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Hi I think it’s time we had a talk about idol privacy.

In light to the recent issue with Dino, I think it’s time some people get over the fantasy that “idols can’t date”. No, I will not share any info on who or the video or anything because that is Dino’s business and his only.

Idols. Are. Not. Property. Of. Fans. If an idol wants to date, that is their decision and to be honest, you have no goddamn say or right to criticize their decision. 

If it weren’t for their status as an idol [aka just another regular human being with feelings] you wouldn’t have given two shits about their dating life. It shouldn’t even be considered “scandalous” if an idol is caught dating. Idols are humans which means they have every right to feel, love, and care, just as we do.

If you are ever in public or whatnot and see some idol with a girl, do not go take pictures of them, stalk the female, or say anything, let. them. be. They have every right to live their lives however the hell they want to and we, as fans, should be able to respect that. 

Ps - the issue isn’t even confirmed so stop overreacting! He nor any other idol is your property and their lives are none of your goddamn business!

i wanted to say a few words about that moment when jonas said to even “you’re overreacting, he doesn’t give a fuck about ketchup”. he already felt guilty when mahdi told him to chill. he felt that he was too persistent and probably annoying, and after jonas said this it made him feel guilty even more, although mahdi and jonas didn’t mean that they just wanted him to relax and not to worry about it. even felt that he should explain why he is like this. so how else he should act, he loves isak to the moon and back, and he wanted to show it and to say “thank you for accepting me as i am”. and you can see how he was nervous while he was writing his answer, like he had a lump in the throat. “let me overreact. you should’ve known what he has to keep up with for the rest of the 363 days of the year.” this unpleasant feeling that he is a burden, which he knows to well, hit him in this moment.

“he’s way too good for me” yes he have shared his feelings and emotions with their friends, started to read that he wrote and was thinking how it looks like and that probably he shouldn’t have done this, because it’s stupid and they don’t have to know it. but i don’t think it was matter to him, even probably was reading again his answer in that moment and thinking that he doesn’t deserve isak at all.

I checked my grades and saw that my English grade went from an A to a B— Idk why, I spent two days– a total of 12 hours working on my annotated bibliography for my research paper– What did I do wrong. I swear it’s because I pointed out how my professor couldn’t spell when we were in class, not only that but I got into an argument with him last class for being biased about my topic rather than giving me legit critique about my thesis, so I called him out on it.

Friendships are hard.

Why do I always feel like my friends aren’t as deeply invested in the friendship as I am? It feels like I’d move heaven and earth for them and they won’t even move a single step for me. It makes me feel really lonely. But then, they’d say all the right words and I’d feel relatively okay and feel ashamed at the fact that perhaps, I had overreacted? Maybe it was all in my head after all. All words and no actions on their part doesn’t exactly help me justify the chances I still keep givingthem. What am I supposed to do then? Do I trust them and our deep bond or do I just call them out on it? even if I’m just overreacting after all? 

Friends can break your heart too

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BTS reaction to you popping up on a dress one day ( you don't normally do dresses). Thank you if you decide to make this :D

BTS reaction to you wearing a dress!


You would show up unexpectedly to him wearing the new clothes you bought, and since jinie wasn’t prepared he would blabber things to you because he think you look absolutely beautiful and he cant even.

“Ah jagiya you look so pretty!!” 
“MY HEART!” *grabs chest dramatically* “Please tell me you will marry me to make the pain go away!”


I think Yoongi would have this “dying internally” crisis when he saw you wearing a dress, because he really would want to tell you all he thinks about the new look; how beautiful you look, how good it fits you, you are glowing, etc. But try to be cool and not overreact (even tho he feels like bursting), because he wouldn’t want you to think he didn’t like your style before wearing dress.

“Ah agi… thats new dress is really nice, you look great baby” *kisses your forehead*


“Woow, hey there…” *smirkhope mode: activated:* “Hey little mama let me get your number”

*you rolled your eyes* “We are dating Hoseok…” 

“Just let me have this y/n…”

Hobi would totally love your dress and the way it looked on you.

