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Needle and Thread

A/N: For @riversong-sam‘s challenge :) my song was Angel by Aerosmith (yes, I know Gabriel is an archangel, but until I figure out how to write Cas better enjoy some Gabriel because how can you not)

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Warnings: Angst, torture, minor language, character death

Word Count: 1283

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Hazes of dark grey shuddered in front of your eyes, your vision having been wrecked by numerous, unrelenting blows to the face. It was safe to say that you were in trouble, big trouble. As in, you were probably about die, kind of trouble. Lucifer had risen, Sam and Dean were scrambling to acquire the Four Horsemen’s rings, and you had been snatched up by Lucifer’s demon squad for intense questioning on what the Winchesters were up to. They were stirring things up, creating commotion, and Lucifer wanted answers. So, there you were, suspended from an old warehouse’s ceiling by heavy chains, thick cuffs pressing deeply into your wrists.

You were about done for, your strength on its last legs, a cringe-worthy amount of blood pooling beneath your feet. You were sure that whenever Lucifer’s loyalists returned for another round of questioning, it would be the last. And you were okay with that. Sam and Dean were close friends, and you’d die for them every day of the week because you loved them, and being a hunter meant not really having any attachments. Except … you did have one attachment, one thread holding your broken self together.

There was a certain archangel … no, not Lucifer. His name was Gabriel, and he was the needle and thread keeping you together. Basically, he was nearly your everything. You had come across him when he was known as the Trickster, and you had a very strong love/hate relationship with one another. You were bitter that he killed Dean countless times, and he retaliated with human-related insults, even though he liked humans. Eventually the insults lost their heat, and they changed into something more … playful, flirty. The two of you weren’t aware that you were falling for the other until you landed yourself in a near death experience.

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