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Indigo Children ...

Are you an Indigo Child?

There are some common traits Indigo Children share through which we recognize ourselves and each other. Below is an outline of those traits. If this seems to describe you, chances are you are an Indigo. Connecting with other Indigo’s will enable you to confirm this or point you in the right direction to continue your self discovery and awakening.

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a listener sent in a message saying that she was worried about making new friends in her new class.
jonghyun: removing the thought of “i’m going to get close with this person as soon as possible” or “this person is going to be hard to become friends with” is going to help you make friends. your classmates will even tually form a community spirit so you’ll naturally feel a sense of closeness and fellowship. there are many ways to be friends with each other naturally. for example: i’ve heard that (a lot of) boys become friends by asking (things like): “what games are you playing?” and (a lot of) girls ask: “which singer do you like?” (source: thatcoolcatmeow)

I think I might start getting back into semi moderate amount of spirit work. I don’t think I’ll go back with kitsune but I’m definitely interested in spirits with abilities and specialties. Even spirits with auras/energies that naturally enhance others whoever’s around them.

I know two of my spirits(twins) had to consciously work at it to affect me which was attracting love/appearing sensual while my spirit best friend just naturally affected me without even noticing and he specialized in motivation for physical fitness.