not even natures spirit

The Childlike Three

Youthful in nature, spirited with a disposition that can overcome even in the most daunting of situations.

Aries- Their dauntless spirit can lead them to trouble, but also to vast adventures. Their boldness is comparable to that of an honest child.

Gemini- They have a way of bouncing back from hardship in a youthful manner, where when their attention shifts, so does their perspective. Endlessly curious of this world.

Leo- Can be demanding and fall into temper tantrums, but also endlessly generous and fair minded. As you may have noticed, children are rarely malicious, but seem to learn this as they grow.

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a listener sent in a message saying that she was worried about making new friends in her new class.
jonghyun: removing the thought of “i’m going to get close with this person as soon as possible” or “this person is going to be hard to become friends with” is going to help you make friends. your classmates will even tually form a community spirit so you’ll naturally feel a sense of closeness and fellowship. there are many ways to be friends with each other naturally. for example: i’ve heard that (a lot of) boys become friends by asking (things like): “what games are you playing?” and (a lot of) girls ask: “which singer do you like?” (source: thatcoolcatmeow)