfoundead, and more; he basically blamed jay park for never playin at the club and having the audacity to be ‘riding on cakeshop’s culture’ (he used the term appropriation) and now jay and his whole entire squad is disputing and saying this ain’t true (which khiphop fans know that jay has immense influence on khiphop nationally and internationally). hoody and ugly duck have publicly made posts in response to this (hoody even shut down some dude callin her a ‘kpop machine’) a lot of prominent artists have shown support through commenting (honestly i have read so many of their responses; i find crush’s response the funniest and the most relatable one lol)

and that’s what you missed on khiphop shit

Now that i think about it i’ve always been fangirling over something throughout my entire life.