Rap Monster

Flustered heart-eyes Joon, would be so smitten by you once you showed him the dress, trying to make himself presentable baffled by your glow.

“Hey Jagi…” *fixes hair* “Y-Yo-” *coughs* “You looks very pretty” “


Cutie Chims wouldn’t be able to control himself once you showed up dressed like that. He knew you were beautiful, but boy how ravishing you looked right now. No words needed for him to show you his opinion of the dress.

“Jimin, What do you think?” *you twirl giggly*

*Jimin giggles* “hehehehasdkjashkjdhaksjdhkjasdhas”


Same as Jimin, no control over his body or words. Big fluff shy mess..

“NO! You look to bright” “It’s blinding me” *jolly giggles*


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Genre: Hitman!au, Hitman Jungkook, Smut
Pairing: Reader/Jungkook
Length: 5,936
Summary: Jeon Jungkook had once been one of Kim Namjoon’s henchmen, but unexpectedly stops reporting back to his boss one mysterious day. Some say that he had betrayed Namjoon, others say that perhaps he had failed his last mission. Regardless of the rumors, you are given the task to hunt down Jungkook, a task that proves to be harder than you had first believed.
A/N: Probably going to add some stuff in later, but for now…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Finale

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Malice (M)

Drabble game request: Hoseok + The Neighbourhood - #icanteven | for anon

Character / Genre: Jung Hoseok x reader | smut, angst | 2,550 words

I can’t even, I can’t even believe what you did to me

You can’t even, you can’t even say I’m overreacting

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Ah yes, the good ol’ Romantic Misunderstanding also Hanzo’s a weird nerd

He wasn’t there when you woke up.

It was a regular enough occurrence to not concern you, so you went about your morning routine with no problem, only slightly disappointed that you didn’t immediately see him afterward. You double checked the date, just to confirm that it was, in fact, Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t as though you even expected anything… overt – Hanzo liked to keep his romantic life private, after all, but…

But it was like he was going out of his way to avoid you.

You barely caught sight of him except when he was leaving rooms, and on the rare occasion you caught him in the middle of something, just as you approached he always found an excuse to leave. It was strange – and a little disheartening. Something was bothering him; something you did was bothering him. Was it Valentine’s Day? You thought back on any time you may have unconsciously pressed him into taking action with this day in mind, but you fell short.

The more reasonable – rational – part of you would chalk it up to cultural differences, maybe it just wasn’t as big a thing in Japan, you weren’t sure, but your less sensible side…

You tried valiantly to keep yourself from tearing up, and for the most part it worked, except for the nagging little thought in the back of your mind Hanzo doesn’t love you he’s going to leave you which popped up every five minutes or so as you went about your day as normally as possible. And if anyone else picked up on your mood, they were good at hiding it, and nobody brought it up, for which you were thankful. (Best to be spared some dignity in what was shaping up to be something horrible.)

When all signs pointed to the inevitable, you at last braced yourself. You paced your room, mind turning over ways to reassure Hanzo it was okay that he no longer had feelings for you, and he didn’t owe you any obligation by staying in a relationship he was unhappy in, as much as your chest hurt throughout. In the middle of your mumbled ramblings, your door slid open behind you and you jumped, nearly spinning on your heel to spot Hanzo standing in the doorway with wide eyes, no doubt alarmed at your distressed appearance.

You tried and failed to speak, all the words you’d been rolling around in your skull drying up as soon as they made it to your mouth. Hanzo cleared his throat quietly, offered a soft ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ and a frankly impressive looking bouquet of flowers. 

“I understand that it is late, and I’m sorry that I could not find anything more suitable. I searched for a long time, for something worthy of your affection, but…” He laughed quietly, a little self deprecating. “I perhaps spent a little too long in the search. McCree had to remind me what day it was.”

He shifted self-consciously, the paper around the flowers crinkling with the motion, as you stared at him, mouth only slightly slack.

