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Hello. Ive always been a skeptic of witchcraft and every other spiritual belief system, but throughout my life, since infancy, i have had a strange relationship with animals. From zoo animals reaching to touch me from inside of their enclosures, to unusual animals showing up wherever I am. Whenever I come home from college, and no other time from what my mom tells me, by the end of the evening a stray animal has wandered into my yard (pet dogs, cats, and even a pet rabbit). Temperamental(1)

animals seem to like me, and wild animals often let me touch them (or approach me). Even when I visited costa rica, three coati showed up on my patio and wildlife that our guide rarely saw seemed to pop up out of nowhere. I have always attributed it to my love of ecology, but it always seems to bother others, turning into jokes at work, home, and college that Im an “animal whisperer”. At this point, Im willing to look into anything that could explain my experiences. But I’m not even sure (2)

where to begin. Do you know of any sources or have any personal knowledge of anything related to this? I was told by my mom that my dad, who was born in jamaica, had a similar ‘affinity’ for animals and comes from a family with much folklore about Caribbean witchcraft, but I unfortunately dont have any way of connecting with my family there, and so I have no one else to ask. If you know of others I could ask, that would be helpful as well. Thank you - Mo (3)

i’m afraid i don’t know of anything either. 

does anyone have resources/info on caribbean witchcraft?

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When answering certification questions, can you mention that people must always check service dog laws before travelling abroad? my province -not even the whole country- has incredibly strict laws and folks traveling with SDs (STiDs as well ) must meet them BEFORE their stay. Or fines can be issued, and the fines are pretty heavy :( i've already met four folks who haven't met these travel standards this month. It's very important! Research before you travel!

^^ Yes!! Thank you for this add on! This is extremely important! ^^

When I answer questions in regards to service dog law, training, and certification; my answers are based off of the ADA (which applies to America only). Other countries may have VERY different requirements for service animals. When traveling outside of the US, please do your research beforehand so you don’t find yourself in trouble with the country you are visiting. 

~ Lex (& Faith)

A print screen from my camera roll 😂😂😂 For the ladies asking if I recommend getting a husky… yes and no. Yes because they are literally the FUNNIEST best dogs ever. No, because they are a lot of work, they are hard to train and they shed SOOO MUCH HAIR! I don’t want to recommend to get one and then someone just leaves them outside and never lets them come inside because of their hair. My dogs are like kids to me. I am constantly cleaning up after them. You have to vacuum everyday and brush them. They are the absolute BEST and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I laugh every day at something that they do. They bring SO MUCH happiness to my life so if anyone is even thinking about getting a dog, the answer is YES YES YES - get one. They will be the best thing that ever happened to you …. (after you partner and kids of course 😝)

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time to dance // panic! at the disco

You know what’s awesome?! The combination between ADHD and perpetual exhaustion! It’s so great, like half the time you can’t focus on anything, and the other half you are too tired to even try. So you just kind of… give up on trying to be productive in any sort of way and do the absolute minimal amount needed to survive.


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