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Everyone, please remember that you can have an opinion but, you don’t need to attack people for disagreeing with you. That is their opinion and they have reasons for believing that just like you have reasons for believing yours.

Please remember this or there will end up being a divide in the fandom. *a worse one than there is now..?* I know it’s hard to accept the fact that everyone thinks differently, but that’s how the world is.

Please stop attacking eachother and just like the game together..Please..This is why fandoms die and why people leave it, because of discourse. State your own opinions but don’t attack the ones of others. That’s all I have to say.

1D Hiatus: Day 591

* Louis does interviews/promo, meets fans in Leeds and keeps asking them for opinions on his new haircut

* Louis posts a selfie on Instagram with the caption “On the road again”

* Harry will perform in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge on September 13

* Pictures and videos of Liam at the HQ in LA yesterday come out

* Liam arrives in London 

* Liam posts a video on Snapchat

* Pictures of Harry, his mum, Cindy Crawford, Rande Gerber and their children having lunch somewhere in Canada yesterday come out

* Liam posts a selfie on Instagram

It’s Jul 26th, 2017.

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[Im so deep in BMC hell that I just reinacted Michael in the Bathroom as it played, lip singing along, energetically. -mod c]


We are infinite as the universe we hold inside…

The problem with receiving a Good Classical Education is that I’m going to college in a few weeks and this is going to be my fourth time reading the Lattimore translation of the Illiad for school.

anonymous asked:

Can you enlighten me more with this false accusations about the poem being about rukia, I would like to know why so when the next time a rr tries to say this I can know

Hey, anon. I would include panels but I’m on the app. I may go back and edit this post later but for now…

Renji fights with Ichigo in Ch 98 entitled the Star and the Tramp and loses. He then reflects on the time Rukia was approached by the Kuchikis with the offer of adoption.

Renji says he told himself he was just happy that she would finally have a family but the real reason he never protested her adoption is because Byakuya’s presence/reiatsu scared him shitless. He felt the only way he could fight for Rukia was to be physically stronger than Byakuya.

He tells Ichigo, “I bark at the star but I don’t have the courage to jump and grab it. I never won once against Captain Kuchiki.”

Then later, after I guess feeling strengthened by Ichigo’s resolve, Renji takes it upon himself to rescue Rukia but Byakuya intercepts him. The chapter the fight begins is called Bite the Moon. They fight. Renji loses and Byakuya hearkens back to Ch 98 in Ch 142 and likens Renji trying to catch up to his strength to a monkey trying to capture the moon. The monkey mistakes the moon’s reflection on the lake as the real thing and inevitably drowns itself trying to catch ‘it’.

Renji wasn’t too afraid to capture Rukia. He was too afraid and outclassed to fight Byakuya.

Before Ch 140 there is a panel of Byakuya walking away and Renji says, “I have always been afraid, always been pretending to follow you closely, always been pretending to sharpen my teeth when the truth is, I am scared to death just treading in your shadow.”

The whole moon/star business is about cocky Renji finally feeling a power that all his cockiness could not even stand next to, and then, his decades-long quest to reach up to and crush that power.


After a moment, his finger presses the button on the phone. There’s a little beep.

Shouto tries to count to three, tries clenching and unclenching his fists, anything to still the thunderous drums in his chest. He tries lying down, too, only to find that it makes his heart feel heavier than ever–and so he settles by sitting on the far corner of his bed, back pressed against the wall, right hand kneading and pulling against his pillow. The phone screen stares at him expectantly.

Ah. He really should start talking.

“Midori–” he starts, then pauses to clear his throat when his voice cracks. “Midoriya.” No sound. He’s not sure why he even expects a response. “I… just wanted to thank you. For all those things you did. Back at the Sports Festival, and when Iida–with Iida.”

Everything, Shouto thinks. He wants to thank him for everything.

“But you need to stop taking care of other people and start taking care of yourself. You’re too nosy. I’ve never seen anyone get so many injuries like it’s normal.”

His fa–no, that man flashes in his mind’s eye for a fleeting second and his hands reach for that pillow again, grasping tightly at the fabric.

“But that’s what makes you you, I suppose. Always there. We don’t even have to call you and you–you’re always there. Why are you always there?”

He knows why. It’s stupid of him to ask.

“You’re a good hero, Midoriya.” A pause. “I want to be there for yo–I–” The frustration feels silly, bubbling uncomfortably in his blood. “I… want to be there when you call for help. I want to be at your side before you even have to. I want–” his voice breaks “–I don’t know what I want.”

He pulls the pillow up and presses his forehead against it roughly. It’s cool to the touch, probably from his hand, and soothing against his warm face. He inhales, then exhales.

“It doesn’t matter. I just wanted to send my wishes. Happy Birthday, Mido–Izu–”

A beep sounds from his phone, the timer stopping, the recording freezing with a pop-up–Storage space running out. Some system functions may not work–and Shouto slumps forward, reaching for it. After a moment, he clears his throat, closes the window, and presses delete. He opens up his email and carefully types ‘Happy Birthday, Midoriya,’ before pressing send.

“Next year,” he tells himself, again.