Oh. You had been overreacting. But even the visceral relief of having been wrong in the best way couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down your face. Hanzo’s expression immediately dropped into one of fear and you could see him hesitate to approach you, desperate words of apology at the ready. You gave him no time, and launched yourself at him, the flowers narrowly pulled away in time to avoid being crushed between your bodies.

Hanzo grasped for something to say, thrown off by your behavior. “I… If you dislike them, I can – “

You buried your face in his chest, clung a little tighter, the ache in your chest fading as his free hand stroked gently down your back.

“No, they’re wonderful. You’re wonderful.” You exhaled, breathless, relieved. “Thank you.”

I can’t stress how much this pisses me off because if you dislike literally any other animal you just learn to deal with it and get over it but if it’s snakes then suddenly you get to make a big fucking public scene and act like a baby and act like you’ve been personally victimized because you went into a public space where animals are encouraged to be brought in and, surprise, there were animals!

I literally had one woman start sobbing because she was 10+ feet away from me and I was letting someone else hold a (baby) snake. I’ve had customers who start YELLING whenever someone has a snake just minding their own business while the owner of the snake just looks embarrassed and has to feel guilty for bringing their pet with them and tries to shield it from view. I’ve had people look at our snakes behind glass and tell me to my face how much they want to kill them. Nearly every customer I tell that I have pet snakes makes faces at me or vocally expressed their disgust.

With any other animal this would be seen as ridiculous and overreacting and unnecessary and RUDE but if it’s snakes it’s suddenly fine…

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t like dogs. I’ve had bad experience with dogs. I think they’re overwhelming, barking can give me sensory overload, I can’t stand being around untrained dogs, I’m scared dogs will bite or attack me. And every single day I go to work in a pet store and I acknowledge and accept that people bring in their dogs that they LOVE and I have to accept that these are LOVED and cherished pets to these people and I respect them and their boundaries and their love for their pets and I mind my own business like an adult.

I don’t tell every customer with a dog how much I hate dogs. I don’t act scared and make faces every time one walks by me. I don’t refuse to go near anyone who has a dog. I don’t scream when people’s dogs get excited and jump at me. I don’t start crying when a dog touches its nose to my hand when I walk by. Because I’m a fucking adult and just because a certain animal isn’t my ideal pet doesn’t mean I’m disrespectful and hateful to people who DO choose to have these pets and to bring them to pet friendly spaces like they’re allowed to.

And if someone DOES have these reactions to dogs, because of traumatic events in their life, or for any reason, they’re treated like they’re overreacting even if their fear and reactions come from a valid place. And it’s fine to react that way to dogs (but you shouldn’t work in a pet store and should most likely avoid going to pet stores at all like a logical person instead of being like these people and going anyway and then reacting). But if it’s snakes then people can just hate them for literally no reason at all other than ignorance and you still have to baby them and act like that’s an acceptable reaction to have to an animal that’s minding its own business.

You don’t have to like snakes (or any animal) but I literally cannot fathom being so self absorbed that you think other people should not be allowed to have their pets with them just because you don’t like them. It’s un fucking believable to me that adults act this way.


plz spread some love. she needs it.

*fells on knees* c-can you pls not post hate on ppl’s ships???

Park Jaebum • Roasts and Feelings - Take this to Heart

can you make a scenario where jay park is your boyfriend and you came to the show me the money set as a guest and you featuring in others team when they perform. jay park being jealous because you don’t support his team. thank you.

AHHH yes finally my much awaited fluff! Roasts and feelings are too cute. Since your requests are open… More Jay fluff!!! I don’t have any ideas cause any fluff is good fluff. Or you can continue the story with plane fluff, Paris fluff… LOL. I am soft. Thank u!!!!

We all would be lying if we say we don’t want a 4rth part of the jay scenario.

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Roasts and Feelings I - II - III - IV

Genre Fluff
Word count 3.5K
Special appearance Lee Joonkyung - Woo Jiho - Kwon Hyuk


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