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I’m just gonna rant about skam s4 for a bit
So before watching the last s3 clip, I honestly thought that a season about even would feel like forced, idk, like if they wanted to keep evak as the main plot of the series, I really wanted a season on sana or magnus, but once I actually watched that last clip I was like ??????? The only thing that makes sense is a season about even now???? If we don’t count that looking into the camera moment, the alt er love and Henrik intagram updates with evens pictures and also “see u in s4” (boi pls stop teasing) there’s so many things we don’t know about Even, like his relationship with his parents, why he changed schools and who told vilde about the manic episode in the old school. ALSO WHO IS MIKAEL I NEED ANSWERS if he was evens best friend what we did not see anything else about him ????? what happened between them ????? Why doesn’t he like baz luhrmann’s love stories ????
See in s2 we learned about William and his family through Noora (4 what? I ask myself if he won’t be coming back) but all we actually learned about even is that he is bipolar, he can draw, he likes nas and also wrote the best love story ever (yes I am talking about putin and superman and Sarah Palin and cats dying of aids) but there’s so much more to him
I think that s4 will be in fact about even and will deal with mental illnesses as the main topic

Just my thoughts tho